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1. Prior to 1894 the Church Practiced the Law of Adoption. What was it?

Living men were sealed to other men as sons
Members were sealed or linked into the lineage of Jesus
Men were sealed or linked into the lineage of Abraham
Women were sealed into families without marriage with no sexual relationships



2. In 1810 What Percentage of Americans Belonged to a Church?

More than 70%


3. How Old was Smith When the Book of Mormon was Published?


4. In 1834 What was the Official Name of the Church?

The Church of Latter Day Saints
The Church of Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ

5. Joe Smith Sr and William Cowdery (Oliver's father) in 1800, 5 years before Joseph's birth, belonged to what kind of religious group or church?  These men were friends and distant cousins.

Methodist Church
A group that used divining rods for inspiration
Episcopal Church
A group that only allowed men power

6.  In 1829, Smith recorded a revelation (one of many), it states "and he Joseph has a gift to translate the Book of Mormon and I have commanded him that he shall pretend no other gift, for I will grant him no other gift" BofC 10.  When was it changed to "and this is the first gift that I have bestowed upon you"

later that same year
1830 when the church was founded

7. In the Original 1833 Book of Commandments what revelations and information on visitations are included?

Visitation from John the Baptist with the Aaronic Priesthood
Visitation from Peter, James and John
First Vision of both the Father and Son
None of the above

8. Why did Joseph Smith claim he instituted polygamy?

To provide for elderly widows
Because an angel with a flaming sword would kill him if he didn't
Because there were more women than men in the early LDS Church
Because holy men shouldn't be limited to only one woman

9. When was the official First Vision published?

1824 - newspaper account
1830 - at the founding of the church in April
1842 - written in 1838
1835 - written in 1832

10. When did the First Vision with the Father and Son appearing begin to be used as a missionary tool?

50 years later
1830 at the Church founding
20th Century


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