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Interesting conversation I had in Scotland... 31 knotheadusc08/16/2019 01:24AM
I Support Male Circumcision, Sort of 56 Ex-CultMember08/10/2019 04:45AM
"I'm gay": Mayor of Ottawa comes out - says don't wait 40 years Nightingale08/17/2019 04:33PM
John Dehlin's latest. Do you agree? 50 cl208/16/2019 01:45PM
The Un-Eternal Eternity Done & Done08/17/2019 11:55AM
TBMs who become alcoholics as exmos 43 heartbroken08/14/2019 11:38PM
Mormon mom left baby in hot car in chandler 33 frankie08/15/2019 11:53AM
losepa, Utah 12 Richard the Bad04/08/2011 10:04AM
The "C" word 46 Heidi GWOTR08/06/2019 02:16PM
O/T I found someone to blame for my problems - Fred Rogers 13 Elder Berry08/15/2019 06:23PM
Another Mo perp? 17 auntsukey08/16/2019 05:37PM
I didn't know Peter Fonda died Dave the Atheist08/16/2019 11:54PM
Gasp! Visible Shoulders! Chicago HS Girls Forced To Wear Orange T-Shirts 10 anybody08/16/2019 08:34AM
Activity at 36 Eric K08/09/2019 07:55PM
Reincarnation and the Spirit of Elijah babyloncansuckit08/17/2019 09:35AM
The U.K. Which year saw your ward begin to decline (2007 here) (n/t) 11 Politic08/15/2019 02:58AM
OT When did time start? 40 Elder Berry08/12/2019 01:36PM
I have a question??????????????? 10 Birdman08/16/2019 11:26PM
I attended my former ward today...Here's the report 23 messygoop07/28/2019 09:59PM
Now the Satanic Temple has a film: "Hail, Satan" anybody08/15/2019 10:59PM
Help with famous ancient 5th Century Greek quote 13 anybody08/12/2019 07:10PM
Looks Like Coffe Article Made The Guardian In The UK TigerTom208/16/2019 04:25PM
Watching Nova... GNPE08/15/2019 12:10AM
Mormon church warning: Beware of those fancy coffee drinks 18 Intelligent Donkey08/16/2019 01:31PM
Required Abuse prevention training tig08/16/2019 06:41PM
Does the church still say they are the "only real church in the world? 29 pollythinks08/11/2019 04:06PM
Floor-length dress Dave the Atheist08/16/2019 09:27AM
Did you laugh out loud when you first read of a woman named Egyptus? anybody08/16/2019 06:26AM
visitor at a Community of Christ 8yo baptism today I am anon08/16/2019 03:35PM
What has Nelson done this year (2019)? 25 angela08/05/2019 06:05PM
Ed Smart, Father of Elizabeth Smart announces he is gay 60 canuck guy08/15/2019 07:54PM
Don't underestimate "sex" in the Mormon heterosexual male brain Elder Berry08/16/2019 12:26PM
50-something-newly-divorced -TBM-brother’s whirlwind romance 23 praydude08/15/2019 07:20PM
*** Siobhan and moremany -- please e-mail me *** Concrete Zipper08/16/2019 01:36PM
Question for the Men 25 Lori C08/13/2019 12:17PM
Another Rescued Outdoorsman..... memikeyounot08/16/2019 12:57PM
Temples: Does anyone have an answer for this? 13 GNPE08/15/2019 06:32PM
The Lost Generation. 25 Raptor Jesus08/09/2019 01:07AM
science puts another nail in the “creator” coffin Happy_Heretic08/13/2019 07:56PM
"Cultural misunderstanding" in Mormonism 14 Elder Berry08/14/2019 01:08PM
Dallin Oakes speaking to young married couples. Fireside in Blackfoot 15 Pilot08/15/2019 12:18AM
It's that darned Atheistic medical science again ... 15 Dave the Atheist08/12/2019 06:29PM
From the book of really big, testimony killing, anachronisms: 21 rhodathetree08/14/2019 02:52AM
Jesus praying... 17 elderolddog08/14/2019 06:50PM
Lunch break had to post this - Leadership excuse for the - "faith crisis" 27 Elder Berry08/13/2019 02:56PM
Is this all normal and ok? Advice.... 29 LJ1208/15/2019 09:42AM
Disastrous advice from the CHI--I want a copy of the CHI. 23 Survivor of Mormonism08/13/2019 03:00PM
Black Mass in Canada -- Does this happen in UT too? Phazer08/15/2019 02:26PM
So here's an interesting one. The Hong Kong temple is losing it's Moroni 41 Levi08/06/2019 02:19PM
Another Fire at a JWitnesses 'Kingdom Hall' GNPE08/13/2019 07:36PM
Scathing Lawsuit Seeks Punitive Damages From Mormon Church 19 schrodingerscat08/06/2019 11:42PM
A 'god' atheists might believe in 21 caffiend08/14/2019 12:33PM
Found This Interesting 15 Secular Priest08/14/2019 01:25PM
Lobotomy and Mormon Church 11 experimentsubject08/14/2019 05:15PM
Columbus, the Colonization of the Americas, and Morality 60 Lot's Wife08/12/2019 04:50PM