Compiled by N. R. Tidd from Internet souces through 13 August, 1998

Mormon Chronology Rev 01 Volume 03




Organization6 Apr1830"Church of Christ" founded in Manchester or Fayette, NY.The initial six members are:Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith,Peter Whitmer Jr.,Samuel Harrison Smith,David Whitmer.All baptized or re-baptized. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion6 Apr1830Joseph Smith Senior (58), Lucy Mack Smith (54), Martin Harris (46), and Orrin Porter Rockwell (~17) baptized. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionAfter 6 Apr1830Solomon Chamberlain (41) baptized by Joseph Smith. [Solomon Chamberlain autobiography]


Apr1830Joseph Smith receives a revelation that Oliver Cowdery is to beware of pride, Hyrum Smith can preach, Samuel Harrison Smith not to preach yet. [Church History Vol I]
Doctrine11 Apr1830Oliver Cowdery gives first discourse of the new Church at the house of Peter Whitmer Sr. [Church History Vol I]
Conversions11 Apr1830Christian Whitmer (32) Jacob Whitmer, Anne Whitmer, Elizabeth Whitmer, Katherine Page, and Hiram Page (30) baptized by Oliver Cowdery. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion18 Apr1830Peter Whitmer Sr. (57), Mary Whitmer, Richard B. Peterson, Elizabeth Anne Whitmer (15) and three Jollys baptized by Oliver Cowdery. [Church History Vol I]
VisitApr1830Joseph Smith visits Joseph Knight of Colesville, NY. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionLate May1830Newel Knight (29) (Joseph Smith's friend) baptized by David Whitmer. [Church History Vol I] & [Newel Knight autobiography]
Organization9 Jun1830First Conference (about 30 members). [Church History Vol I]
ConversionAfter 9 Jun1830William Smith (19), Don Carlos Smith (14), John Poorman, some Rockwells, more Jollys, and others baptized by David Whitmer. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionAfter 9 Jun1830Emma Smith (26), Joseph Knight (a Universalist) and others baptized by Oliver Cowdery. [Newel Knight autobiography] & [Church History Vol I]


After 9 Jun1830Joseph Smith tried and acquitted in South Bainbridge of being disorderly but followed by another warrant for Broom County where he was tried and acquitted. [Newel Knight autobiography]
Missions30 Jun1830Samuel H. Smith heads out on a mission selling Books of Mormon. [Church History Vol VII]
DissentAbout Jul1830Oliver Cowdery disputes the contents of one of Joseph Smith's revelations. Cowdery is corrected. [Church History Vol I]
MigrationBy 1 Aug1830Joseph Smith living in Harmony, PA at the Hale's. [Newel Knight autobiography]


Aug1830Joseph Smith Senior and his son Don Carlos Smith go on a mission.Joseph Smith Senior visits his family and converts his brothers and sisters (except Jesse and Susan). [Church History Vol IV]
MissionsAug1830Parley P. Pratt sent (by the Campbellites) to preach in New York. [Church History Vol I] & [Parley P. Pratt autobiography]
Real Estate25 Aug1830Joseph Smith receives the deed for Jesse Hale's house in Harmony, PA [Church History (annotated) Vol 1 Ch 11 notes]
VisitsLate Aug1830Joseph Smith visits Colesville with John Whitmer, David Whitmer, and Hyrum Smith. [Church History Vol I]


Late Aug1830Joseph Smith is invited and moves to the Whitmer's in Fayette, NY. [Newel Knight autobiography]


Aug or Sep1830Hiram Page acquires a seer stone of his own and starts receiving revelations (contrary to Joseph Smith's). The Whitmers, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer believe Page's revelations. [Church History Vol I] & [Newel Knight autobiography] & [Mormon Controversies site]
ConversionAbout 1 Sep1830Parley P. Pratt (23) (a Campbellite preacher) baptized by Oliver Cowdery. [Church History Vol I notes]
Conversion19 Sep1830Orson Pratt (19) baptized. [Orson Pratt journals]
MasonrySep1830Parley P. Pratt has vision in the heavens of lights forming the shapes of the square and the compass. [Parley P. Pratt autobiography]
MigrationSep1830Joseph Smith returns from Pennsylvania to his father's place. [Parley P. Pratt autobiography]
CompetitionSep1830Joseph Smith receives a revelation denouncing Hiram Page's seer stone. Page relents and renounces the stone. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionSep1830Thomas B. Marsh (30) (a former Methodist) baptized by David Whitmer. [Thomas B. Marsh autobiography]
CompetitionMissionsSep1830Joseph Smith, at conference, receives revelations:to Oliver Cowdery that Joseph Smith is the only one that can receive commandments,David Whitmer to stay at his father's house until further notice,Peter Whitmer to journey with Oliver Cowdery,John Whitmer to go to his brother Phillip Burroughs' and preach in that region,Thomas B. Marsh to go preach for only a little while (due to family afflictions). [Church History Vol I]
MissionsConversionOct1830Joseph Smith receives a revelation for Parley P. Pratt to go with Oliver Cowdery, Peter Whitmer, Jr., and Ziba Peterson to the wilderness among the Lamanites (Indians). [Church History Vol I]They stop in Buffalo, NY and visit Indians. Then, they go directly to Pratt's friend and former minister, Sidney Rigdon, in Mentor, OH and baptize him and his wife, and other Campbellites in Kirtland, including, Isaac Morley (46), John Murdock (5-Nov [John Murdock journal]), and Lyman Wight (34) [Parley P. Pratt autobiography] and Frederick G. Williams (43) [Nov]. [Church History Vol I]


Isaac Morley (a cooper) previously promoted the concept of community goods and had 50 - 60 people (called “Big Family”) living on his farm, and more on a separate piece of property. [Josiah Jones' (a non-converted Campbellite) History of the Mormonites]
ConversionOct1830Northrop Sweet (~28) baptized by Parley P. Pratt. [Church History (annotated) Vol 1 Ch 12 notes]
MissionsOct1830Joseph Smith receives a revelation for Ezra Thayre and Northrop Sweet to go preach. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion12 Oct or Nov1830Reynolds (40) Cahoon baptized by Parley P. Pratt. [William Cahoon autobiography]
Conversion16 Octor Nov1830Philo Dibble (24) (a Kirtland land dealer) baptized by Parley P. Pratt. Philo Dibble autobiography]
Conversion1830Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner (12) baptized. [Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner Autobiography]
MissionsOct1830Samuel H. Smith, Ziba Peterson, Frederick G. Williams, and Peter Whitmer preach in Kirtland, OH. [Orson Hyde journal]
CompetitionFall1830Orson Hyde (a Campbellite) preaches against the Golden Bible. [Orson Hyde autobiography]
ConversionNov1830Newel Kimball Whitney (35) (a Campbellite and associate of Sidney Rigdon and business partner of Sidney Gilbert) baptized. [Elders Qurom Records Appendix]
Conversion16 Nov1830Levi Ward Hancock (27) (a cabinetmaker) baptized by Parley P. Pratt. [Church History Vol I]


Dec1830Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge travel to New York (Near Waterloo, [Newel Knight journal]) to meet Joseph Smith and inquire. Joseph Smith receives a revelation that Sidney Rigdon was sent to pave the way for him, like John. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion11 Dec1830Edward Partridge (37) (a Campbellite) baptized by Joseph Smith. [Emily Dow Partridge Young autobiography]
MigrationDec1830Joseph Smith receives a revelation that he and Sidney Rigdon are to go to Ohio. [Church History Vol I]
Bk of Morm,


1830Rev. Dierich Willers (in a letter) denounces The Book of Mormon and discredits the Whitmers, says (over the years) they were Methodists, Reformers, Presbyterians, Menonites, and Baptists and believed in witches. [Willers letter / Journals of the Early Saints]
ConversionWinter 1830 -1831John Johnson (~51) baptized by Joseph Smith. [Luke Johnson autobiography]
LodgingWinter 1830 -1831House built on Isaac Morley's lot in Kirtland for Joseph Smith's family. [Biography of Isaac Morley]
Lodging1831Peter Whitmer lives with Lt. Governor Lilburn W. Boggs. Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner works for Whitmer and for Boggs. [Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner autobiography]
Competition1831John Noah claimed to be a prophet and was expelled. [The Ohio Experience and Joseph Smith and the Restoration / Journal of Discourses]
Migration1831Hiram Page moves to Kirtland, OH. [Nibley's biography of the eight witnesses]
Migration1831Joseph Smith Senior Moves to Kirtland, OH. [Nibley's biography of the eight witnesses]
Migration1831Martin Harris moves to Kirtland. [Nibley's Sketch of the Life of Martin Harris]
ConversionWinter1831Ezra Booth (a Methodist preacher) shows The Book of Mormon to his friend John Johnson and both join the Church. [Marinda M. (Johnson) Hyde autobiography]
Organization2 Jan1831Church holds third conference at Fayette, NY. [Church History Vol I]


5 Jan1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation for James Covill to go preach but Covill rejects it. [Church History Vol I]
Dissent6 Jan1831Six cut off from the Church. [Orson Pratt journals]
Conversion9 Jan1831Zebedee Coltrin (26) joins Church. [Elders Qurom Records Appendix]
Conversion10 Jan1831John Corrill (36) (a Campbellite) joins Church. [John Corrill's Brief History of the Church]
Dissent11 Jan1831Eight cut off from the Church. [Orson Pratt journals]
MigrationLate Jan1831Joseph Smith (25) and Emma start for Kirtland, OH with Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge; arrives early Feb. And stays with Newel K. Whitney for several weeks. [Church History Vol I]

Real Estate,


1831Joseph Smith living on Frederick G. Williams' farm which was $400 in debt and in danger of reverting to the prior owner; Joseph Coe was required to raise the money but couldn't so Dibble sold some of his 1200 acres for $1.25 per acre and paid Joseph Smith the $400. [Philo Dibble autobiography]
Missions3 Feb1831Orson Pratt heads out of a mission with Lyman E Johnson. [Orson Pratt journals]
Bk of Morm4 Feb1831Thomas Campbell sends letter to Sidney Rigdon, responding to his Book of Mormon challenge. [Thomas Campbell Seminar page]


4 Feb1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation that a house should be built for Smith to live and translate, Sidney Rigdon should live as seems good to him and Edward Partridge to be ordained a bishop. [Church History Vol I]



9 Feb1831Joseph Smith receives revelations: Elders to go forth two by two, except Smith and Rigdon to go for a little time.Edward Partridge to stand in office as appointed unless he transgresses and another will be appointed.Cleave to wife and none else.Surpluses to go to the Church.Those appointed to assist the bishop should be supported out of the property consecrated to the bishop or receive just remuneration.[Church History Vol I]
CompetitionAfter 9 Feb1831A woman (Hubble) claims to receive revelations and some believe her. Joseph Smith receives a revelation that only he can get revelations. [Book of John Whitmer] & [Church History Vol I]
Bk of Morm10 Feb1831Alexander Campbell writes his denunciation of The Book of Mormon, citing numerous discrepancies and contradictions. [Honest Intellectual Inquiry site]
FinancesFeb1831Joseph Smith reports (while at Newel Whitney's) that the plan of “common stock” that existed in “the family” was abandoned by its members. [Church History Vol 1]
ConversionFeb1831Lyman L. Johnson (20) baptized by Sidney Rigdon. [Church History Vol I]
Competition1831Wycam Clark, with others (including Northrop Sweet), apostates and gets a revelation that he's the true Revelator and Prophet: starts the “Pure Church of Christ” with six members. [Pure Church of Jesus Christ site] & [The Ohio Experience and Joseph Smith and the Restoration]
MissionsMar1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation for Leman Copley (a Shaking Quaker) to go preach. [Church History Vol I]
PolygamyMar1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation; includes “...a man should have one wife.” [Church History Vol I]
Organization4 Mar1831General conference. [Book of John Whitmer]


8 Mar1831Joseph Smith has a revelation that John Whitmer is to be historian of the Church. [Church History Vol I]
Doctrine8 Mar1831Joseph Smith has a revelation to not cast people out of meetings. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionSpring1831Simonds Ryder baptized. [Church History (annotated) Vol I Ch 15 notes]
ConversionSpring1831King Follett (42) baptized in Ohio. [Church History Vol VI]
DoctrineApr1831Joseph Smith still translating the Scriptures. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionApr1831Marinda M. (Johnson) Hyde baptized. [Marinda M. Hyde Autobiography]


30 Apr1831Son and daughter of Joseph and Emma Smith born and died at Kirtland, OH The Murdock twins (Joseph S. and Julia [John Murdock journal]) are born the same day and their mother dies. Nine days later, they're adopted by Joseph and Emma Smith. [Church History Vol I]
MissionsMay 1831Joseph Smith has a revelation for John Wakefield to go preach with Parley P. Pratt, John Corrill to go preach, and Edward Partridge to repent. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion10 May1831Luke Johnson (23) baptized by Joseph Smith. [Luke Johnson autobiography]
ConversionJun or before1831Simonds Ryder (~39) (a former Campbellite preacher) joins the Church. [Church History Vol I]
Organization3-6 Jun1831General Conference. [Book of John Whitmer] & [Church History Vol I]
DoctrineJun1831Joseph Smith announces "high priesthood." [Mormons in Transition site]
ConversionJun1831William W. Phelps (39) baptized. [Church History Vol I]


Jun1831Joseph Smith receives revelations:Sidney Gilbert to go with Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon to Missouri; others to go also. Ezra Thayre to repent his pride and selfishness.If Joseph Smith has to pay any money, the Lord will re-pay him in Missouri. [Church History Vol I]


4 Jun1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation for him, Sidney Rigdon, Edward Partridge, and Martin Harris to go to Missouri. Several others sent on missions, two by two. [Church History Vol I]
Bk of Morm5 Jun1831Dr. Cephas Dodd, tells of the Spalding Story: Manuscript found in the Wilds of Mormon. He claims that The Book of Mormon was copied from it. [Book of Mormon Studies site]
FinancesAfter 5 Jun1831Sidney Rigdon asks Levi Hancock to build a desk and an office for him.Levi Hancock also gives money to Sidney Rigdon, as Sidney has none. [Levi Hancock autobiography]
ConversionAfter 10 Jun1831Heber C. Kimball joins the Baptists. [Heber C. Kimball autobiography]


12 Jun1831John Whitmer reluctantly becomes Church historian, by commandment. [Book of John Whitmer]
Migration19 Jun1831Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Martin Harris, Edward Partridge, William W. Phelps, Joseph Coe, Algernon Sidney Gilbert and his wife head out for Missouri. [Church History Vol I]
Misc.After 19 Jun1831Joseph Smith has an interview with Walter Scott in Cincinnati, OH. [Church History Vol I]
Migration25 Jun1831Newel Knight and others arrive in Zion (12 miles west of Independence). [Newel Knight Autobiography]


Jul1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation that the land in Missouri (west of or western part of Independence) has been chosen for the Saints. [Church History Vol I]



Jul1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation for Sidney Gilbert to set up a store in Zion, William W. Phelps to establish himself as a printer, and Oliver Cowdery to assist him. [Church History Vol I]
MigrationMid Jul1831Joseph Smith and company arrive in Independence, MO. [Newel Knight Autobiography]


Aug1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation that Martin Harris, as an example, is to lay his monies before the bishop of the Church, and for other to do so.Also, Ziba Peterson is reprimanded. [Church History Vol I]


2 Aug1831Sidney Rigdon preaches that the Missouri land has been promised to the saints and asks them to accept it. [Book of John Whitmer]
Organization4-Aug1831Joseph Smith at 1st conference in Zion. [Church History Vol I]
Migration9-Aug1831Joseph Smith, with 10 Elders (including Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, William W. Phelps, and Sidney Gilbert) leave Zion for Kirtland. [Church History Vol I]
DoctrineAug1831Joseph Smith, while traveling, gets a revelation about the dangers of water travel and that he, Sidney Rigdon, and Oliver Cowdery are not to travel by water, except for canals, but William W. Phelps and Sidney Gilbert should hasten on ahead and they'll be safe on the water. [Church History Vol I]

Ezra Booth says Joseph and Sidney were in a canoe that hit a snag and turned over, nearly drowning them. [Church History (annotated) Vol Ch 16 notes]

Conversion20 Aug1831William E. McLellin (25) baptized by Hyrum Smith in Jackson, Co. MO. [History of William E. McLellin]
Migration27-Aug1831Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, William W. Phelps, and Sidney Gilbert arrive back in Kirtland. [Church History Vol I]


Aug1831Joseph Smith, in Kirtland, gets a revelation admonishing Sidney Rigdon for exalting himself. Also for everyone to give money to build up Zion. [Church History Vol I]


11 Sep1831Joseph Smith receives revelations:Edward Partridge admonished for sinning - instructed to repent, Ezra Booth admonished for not keeping a commandment, Isaac Morley admonished for not keeping a commandment – instructed to sell his farm.Newel K. Whitney and Sidney Gilbert instructed to not sell their store yet.Sidney Gilbert instructed to return to Zion and his business.Frederick G. Williams allowed to keep his farm for five years.Tithing requirement introduced (from now until the second coming) – those that comply wont be burnt up. [Church History Vol I]


12 Sep1831Joseph Smith moves to Hiram, OH and lives with John Johnson. [Church History Vol I]


About Sep1831Sidney Rigdon preached that the “keys of the Kingdom were taken from us,” and was rumored that he was going to expose Mormonism. Hyrum Smith disputed Rigdon's claim and says the keys were not lost. Joseph Smith rebuked Sidney Rigdon. Rigdon was reportedly flung about a room by an unseen force and laid up for five or six weeks [Philo Dibble autobiography]
TonguesAfter Fall1831Oliver Cowdery, John Whitmer, and Thomas B. Marsh ofter spoke in tongues. [Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner Autobiography]
DissentSep or Oct1831Ezra Booth apostates. [Church History Vol I]
DoctrineEarly Oct1831Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon resume re-translation of the Bible. [Church History Vol I]
ConversionAfter 22 Oct1831Jesse Gause (~47) (a Shaker) baptized. [Church History (annotated) Vol 1 Ch 16 notes]


25 Oct1831Joseph Smith gets a revelation mildly rebuking William E. McLellin; sends him off on a mission with Samuel Harrison Smith. [Church History Vol I]
Conversion30 Oct1831Orson Hyde (26) (a Campbellite and clerk in Sidney Gilbert's store) baptized by Sidney Rigdon. [Church History Vol I] & [Orson Hyde autobiography]
ConversionBefore Nov 1831Warren A. Cowdery baptized. [Elders Qurom Records Appendix]


Nov1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation for John Whitmer to accompany Oliver Cowdery to Zion (Independence, MO) with the revelations, to be published by William W. Phelps (Book of Commandments). [Church History Vol I]
Migration3 Dec1831Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon go to Kirtland. [Church History Vol I]
Organization4-Dec1831Joseph Smith receives a revelation appointing Newel K. Whitney as Bishop for the Kirtland area. [Church History Vol I]
Doctrine8 Dec1831Ezra Booth writes of a revelation directing Elders to marry with the natives. [Eastside Christian Church site]
Migration1832Hiram Page moves to Independence, MO. [Nibley's biography of the eight witnesses]
Bk of Morm1832Mormon Missionaries read passages from The Book of Mormon at a public meeting; Solomon Spalding's brother and friends are present and recognize names and story from Spalding's Manuscript Found. [Book of Mormon Studies site]
Bk of Morm1832Several acquaintances of Solomon Spalding claim that the historical content of The Book of Mormon is identical to Spalding's Manuscript Found, but not the religious content. [Book of Mormon Studies site]

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