Art - The Companion Of Integrity


The Undivided Mind
Before and After The Double-Bind

The Indivisible Companion Of Integrity

As the undivided mind is the essence of Integrity, Integrity cannot be divorced from Passion and Art; the Body, Emotions and Mind functioning together, make up the Whole of the Self and its Integrity. The healthy, functioning Self has Integrity ... Integrity is Self-owned and Self-controlled ... it is authentic. It is truthful. The integrated Self is full of Love because it wants for nothing outside itself ... it is constantly being filled through its own creative Art, it has no impulse to take or steal, on the contrary, the Self-Loving Self shares without effort, it finds itself "giving," without "giving." The Self does not love another because the Self is "needy;" the Self needs another because the Self loves, and that love is overflowing.

The commands of "Thou Shalt Give and Thou Shalt Love" are irrelevant here. "Giving," is being, in the state of Love ... and experienced as the summit of "spirituality," of fullness. In this state, one cannot hate, lie, envy nor covet, ... one only wishes that everyone could be as happy. To be completely Selfish, in this sense, is to be completely "UN-Selfish," without sacrifice! In this sense, Selfishness and unselfishness are both One inseparable Whole ... having the One, one has the other. Life begets more life ... it is as unselfish as the flowers we nourish through our love by allowing them to become only what they, by nature, are capable of being.

On the other hand, the Binder claims that "Oneness," or "Wholeness," consists of being One with his divided mind which He claims is the "sane" mind of "truth" which contains all possible knowledge; this He promises to impart to the Bound through their complete obedience to Him.

Again, the Binder has stolen principles from Reality and has reversed them to His own ends. While, in Reality, Love of Self begets Love for Others, where hatred does not exist, in the Binder's Upside-Down Pattern, Hatred of Self begets Hatred of Others, but, at the same time, He issues the commandment to "Love one another" ... as ones "self" ... which is the "self" that is "evil," condemned and hated! The Shepherd professes to hate the Wolf, and the Wolf professes to love the Shepherd. There is not only Love, and only Hate, but both ... as a Love/Hate, and that duality of "Love" is considered whole by using the label of (w)Hol-y "Love." It is with this dual-minded "Love," that the Bound is commanded to "Love" a neighbor.

The Integrity of the Whole Mind, consisting of Body, Brain, and Perceptions ... (Body, Integrity, and Passions) was stolen by the Binder, divided, and reversed. Through The Pattern He steals (consumes) another's Self-Identity and then, blames the Bound for being "selfish"... "guilty" for wanting a Self! According to the Binder, the only way the Bound can be unselfish is to have no Self at all.

"Your guilt consists in this: I want to eat you up!"
~ Ivan Krylov
"Wolf and Lamb," from Fables (1809)


The Two Meanings of

As the Positive Creative-Expression of Passion, Integrity and Action

(1) Art

1. Skill in doing anything as the result of knowledge and practice.

(In the parlance I have adopted, this would be a Passion for "knowledge," i.e., for Integrity, plus action and "practice," or, Art.)

2. Human skill as an agent, human workmanship. Opposed to nature.

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet 11:iv "Romero, now art thou what thou art, by Art as well as by nature."

(Art, the act of creation ... (stemming from Integrity) ... rooted and grounded in the Passion of Human Nature ... produces a Work of Art ... the whole Self, i.e., "what thou art." The three are wholly One in the Freedom "to be."

(The "work" of Art is in the creating ... likewise, the "unselfishness" of the Self is in the passionate "work" of the Self. The Self is the source of the Art of Love. The Self, itself, becomes Love, itself. Passion (Love) + Integrity (Reason) + Art ("work" ) = the indivisible Self.)

(2) Art

As the Negative, Rote-Expression of The Pattern of Reversal

The Binder is the source of Hate but claims to be love, because he owns all the Love that all the Bound have been required to "voluntarily give" Him. The Bound now, without a Self ... seeks, in turn, to receive back the very Love rightfully belonging to the Self. In order to do this, the Self must be claimed and ownership declared. For the Bound to own the Self is, ironically, to "polarize" the "relationship" with the Binder ... to reject His absolute "wholeness" which he accomplished by first "polarizing" the mind of the Bound! (Stage 6..."Not I, but you polarize.") To defect from the Binder is to expect retaliation in the form of accusations and to be demonized. To prevent this the Binder must condemn and forbid the means of owning the Self by denigrating Passion, Integrity, and the Work of Art ... the creative process of Self Ownership, which means that men and women can "make themselves." To the Binder, this is the Bound's great "apostacy."

The Wolf, ... having stolen and kept as hostage what he, as the Shepherd, professed to create and "love," (humanity) and in order to prevent defection ... must then "kill" that which he had stolen in order to further conceal the theft. Hence, Passion, Integrity and the Work of Art, the human, individual creative process itself must become "evil" and feared by the Bound .... which is the projection of the Binder's own fear of the exposure of His theft and of His own lack of Self creativity.

The Binder cannot, in reality, create anything. The Binder as Shepherd can only "make" images of things from a copy of the Real which he has stolen; he "clones" the likeness of a human body but the inside is filled with the Wolf's imitation of humanity which is the "Art" of deception, i.e., the "Art" of The Pattern; this fabrication the Shepherd labels His "Creativity" and "Truth" ... empty words that must be worshiped. He then commands that Humanity must become as He is, an imposter. Yet, as the Shepherd, He demands authenticity. (Another double-bind.)

This is the circular Pattern spoken of in other essays ... the Binder with the divided mind who "wants his cake and eat it too;" this imposter insists that the Bound create for him, and at the same time, the Bound is to become the image of this non-creative Binder.

The Negative Meanings of "Art."

1. Skillful, crafty, or artificial conduct. Studied conduct or action, especially such as seeks to attain its ends by artificial, indirect, or covert means; address; cunning, artfulness.
An artifice, contrivance, stratagem, wile, trick, cunning device.

2. obs. To confine, cramp, restrict, limit, in local position or in action.

3. To constrain (a person) to do something.

4. Closely allied.

5. To obtain again by art.

All of the above definitions (from the Oxford English Dictionary) describe The Pattern exactly ... skillful, crafty, or artificial conduct, cunning stratagem (The Pattern of the Double-Bind), restriction (the Closed System), force (constrain), limit (bound), "to obtain again by art" (circular), indirect, or covert means ("Yes, but..."), etc.


The description of the Self could be said to be the healthy functioning of the Whole Body, which includes Passion, Integrity, and Art; Love, Intelligence, and Action; all in agreement equals the Self which is the Work of Art; Art which is self-fulfilling ... to overflowing Self-growth and love ... into so-called "unselfishness" ... the perfect antidote for "covetousness" which the Binder, himself, created.

The Next essays will deal with the care and keeping of a Healthy Self.


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