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A discussion of Tom Riskas' book "Deconstructing Mormonism: An Analysis and Assessment of the Mormon Faith." 
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Posted by: michaelhord49 ( )
Date: November 27, 2016 04:12PM

The book of mormon states that Lehi and his family left Jerusaelm around 600 B.C, At this time, the world was Geo-centric, Almost everybody believed that the sun went around the earth. Yes, I know there were some eccentrics who thought that the earth may be round before then but they didn't sway the current view until long after they were dead. According to the Bible, Isaiah died in 681 B.C.

Joshua 10:12-13--Habbakuk 3:11 and Isaiah 38:8 clearly state that the sun moves and not the earth. Additionally there are many verses which state that the earth is on a foundation and that there are pillars and that the earth cannot be moved.

The Book of Mormon references Alma 30:44 and Helaman 12:15 make it clear that they know the earth goes around the sun and they said these things within 100 years of Christ being born.

At the very least this seems to be a hefty contradiction between the old testament and the book of mormon.

Perhaps the nephites felt that because they had traveled so far by sea that they figured out that the earth was a sphere over 1400 years before the rest of the world did? Maybe God chose to speak more clearly to the american prophets and in doing so corrected his old testament prophets and made his american prophets superior to his old testament prophets.

The first globe was made in 1492 and the catholic church went heliocentric in 1822. Joseph Smith confirms heliocentrisim in 1830 with the book of mormon and in doing so , tells us that the old testament prophets were mistaken as they were writing down the words of God. God did not speak clearly enough to Joshua and Isaiah.

I see few options here to square up the bible and the book of mormon. The LDS could say that Joseph mis-translated these two passages in the book of mormon. They could blame the printer whom they know took liberties. They could also easily fix the passages by changing 3-4 words very quietly in the next edition.

The LDS will probably not change this because the people of earth know that they live in a heliocentric system and will just look over the issue and give it a pass. Who would make an issue over 2 passages that don't make any difference?

Book of mormon critics never give the book of mormon a pass.

Will they allow Joseph smith to say that the book of mormon prophets knew that the earth was round over 1400 years before everyone else and at the same time let it contradict over 50 bible references? I think they will. If the critics bring this up , they will have to defend the bible and make excuses for why the Bible seems to imply that God in his own words told the prophets that it is the sun that stopped moving/ moved backwards by 10 degrees while the earth stood still.

The issue is a hot potato. Anti mormons can use it to hold LDS feet to the fire. The LDS can just say, no, this is just more evidence for the book of mormon. The athiest will say that this is evidence against joseph smith and the bible.

Is there an answer that smooths the whole thing over and satisfies the facts? Who is right and who is wrong?

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