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Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing Maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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End of the Mormon Cult 19 jett06/23/2018 06:05PM
Just the more progressive crowd.. 15 nonmo_106/23/2018 05:00PM
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Youth Battalion jstone06/24/2018 05:39AM
Multiple Personalities and Universal Consciousness MarkJ06/24/2018 10:13AM
Joe Rogan convinced Mormons are not a CULT, that they graduated to a religi 29 koriwhore06/23/2018 05:57PM
Missionary Medical Release Lindax06/22/2018 05:55PM
I live 10 Livingatlast06/22/2018 07:06PM
Making excuses for mormons has not helped my recovery. 12 Cheryl06/23/2018 12:54PM
LDS Doll House waste basket (eBay) mormon nomore06/24/2018 07:09AM
Draper Temple attendance.... 21 job7406/08/2018 12:25PM
"Hot Dog Water:" A Test Of Critical Thinking In Vancouver anybody06/23/2018 09:53PM
views on gambling 15 ginger6806/23/2018 02:00PM
A bishop's interview in my backyard and an erruption 41 Elder Berry06/04/2018 12:02PM
Thanks, Admin, for deleting 17 kathleen06/23/2018 03:08PM
Who is your real self without all the bs? 36 Badassadam106/23/2018 03:29PM
"An atheist would have to know a lot more than me about the Cosmos." Sagan koriwhore06/23/2018 01:10PM
Do Mormons never get cremated ? 47 The Undertaker06/04/2018 11:54AM
Visiting the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site 20 BYU Boner06/15/2018 11:43AM
Have you found an "emotionally satisfying" god as an ExMORmON? 36 koriwhore06/22/2018 01:19PM
Russel M. Nelson is living proof that Mormonism is bad for you 19 Babyloncansuckit06/22/2018 10:49AM
Hie for President 42 BYU Boner06/22/2018 12:15PM
First Presidency announces new guidelines for bishop interviews with LDS yo Anonymous 206/23/2018 05:57PM
Does anyone know how the morg's fast on "social media" went!?? Anonymous 206/24/2018 12:26AM
Non Sustainable Course Of Action (please read carefully and comment) thedesertrat106/23/2018 04:11PM
If bakers can refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings 61 koriwhore06/23/2018 03:04PM
It's been a while: how does Nelson compare to Monson 19 newcomer06/23/2018 02:00AM
Temple sister shared something about Orthodox Judaism 40 Amyjo06/22/2018 06:00PM
Post Modern Religion = Intersectionality koriwhore06/23/2018 08:57PM
Can We Do Another Music Thread? 35 Lot's Wife06/22/2018 11:00PM
When was the last time someone acting like a dick changed your mind? 35 koriwhore06/23/2018 02:44PM
Church of Scientology advertising Service Projects Amyjo06/23/2018 08:00PM
I actually had a missionary tell me, "Well what about murder?" WTF?!? 14 koriwhore06/22/2018 07:19PM
Happy Pride Day!! Thanks Mormons!! 12 praydude06/23/2018 02:27AM
Ex Jehovah's witness crashing kingdom hall Crazy horse06/22/2018 06:20PM
LDS leader insists religious identity deserves same protections going to se Anonymous 206/23/2018 06:00PM
Trigger objects 13 Rolled tacos on a sunday06/22/2018 01:38AM
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Light shining down through the clouds... dp06/23/2018 03:05PM
Mormon Time Bomb 35 Done & Done06/21/2018 06:25PM
"Believer" the movie. Imagine Dragons auntsukey06/22/2018 09:19AM
Strengthening Church Members Committee isthechurchtrue06/22/2018 08:32PM
I noticed. on the LDS news site... PHIL06/22/2018 05:31PM
Matter is eternal. 58 Amyjo06/21/2018 11:43AM
For Badassadam1 re crystals 27 matt06/21/2018 07:05PM
Annoying Mormon Gangstalking -- Ways to get rid of them. 15 raven06/21/2018 07:33PM
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from divinity" koriwhore06/23/2018 02:15PM
That Mormon Mystique 33 donbagley06/19/2018 06:59PM
Movies I got to see ... 26 elderolddog06/16/2018 10:42PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, June 24th Bite Me06/23/2018 01:25PM
To Badassadam, about "faith in scientists" 31 Visitors Welcome06/21/2018 01:51PM
Is there another word, besides "god", for "physical laws that govern... 64 koriwhore06/20/2018 08:06PM
I always feel so guilty 19 Jamie06/22/2018 04:16PM
Boner for vice president? 12 Badassadam106/22/2018 10:06PM