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Posted by: Way Out ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 04:08PM

B-KKK-Packer (which, when I see/hear his name always reminds me of 'fudge' for some reason) has raised the controversy to new heights.

Dictating when, where, under what conditions and manner you will and will not have sex has been a goal of many modern religions. Why? Here's my theory:

From the religion's perspective, I don't think it is as important to them that everyone actually live up to the sexual 'morality' they preach but rather that their followers believe that they should live up to it and feel guilty whenever they don't.

When a religion convinces their followers that the religion's edicts need to be followed in this very private and personal area of life that is a fundamental aspect to being human, it indicates that the followers have accepted the religion as their master and there is no area of life wherein the religion's authority doesn't reach. It's the signing on the dotted line of a contract that says, "I accept you as my dictator and substitute for my own conscience."

Any other takes or thoughts on this?

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Posted by: maria ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 04:15PM


Anyway, it's all about sex, because that's what Ol' Joe was all about.

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Posted by: sisterexmo ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 04:34PM

That sounds brilliant to me...and seems like a very likely reason...

Make things people really like to do - taboos - they'll do it anyway but torment themselves with guilt.

Sex is the biggie; but then there is food or drink taboos, alcohol and drugs, gambling, dancing and having too good a time.

Some taboos - like in ancient Hawaii - can be good. Help prevent overfishing or over harvesting certain foods to preserve the environment. then there are the mean taboos - women cant eat coconuts or shellfish. And so it goes.

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Posted by: dr5 ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 04:54PM

Control sex and you control the person, the person's money, etc etc. In the early days the most "faithful" men got the most wives--pretty good motivation.

Seems a bit voyeuristic at times.

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Posted by: Way Out ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 05:00PM

Yep, that's my point as well. If you get them to swallow the "don't have sex unless I give you permission" hook, then they won't bat an eye at "give me your money and your time".

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