The Art of Integrity

The Art of Integrity


The "Un-Selfishness" of Being "Self-ish"

An Essay on the Merits of Having a Passion for the Art of Living Wholly

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Terms are Crucial for Understanding Life sans The Pattern

In returning back to sanity we find that in almost every key word that has to do with identity and reality we can find ambiguities. One definition is according to Reality, the other is according to The Pattern, as was seen in the word "passion" in the previous essay.

The Ambiguity of the Word

Words can mean different things to different people. It is important to understand the positive meanings of the words "Integrity" and "Wholeness" in order to be "Un-Selfish"... in the positive sense ... in accordance with the Aerial View. In defining these words I am taking the etymological approach in attempting to trace them to sources, whenever possible. Mostly, I am using The Compact Edition of The Oxford English Dictionary to do this.

: Something undivided; an integral whole. The condition of having no part or element taken away ... soundness.

Self-Integrity, in this sense, is being in possession of ones own undivided Body, Mind and Emotions, especially the undivided Mind. In The Pattern, the mind is psychologically separated from its companion, emotion ... while the body is relegated in importance to that of a non-thinking, non-feeling, i.e., a non-human servant.

The Binder's divided mind vacillates between being the Shepherd or the Wolf. He demands that all others reflect his dual mind whereby they all become Bound to and "in" Him. "Integrity," in this case, means being "Wholly" One with Him; this is his definition of "purity" ... of "(w)holiness."

This "integrity" is not the personal integrity owned by an individual in control of his, or her, own Self; that is impossible, for the "elements" of Body, Mind and Emotions, the integral parts of the Self have been "taken away" by theft. Complete dependence on the Binder has taken away personal responsibility; the Self of the Bound has disappeared into the "Whole" of the Body Politic of the Binder. This is not Self-Integrity; it is psychological cannibalism feeding on the identities of others. The Binder is so-called "whole" because he possesses the "wholeness" of others.

This is The Pattern of Reversal ... from Self to non-self ... from Truth to lie. As has been shown in previous essays, the Binder's lies are reversed to "truths." The individual Self becomes "evil," and in wholly being united with the Binder's mind becomes "Good."

In this reversal, the double-minded crook claims this crooked merger as being the source of "integrity," ... of "truth;" on the other hand, the integrity of the individual is labeled as "evil," and therefore, "false" and treated as an outcast. This is also expressed in the same section of the Oxford English Dictionary, as follows:

Integrity: Something undivided; an integral whole.
1620 T. Granger Div. Logite 110 They be privatives (denoting privation, negative, having the power of depriving; tending to take away; having the power to prevent (obs. rare) of Originall integrities. Ibid. 111 They are somethings, id est, pravities (crookedness, distortion, perverseness, depravity) contrarie to created integrities.

There are two kinds of "truths"... the Upside-Down "truth" as "crookedness" ... as contained in The Pattern ... and the Right-side Up Truth ... of Reality. They both stand back to back, each facing opposite directions; one towards death and the other towards life. To become One with the Binder's "truth" is to lose the integrity and the death of ones own mind through the reflection of the Binder's divided mind. Having lost his own integrity, the Binder-Wolf steals your true integrity replacing it with his divided Upside-Down crooked "integrity."

The Binder-Shepherd then claims, and "Yes," speaks the words "truth" and "integrity" which become the masks covering the Wolf; it is the Shepherd "crossing his fingers" as he says "But....," as the Wolf, and then does the opposite. What the Shepherd-Binder says, is not what the Wolf-Binder does. His "truth" keeps shifting in a Zig-Zag Pattern. This is the opposite of the undivided, whole mind of an individual ... the source of personal and Original, and yes, Self-Creative Integrity.

"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

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