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Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Why some of us sometimes defend Mormonism as well as other religions 50 bona dea08/14/2018 06:18PM
How will the wildfires impact global warming? OT 24 CateS08/14/2018 01:29PM
(o/t) Aretha Franklin Dead 16 anybody08/16/2018 10:18AM
Scientologists Have Exclusive VIP Resort In Clearwater, FL anybody08/15/2018 09:14PM
From now on, Mormons will be called 11 donbagley08/16/2018 04:56PM
Apostasy film Bob808/08/2018 06:13AM
More women in South Korea deciding not to marry or have children anybody08/16/2018 08:27AM
If you paid tithing before you left Sillyrabbit08/16/2018 12:39PM
Message To Poster Whose Username Is "Done" Tevai08/16/2018 06:18PM
US Attorney John W. Huber: anybody know him? 13 caffiend03/30/2018 11:49AM
I'm suggesting that Adam deserves a chance to participate on RfM. Cheryl08/16/2018 05:59PM
Don's latest short "Burning Airlines" 10 cricket08/12/2018 07:55PM
False prophecies of Joe Smith and other socalled prophets lisadee08/16/2018 12:12AM
BREAKING: Uchdorf to Create New Church mormon nomore08/16/2018 06:27AM
Bad religion push Pro-creationism - Jesus wants lots of marriage and babies Elder Berry08/16/2018 06:22PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: Joseph's Nauvoo "Dr. Fixer"...Anybody? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/15/2018 08:09PM
Customer at Provo McDonalds assaults empoyee. Mormon? 49 Hangry08/13/2018 01:12PM
Is it ok to paint with a wide brush? 6 iron08/16/2018 03:02PM
Vatican Issues Statement re Pennsylvania Abuse Cases Nightingale08/16/2018 04:01PM
Mental Health 16 Nightingale08/16/2018 01:08AM
Church tells members it needs their help on social media to grow. 13 Rubicon08/15/2018 10:58PM
300 Priests Abused 1,000 Children in One State Amyjo08/15/2018 01:37PM
Being honest about our history—not just Mormon history 12 unconventional08/16/2018 06:39AM
Trial Separation 33 Lowpriest08/12/2018 01:12PM
O/T: DH and I saw "Christopher Robin" yesterday. catnip08/16/2018 02:39PM
Dissecting doctrine in a controversial way in order to draw attention Elder Berry08/16/2018 02:44PM
100,000 missionaries next year 23 Honest TBM08/15/2018 10:19AM
Parents won't let me go to Unitarian Church 15 Two face08/05/2018 02:12PM
Lafferty brothers on ID channels "American Monster" 14 mankosuki08/11/2018 07:52PM
o/t: I’m starting to lose motivation (on a diet) 29 AnonLoggedOut08/02/2018 05:30PM
Do you find comfort in insisting that false things are true? (n/t) 13 anybody08/15/2018 08:15PM
Waiting for The Prophet... Elder Berry08/15/2018 11:47AM
LDS Sex Abuse Survivors Tears Washed Away cricket08/16/2018 09:43AM
Why do missionaries write in the book of Mormon for? Crazy horse08/15/2018 11:02PM
I'm not 'against' coffee, but... 35 GNPE108/15/2018 12:36PM
Mormon name royalty 20 Chicken N. Backpacks09/04/2017 01:52PM
This gave me the giggles BYU Boner08/16/2018 12:39AM
Hamilton NZ Temple closes for renovation anonyXmo08/15/2018 07:13PM
Update on my family story (broken relationship with father) 18 Ella08/14/2018 11:24AM
Throw the book of Mormon away 18 Crazy horse08/13/2018 02:37PM
"gesundheit": We offer an alternative 27 elderolddog08/12/2018 11:45PM
Can't stand my couisin who is a church of Christ member anymore! ! Crazy horse08/15/2018 10:56PM
President Oaks Tackles Why Mormons Fall for Get-Rich-Quick Schemes 30 Razortooth08/13/2018 01:53PM
Daddy Daughter Dates (do you remember these ?) 36 Amyjo08/12/2018 11:20AM
I agree with Cheryl and Bona Dea: TSCC is BOTH Amyjo08/15/2018 12:20PM
Payson, Utah man drives plane into his home after assaulting wife 57 Amyjo08/13/2018 11:50PM
o/t App tells Ins Co how you're driving. Good idea? 30 gemini08/11/2018 04:12PM
Ervil LeBaron murders (FLDS cult "Lamb of God") featured on ID 14 Amyjo08/02/2018 02:10PM
Ward confused on the policy...feeding mishes? 24 messygoop08/07/2018 07:42PM
O/T: Amish Uber: Yes, it's for real... (VIDEO) anybody08/14/2018 02:22PM
I don't get Hispanic Mormons 51 isthisnameok?10/16/2013 11:10AM
Narcissistic Brother-In-law have caught dementia, where do I go from here? Houlder08/15/2018 03:53PM
NdGT, "Faith and reason are irreconcilable." 25 koriwhore08/14/2018 06:23PM
MORmONs (and other White Supremacists) are not gonna like their DNA results koriwhore08/15/2018 03:10PM