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Posted by: kativicky ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 11:51AM

Hello Everyone! It is cloudy day to day here in Eastern NC and we are excepted to get some storms this afternoon. Had a dozy of a light show last night with a lightening bolt that made the lights in the house go off and then come back on. Definitely scared the you know what out of the cats. Anyways, I am going to make a trip out to the grocery store. Cats really need some litter and I really need some milk and coffee creamer. Once I get home and put everything a way, I am going to finish my homework for the week and try and get a head start on next weeks homework while I can. I might even play my sims 3 game for a little bit as well.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant day!!!

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Posted by: kenc ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 01:13PM

Starbucks Church

Workout at the WSU Student Rec Center Church

Golf Church

Pull weeds church

Have a beer church

Read the scriptures (RFM Board) Church

Loving life all day!!!

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Posted by: pollythinks ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 01:33PM

Killing an ant hill in my driveway. (By sprinkling pepper in it.)

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Posted by: desertman ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 02:07PM

I finished putting back together my 1947 Speed graphic pacemaker camera. It is now fully operative and I can expose either 4x5 negatives or 120 negatives. I love this old camera and have taken some awesome pictures with it over the years.

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Posted by: Levi ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 02:07PM

First few days of my new job were this week here in orlando. I'm now sitting at the airport heading home.

Had a lovely morning waking up, coffee, HBO.

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Posted by: left4good ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 02:15PM

1. Went flying in PERFECT air and shot two practice instrument approaches.

2. Went to a deluxe restaurant with my wife and enjoyed an Egg McMuffin and a tall iced tea.

3. Took a brief nap.

4. Playing on my ham radio.

5. About to clone my hard drives.

6. Looking forward to stargazing tonight.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 02:20PM

Went on a garden walking tour of a historic neighborhood near my home. Followed that up with a tour of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's finest architectural masterpieces. The Darwin Martin House.

That was quite a story hearing about their 30 year long friendship. Martin went from rags to riches enabling him to build a compound that takes up a city block, with gardens. All designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, down to the windows and furnishings.

Martin wanted a house where all his family and extended family could have a sanctuary and retreat from the world. He'd been separated from his siblings since the death of his mother when he was six, and never got over his fragmented childhood.

He was one of the country's earliest millionaires. Until 1929 with the stock market crash caused him to lose his fortune overnight, he literally went from rags to riches back to rags again, dying penniless in 1935. The house fell into disrepair over the years, but it has been restored in recent years to its former glory days (is now a museum.)

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: June 26, 2017 01:41AM

For a complex man, his life and times ... fascinating journey back in time

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Posted by: commongentile ( )
Date: November 27, 2017 09:31PM

Amyjo Wrote:
> Went on a garden walking tour of a historic
> neighborhood near my home. Followed that up with a
> tour of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's finest
> architectural masterpieces. The Darwin Martin
> House.

Hi Amyjo,

I meant to tell you this at the time this thread was current, but you and I almost saw each other in person. On the very day you toured the Darwin Martin house, I was visiting Buffalo, New York for the first time and doing "tourist things," including planning to tour the Martin house. But I changed my mind at the last minute and didn't tour it. But it's interesting to think that if I had toured it and seen you, we would likely not have had any clue that we were familiar with each other from both participating on an exmormon site. I was reminded of this by reading Thanksgiving posts expressing gratitude for the online friends across the country the posters have "met."

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Posted by: Anonymous 2 ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 03:22PM

Taking care of my elderly TBM dad. He's in bed resting with our 15 year Jack Russell terrier "Princess ". She sleeps with him and trusts him. We didn't go to church today.

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Posted by: Lethbridge Reprobate ( )
Date: June 25, 2017 06:09PM

Coffee this morning with my pals talking about the drag racing event here yesterday and beer with them this afternoon.

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Posted by: Anon4This ( )
Date: November 27, 2017 09:45PM

I stayed home because the BP took away my recommend three weeks ago. He expects perfection. I wasn't born to be a prisoner.

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Posted by: Lethbridge Reprobate ( )
Date: November 27, 2017 11:05PM

I drank beer, kinda watched football (our pro championship game) and worked in the shop.

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Posted by: Aquarius123 ( )
Date: November 28, 2017 03:46AM

Hey, kat. How are you doing these days?

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Posted by: scmd ( )
Date: November 28, 2017 05:45AM

Weather wasn't great, so it was an inside day. Fortunately we have lots of room for the littles still to be active even if the weather isn't cooperative, and we have a covered porch in the back, so we get them outside for some fresh air. Cold is a relative term here on the California coast; the children don't have to be mummified to go outside even on what we would consider a cold day here as long as they're kept dry. And the cool, moist air is actually very good for my wife's respiratory condition.

I mostly watched football while playing on the floor with the little ones. Wife was under the weather but was able to be with us on the sofa instead of in bed. It's much nicer when we're all mostly in the same room.

Next Sunday is Christmas tree day. I'm so looking forward to it (honestly, especially since, other than putting the stars atop the trees, my main jobs are to drink beer and to tell everyone else what to do). We'll have a couple of older nieces and nephews and possibly a brother-in-law to help, and my mother-in-law always shows up to make sure the job is thoroughly overdone. It ends up looking like a child's paradise, though, so I don't complain. My three-year-old remembers some of it from last year. I'm not sure about my two-year-old. She may have memories, or she may just remember the pictures and videos.

I hate to think of Sundays back in the days of three-hour meeting blocks and restrictions.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 28, 2017 01:56PM

I finished my Christmas shopping.

Started the day before Thanksgiving.

Since I don't have too many to shop for, it was over in a breeze.

No Black Friday runs for this gal.


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