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Did you "lie for the Lord?" Do you regret it now? (n/t) anybody04/24/2019 12:58PM
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Mormonism: The veganism, cross-fit and MLM of religions. 18 helamonster04/23/2019 04:22PM
Massive New Wave Of Sex Suits Hit Boy Scouts USA anybody04/24/2019 12:56PM
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The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Missionary Age 25 srichardbellrock04/20/2019 06:36PM
How did we become such prudes in 4,000yrs? 32 schrodingerscat04/23/2019 08:53PM
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Is it stupid to believe in God? Russel Brandt to Jordan Peterson koriwhore04/24/2019 12:25AM
Hundreds of new abuse victims of Boy Scouts of America (Mormon!) carameldreams04/24/2019 12:03PM
Girlfriend from school days died last night 29 Amyjo04/22/2019 07:50PM
...but I don't want to be judged as a bad person! 13 Elder Berry04/19/2019 06:47PM
Should I cut off sister? DRB04/24/2019 11:41AM
When you left TSCC, did anyone ever *sincerely* ask you why you left… 27 1234504/23/2019 04:18PM
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Paranormal Events on my Mission 28 Bruce R. McDonkie04/22/2019 02:39AM
The begining of my mission and the misery it created 12 flash04/23/2019 10:42PM
“Abducted in Plain Sight” Victims Interview Sharing104/23/2019 12:46AM
Think it’ll be a billion to ‘restore’ the SLC temple over 4 years? 43 carameldreams04/19/2019 06:14PM
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Cl2 ... 18 kathleen04/22/2019 09:41PM
An amusing misstep by Ancestry(dot)com in re Racial Relations 19 elderolddog04/19/2019 06:01PM
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And the groom ran away with his phone. What would Jesus do? 20 Elder Berry04/22/2019 12:50PM
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Fashion Sewing Cabinets of America - Plant Closure Orem, Utah 14 Jerry the Aspousetate04/17/2019 03:42PM
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Do you celebrate easter? 21 Roman Bokovinoff04/20/2019 01:01PM
Mormon racist? Hockeyrat04/23/2019 11:48AM
Excommunication Young family 20 subeamnotlogedin04/22/2019 08:31PM
Reorganized Church Roman Bokovinoff04/23/2019 04:02PM
TBM husband takes maternity ward hostage because wife had her tubes tied 36 Amyjo04/20/2019 11:35PM
Do you avoid religious people in general? 40 bluebutterfly04/22/2019 01:01PM
Mahana, your brother is So Sadistic (language) 15 Amyjo04/19/2019 08:29AM
Rusty: he only has a few years to try and beat GBH messygoop04/23/2019 03:19PM
To: Done and Done thedesertrat104/23/2019 06:26PM
Mishie encounter at Chick-fil-a 35 Gordon B. Stinky04/10/2019 11:20AM
OT - Anyone dealt with a predator? 44 anon282804/22/2019 01:35AM
The Church is paying out tens of millions a year in lawsuits 19 Bruce R. McDonkie04/18/2019 07:40PM
Several religious baddies going to prison. Brother Of Jerry04/20/2019 03:06PM
“Mormon Church was funding attorney Robert Crockett” jstone04/18/2019 02:59PM
I have concluded that the Mormon church leaders are just plain evil 14 Atari04/22/2019 09:46PM
April in Paris?...still good; avoid hucksters, book your!! 19 ConcernedCitizen 2.004/20/2019 06:34PM
Happy St. George's Day kentish04/23/2019 09:14AM
Did you see 3-D'ing on your mission? Bruce R. McDonkie04/21/2019 09:17PM
D-news on church growth circa 2018 35 3X04/06/2019 04:53PM
Sadness for Sri Lanka dagny04/21/2019 06:44PM