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Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing Maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
UTA Train Conductor Calls Out Women For Using The Bathroom Together anybody07/20/2018 07:29AM
Why are the Last Days always now? 15 slskipper07/19/2018 11:58PM
O/T: I guess I've been demoted to "un-real" mom. . . Anon for This One07/20/2018 12:35PM
"Lamanitish" people. What would the Mormons do? Elder Berry07/20/2018 01:45PM
Ancient America Speaks - So racist even MORmONs can't defend it. 11 koriwhore07/19/2018 08:50PM
She's married to a bishop... Lowpriest07/20/2018 11:06AM
Deep thoughts from Mormonism 11 Elder Berry07/19/2018 03:31PM
NXIVM: A Sex Cult Built On Ayn Rand And Womens Need For Sisterhood 10 anybody07/20/2018 07:53AM
Boat capsizes in Table Rock Lake Branson Lady07/20/2018 09:56AM
"Man's Search For Happiness" (1964) Is A Racist Scam 20 anybody07/19/2018 07:34PM
OT: Irony, ya gotta love it... 24 ificouldhietokolob07/19/2018 04:03PM
This side of the fence saffainoz07/20/2018 11:42AM
Salem pond prophecy Skoobyforgothispassword07/20/2018 10:07AM
If you have extra thoughts and prayers to give her my daughter needs them 35 Elder Berry07/11/2018 05:10PM
Have cult family members ever try to pull you back into the cult? 12 Crazy horse07/17/2018 09:28PM
I live with my TBM Parents 14 ikandee200007/20/2018 10:40AM
My brother resigned July 4th. He just told me. :) 18 Elder Berry07/17/2018 11:55AM
Racist Mormons get their asses handed to them... 47 koriwhore07/17/2018 10:39PM
Question relevant (maybe) to previous Clovis v. Pre-Clovis debate lurkinmerkin07/19/2018 05:15AM
Did TSCC start as a joke? 25 LadyKorihor07/17/2018 02:08AM
If knowledge is power, the glory of God IS intelligence. 11 Amyjo07/19/2018 05:45PM
Gah! I just blew a job interview with a Mormon. 24 Melanie07/18/2018 06:07PM
Why do people on articles say to be nice to missionaries? 60 Crazy horse07/17/2018 09:21PM
Smitten by Puppy Love OT 45 Amyjo07/15/2018 12:30PM
Imagine protesting at a Mormon church like this? Warren Jeffs07/20/2018 05:29AM
Tithing babyloncansuckit07/20/2018 04:00AM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: Bruce R. McConkie...Anybody??? (n/t) 19 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/19/2018 01:20PM
Pioneer Day outside of Utah 19 not logged in07/18/2018 04:21PM
My mormon girlfriend 59 visiting from the outside07/18/2018 07:48PM
S. Alberta TBM Going To The Slammer 19 Lethbridge Reprobate07/17/2018 08:42PM
My problem with "mishies lied through teeth to defend wife swapping & rape" 36 Brother Of Jerry07/16/2018 05:47PM
Scouting safety rules? 13 gemini07/19/2018 10:17AM
Memory lane, memories of shame 18 olderelder07/17/2018 11:07AM
Finally ordered a "No Proselytizing" sign tonight (mild cussing) 27 Amyjo07/17/2018 09:59PM
Illinois Sex Offender Registry Updated 16 cricket07/17/2018 02:12PM
New movie with a mormon background 10 memikeyounot07/18/2018 06:20PM
AZ CVS Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescription For Trans Woman, Outs Her anybody07/19/2018 09:35PM
Tithing and disability benefits 32 anon for this07/15/2018 12:24PM
A head shaking moment. 27 kentish07/18/2018 06:19PM
Tithing, the admission fee of the Celestial Kingdom? isthechurchtrue07/19/2018 05:51PM
End time prophecy bible thumpers… 14 decultified07/18/2018 06:34PM
Thought du jour re science and religion 17 Brother Of Jerry07/18/2018 07:32PM
Temple marriage hypocrisy 18 c07/16/2018 12:11PM
White House tearing down the wall between Church and State 25 Brother Of Jerry07/15/2018 04:19PM
Popular Sayings: pollythinks07/18/2018 08:36PM
Mormon stinginess is astounding. (some swearing) 29 godtoldmetorun07/18/2018 12:32PM
A Life Lesson... 17 ificouldhietokolob07/17/2018 08:13PM
Perhaps we've been looking the wrong direction for our creator koriwhore07/19/2018 10:49AM
Francis Denounces "Prosperity Gospel," Preachers Who "Worship Money" 21 anybody07/18/2018 03:03PM
Bishopric Statements To Kids During Annual Interviews 28 FallenShelf07/13/2018 12:52PM
Jon Huntsman Jr.; U.S. ambassador to Russia... GNPE107/18/2018 09:40PM
When you are on the train leaving Mormondom, Denver Snuffer... wmellerychanning07/17/2018 08:43PM
What Mormons always say 15 Crazy horse07/16/2018 07:07PM
How are gays really treated in the Mormon church 11 Crazy horse07/18/2018 03:41PM
Mostly OT: when's the last time you wore a necktie? 33 elderolddog07/12/2018 09:35PM