Thought reform and conformity within Mormonism


I was asked to write about my opinions on mind control within Mormonism. I believe the concept of mind control is a bit strong to use for most Mormons. A better way to rephrase this would be by discussing the manipulation of a member's thoughts and the type of information members are given and it's constant repetition. Cultural pressure inside Mormonism stresses conformity which also suppresses free thought. I will borrow liberally from texts and from 20+ years experience as an adult Mormon.

The Cult Awareness Network, a secular cult watching organization, has listed characteristics of a destructive organization.. I found this list to be true with some political groups like Lyndon LaRouche and others. This is not strictly confined to religious groups. I have used their list (CAN) and modified it and reworded some phrases to soften the blow to a Mormon who may be reading this.

These traits are all designed to accomplish one central goal: indoctrination into Mormonism's belief system with a simultaneous shutdown of independent thought. When you find a group of warm, friendly people who have all the answers, whose group claims to speak for God, it feels good at first. It feels like you found a home. You found the truth and you did not even have to search very hard.

To be continued..

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