How to Free Oneself From The Pattern

"Problems cannot be solved until they are discovered."
~Edwin G. Boring

To be Free From The Pattern the Bondage must be seen.
(However, the Binder says, "See no 'Evil', Hear no 'Evil', and Speak no 'Evil.'")

A Brief Review of The Problem

The Words of the Shepherd VS the Actions of the Wolf

If a person is living in an invisible prison yet believes he or she is free, no effort will be made to escape. The prison of the Double-Bind has the facade of the Real World in every way, inasmuch as it claims the beauties of the Real World, but insidiously destroys that which it professes to love; only the "Shepherd" who speaks beautiful Words is seen; the "Wolf" who in Action destroys, remains hidden. The Bound person wants to believe the beautiful claims and therefore, trusts the "Shepherd" blindly. To see the "Wolf" is to awake to the mask of the "Shepherd" and to realize that they are really two aspects of one person, the Binder with a dual mind who can only establish a love/hate relationship, a relationship in which the Binder and the Bound both lose.

The Results of the Shepherd/Wolf Syndrome

This drama is an unending one until it is seen; it is circular and repeats in many guises. Experienced over a prolonged length of time the mind becomes indifferent to it inasmuch as there is, on the surface, no way to grasp it; there are no logical connections for the brain to find; they have been short-circuited. Apathy eventually sets in because the results always end in love/hate judgments of unearned guilt which must be punished by the Binder for the Bound's "own good." The Bound is always left with some underlying unfathomable depression, and becomes trapped in mental chaos and undefined emotional pain ... which must be denied because the truth is too unbelievable. The greater the fraud, the greater is the denial of it, and therefore, the greater becomes the bond to the Binder. There is no greater fraud than to have had your real world turned upside-down ... your humanity and identity stolen, in short, your life ... under the guise of being right-eousness.

The Shepherd's "Beautiful" (fraudulent) Words

The Binder, in order to keep the Bound enslaved and capable of continued servitude gives praise for blind obedience; praise becomes the Bound's one consolation and expectation...which however, is tenuous; it is followed by the futility that try as the Bound might, it is never possible to reach the state of perfection (of the adult) and childhood "innocence" (at the same time), that is required by the Binder; something is always "not quite right." "Yes," you obeyed (praised as an adult)..."But," the results weren't 'good' enough" ("guilt" for not taking responsibility as an adult, hence, still the child you were commanded to be!) This is another example of the Double-Bind, a circular Pattern that prolongs the short circuiting of the brain. It is unthinkable.

The More the Binder Takes, the Less the Binder has of His Own
The Binder lives with a compulsion, a hunger that can never be filled; this emptiness is projected to the Bound which she/he, nevertheless, is expected impossibly to fill. Lacking an integral, singular, self-identity the Binder lives through others by the theft of their identities. This is what I call psychological cannibalism. A Binder can only take, he cannot give of himself in that he has no self of his own to give. That being said, however, we cannot totally blame the Binder, because he, himself, had previously been robbed of his own identity by another Binder leader. He does suffer greatly, but He denies the source of His suffering; this He projects to the Bound who is then punished for punishing Him!

A Closed System, the Omission of Love

It is never meant that the Bound should win, only to lose; the Binder thinks he always wins and never loses. He sits in the driver's seat of a cart; the Bound pulls the cart in order to reach the "carrot (of love) on the end of the stick" which the Binder holds just beyond reach of the Bound. The tragedy is that the Binder is further away from the "carrot" of love than the Bound is. He keeps from others the very values he longs for himself; intimacy and love are kept at a distance and through the Pattern those possibilities are eventually destroyed for both; they become the this life (hence, the promise of love in the next life). It is this underlying longing for reality and love being held at a distance, and never attained, that binds the Bound and the Binder together. Reality, love and trust belong in the Real World; the Binder and the Bound live in the fabricated, closed world of "waiting" for their turn to get the "golden ring" on the Merry-Go Round of The Pattern.

The Difficulty of the Binder to Awaken

It is usually the Bound who wakes up first, if at all; the Binder is less likely to make any effort whatsoever, because he believes he has everything to gain by remaining a Binder and nothing to lose; he is also supported by many other Binders...(this is especially the case with the Brotherhood in the tribal hierarchy of the Mormon Priesthood). Underpinning this support is a unified stratagem of denial which is maintained through silence, a result of taking "sacred oaths" which are not to be revealed under the extreme punishment of death. I am speaking here, mostly of leaders; not all male members of the church who hold the Priesthood in Mormonism are true Binders. Most are the Bound who also take oaths, but are humbled to the point where "they should not seek to obtain a leadership position" for that would be coveting. They are to obey other look up to the Shepherd Leaders who will guide them...under the principles of The Pattern, which always remains a mystery to them. The esoteric meanings are reserved for the top "elite" leaders. Those lower in the hierarchy could rightly be called "pawns"... playing the "game" but outside the stratagem ... "Don't think ... just do what I say, and fight our 'enemies.'" The are, in Packer's terms, the "Rank and File."

Two Ways to Break the Chain of Deception

Members of the church are told by their Binder-Leaders that they live in the only "True" world ... that the world "outside" of Mormonism is the "evil enemy," as a result, they live in fear of the Real World and readily volunteer to become "pawns." There are two ways to break the chain which creates this reversed view of the world, one is through education and the desire to know (which is counteracting the Shepherd), the other is through a personal crisis that forces some kind of action (against the Wolf). The first is in arresting the Identity Crisis trap ... the Shepherd's "Yes...but..I...can't" of Stage 3 ... through conscious choice; the second is in rejecting the Wolf's Force trap...the "Not I, but you" Stage 6. Both are pivotal Stages.

Fearless Questioning and Claiming Your Right to Know

Stages 3 and 6 both involve the self-motivation to question and to understand the problem. The Binder would answer to the first questioning of the "Yes, But" of Stage 3, with "Trust me," (i.e., "Don't question. The thinking has already been done for you.") Likewise, the Leader states, "God's mind is not your mind," (i.e., "There is no need to think; have faith alone in God's incomprehensible mind"). The fact is, that if you faithfully obey the Binder without ever questioning, there will never be an escape from The Pattern because awakening from The Pattern depends on the awakening of the mind to openly question ... to think on ones own; it includes overcoming the fear of the Binder who is applying force through intimidation and threat for you to obey only Him ... which demands a "no-mind" brain.

Again, the cause of the problem is the chaotic Pattern which reverses reality by short-circuiting the mind; then, the cure to remove the pain is through striving to achieve the state of total "no-mind;" the cause becomes the cure! (The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.") Again, it is the Wolf and the Shepherd as the Cause and the Cure which keeps The Pattern going. Once this is seen, you don't buy either of them. You leave ... to let the Binder starve, or to start feeding himself.

The Weakness of the Binder-Wolf

The Binder's power is threatened when you claim your own identity ... your own mind, perceptions, and feelings; the Binder's power depends on the theft of your identity! He cannot create on his own! He becomes weak and powerless without the identities upon which He feeds; his greatest fear is to be abandoned and for his Bound captives to escape. His modus operandi, under the means of projection, is to punish others with that which he fears the most ... abandonment. Ironically, in the end ... if he is "successful" ... all of his projections boomerang back to him, in that he has killed that which he fed upon. The snake eats his own tail.

Deceptions Used by the Binder-Shepherd

The Binder must keep his stratagem hidden by denial, and the only way to accomplish that is to prohibit your ability to question ... through fear which he deems is "love," for he does this, he says, "for your own good." The Binder demands blind obedience; disobedience brings punishment. The Bound is "saved" from punishment through fear of punishment, by being obediently submissive. In being saved by the Binder-Savior, the Bound is expected to be "grateful" for His "mercy" which leads to a "voluntary" union with the Binder's mind.

The antidote to fear, is to be fearless in questioning in order to cut the bond between Binder and Bound. Once The Pattern is truly seen, it is possible to cut this physical Gordian Knot surgically. Before it is truly seen, leaving is usually the result of untying the Knot fact by fact, gradually. Personally, I began with the latter; I had to grow my own brain to where I could regain my natural ability to use it as it was designed to function. The nature of the brain is to make connections that can identify and verify our own perceptions. If we are denied the choice to see, hear, or identify, the brain is shortcircuited before questioning can begin, and thus, connections are left to whatever fills the void ... in this case, the preconceived Pattern.

It is the true process of being re-born, of dis-covering what had been stolen. You begin growing your own brain ... making new neural connections, literally.

Additional Information

If you have chosen to read this essay before previous ones, more questions may arise for you than are answered here. For that reason I am linking throughout this article to former pages which go into more explanation and detail.

The Nature of the Pattern and the Double-Bind is an attempt to answer the questions pertaining to what The Pattern is and what it does.

ThePattern of the Double-Bind in Mormonism shows individual examples of all the stages of The Pattern in the personal lives of members of the Mormon church.

I would also like to point out again, that this Pattern is not only found in Mormonism but in many disciplines, and in other fundamentalist type churches in varying degrees. This is very important to realize because if you finally "escape" from Mormonism, the tendency is to think that the problem only resides there. To free yourself from The Pattern in Mormonism frees you from becoming entangled in it outside of Mormonism as well.

Freedom first requires knowledge and understanding of the way The Pattern works, plus vigilance in detecting it wherever it is found. There are key points ... key events in The Pattern where you can arrest and therefore stop it from proceeding to a next Stage.

The Pattern understood is the pattern transcended.

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