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Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing Maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Quinn thread continued... 32 anonthegreat09/22/2018 09:32PM
A Class-action Lawsuit for FRAUD is starting against the TSCC 39 The Riddler09/22/2018 08:17PM
Another Utah Mormon Fraudster Arrested 10 StillAnon09/22/2018 03:27PM
Oh, Caaaaaaat-niiiiiip. Catnip! Ankle status, please. 37 Beth09/15/2018 01:08PM
Anyone here ever tried going back? 16 Izzy09/23/2018 01:41AM
Medical marijuana justgogreen09/23/2018 03:37PM
When I was a Kid I loved to play games Pharmakos09/23/2018 03:35PM
A BIG Thank You and Shoutout to Tevai !!! Amyjo09/23/2018 11:01AM
So what happens to Mormon Tab Choir post revelation... 32 koriwhore09/04/2018 10:57AM
Is the Cult of Joseph's Myth a hate group? koriwhore09/23/2018 02:55PM
USA Today did not get the memo about the new name 18 Fascinated in the Midwest09/21/2018 09:01AM
Keeping the Sabbath Day holy? olderelder09/23/2018 02:21PM
Does the temple Recycle names because they've run out? 13 Maximus Erectus09/22/2018 11:32PM
occult signs on SL temple 29 GNPE09/19/2018 01:39PM
SL Cabbie, this one's for you 49 Richard the Bad08/20/2018 04:55PM
Settle confusion: "Style Guide-The Name of the Church" Official - 17 SusieQ#109/22/2018 09:56PM
Rather than sue for Fraud. Sue for Abuse. Heartless09/23/2018 01:41PM
Why can't mormons reach out to poorer people? 26 anono this week09/08/2018 08:12PM
Another problem with the "First Vision" story 43 RPackham09/21/2018 07:15PM
Co-worker: "Missionaries regularly get beaten to death in NY" 31 Smudge09/20/2018 03:21PM
The ultimate OxyMORmON = MORmON MORALS koriwhore09/21/2018 11:36PM
Was it Hinckley who started the white shirt rule? 32 Wally Prince09/21/2018 02:01AM
A Tale of Two Visions esias09/21/2018 11:08PM
Indications that you’re finally over Mormonism 17 VZ Gardner09/22/2018 09:42AM
Russell Nelson's parting remarks General Confrunz cricket09/23/2018 08:00AM
Believer minnieme09/23/2018 10:33AM
A short non exhaustive list of improvements in life 21 nonsequiter09/20/2018 02:06PM
70's--wasn't the "Holy Priesthood" regarded as magical? 20 Josephina09/22/2018 07:27PM
Robert Kirby, Exmos, #Me Too (re Elder Berry's Kirby thread) 46 Nightingale09/20/2018 06:17PM
Joseph Smith and the Flood of Noah Guy309/23/2018 01:58AM
Having sex on a mission = sent home? 61 Elder Berry09/17/2018 11:57AM
Ward Halloween party idea - laughable or logical? 31 Elder Berry09/19/2018 06:22PM
Endowments and Temple Clothing 17 littlelostspirit09/21/2018 03:17PM
Zealous Convert YouTube Mormon Enthusiasts--How Long Until They Get It? 12 Josephina09/22/2018 08:20PM
Know what I miss? cludgie09/23/2018 02:06AM
How Did Joseph Smith Jr Really Died? 11 The Riddler09/22/2018 08:15PM
What do former temple goers do with your garments after calling it quits? 58 Amyjo09/21/2018 10:40AM
Mormons, trends in funerals or lack there of 12 angela09/07/2018 10:38AM
Mormon women are treated like children. 25 catnip09/16/2018 08:06PM
First time ever BYU Law School class will have more women than men 23 Brother Of Jerry09/21/2018 03:51PM
Indian Placement program lawsuit settled (link) gemini09/22/2018 11:48PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, September 23rd Bite Me09/22/2018 11:42AM
Friday night @ the movies ... whatcha drinkin' besides the Mormon Kool-Aid? 11 Amyjo09/21/2018 06:59PM
The TBMs are missing the sign 10 wondering09/17/2018 09:29AM
Does anybody rember the Goal-setting craze? 17 slskipper09/20/2018 11:40PM
Forgetting Mormon things 20 Celestine09/21/2018 09:36PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "A Pepperbox Pistol"...Anybody??? (n/t) 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/21/2018 03:14PM
OT Which is worse: Mental or Physical Exhaustion ?? 22 Amyjo09/21/2018 03:32PM
When they sucked all joy from Mormonism 48 SL Richards09/13/2018 04:01PM
Funny/weird primary stories 24 nurshandstrengthen11/22/2013 10:04AM
What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 14 matt09/21/2018 08:54PM
Occult experiences in the mormonchurch 32 franklight09/19/2018 11:59AM
Is your narcissistic family tearing your heart out? 21 Pooped09/20/2018 06:20PM
Dance interviews 22 Heartless09/18/2018 11:38AM
OT/ In a disaster..... please read 19 kathleen09/20/2018 10:04AM