The Pattern of the Double-Bind in Mormonism

In the fall of 1997, my son, Matt, and I discovered Eric Kettunen's internet site, Recovery from Mormonism. Matt replied to Eric and posted his letter (#70); soon after, Matt started his own Higher Mormon site.

Until that time, we thought that we were alone in our discoveries about Mormonism and in leaving the church. As I read each Post, I was impressed with the similarities of personal experiences ... and how they coincided with my own. I could see aspects of The Pattern in each Post and some explicitly contained all aspects. They filled in, and clarified more fully the stages of this Pattern in Mormonism for me.

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BOOK marker Stage 1 Problem - Anxiety - Question - Fear
BOOK marker Stage 2-3 Agreement - Ambiguity
BOOK marker Stage 4 Double-Bind - Reversal - Guilt/Fear
BOOK marker Stage 5 Denial - Humiliation - Dehumanized
BOOK marker Stage 6 Accusation - Demonized - Guilt/Shame
BOOK marker Stage 7 Punishment - Compulsion/Subjection - "Black is White"
BOOK marker Stage 8 Bound - Love/Hate - "Voluntary" Union
BOOK marker Stage 9 Psychological Cannibalism - Suicide

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