How to Avoid the Traps of The Pattern

How to Avoid the Traps of The Pattern
A New Mental Outlook

To See, Hear, and Speak Realistically

The first step in avoiding and freeing yourself from the Pattern is to see it for what it is. This was the subject of the preceding essay, How to Free Oneself From The Pattern. Once the Pattern becomes known you have a choice to refuse to play the role of Bound or Binder; from then on the priority is to become vigilant in preserving your freedom from The Pattern. A most important guide is that you become very sensitive to the feelings of entrapment; it is accompanied by a very real visceral, felt reaction which is caused by the Mind-Bind, the coming together of "yes" and "no" at the same time, the Ambiguity of Stage 3. Don't discount this red-light danger signal, the feeling associated with it is unearned guilt. Instead, recall the facts, the previous agreement, and what it was that preceded this crisis ... ask the question, "What is being reversed?"

It is at this point that knowledge of The Pattern is essential; awareness of it allows you to choose to act through reason so as not to become paralyzed in the confusion of ambiguity which is the beginning of this web of deceit. When the mind is trapped in this Mind-Bind, conflicting emotions come into play, and in giving in to them your ability to think clearly, disappears. However, if you can stay with your own clear perceptions, your reason can help you to see, hear and speak clearly and HONESTLY; they help you to remember the facts. This is extremely important because the Double-Bind insidiously leads you to LIE ... against yourself, and to LIE ... for the Binder. In Mormonism this is called "Lying for the Lord." It is also interesting to note that a commandment not to lie is NOT listed in the 10 commandments, only the commandment to "not bear false witness" is given, which is not the same as a lie. As was shown in this Mosaic Law in the essay above, to "bear false witness" is to say anything that is not sanctioned by the Yahwah-Binder, which in reality, would be against the facts ... the truth. Therefore, this commandment invites the Bound to LIE ... in being obedient to the Law.

In exercising your clear perceptions, and recalling your reasonable knowledge of The Pattern, by being above The Pattern in the clear light of day, you can act immediately, thereby gaining more and more control over your emotional, mental, and physical functioning so that you can remain TRUE to yourself and the facts.

This process, ironically, becomes the real "re-birth" back into the reality of the human world in which we were first born. You realize that "heaven" is being the human being you really are. To realize this "heaven" in the fullest way possible is to claim back all that was taken from you through theft...via The Pattern. The upside-down "morals" connected with unearned guilt are replaced with the integrity of your own mind which is grounded in reason...the source of your true Integrity, your true Identity ... your true innocence.

Claiming Your Own Identity...

When we claim our own perceptions, our own mind and body, then our old pseudo-identity ... (as the Bound, or the Binder) ... is no longer a slave, but is free, unique ... individual. The Binder is a slave as well as the Bound inasmuch as he is bound to The Pattern through a compulsive psychological cannibalism; the more he devours of others' identities, the less he has of his own; the law of diminishing returns applies to both the Binder and the Bound. And yet, the Binder thinks he "can have his cake and eat it too" (gain and lose, at the same time); he also thinks he has everything to lose and nothing to gain, if he doesn't "eat the cake." This is the Double-Bind The Binder has created for himself. His Pattern is a form of madness. It is literally unthinkable ... unreasonable, stemming from what we might call an artificial "bicameral" mind ... each side forming "laws" at odds with the other. The root cause being the loss of a connected identity forming a dual personality.

Your Individual, Personal Identity

Individual, Personal identity is the core issue here; one unique mind and personality. We claim back our identity by claiming back trusting in the natural functions of our own body;The Nature of the Pattern and the Double-Bind We claim back our wholeness ... our own body, our own mind and our own feelings ... the source of our integrity. True Faith is based on this source; knowing that we are capable of discovering facts ... Truths, through the normal functioning of our own brains. Only an individual can discover a Truth for himself or herself, through an individual brain that makes identifable connections, in short, connections through inductive reasoning ... instead of starting with an empty "Truth" ... with no connections that a rational mind can follow. That which is created out of nothing, contains nothing, and must be filled with deductive fabrications. One can only think in deductive terms after the truth has been identified and named, when a solid foundation of the connections, parts involved, have been formed. We start from the bottom and work up; then the edifice is ours and will always be ours. If others try to destroy it, it can always be rebuilt; we have the blue-print in our minds.

Our Identity is Personal, Private Property; it is Not General, Public Property.

We first claim back our body as our own personal, private property. In Theocracy, men and women's bodies are the property of Yahwah and owned for the sole purpose of producing as many children as possible..."Thou shalt multiply and replenish the earth" ... as slaves. Sex, expressed for any other purpose was labeled "sinful," was not private "property" and was one of the first taboos of Theocracy.

Secondly, we claim back our own true perceptions and feelings. In Theocracy, we were compelled to feel the feelings that were not our own which were attached to upside down ideas and upside-down "morals" of the Binder. We were forced to feel "good" when we LIED against ourselves, which made us doubly "Good" in that we were also LYING for the Binder ... at the same time. This obedience creates a false euphoric feeling of "well being" that is then interpreted as a "Spiritual" experience, the confirmation of a "truth."

On the other hand we were forced to feel "evil" if we were true to ourselves, as against the Binder. If we felt good about listening to ourselves, we were accused of listening to Satan.

Thirdly, we claim back our brains and mind as our own personal, private property, for our own private, creative use. In Theocracy, brains are not allowed to function in the realm of ideas outside the ideas contained in Yahwah's Mind-Bind Mind-Set.

The Meaning of Re-Birth in the Real World ....

.... is when we gradually replace the old destructive Double-Bind grooves etched in our brains by not reinforcing them, together with repetition of positive and constructive use of our faculties. The result is that we literally begin to feel that we have been re-born with a "tabula rasa," new mind ..."a smoothed or erased tablet" that begins taking in unfiltered impressions from the real world, rather than the predetermined Double-Bind "morals" that have no reality in the realm of common sense, and which casts a veil over true perceptions and reason.

These upside-down "morals" are literally fabrications that have been programmed into our minds. When free from unsubstantialities we feel young again, with a zest for life and an appreciation of a world we have never truly experienced before. We become as little children again ... in the best sense; we regain our curiosity, our thirst for knowledge and the joy of discovery. In the Theocratic Pattern, to be "as little children" means to remain as little children forever, as children whose curiosity and questioning have been stifled. (Significantly, in Mormonism, this stifling begins in earnest at the crucial age of eight (baptism), the age when curiosity begins to burst through, as a result, children are never allowed to be children.
Mormonism believes in a "Pre-existence" which has forordained the "mission" for each person here on earth, a "mission," an obligation, which they "came down to earth to fulfill." This is instilled in their minds from the beginning of their lives. They are given the impression that they "should already know about this "plan of salvation." This is the "flip" side of the coin. Children are forced to be "adults" before their time, and when they "grow up" they are commanded to be as "little children!" Just when children are beginning to question, they are baptized into the church because "at eight years of age, they know right from wrong!"
As grown-ups, it is further emphasized, by telling them that "their thinking has already been done for them;" all that is expected then, is rote memorization of what we "Shalt Know" in order to obey the Binders. In that sense, adult members of the Church, who are "true believers," have never matured beyond obedience; the means have been taken away. They live, as I had lived, in a linear world of diminishing returns which eats away the possibilities of personal vision and growth.

How quickly we are able to turn away from this negative view of life differs with each individual; it takes practice through trial and error; yet, there are times when our efforts create a major breakthrough, which I term real enlightenment. To me, that term equates to the warmth of sunshine and light, in contrast to the experience of having lived in the shadows, under a "cloud of unknowing" ... an unknowable depression. It is the difference between day and night.

Quality VS Quantity

Since The Pattern robs you of life, it robs you of time; time becomes very important; but more important than the quantity of time one has left to live, is the quality of the life one lives. Personally, I use "surgery" as much as possible in eliminating elements of The Pattern as they arise; I "amputate" as quickly as possible that first link in the chain of the Pattern whenever, wherever, and with whomever I find it. One develops greater courage to leave the false for the true. The truths that are discovered far outweigh in value the dreams or fabrications that are left behind.

That is the key in saving oneself ... first, to discover and see, in order to act and let go. Once a trap is truly seen, it is possible to turn around immediately to extricate yourself. Each experience becomes a positive opportunity for an affirmation of self-respect, confidence, and courage. No matter how late in life, it is worth the effort to turn around ... as hard as that may seem; this is the true "conversion" into the "light." Even if it means living a free life for only one, or five years, it is worth it; you can live a lifetime in a small amount of time, for you will have, at last, lived fully in the real world, as opposed to living your whole life within The Pattern, and so, never having truly lived at all. One goes from the "Thou Shalt" of the Binder, to the "I will" of the free Self who is "armed" with the arrows of reality.

He held to this one simple point
an iron wedge that drove us apart
the words falling hard and steady:
Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt.

But oh, sweet crime,
to feel his breath on my nape
to have the beast in sight
and time enough to let my arrows fly:
I will, I will, I will.

~Matt Berry

A New Kind of Conscience; a New Kind of Spirituality

Intellectually, I now know the psychological aspects of The Pattern, and I can rely more and more on my true perceptions and feelings when coming in contact with others using The Pattern. This psychological-intellectual realization, plus my true perceptions and feelings, I now define as "conscience;" to go against my "conscience" is the greatest harm I can do to myself. The twin of "conscience" is personal responsibility, being true to myself; the result is joy in personal growth ... the expansion of my own mind which increases my happiness; it is not a "duty;" it is a joy. "Duty" belongs to The Pattern ... with the "Thou Shalt nots;" "Duty" is performed to avoid punishment; it does not produce joy.

This "conscience" is experienced with satisfaction and strength in the validation of whether what you are experiencing is fact or fiction. If it is a fact, you can rely on it; if it is fiction, you can separate it from fact and be exhilarated that you have found an aerial view above the upside-down, non-factual "morals" of "Good" and "Evil" as contained in The Double-Bind. Joy comes in being able to see both views and to finally choose your own creative path, your own identity ... and to live with more understanding than you previously thought possible.

"Absolve you to yourself." ~ Emerson

This aerial view is my experience of "spirituality," an expansion into greater realms of understanding, which takes the place of "Thou Shalt" forgive. When it is seen and understood that we have all been caught, unknowingly, in the web of The Pattern, who is there to blame? What need is there for forgiveness? We take responsibility for our own actions and allow others to do the same. With understanding, we see that we all are human beings; we see the how and why of the actions of ourselves and others; we absolve ourself to our Self. We become more authentic ... it leads to a state of joy and is experienced as love of self which, without effort, flows out into love of others.

Self-Knowledge - Understanding - Voluntary Love

We can't love ourselves until we know ourselves; our ability to love others is dependent on whether we first love ourselves; this is being rich. I term this kind of wealth as "principal" which I try never to "spend;" it begins to overflow due to accrued "interest." "My cup "runneth over;" it then "hurts" NOT to share my "wealth" with others ... one is too full. Love and joy, in this reality, just IS; it is a fact anchored in one's own self; it is not forced through the command "Thou shalt love" which forces a so-called "voluntary" love based on fear, the love/hate syndrome of The Pattern, and as it is found in Mormonism. Love is only a "mystery" when the Mind-Bind of the Love/Hate syndrome of The Pattern is the only thought process allowed. This omission of a love without hate becomes a "spiritual" longing ... the enticing "carrot" on the end of the stick which can only be attained in "heaven"... if one lives "worthily," without it on earth. Again, it's the "Yes, but..." of The Pattern which fosters a chronic feeling of failure and guilt, which in turn intimates that the person is not "lovable" ... another projection.

A Trial and "Error" - A Process

In rising above the Double-Bind the opposite is true; instead of the destructiveness of unearned failure and guilt, we experience the constructive trial and error method in obtaining substantial results. We may not always be successful in avoiding or arresting stages in The Pattern, mistakes will be made inasmuch as trial and error are built into this positive learning process. The main cause of making "mistakes" are the many masks that the Binder wears which can hamper identification and discernment. However, even here, there is a way to protect yourself..

This process is not a matter of Perfection VS Failure or Good VS Evil as The Pattern would have it; what we seek is to claim, and stay with an aerial view that is above these double traps. Trial and error is built into this "Scientific" Method of an aerial view of discovery, of seeking reasonable connections which follows the natural functions of the brain when the mind is free to question.

Vigilance is Required

Ironically, when your cup is the fullest and your love is spreading outward to everyone, that is the time not to let go of your vigilance; not everyone is free from The Pattern. It is easy to become vulnerable again. The irony is that your new found Love of life fosters the desire to trust everyone, because you truly love everyone. Meaningful trust and safety is only possible with others who have, by their own efforts, reached the same understanding as you in regards to claiming personal ownership of identity; they are those who know the difference between mere words and trustworthy actions.

The Process of Claiming - THE Great Adventure

As long as you see The Pattern for what it is, and know that you are discovering and claiming your own identity, the process of this discovery becomes the greatest adventure of your life; you profit from every trial and error experience you encounter and with this gain you can't lose, you always win. The process of becoming, of recovering your own identity and possibilities has no end; joy and enthusiasm for this goal never ceases.


Practical Steps to Freedom

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