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Sticky: *** Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe. (n/t) *** (n/t) Concrete Zipper05/12/2021 02:57PM
Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
Sticky: Reminder: RfM's Language Use (swearing) Policy maude04/06/2019 03:53PM
Sticky: *** Short Story Contest Entries (with winners) *** Concrete Zipper10/23/2018 11:36AM
Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
'American Idol's' David Archuleta Comes Out as LGBTQIA+ Brother Of Jerry06/12/2021 06:39PM
Polygamy is alive and well, theologically in LDS Ergot06/13/2021 03:36AM
Could Joseph Smith have invented democratic socialism? babyloncansuckit06/11/2021 03:41AM
Temple square visiter's center being torn down(link) 25 gemini06/11/2021 10:06AM
Random...Is this a Utah thing? 18 Thorin06/10/2021 09:20AM
North Star 17 subeamnotlogedin06/06/2021 11:50AM
Do they build unnecessary temples to move money. 53 wondering05/06/2021 03:39PM
my best friend Kevin died from covid 16 thedesertrat106/12/2021 03:22PM
So, how'd that 'pray for rain' thing work out, guv" 21 gemini06/11/2021 04:43PM
Coming back to say hello... 18 scaredhusband06/07/2021 11:34PM
Is suffering a good thing or bad thing? 36 babyloncansuckit06/08/2021 11:02PM
Ammon Bundy at it again? 18 #1Son06/08/2021 11:06PM
OT—work recognition 15 Fred NLI06/11/2021 05:17PM
Live From ANTIFA's Corporate Headquarters Dave the Atheist06/09/2021 02:45AM
Governor urges Utahns to ask God to end the drought 34 Dave the Atheist06/06/2021 01:04PM
Sentimental memory donbagley05/28/2021 09:04PM
Admin comments on “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” 43 Concrete Zipper06/08/2021 07:28PM
The R.M. movie Gordon B. Stinky05/19/2021 04:07AM
Independence vs. Conformism 21 soarwng06/11/2021 01:12AM
mark e peterson vs dallin h oaks cliff06/11/2021 09:54PM
Most interesting and/or hilarious LDS off-shoot? 20 Space Pineapple06/06/2021 04:52PM
YouTube Podcast to watch wondering06/12/2021 09:52AM
Wear your mask ... Dave the Atheist06/09/2021 11:23PM
Mission Mormonary Phantom Shadow06/12/2021 12:31AM
How can Eternity not be a total snore - bore? 20 elderolddog06/06/2021 09:40PM
Things we used to do in church 51 cludgie06/07/2021 02:36PM
The temple is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show 13 Rubicon06/09/2021 05:58PM
O/T - The School Of Resentment (for G. Salvati) Human06/11/2021 01:53PM
Do modern people want to be married for Eternity 26 Gidia06/10/2021 03:46AM
re: "why i left the lds church for good"~by ziller's girl~haleigh everts ~ 14 ziller06/01/2021 09:49PM
gladys knight 13 briggy jung06/09/2021 09:26PM
Can we divide mormons by the Kingdom they're heading for? 23 elderolddog06/06/2021 10:57PM
Mormons and cremations 16 The Reaper05/29/2021 03:35PM
Latest revision to the Book of Mormon CrispingPin06/08/2021 08:05AM
God was willing to drown you if you supported the Civil Rights Amendment cludgie06/09/2021 07:48PM
No more Saturday night Sessions of General Conference 31 gemini06/07/2021 02:53PM
Yay Seattle ! 16 Dave the Atheist06/10/2021 12:45AM
Cleaning the church building 13 subeamnotlogedin06/08/2021 11:47AM
O/T: UFO-report in june 32 Foxy M. Ulder06/05/2021 03:08PM
America is not a Christian nation founded on "Judeo-Christian" values 56 anybody05/03/2021 06:32AM
Is Earth’s Richest Man to Leave Planet to go live life like a God? 14 schrodingerscat06/08/2021 08:59PM
How do you feel about staying in any kind of Marriott owned Hotel? 19 tombs106/08/2021 01:52PM
Did someone you loved die wearing the US uniform? 24 Grateful05/31/2021 10:19AM
Denouement 35 Heidi GWOTR05/27/2021 06:17PM
O/T Western Governors University Question WGU?06/09/2021 11:56AM
Ever been stalked by family members? 13 New name this one06/04/2021 01:19PM
Most Evil GA (currently serving)? 17 ol joe06/06/2021 10:25AM
Some Serious Revenge by an Apostate Against the Church azsteve06/08/2021 11:31PM
Not Again!? Mormons on Jeopardy... Bobik43 nli06/08/2021 08:55PM
How do mormon teachers in schools comply with avoiding gender nouns? Waren Jeffs06/08/2021 11:09PM
Resignation/Return letter verbiage 21 raintreecat05/27/2021 04:01PM
O/T Anyone have any experience with pancreatitis or IBD in pets? 19 summer06/06/2021 01:13PM
“The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” 51 Human06/07/2021 10:11AM
The "Weltanschauung Problem" of the Human Mind 11 Done & Done06/08/2021 11:42AM
Lori Vallow found incompetent to stand trial(link) 34 gemini05/27/2021 05:14PM