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Posted by: eddie ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 07:52PM

Often, the one throwing stones, accuses others of throwing the stones to mask their own abuse. The only attacks on the family I have seen have originated with the leadership of TSCC. There are many ways that TSCC attacks the family:

1. Not allowing non-temple recommend holding family members to attend temple weddings.

2. Sending out missionaries for two years with virtually no contact with their families.

3. Requiring many hours of church service every week that takes members away from their families.

4. The friction in part-member families that often leads to divorce.

5. Supporting Proposition 8 in an attempt to keep those who care for each other from marrying.

6. Claiming that the only marriages that last beyond death are those marriages performed in the temple for those who are willing to pay the price to TSCC.

What the Proclamation on the Family should have said was, "We are waging a war on any families that do not work to increase our numbers and fill our coffers. Pay up or we will destroy your family."

Extortion is alive and well within Mormonism.

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Posted by: Raymond ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 08:04PM

...the rest are dead on.

Mormonism is anti-family. They are pro-Morgbot family.

Prop 8 is a public policy issue that reasonable people, Mormons and non-Mormons alike, can disagree on.

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Posted by: EquineFedora ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 09:55PM

Jesus fuck, thanks for pointing out the kernel of corn in that pile of shit.

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Posted by: Zeno Lorea ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 11:34AM

And with a new victim. TSCC is a schoolyard bully. When his victim becomes too strong, he seeks a new victim. That is all.

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Posted by: rt ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 03:59AM

Church and state are both anti-family because family loyalties are stronger than religious and patriotic loyalties. There's a whole bunch of research into that, if anyone cares I can dig up a few references.

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Posted by: forestpal ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 04:45AM

the children are separated from their parents. All the better for brainwashing. Families are together for about one hour, unless the husband is in the bishopric or sitting on the stand, or the son is passing the sacrament or the mom is organist or chorister or in the choir. No talking is allowed during meetings or between meetings. Some family day, huh.

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