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O/T Vaping and your kids 24 Pooped10/10/2019 11:00AM
It's the way things are Screen Name10/13/2019 04:06PM
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L.D.S. adoption lawyer indicted for illegal adoption practices. 19 auntsukey10/09/2019 02:36AM
Why temples are so important right now. 35 sb10/09/2019 05:34PM
O/T: Shingles vaccine is PAINFUL. Be prepared. 39 catnip10/10/2019 10:41PM
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Don’t say we didn’t warn ya steve benson10/13/2019 10:45AM
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10 Minutes Inside Sam's Coalition March To Protect Every Child cricket10/12/2019 05:39AM
Choose your illusion Rubicon10/12/2019 01:02AM
"This case disturbs me more than any case I've ever dealt with," 20 Elder Berry10/09/2019 04:46PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, October 12th, 10:00am Bite Me10/12/2019 11:50AM
So. UT Ex/Postmo Lecture series St. George- Sunday soutskeptic10/08/2019 12:58PM
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Any pre - B of M documents written by Sydney Rigdon 11 Hedning10/12/2019 02:09AM
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BY must be turning over in his grave... ApostNate10/12/2019 04:31PM
How's this for Wisdom, Mormon or not... 10 GNPE10/12/2019 02:17AM
Writing to a Q15 14 nolongerangry10/12/2019 11:26AM
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Mormonism IS the great and spacious building babyloncansuckit10/12/2019 03:33PM
Off Topic: Anyone Affected By the Saddleridge Fire.... 17 Tevai10/11/2019 05:10PM
Considering going back 63 eyes110/11/2019 06:24PM
Is Mormonism white supremacist? 22 schrodingerscat10/10/2019 04:07PM
"We live in an old chaos of the sun" 16 Human10/09/2019 04:18PM
Surrendering to Russ 15 Done & Done10/11/2019 11:21AM
LDS Leader caught abusing young girls. stillanon10/11/2019 08:19PM
Results of the Prophets World Wide Tours Secular Priest10/12/2019 07:56AM
For the wavering, the lurkers, secret Mormon doubters among us - God's Love 31 Elder Berry09/27/2019 01:03PM
Were you awestruck in the temple? Holland delusional as usual 28 messygoop10/09/2019 11:04AM
How about using temples as day care for elderly dementia patients? 10 Pooped10/09/2019 06:08PM
Singles group? 13 Breath of Fresh Air10/01/2019 08:52AM
Natural man 24 dirtbikr10/06/2019 11:43PM
So Pray Tell...When Did It Become OK 4 Mormons 2 Self-Identify As Xtians... 23 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/02/2019 12:54PM
How is membership going in the "Down Under" regions? 24 Pooped10/09/2019 12:45AM
The Great Salt Lake has shrunk and is shrinking 37 Rubicon10/06/2019 01:57AM
The best of Christianity-Jimmy Carter (non political) 21 Gheco10/08/2019 12:13AM
Jailed Mormon human trafficker is praised by adoptive parents. Villager10/11/2019 04:20PM
Pay Lay Ale Dave the Atheist10/10/2019 11:49PM
Your worst deed that actually helped the church? messygoop10/10/2019 11:02PM
LDS, Inc. handcuffing their young men to the iron rod. 14 Villager10/08/2019 08:52PM