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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Why are Mormon women in my family terrible people? 14 praydude01/16/2019 09:14PM
they are going to "re-dedicate" the memphis temple without an open house Levi01/18/2019 01:02AM
Try not to be cynical or sarcastic, OK? GNPE01/18/2019 12:14AM
SL Trib article about the LDS Rome Temple (see Link) namarod01/17/2019 10:13AM
o/t: how do you improve empathy skills? Tee Tot01/17/2019 11:34PM
Did anyone here ever practice the signs and tokens at home? Wally Prince01/17/2019 10:56PM
Stay at Home Mom Depression 23 westernwillows01/14/2019 11:44AM
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You had a spooky Mormon hell dream? Elder Berry01/17/2019 06:59PM
My mom pizzaface01/17/2019 11:27PM
Son finally out of the hospital today. catnip01/17/2019 05:45PM
Just saw Mia Love on wearing a V-neck top on CNN sans garments 10 anybody01/16/2019 10:31PM
Family History pizzaface01/17/2019 11:18PM
Please stand, as we sing praise to Joseph Smith strangite01/17/2019 08:49PM
what was the last straw? 38 ontheDownLow01/13/2019 06:24PM
Is there a name for this? 21 Lowpriest01/09/2019 06:23PM
Branch BP refuses donation of historical Church books...... 22 Concerned Citizen 2.001/13/2019 05:56PM
Does the temple still issue those jump suits for men? cludgie01/17/2019 07:47PM
(OT) It looks like Kennewick Man has direct descendants. Richard the Bad01/17/2019 01:00PM
Need another reason to eat chocolate? 10 eternal101/17/2019 12:18PM
Tight. Like unto a dish. strangite01/17/2019 07:48PM
The Buried Talent - The Real Cost of Mormon Temples MarkJ01/16/2019 04:19PM
Ask your mission president if he masturbates strangite01/17/2019 08:25PM
If you’re a kiddo, and an adult asks you about your privates strangite01/17/2019 07:57PM
Does the church really have enough active members to use the Rome temple? 22 Warren Jeffs01/16/2019 10:17AM
Kirby is Still in Top Form... 36 SL Cabbie01/07/2019 12:02PM
I’m not understanding second sight 10 Cold-Dodger01/16/2019 10:40PM
O/T Disappointing "come back" (interesting term) for this guy 12 Elder Berry01/17/2019 05:22PM
Mormon forums almost dead 15 Snickers01/17/2019 12:10PM
Passive-Aggression in the Cult 16 mel01/17/2019 04:59PM
College humor - hypnotic speach patterns to sound smart Guy301/17/2019 03:47PM
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L.A. Exmo Event - Sat Jan 19 Greg in LA01/16/2019 12:47PM
Don't believe those internet lies!! 17 Snickers01/16/2019 10:38AM
Kid names in Mormonism these days 41 Cathy01/13/2019 04:03PM
Hostile Single LDS Men 61 mel01/13/2019 06:27PM
Is It Even Within The Realm Of Possibility That Kirton-McConkie Has Ever... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/16/2019 10:22PM
This forum is not a fan club for celebrities 37 bona dea unregistered01/16/2019 05:30PM
Don's latest poem :"Life in the Inheritance Clan" cricket01/17/2019 03:23PM
How can I turn down a Mormon invitation, and still be the good guy? 18 Anon walking on eggshells01/15/2019 01:27PM
Will Leisure Suits return? 56 Gheco01/12/2019 07:07PM
Church Completes Mile One Of A Long Journey For Women Afraid of Mormons01/16/2019 05:02AM
Do you like YoYo Ma? Do you like Bach? You'll like this piece. 17 memikeyounot01/15/2019 12:05PM
Birth Rate @ 30 yr low; Trouble? 18 GNPE01/14/2019 04:01PM
Does LDS, Inc. own Harmon's Grocery? Farewell, Holladay, UT. continue Brickyard Resident01/17/2019 11:44AM
What if, in the end, love is all that really matters? 20 Amyjo01/09/2019 10:10AM
Masked Singer Katie MB01/17/2019 09:31AM
Double life 10 olderelder01/12/2019 03:55AM
What "should" we call "The Three Nephites?" 25 Elder Berry01/16/2019 04:08PM
"Where Did My Home and Visiting Teachers Go?" 20 anonyXmo01/15/2019 04:54PM
Did the temple changes affect the practice of the husband learning the C2NR01/14/2019 12:01PM
Special O/T Sunday Feature: 10 GNPE01/13/2019 07:18PM
Life mag 1953 Short Creek raid w/pics...Cheryl 15 lisadee01/16/2019 03:48PM
Settled(mostly): There is no *snowflake* generation bringing down mormonism 36 jay01/12/2019 12:51AM
At home study story H0p301/14/2019 04:12AM