The Pattern in Marriage and Family Relationships


My discovery of The Pattern came, first, with the personal discovery of it in my own life ... in my own marriage. I did not know exactly what it was nor where it came from. I was not aware of any others who might be experiencing the same "black hole" of depression ... which I later found was caused by this illogical "logic" ... The Pattern, as I have come to call it. I will save a full description of this experience for my next article My Journey Through The Pattern.

I began writing about my findings for my family as well as the general public. All of my children (except Matt), are still active members of the church. As a mother who loves her children deeply, I thought it would be cruelty on my part not to expose the fact that they are taking poison into their systems which is being advertised by the Mormon church as a remedy for all ills. Five of my six children have been married in L.D.S. temples. The time is right to finally broach the subject of the Mormon husband/wife/family relationship as it IS in reality, not as it is portrayed to be ... to present a possible understanding of what it is ... and what it isn't.

I will approach The Marriage Relationship in this article in two ways. First, I will continue the experiences that have been detailed in Eric's site, Recovery From Mormonism, by citing examples that have been posted there. The second accounting will be to show how this same Pattern existed in the marriage between Emma and the "Prophet" of the church, Joseph Smith.

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How Mormonism Kills What it Professes to Love

Marriage and Family Relationships are so closely related in Mormonism as to be considered as One Concept. This Concept is the entangled Pattern which determines the culture in which Mormonism thrives. Within it there is first the division between the Binder and the Bound. There are two types expressed in the following posts: 1) The church Priesthood as the Binder, and the husband and wife as the Bound. Or, 2) The husband as Binder (reflecting the Priesthood) and the wife as the Bound.

In the first, the husband and wife stand face to face to a priesthood leader, a Binder, whose mind they reflect; they become the Bound by their obedience to the Binder. In the second, the husband becomes one with the priesthood Binder, and the wife becomes the Bound, obedient to both.

It is the irony of the Mormon Marriage that it destroys the human relationships that are most espoused, promised, and advertised by the Mormon church. It does this by a system of dehumanization and denial of individuality, resulting in the loss of Identities.

Marriage and Family Relationships in Mormonism follow the same Pattern as outlined in the previous articles and in the Master Chart printed in The Nature of The Pattern of The Double-Bind. In the following articles I will review the stages consecutively as they are revealed in each post.

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