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How did life begin? Abiogenesis schrodingerscat12/02/2020 01:29AM
A new galaxy named, "Kraken" collided with the Milky Way schrodingerscat12/02/2020 01:17AM
The cost 14 olderelder12/01/2020 11:43AM
Remember that Baby Boom that the pandemic lockdown was supposed to spawn? 28 Brother Of Jerry11/07/2020 06:57PM
Fugging hell 11 Dave the Atheist11/27/2020 11:41AM
(OT) Yoruba language, African languages, Judaism 17 iceman909011/14/2020 10:18PM
Ice Age Era Rock Paintings Found In The Columbian Amazon 30 anybody11/30/2020 01:02AM
OT: Thrift store find pollythinks12/01/2020 02:03PM
Garments & Sexual Repression 16 GNPE11/27/2020 03:49PM
So, sign up for Tithing settlement 11 JoeSmith66611/28/2020 09:12PM
Monolith gone - D.B. Cooper involved? 14 JoeSmith66611/29/2020 07:38AM
to my pal ziller Adam the warrior12/01/2020 08:06PM
Do you eat traditional christmas food or spice things up? 10 Cauda12/01/2020 01:41PM
1 x 4 x 9: Helicopter Pilots Find Metal Monolith In The Utah Desert 60 anybody11/24/2020 09:37AM
Scientific American: Why People Believe In Conspiracy Theories 13 anybody11/29/2020 10:08AM
Yet another #givethanks topic ;) 20 Gordon B. Stinky11/24/2020 09:25PM
Mormons Are/ Mormonism Is Lying ["MISSIONARIES"] manymanymore11/29/2020 06:30PM
Interlibrary loan someone had underlined and written down notes 19 Cauda11/14/2020 02:45PM
Son asks me, "Dad, how do you explain spiritual experiences now?" 15 schrodingerscat11/28/2020 04:13PM
How a dating service helped me out of the church olderelder11/30/2020 10:28PM
Can someone explain why visual aids are permitted in GC and not SM? 17 messygoop04/03/2016 04:24PM
CANCEL wednesday lunch CANCEL 15 thedesertrat111/29/2020 06:10PM
Do theists need to be told what is moral? 32 iceman909010/29/2020 10:38PM
COVID letter writing, paper folding, and weirding out old friends-OT natch 15 Beth10/09/2020 02:29AM
Question for TBMs 13 wondering11/27/2020 09:02PM
Cludgie how is your son doing. wondering11/30/2020 08:03PM
Charles Manson Baptized yet? 11 JoeSmith66611/29/2020 03:23PM
Dusty is Back to Being a Prophet 11 SEcular Priest11/29/2020 02:28PM
Not everything about the Pandemic sucks. Somethings are kinda great. 60 schrodingerscat11/27/2020 02:48PM
Just discovered the FAIRMormon YouTube channel’s response to CESletter Cold-Dodger11/30/2020 04:58AM
Conflicting concepts of Jesus -- interesting video 11 olderelder11/24/2020 07:12PM
The Monolith Commands You To Visit Utah 23 Dave the Atheist11/26/2020 12:16PM
OT - Will the virus be with us forever, because ... 17 Dr. No11/26/2020 01:50PM
The Apostles aren't supporting the #givethanks campaign 19 pettigrew11/24/2020 11:53AM
Why doesn't Nelson wear outfits like this? JoeSmith66611/29/2020 08:54AM
What is Wanted? The Riddler????11/29/2020 05:50PM
Ready to install your Christmas decorations? 16 Cauda11/27/2020 12:51PM
>Which ONE (1) Of The Many "First Vision" Versions Is Your MOST Favorite... 14 BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/27/2020 10:40PM
BYU athletics is $20Million in the hole...well,Rusty, step it up 27 gemini11/21/2020 04:58PM
O/T: Darth Vader Actor David Prowse Dead At 85 anybody11/29/2020 09:07AM
Utah monolith alien sighting Dave the Atheist11/28/2020 11:50PM
White supremicists spring Kyle Rittenhouse from jail. 22 Dave the Atheist11/20/2020 09:40PM
The Last Supper Dave the Atheist11/25/2020 11:23PM
Dumped by housewife-sibling. How can I see it from her perspective? 13 Pult11/23/2020 08:17AM
JEOPARDY! & Ken Jennings 15 GNPE11/16/2020 10:38PM
O/T: Wildlife Over-the-Freeway Bridge is Working In Utah 19 Tevai11/26/2020 11:32PM
Giving thanks 20 Razortooth11/23/2020 07:26PM
re: pole dancing vids ~ (NOT pole dancing vid) ~ (vid inside) ~ ziller11/28/2020 02:51PM
Superior meat 15 Dave the Atheist11/25/2020 11:12PM
Everything About Mormonism Is Superficial-Russel Nelson Statement 21 anonski2111/21/2020 08:28AM
>O/T...Just Curious Any Thoughts Of Yours About This Film Or The Novella... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/24/2020 02:16PM
Census of Quirinius problem? 44 Cauda11/26/2020 02:04PM
O/T: REFUSED TO WEAR MASK--IS SHOT DOWN 16 Dave the Atheist11/26/2020 08:47PM
How do you define evil? schrodingerscat11/27/2020 07:43PM
OT: My very young childhood during WW11 60 pollythinks11/17/2020 08:56PM