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miraculously, out of “nowhere” a bulldozer appeared Dave the Atheist11/14/2018 11:57PM
Lets Go Down Memory Lane: Topics We Used to Discuss at Church SEcular Priest11/15/2018 10:46AM
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ZL, DL, AP - where are they now? 15 JoeSmith66611/14/2018 02:09PM
Teach children correct principles and then interview them inappropriately Elder Berry11/15/2018 11:20AM
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Church reaffirms its right to abuse children Heartless11/14/2018 11:18AM
"The rising generation needs to rise" ~ Marlin K. Jensen Elder Berry11/13/2018 12:53PM
Truth negates your testimony! Alan XL11/15/2018 12:41AM
Have you ever heard someone cuss at the podium? 15 jay11/14/2018 09:48PM
O/T At Least Eight Mountain Lions Survive Wildfires Tevai11/15/2018 12:02AM
Where does the Book of Mormon written in 60 to 75 days myth come from? (n/t) 11 Cold-Dodger11/12/2018 05:03AM
Mormon's as slave owners in Utah. Alan XL11/15/2018 06:35AM
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Can you do whatever you want behind closed doors when married? diversity11/15/2018 03:48AM
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Church is Hurting for Money 45 SEcular Priest11/13/2018 06:36PM
Don Gale speaks of what Mormon heritage means to an exMo 10 Brother Of Jerry11/12/2018 06:00PM
Sent home early from your mission diversity11/14/2018 10:17PM
How many awful, miserable, pain-in-the-butt companions did you have? 22 elderolddog11/13/2018 09:14PM
HAL 9000 12 Dave the Atheist11/13/2018 11:45AM
Advice Needed 46 newbieguy11/12/2018 11:46AM
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Oroville, CA appears to be next in Camp Fire’s path 33 kathleen11/10/2018 03:10PM
A Handmaid's Tale - is it based on Mormonism? 22 koriwhore12/15/2017 12:01AM
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What do you think about life if blessings worked? (n/t) 29 elderolddog11/13/2018 10:11AM
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Entry for 2018 RfM Short Story Contest miriamegress11/14/2018 05:47PM
Why are mormons so dishonest? 30 seriosly though11/12/2018 03:37PM
Former Mormon Kyrsten Sinema vs. My Liberal-Hating Grandpa Ezra Taft Benson steve benson11/14/2018 12:01AM
Obituary tonight, only in the Provo Daily Herald 25 memikeyounot11/13/2018 02:32AM
Deseret News (of all places) about "Early Returned Missionaries" 17 Whiskeytango11/13/2018 11:29PM
Approach-Avoidance Syndrome...Uggh Thanksgiving W/ TBM Family...Thoughts? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/12/2018 08:20PM
New LDS-owned office tower announced for downtown SLC 19 Brother Of Jerry11/12/2018 02:22PM
O/T CA fires...strange utility company issues? 12 Concerned Citizen 2.011/13/2018 03:06PM
Thought y'all would find this amusing Random Redditor11/14/2018 01:36PM
OT, about Paradise CA, lots of members in a town destroyed. 36 memikeyounot11/13/2018 01:50PM
Came Back - incognito 20 alivenow11/11/2018 04:31PM
Re: Ms. Haleigh Everts ~ Re: Controversial LDS History ~ (vid) ~ ziller11/13/2018 09:29PM
Before the 'restoration' people were lost looking for answers. Alan XL11/13/2018 07:53PM
***D & D's ENTRY SHORT STORY*** 19 Done & Done11/08/2018 02:06PM
"Thoughts and prayers" 15 steve benson11/13/2018 05:58PM
Leah Remini is covering the Jehovah witnesses tonight on A&E Justinfo11/13/2018 08:57PM
Ex Mormon wins AZ senate seat 12 Lumberjack11/12/2018 09:18PM
renaming of the Book of Mormon mrx11/08/2018 01:30PM
Open Mic Sunday 18 Rubicon11/11/2018 09:32PM
Thus Saith ETB: You Can't Be a Good Mormon and a Liberal Democrat . . . 21 steve benson11/11/2014 10:06PM
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Romantic Relationship outside of the church 11 goldrose11/12/2018 03:42PM
mission president southbound11/13/2018 07:37PM
other side of heaven 2, coming... cringe.... 10 anono this week11/13/2018 01:20PM