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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
Sticky: *** Short Story Contest Entries (with winners) *** Concrete Zipper10/23/2018 11:36AM
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Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
OT: How long ago did you get your resignation in to LDS Inc? 21 lousyleper12/03/2023 01:43PM
Balance of Nature ordered to stop sales of supplements after FDA lawsuits 31 Eric K11/18/2023 10:31AM
Back to back posts here. Do you think there's a connection???? slskipper12/04/2023 11:39PM
Church revises ward and stake requirements 23 messygoop12/04/2023 02:14PM
A Detailed Account of LDS Procedures for Silencing Victims of Sexual Abuse 15 Lot's Wife12/04/2023 01:44AM
In case you missed it, Nelson wasted no time in making 11 messygoop12/04/2023 03:37PM
How do I make friends as someone who wants to be an exmo? 18 Critterfool11/30/2023 06:57PM
Los misioneros y la CIA (Missionaries and the CIA) 29 cuzx11/25/2023 05:29PM
Freemasonic rituals exposed and the LDS temple 16 Early Member11/29/2023 08:08AM
Armpit crabs 20 subeamnotlogedin12/01/2023 08:48AM
Expertise on Masonry and Mormonism gentlestrength11/26/2023 05:55PM
(O/T) Railroad Safety Film for Dave messygoop11/29/2023 03:43PM
Brit press: polygamy was a policy, now changed, only 2% 13 Fascinated in the Midwest12/03/2023 02:12PM
My adult son wants to go back to Mormon community in Utah Annonymous12/03/2023 08:36PM
Church is over ... Dave the Atheist12/03/2023 06:07PM
Ammon Buddy flees Idaho 14 [|]11/30/2023 07:21PM
TBM MIL issues 12 Notmonotloggedin12/01/2023 09:54AM
Somebody tell Dave, Henry Kissinger died today at 100. 25 Caffiend nli11/29/2023 09:15PM
The ostentatious homes surrounding Draper temple are grotesque. 41 XY Chromosome11/26/2023 10:57PM
20 days until smithmas. Dave the Atheist12/03/2023 07:05PM
Charles Kirkland of AZ convicted in Seattle FedCt of tax fraud: LDS? 21 GNPE06/12/2023 10:09PM
I stumbled over my baptism picture last night 32 Nightingale11/30/2023 05:58PM
Translation of plates story question 29 kenhead11/22/2023 08:19AM
New documentary: Anti-LGBTQ verses from a 1946 mistranslation of the Bible 11 anybody12/01/2023 09:58AM
"The Church does everything by common consent" 22 BoydKKK11/28/2023 11:18PM
O/T Lori Vallow now in Phoenix 22 wondering11/30/2023 05:58PM
O/T U of Washington football Huskies beat Utah UTES, 35-28 13 GNPE11/11/2023 09:29PM
OT: Tenfold increase in babies born with syphilis in a decade Rotech12/02/2023 07:54AM
Church pays social media influencers to endorse Light the World 16 Heart of Stone11/30/2023 12:41PM
                A "Welcome to December!" mish-mash post/rant 15 elderolddog12/01/2023 03:31PM
      In praise of the agony and extacy of growing up mormon ... elderolddog12/01/2023 09:42PM
New challenge to Heber Valley Temple Heartless12/01/2023 03:02PM
Equality and the "weaker" sex .... ?? GC11/29/2023 09:23PM
(o/t) I am taking my first online credit building course on! lousyleper11/30/2023 11:07PM
Sandra O'Conner, first female Supreme Court Justice dies. Twinker12/01/2023 10:15AM
Prophets see around Corners 29 Betty G11/29/2023 06:18PM
Children of the Corn 12 Done & Done11/29/2023 11:00AM
court dismisses abuse lawsuit in AZ. (link) 24 gemini11/09/2023 11:44AM
Mos can't even defend their selves 14 Troodos Massif11/28/2023 07:42AM
I throw up in my mouth every time i hear the phrase beloved prophet 16 Wolf not Sheep11/24/2023 09:21AM
Both US Mormon women and women in general getting cranky with religion 14 Brother Of Jerry11/29/2023 02:15PM
I know it's a fraud. You know it's a fraud. They know it's a fraud. anybody11/30/2023 11:56PM
(o/t) Does anyone drink their coffee quickly? 18 lousyleper11/28/2023 11:41AM
Legal battles continue against Cody Wyoming Temple. Heartless11/30/2023 04:07PM
The confessional is now open 21 sunbeep11/29/2023 11:21AM
Avi Loeb: Dedicated Scientist Or Self- Promoting Showman? anybody11/29/2023 11:18AM
How many RM's at UVU? Lurk11/25/2023 07:54PM
Women sitting on the stand 31 subeamnotlogedin11/24/2023 07:30PM
When things go 'Right' (compliance, conformity, obedience).. GNPE11/25/2023 02:21PM
The Next Target: Divorce 16 anybody11/28/2023 03:33AM
The cults that Took Over Christian colleges... blindguy11/29/2023 10:14PM
Truth Time: To the Ex-Mo Ladies Here (and some of the guys too) 27 newcomer11/26/2023 06:14PM
              Songs you'd like to hear sung during Sacrament Meeting 27 elderolddog11/28/2023 06:45PM
Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin grew up Mormon 10 summer11/19/2023 07:25PM
All Things Denote There is a Mormon God - Veronika Tait schrodingerscat11/29/2023 03:10PM