Subject: The Strange New Mormon Commercials - "Look how Normal We Are!"
Date: Aug 14, 2010
Author: dimmesdale

I just finished watching twelve of the new “I’m a Mormon” commercials showing in various cities across the country. The only thing I can say is, “This is certainly not the church I grew up in.”

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we were all instructed to use the full name of the church? We weren’t “mormons.” We were actually scolded by the authorities if the word, “mormon” slipped from our mouths.

Now, I don’t mean to dismiss or demean the lives of the 12 remarkable people the church selected for these clips, but they don’t exemplify anything near the kind of lives we were taught to prepare for when I was growing up in the church. In fact, I believe that, even now, they are not what is presented as the ideal.

They are probably like a couple of people who lived in my ward when I was young. They sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and never came to church on Sunday morning because they were singing in the choir. They couldn’t accept a church job because they had to attend rehearsal during the week. They were different. They were more celebrities than real mormons. Everybody else had to do the grunt work of being a mormon—attending every meeting, doing the home teaching and visiting teaching, being the bishops and stake presidents, moving people, cleaning their yards and washing windows, building the chapels, etc. I would never have known these folks were in the ward except that we lived on the same street as they did, and their kids attended.

I have nothing against these celebrities. I DO have something against the mormon church “using” them, and making them seem like mainstream mormons.
One clip showed a girl walking around in her spaghetti strapped outfit. Girls aren’t allowed to wear anything like that to camp.
Only one family had four children; most of the others had two or fewer. The church hasn’t changed the teaching that a couple shouldn’t limit the size of their family.
There were lots of working women in these clips. Except in the case of Jane, the famous national news journalist, turned mother, lauded in church reports for abandoning her career for her family, most working women in these clips weren’t even considering quitting their jobs. If women in the church are encouraged to work outside the home, it’s been only recently, when I haven’t been there to hear it.

All the people in these commercials were thin and fit and mentally healthy. So different from what you see in a normal ward. And, ha! I think they represented nearly every race and culture in the twelve clips. Again, so different.

I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t mind a church similar to what these commercials show. But, that’s not the church I grew up in. Watching these commercials, I feel betrayed---similar as to how I felt when the blacks all of a sudden became worthy to hold the priesthood. (I never felt it was right---I was only a kid then---but I wrapped my mind around the prohibition and tried to explain it to my friends as best I could.) When the proclamation came, I felt like a fool (which I had been!).

Now, mormons are trying to appear to be just like every other religion. In my day, it was taught that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “ stood apart”—that they were a “chosen people”—that people could tell just by observing their countenance that members were special. Now “mormons” are trying to show that they are just as normal as everyone else in the world. Who can possibly keep up with these PR people the mormons hire? The script changes from week to week.

Oh, and by the way, where were that cyclist’s garments as he biked to work? I don’t think they were on his body.

Subject: Is the new LDS add campaign working?
Date: Aug 10 19:13
Author: MJ

"The weird middle-American Mormon ad campaign" Hmmm, maybe not!


Subject: PR man Wilson might be telling the truth
Date: Aug 10 19:46
Author: JoD3:360
Mail Address:  

>[ marketing director Ron] Wilson said. "I can definitively say this is not connected to Mitt at all."

Yes, he could have been referring to Mitt Hansen from the 7th Grade...we just assume he meant the prez hopeful.

Marketing directors always lie/spin/distort it's their job.


Subject: Ummm, no, deadly dull and boring
Date: Aug 10 20:17
Author: Rebecca

Couldn't even make it through the surfing one, which would have appealed to me as a female. (Wow, they actually let their girls do stuff. Amazing)


Subject: Re: Is the new LDS add campaign working?
Date: Aug 10 22:25
Author: 3X

The faithful are getting roughed-up in the reader's comments. And what is the "Bockman case" - anybody know more about this?


Subject: I'm SO glad that Oaks compared the current "mormon persecution" to black persecution.
Date: Aug 10 22:37
Author: Moniker

Because the members of his cult bought it; hook, line and sinker! Ha. The new theme on the comments is the mor(m)ons comparing the "attacks" on them in the comments to what the KKK did to the blacks! NOW they really look like just a bunch of surfer/motorcyclist/artists. Hahahhaha. Try more like neo-cons. Hahahahhaa. I LOVE THIS!

Lover of Backfires and Karma


Subject: When most people can see that THEY are the ones persecuting gays! n/t


Subject: Hi, my name is Joe
Date: Aug 10 23:40
Author: NoToJoe

I'm just an everyday sort of guy
I live in western Illinois, America's heartland
I'm basically a story writer, I love to be creative
Everybody likes a good yarn! Right?
When I was younger I bounced between jobs, gold digger, glass looker
But then I started writing and I knew I'd found my calling
I've written three books and I've developed a loyal following
Although my readers are very loyal they are a small group
So I've had to go deeper, better penetrate my marketplace
I started a small bank......that didn't go so well...for the depositors anyway he he he
I set up subscription fees, real estate investments and I even bought an Egyptian mummy.
I'm a real family guy, I think a man should take care of his women....woman I mean. I only have one wife...I'm completely normal in that know....just having one wife...who is for sure way older than 14 years old.

My name is Joseph Smith Jr., and I'm a Mormon


Subject: Re: Hi, my name is Joe
Date: Aug 11 11:12
Author: Telestial Bound

> I'm a real family guy, I think a man should take care of his women....woman I mean. I only have one wife...I'm completely normal in that know....just having one wife...who is for sure way older than 14 years old.

> My name is Joseph Smith Jr., and I'm a Mormon

Funniest thing I've read all day


Subject: The ad is completely misleading and dishonest...
Date: Aug 11 00:59
Author: sayhitokolob4me

It tries to give viewers the impression that Mormons consider themselves many other things first, and btw, a Mormon also. NOT TRUE! Mormons are Mormons first and foremost, before their hobbies, their professions, even their families. They have promised to give all they possess in defending Mormonism, including their lives. The ad seems to be directed at making members feel better about themselves. Slick packaging, dishonest message-the Mormon way.


Subject: Re: The ad is completely misleading and dishonest...
Date: Aug 11 02:09
Author: sherv

I agree with you sayhi. You said it well. They are not surfers first, etc....blah, blah, blah....they are Mormons first and let you know it. They are dishonest through and through.


Subject: YES! Thank you!!!
Date: Aug 11 02:43
Author: Baka Boy

I have seen a couple of them and they really irked me, but I didn't care enough to really figure out what it I know! You're absoutely right.

That is why this ad campaign will not work. Those few who it might ensnare will realize they have been had. Then when they have their "ugly" experiences with the morg, they will tell their friends etc.


Subject: Reminds me of the BP ads! "Hi Y'all! I'm a friendy Black dude, born and raised in the gulf...."
Date: Aug 11 03:20
Author: Cali in Utah

"...I don't have a British accent, nor have I ever been in Britain. I am your neighbor. I love birds and fish and the beach. I work for British Petrolium."

I'll bet money that the same company that does the BP ads, does these Mormon ads!

Yeah, Riiiiight. Mormons surf in knee-length shorts and a high neck shirt w sleeves.


Honestly, if I know people, they will have the same reaction that the reporter had.

Absolutely phony, and obvious!

Mormons think other people are stupid, I firmly believe this. These ads are proof of this.

Whenever I see convoluted ads like this, I immediately think, "What__do__they__want?

>"My name is Mitt

>I want people to like the Mormons.

>I want to run for President.

>I think all of you are stupid as heck.

>I am a Moron."


Subject: Is the new LDS add campaign working? I really HOPE SO ! video link
Date: Aug 11 03:52
Author: Lucky

oh, this might not be the ad you meant


Subject: And your Mormon.....?
Date: Aug 11 06:53
Author: Taddlywog

You don't drink, don't smoke what do you do?
I don't drink don't smoke either.



Subject: Maybe a few are sneaking over to RFM; come on over, folks and drop your chains ... N/T


Subject: There is no shortage of gullible people
Date: Aug 11 09:17
Author: Stray Mutt

However, the world is increasingly skeptical of advertising.


Subject: This is what the gays should have done
Date: Aug 11 13:25
Author: Fubeca

Instead of getting a liberal Senator, Barbara Boxer, to do a commercial against Prop 8 back in '08 the gays should have done these sorts of commercials.

"Hi! I pay taxes. I'm an artist in my free time. I work in sales and I have four children (cut to me swimming with my kids). I work 50 hours a week but spend every moment I can with my kids. I enjoy cycling with my friends and I train for century rides twice a year. I've lived in Japan, Brazil, New York City, San Diego, Utah and Washington DC but I now call Palm Springs my home. My name is Fubeca...and I'm gay."

I don't think it would have been viewed as having the ulterior motives that these Mormon commercials have.

The truth is that there ARE some very cool LDS members out there. I've known several and they are the ones who remain friendly to me. But we all know that those members are the exception rather than the rule and they will never be the ones in leadership roles in the church of anything higher than a bishop. I've had cool bishops before who lead interesting lives but I've never met anyone higher than that who lived outside the typical mold in the least. The ones who lead are the cookie cutter, obedience is everything, robots like Mitt Romney.


Subject: I noticed while working for CES that there were a very few young Mormons who made the attempt to be
Date: Aug 11 13:38
Author: Cali Sally

themselves and stay Mormon. These few young people resembled the new Mormon ads but were very much the minority. What became of them? The young men are late 20's and 30's with no interest in marriage because they know what lies ahead. The women have married and are miserable. I think that if these people in the ads are for real, they are going to be the Mormons with one foot in the church and one foot out which is what TSCC condemns. It's sort of like their ads that say "It's all about time." Yeah, TSCC takes your time, your talents, your money, and anything else you have, and your family gets what's left over.

I agree with it being a dishonest message.


Subject: Has any LDS ad campaign really "worked" :)
Date: Aug 11 13:51
Author: Jonny the Smoke

...I think not, that's why they continue producing them, thinking all the while....maybe THIS time it will work!


Subject: The hope the view of Increased normalcy will benefit them in any way possible
Date: Aug 11 14:22
Author: Puli

This would include their missionary effort, relieving the backlash caused by Prop 8, AND the acceptability of Prez hopeful Mitt Romney (who else could lead the US better than an inspired, prophet following Mormon, after all?).

Mormons have gotten several PR hits over the last several years because of Mitt, Prop H8, etc, and they want more than anything to appear normal (appear being the premier term here). Secretly, they still harbor the "peculier people" label with pride - they believe this peculiarity means they are superior.

This champaign is propably being released in test market areas. If it appears successful, we may see it expanded to a broader audience. The article author notes "(These ads are running in four or five potential swing states, after all.)" So, who knows? Mormon duplicity is nothing new alfter all.


Subject: Ya. It's tough to balance it.
Date: Aug 11 19:45
Author: badseed

How do you appear like everyone else whilst seeing yourself as peculiar, apart, superior, and more righteous than the rest of the world? Since it's birth the Church worked to separate itself from the rest of society and now it's coming back to bite them.

This has got be difficult for Mormons. They want to be accepted as mainstream but are compelled by their theology to be arrogant, elitist, and judgmental.

The solution is to hide the parts of the LDS belief system that separate— and this is what the ad campaign is about. "See. We're just like you." Nevermind the fact that we are blindly obedient to a bunch of old men in Utah, wear special underwear and spend all our time at Church. And that's not even the really wired stuff.


Subject: Reminds me of the British Petroleum ads.
Date: Aug 11 19:28
Author: Shane G

"Look how great we are!" Never mind that we fund hatred and bigotry.


Subject: Re: Is the new LDS add campaign working?
Date: Aug 11 19:51
Author: Matt

I watched the first one they mentioned, but on her 101st mention of the championship in 2008 I just zoned out.


Subject: why don't they tell the truth at least for once in their history?
Date: Aug 11 20:16
Author: TopoJoeJoe

My name is Don, but my temple name is Nephi. I have promised never to laugh out loud, never to make fun of the lord's anointed, give everything I ever had or ever will have to the church and building up of the kingdom, and to marry many women.... and I am a mormom.

Hi my name is Sherri, but my temple name is Phoebe (my temple name by the way!). I have promised never to laugh out loud, never to make fun of the lord's annointed, give everything I ever had or ever will have to the church and building up of the kingdom, and to marry only one man. If I can't get married, the Lord will assign one for me, and hopefully I will be blessed to be assigned to either Briggy or Joe, whom I will obey without question.... and I am a mormom.

That just wouldn't sell would it?


Subject: Keep it alive so that people can learn the truth. It was at the top yesterday,
Date: Aug 11 20:19
Author: Moniker

and if we all comment, we can put it back to the top. Salon gets a lot of views. It's our chance to spread the truth. Preach it!


Subject: I just saw someone I know on one of those adverts!
Date: Aug 11 20:27
Author: Matt

Alex. He's a mate of my little brother and a really nice chap!


Subject: I am skeptical that this has anything to do with Mitt Romney
Date: Aug 12 02:23
Author: Peter

Although the fact that it is running in swing states and not places like CA is very telling, particularly with the recent Prop 8 fallout. Hmmm. Peter will have to ponder about this.

I think more reasonably, it is a coincidence. OTOH, considering their recent involvement in politics, and their continual interest in the persecution of homosexuals, maybe it is in their best interest to have a JOKER in their back pocket. (so to speak)

The things that make you go HMMMMMMMmmmm......


Subject: Re: I am skeptical that this has anything to do with Mitt Romney
Date: Aug 14 17:19
Author: 3X

Any PR campaign that can boost the image of mormonism, even microscopically, also helps Romney (microscopically). The latter is true even though the man's character is a greater deficit than his mormonism.

Their destinies are obviously intertwined, all the more so given the desperate hunger of the mormon community for 'famous' mormons in high places. And what could be higher than the Presidency?

A 'normalized' image of mormonism; a mormon in the White House: two linked aspirations.


Subject: Re: Is the new LDS add campaign working?
Date: Aug 14 17:46
Author: PalMac Apostate

No, I live near Rochester, NY and hear these gawd awful ads on the radio daily. Almost daily I have friends ask me "what's up with those Mor(m)on ads?" My response is, "what do you think?"

Of course the reply is something along the lines of I can't believe they are spending all that money to look normal. Middle-America sees right through it.


Subject: Re: Is the new LDS add campaign working?
Date: Aug 14 18:18
Author: bdawn

I was chattting with an old friend who I had lost contact with 10 years ago today. We touched on the subject of my douchy ex, so mormonism was brought up. This friend lives in Pueblo, CO and mentioned that the commercials have been relentless lately. His take on it was the "and I'm a mormon" came at the very end, like it was something to be ashamed of. I thought that was an interesting nevermo opinion.


Subject: This is the last ditch effort of the morg to position Romney...this is political and their last ..


Subject: I've alerted two of my gay NoMo neighbors, who were shocked. Tell a friend. nt


Subject: I just watched them and I feel the same way.
Date: Aug 14 18:37
Author: Kirsten

They seem to have covered every angle. That's not the church I remember either. Instead of talking about what they do, I wish they would talk about what they believe in. Oh wait...that would be too honest.


Subject: Agreed Topper....
Date: Aug 14 18:46
Author: Fools Errand

Because when they get sucked in, they will be in such a state of shock. They will go in believing they can wear what they want and not have it pointed out to them as soon as they step into SM. Yeah, those commercials are just a rebound from their screw up with prop 8

TSCC will never be able to shake the rep they have already created for themselves.

Subject: I can't figure out what motivates TSCC to even do them.
Date: Aug 15 11:41
Author: jpt


A need for more revenue?

Knowing their history/actions are catching up with them?

Do they also consider:

At best, the average viewer won't care. It's just a commercial.

That people will interpret it as a cheap way of proselytizing.

Some will wonder, "thou doth protest too much," and see through the facade.

Shouldn't these guys be doing humanitarian things instead of media advertising to make themselves look better?

...Why? I just can't see it benefit TSCC in any way... They are "so businessmen," and not religious/spiritual leaders in any way.


Subject: Re: The commercials!
Date: Aug 15, 2010
Author: Baura

When an organization has to put together a slick, professionally managed ad campaign to try to show the world that they are just normal, average people then there's one thing you know: They are NOT just normal, average people.

Who remembers when Mormons were PROUD to be "a peculiar people?" Well, I guess that marketing angle isn't working any more.

Subject: ABC just reported on the new mormon commercials:
Date: Aug 16 00:25
Author: Moniker

It just came up on their site .


Subject: I predict this the beginning of the end....Normal persons are not going to buy this crap. nt


Subject: They interviewed John Dehlin....
Date: Aug 16 01:14
Author: Bob

who said he was "confused" by the commercials


Subject: the trouble with the ads:
Date: Aug 16 01:32
Author: lily

One of the major problems with the ads is that by being proactive and saying, "See, we're so normal!" it draws attention to them and makes people (who probably had never given it a thought before) wonder what they are hiding.

When a kid I'm watching walks into the room and says, "Lily, I love you..." I automatically assume he/she has done something wrong. These ads raise the same red flags. You get to the end where they say, "I'm so and so and I'm a Mormon" and you have to wonder... "Okay, who cares?" And it's so obviously an image control thing that it draws attention to whatever they are hiding.

I predict that it will backfire in a huge way. People will sit down and google Mormon and find a whole lot of stuff tscc doesn't want them to find!


Subject: I flags...
Date: Aug 16 02:33
Author: justanevermo

I agree. It raises red flags for me. Anyone (or organization) that has to put up so much time and energy into saying "I'm normal," probably has much to hide and isn't so normal. Shall I tell you about the guy who brags about the size of his wiener and his ability to please know where this is going, I'm know that type of braggery means the exact opposite. I know a few will get sucked in, but I hope for most, the warning bells will start ringing.


Subject: Re: I flags... (Off color humor)
Date: Aug 16 15:21
Author: Quoth the Raven "Nevermo"

justanevermo wrote:
> I agree. It raises red flags for me. Anyone (or organization) that has to put up so much time and energy into saying "I'm normal," probably has much to hide and isn't so normal.

Shall I tell you about the guy who brags about the size of his wiener and his ability to please know where this is going, I'm know that type of braggery means the exact opposite.

I know a few will get sucked in, but I hope for most, the warning bells will start ringing.

So, what you are saying is that all Morons are pencil d**ks?!?! Well done!!! That might have been horny Joe's problem.....but as the profit, what woman would stand up and bear testimony by raising just her little finger, wiggling it, and then pointing at him?


Subject: It just shows the reguard the top 15 have for regular people,
Date: Aug 16 01:49
Author: luminouswatcher

or should I say sheep (that need to be fleeced).


Subject: Ohhh yes!!!
Date: Aug 16 02:05
Author: Jennett

I'm a 'gentile.' My husband is Jewish, so he's also a 'gentile.' :-) I'm here because I'm related to Mormons. I wouldn't call myself a 'normal' person but I guess that's what I am, by your definition. ;-) Here's my 'normal person' reaction to that ad: You are ALL Soooo RIGHT. Never mind makes them look PARANOID! Skateboarding?!?! Why would ANYBODY think Mormon kids don't skateboard?! This campaign will serve the same function Mitt Romney's campaign served. He (single handedly) put the term 'magic underwear' into the vernacular. LOL The Prop 8 campaign only impressed the folks who were already homophobic. With everybody else (particularly young people) it just made Mormons look like fanatics. They're on a roll now...shooting themselves in the foot with amazing regularity! I'm so glad you posted that link. I can go to bed now and have very, very pleasant dreams! Thanks! :-)


Subject: Thanks for commenting.
Date: Aug 16 02:37
Author: Moniker

I always appreciate the outside perspective. I'm happy you are onto them.


Subject: Has anybody noticed the rise in Amway commercials as well?
Date: Aug 16 02:22
Author: Baka Boy

IMO they are both in the same boat.

Nobody is interested.


Subject: I can't wait until someone asks Romney, "So did you support Prop 8 like Mormons all over the US?"


Subject: Re: I can't wait until someone asks Romney, "So did you support Prop 8 like Mormons all over the US?"
Date: Aug 16 17:07
Author: CateS

I can assure you Cali Sally, Mitt Romney will be completely ready with a perfectly reasonable response to that question if he ever runs for President again.

He's nobody's fool.


Subject: They just lost Prop 8
Date: Aug 16 03:11
Author: Balard123

You would think they would lay low for a while, but I suspect some high priced PR company sold the old guys on this campaign and are laughing all the way to the bank

We can only hope


Subject: Maybe the ads are for the MORMONS. . . .
Date: Aug 16 03:28
Author: imaworkinonit

They'll think the ads make them look GOOD. Just like they thought the pro-LDS segments on the "Mormons" PBS special made them look good. They got to bear their testimonies and talk about how special the temple was to them. They probably didn't realize it would sound odd to outsiders.


Subject: I think you're right!
Date: Aug 16 03:42
Author: Moniker

I had forgotten how much pride I took in the Mormon commercials of the 80s and I was just a kid. I still remember that sense of pride but when I see the ones that made me so speshul now, they're CRAP!


Subject: “A disconnect between its public message and its teachings” – YES!
Date: Aug 16 10:26
Author: WiserWomanNow

The comments of John Dehlin, who has remained an active member despite seeing many of the problems of the church, are included within the article. He praises some things, but look at this:

“Dehlin says the ads do not reflect Mormon doctrine and teachings when it comes to race, gender equality and individualism.

“For example, he says, ‘the husband is supposed to work and the mom is supposed to stay home and take care of the kids. There's a difference between what the prophets teach us and what this PR campaign is holding up.’

“…he says the church will eventually need to confront what he sees as a disconnect between its public message and its teachings.”


Subject: Amen, John Dehlin -- that is why I left the cult -- "Stand for something -- Hah !!!" nt


Subject: When the heck are the brethren finally gonna excommunicate John Dehlin??
Date: Aug 16 10:49
Author: JackMormon'sWife

That guy just goes around popping off his mouth and publicly criticizing the church all the time.

I didn't do anything nearly so horrible (just re-baptized my little kids Catholic) and I got threatened with excommunication by the Bishop for apostacy.

Shannon ;o)


Subject: Are you kidding? John's convinced them he's with them!
Date: Aug 16 11:12
Author: Cognitive Dissentness

Not only has John vassilated on so many issues to stay 'in good standing' but he's been trying to keep his being 'accepted' toe in both camps, which is analogous of being two sides of a counterfeit coin.

I think it's interesting that he's praising out one side of his mouth and condemning on the other yet finds a way to stay 'involved'.

John's tried to maintain a 'neutral' image but fails to take a stand.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."
~Abraham Lincoln

He's sure about where the church is... but can't find the 'right' place to stand 'firm'...

After watching the news clip, I'm afraid he's not in the cause to make progressive strides too soon.


Subject: Your tithes at work !! N/T


Subject: Mormons are normal people for the most part.
Date: Aug 16 16:02
Author: drilldoc

I surfed, skied and rode skateboards too, but everything else was through the mormon filter. Mormons are good people trying to live their religion, be good people, work hard and provide for their families. It's the institution of the church and its arrogant leadership, doctrines and Pharisaical attitudes that I have a problem with. The members can come off as odd for sure, but that is because of the religion and its teachings.


Subject: Yep, they even noted that on RT, the English language Russian news channel. It only plays in swing
Date: Aug 16 16:19
Author: ozpoof

states they said. Oh I hope Romney doesn't get in, but then again, if the public see a morgbot in action it will cause more strife for the cult.

Imagine all the freedoms the cult would like Romney to curtail.


Subject: The old dudes in charge and their corporate thinking
Date: Aug 16 16:10
Author: Enlightened

They really believe they can "create positive PR" by airing commercials. Just proves TSCC is nothing but a business to them...their reason for being is to maximize profit.


Subject: The campaign is a bait and switch IMO—
Date: Aug 16 17:18
Author: badseed

If the Church was promoting/celebrating open-minded individuals in Church I wouldn't have issues with the ads but clearly that is not the case. The Bros. are trotting these peeps out because of their PR value. In the end they are still just less worthy and less obedient fringe members.

Anyone joining the LDS church based on these ads would be disappointed IMO.

I commented to that effect. Luckily it's still up.


Subject: TSCC trying desperately to quell the negative backlash of Prop8
Date: Aug 16 18:04
Author: I believed this all once, years ago...

and failing!!

Their PR firm has them sold on the idea that these little ads will succeed in making the church appear more mainstream, but as another commenter has pointed out, the rhythm of these ads sets up the expectation that the person displaying how "cool" and "normal" they are will say something negative at the end..and I have AIDS! ...and I am INSANE! ...and I have BAD BREATH!

Also, I tend to wonder if Mitt isn't giving the TSCC a bit of a nudge toward softening their image, to help his own campaign. TSCC is a very politically motivated organization, and doesn't seem to know or care about the separation of church and state.


Subject: About the mormon ads, I have to get this off my chest. Tiny swearage.
Date: Aug 16 18:43
Author: Kirsten
Mail Address:  

I don't give a [....] if a Mormon can skateboard or surf or if a Mormon guy can cook. WHO CARES???? The bottom line is that they believe in really weird crap. They do not think for themselves and no amount of spouting how "normal" they are will take away from the fact they belong to a cult.

Thanks, I feel better now.


Subject: They are doing this because
Date: Aug 16 19:03
Author: Lost

an agency suggested it would make mormons look cool. Let's face it, how many adults out there really surf and skateboard? The cooking mormon is being done to make mormon guys look "sexy" cause some poll stated that woman like men who cook. And so maybe single woman will come to church looking for a guy. *gag*

Its all about sucking people in through false imagery. A real mormon guy is too busy with work, home teaching, his calling and other crap because there is something church related nearly every day. Nobody has time to skateboard or surf in the mormon church even if they could do it.

Its all just another example of lying in advertising. Apparently for all their talk about taking the high road, once again, mormons are just talk and bs.


Subject: The ads are a flagrant disregard for reality - which is pretty true about mormons! nt


Subject: They know that if Romney ran right now the Gay community would villify him..
Date: Aug 16 19:14
Author: jbone

remember, the church pays a lot of money to a Jewish company for their PR.


Subject: Another thing
Date: Aug 16 19:08
Author: Lost

the surfboard ad really cracks me up because two guys walking on a beach surfing are NOT going to be discussing prop 8 and marriage.

Sorry, this is just not happening. Sure, maybe girls, work or most likely the next gnarly wave, but not prop 8.

The church and its ad agency must really think people are stupid stupid stupid to buy this one. LOL

I just can't wait for the ad with the cool mormon on a harley. roflmao.


Subject: Mike Deaver / Edelman angle....
Date: Aug 16 19:37
Author: jbone

"I had my first opportunity to work directly with Mike Deaver when Edelman won the Church of Latter Day Saints account in the mid 90s. The LDS leadership was tired of being stereotyped, with legacy issues such as polygamy needing to be addressed. The challenge of reintroducing the Church appealed to Mike; the Midwestern values, the importance of family, the commitment to a life without liquor and desire to give back to the community. He forged a close personal bond with Church President Gordon Hinckley and with several others in the leadership group of twelve. He conceived a bridge-building program, introducing Church leaders to top editors, academics and business executives. He persuaded President Hinckley to invite Mike Wallace, the legendary hard-boiled reporter from investigative show Sixty Minutes, to Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, leading to a transformational piece on that top rated show. He was intimately involved in the 150th anniversary of the Church, including the walk from Nauvoo, IL to Salt Lake City, and helped to secure a cover story on the Church in TIME Magazine."


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