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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Evil 17 Human04/11/2024 01:28PM
O/T Rosie the Riveter Brother Of Jerry04/12/2024 06:19PM
Highland City Council votes to allow alcohol sales in city. Brother Of Jerry04/12/2024 12:11PM
Alma 34:34 16 GNPE04/11/2024 10:42PM
The Eclipse came, the Apocalypse didn't. Astrology influencer goes berserk anybody04/12/2024 09:19AM
Kevin Franke sues Hildebrandt [|]04/12/2024 12:15AM
The only bad thing about the rapture schrodingerscat04/12/2024 04:00PM
Canadians are soooo nice... wowbagger04/12/2024 06:02PM
Tell Dave OJ has died. 31 Brother Of Jerry04/11/2024 11:01AM
He's building them Temples. Why are they not coming? 20 Sarony04/06/2024 12:55PM
Erich von Däniken didn't start a religion. Joseph Smith did. anybody04/12/2024 08:54AM
Get temple work on relatives "undone" 22 biliam04/08/2024 11:35PM
The Eclipse Will Open The Sixth Seal Of The Book Of Revelation! anybody04/11/2024 08:22AM
Ancient Indigenous Americans Noticed Prehistoric Dinosaur Footprints anybody04/12/2024 08:25AM
We are on a frightening path to a closed, artificial reality 20 anybody04/07/2024 12:56PM
700 people against corporation building Lone Mountain Temple Heartless04/11/2024 07:26PM
Add your pin to the "Why I Left" map 17 Newcomer 202404/03/2024 06:34AM
maybe, perhaps, O/T health issues, What about Utah / IMW? GNPE04/10/2024 10:40PM
Maybe four are nearing the end (speculative) 17 messygoop04/08/2024 04:51PM
Is he mormon? Susan I/S04/11/2024 04:17AM
temple zoning - wouldn't it be fun? laperla not logged in03/31/2024 04:46PM
Is there a link between religious fundamentalism and conspiracy theories? 24 anybody03/31/2024 01:34PM
East Coast Shaker 10 Susan I/S04/05/2024 05:53PM
       A thought about life in general and politics/religion in particular: elderolddog04/10/2024 03:04PM
OT Eclipse by zipcode 10 Susan I/S04/08/2024 07:14AM
Why garments were a big focus in General Conference 24 Rubicon04/07/2024 06:35PM
Vatican Rejects Gender Affirming Treatment And Surrogacy 31 anybody04/08/2024 11:09AM
Gospel Hobbies 12 PHIL04/08/2024 08:56AM
Mormon Food Storage Ain't What It Used To Be 29 anybody03/28/2024 05:55AM
One person upsetting ChurchCo! GNPE04/09/2024 12:08PM
Did the Mormon polygamists have group sex? Rubicon04/08/2024 02:55PM
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Temples dotting the earth 11 Silence is Golden04/07/2024 10:31PM
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The Myth of Cultural Christianity 30 Henry Bemis04/03/2024 01:48PM
Killing cats Dave the Atheist04/07/2024 11:11AM
O/T Don Henley of the Eagles has just stepped in it. 13 Villager04/03/2024 04:25PM
General Conference Predictions 51 Longtime Reader03/29/2024 05:30PM
Jodi Hildebrandt/adult topic abuse mentioned subeamnotlogedin04/01/2024 07:58AM
Is it over / safe now to ask: What wasn't mentioned @ GC? 15 GNPE04/07/2024 01:52PM
NYT Op-Ed - Can You Be Happy w/o God? schrodingerscat04/08/2024 04:02PM
Embrace the Suck 11 Rubicon04/07/2024 05:50PM
Joseph Smith Couldn't Explain Native Eclipse Rock Art (VIDEO) anybody04/08/2024 03:34PM
O/T Gmail turns 20, Macintosh turns 40. Boy, do I feel old. :-/ (n/t) Brother Of Jerry04/08/2024 12:24PM
I Now Know the Church is True After This Conference SEcular Priest04/08/2024 01:15PM
Rusty Making Mormon Milestone Upcoming April 9, 2022 14 cricket01/28/2022 03:39PM
church statistics for 2023 10 [|]04/06/2024 08:56PM
Rusty Nelson, a few months shy of 100 18 summer04/07/2024 07:12PM
Reformed Egyptian? You're reading it. anybody04/05/2024 02:43PM
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Took 4 months off, and I am better for it.... (Update) lousyleper04/07/2024 04:09PM
A Place Where They Talked of Jesus, on Easter tensolator04/07/2024 11:00PM
“So you think we’re brainwashed?” Mormon missionary asks me… 18 schrodingerscat04/06/2024 12:31PM
All of you who bet "15" in the Temple Pool, collect your winnings! Brother Of Jerry04/07/2024 07:25PM