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How do you answer the big 3 questions now w/o the crutch? 51 schrodingerscat07/18/2019 11:08AM
"We are all alike unto God" MORmON PRofit tells NAACP, ironically schrodingerscat07/22/2019 04:13PM
9,000 year old city uncovered near Jerusalem 53 Brother Of Jerry07/19/2019 12:35PM
"Pioneer children sang as they walked....." (link) 10 gemini07/21/2019 10:49AM
"If you buy a universe from nothing, you'll buy anything" Terence McKenna schrodingerscat07/22/2019 03:41PM
Chillingly ironic quote - the author has no idea what he just said. 13 auntsukey07/22/2019 09:47AM
Bumper Sticker suggestion.. would LDS get it? W8sted2years07/22/2019 01:52PM
Obervation about missionary rule backing up (possibly ot) messygoop07/22/2019 04:03PM
My sister still believes! Kind of a shock. 14 Pooped03/28/2019 11:49AM
What were red flags for you that led you to question? 13 lj1207/22/2019 10:59AM
How does one dress for a date-night-at-the-temple? 20 presleynfactsrock07/20/2019 11:44PM
Ouija Boards, BYU, Auras, Nakedness = Darkness? Elder Berry07/22/2019 12:33PM
Chased down by bishop..... 12 heathenhusband07/22/2019 12:40PM
The church at age 300 Screen Name07/07/2019 04:33AM
The church founders knew their business babyloncansuckit07/21/2019 10:56AM
What will the Prophet tell the NAACP? schrodingerscat07/18/2019 09:16PM
Singing Mothers Heartless07/19/2019 11:41AM
The Generations of Mormons derives from their initiation Elder Berry07/19/2019 03:45PM
Service Projects subeamnotlogedin07/20/2019 07:43PM
The purpose of this life.... 30 valkyriequeen07/18/2019 11:25AM
Rusty will explain ghawd's about face in 1978 to the NAACP! 32 elderolddog07/17/2019 11:01PM
Surprise! Those looking for an apology from Rusty to the NAACP.... sharapata07/21/2019 08:28PM
Sister's (the saint) meltdown at the nursing home 26 Pooped07/17/2019 12:44PM
How to stop a temple session without trying 37 messygoop07/18/2019 12:49AM
Feds file to seize property from the polygamous Kingston group 29 summer07/20/2019 07:39AM
TSCC Builds “Tabernacle of Moses” in Idaho 30 Lillium NLI07/20/2019 08:50PM
Temple Binging: Another One Going Up in Layton ! 38 Amyjo07/15/2019 06:53PM
is Nelson’s campaign to erase the church’s nickname succeeding?|Episode 90 23 Gordon B. Stinky07/18/2019 12:10AM
If Jesus were alive today how safe would he be to travel through Israel?? 36 Amyjo07/20/2019 06:55AM
Nephrite warrior 11 dirtbikr07/21/2019 10:51AM
Sunday morning in Salt Lake City 21 memikeyounot06/30/2019 03:03PM
Astrology Continued 61 janeeliot07/17/2019 01:43AM
Relief Society sewing program 1961 20 Heartless07/19/2019 11:59AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, July 21st, 10:00am Bite Me07/20/2019 04:39PM
O/T 50 years ago today, humans first walked on the moon 33 summer07/20/2019 04:21PM
You are here to light the darkness babyloncansuckit07/21/2019 12:05AM
Sunday Assembly: Church For "Nones" anybody07/21/2019 09:30AM
TSCC's new youth program 13 [|]07/17/2019 07:39PM
life hacks 4 exmos ~ re: making money ~ 27 ziller07/16/2019 10:40PM
Evangelical dating and relationship guru ends marriage 10 olderelder07/20/2019 12:59PM
Fat women don't go to heaven 22 Dave the Atheist07/18/2019 09:55AM
Why doesn't the mormon church teach it's members something useful? 27 sunbeep07/17/2019 05:11PM
Some wards might have a pool party... (9 observations) 12 messygoop07/19/2019 10:37AM
BYU 46 subeamnotlogedin07/15/2019 02:54PM
To all believers in Christ Birdman07/18/2019 07:33PM
Mia Love on CNN with a nice white and cream outfit - sans garments anybody07/18/2019 11:33PM
What’s changed in the last decade? 24 lj1207/19/2019 05:14AM
7.1 Aftershock last night in same area as 1st 6.4 Quake OT 43 Amyjo07/06/2019 07:21AM
Speaking of Ouija boards 60 Elder Berry07/17/2019 11:03AM
1/4 of Americans believe it is ok to discriminate against atheists 35 schrodingerscat07/15/2019 03:56PM
kids say the darndest things in interviews Not For This07/19/2019 12:52PM
*** Jordan, please e-mail me *** Concrete Zipper07/11/2019 01:11PM
Started a new and discreet life - now they found me.. NoWayJosé07/19/2019 02:13PM
We are the Morg lj1207/19/2019 03:53PM
Filed under beer , children , mitt romney , police , utah 10 AJM07/19/2019 07:41AM