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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Do you feel nostalgia over something? Stuck in the 80s 35 V.10/23/2020 10:37AM
OT Don't teach my kid Arabic Numbers! 24 Heartless10/27/2020 12:23PM
Where do you derive your morals now that God is dead to you? (n/t) 22 schrodingerscat10/27/2020 08:47PM
Utah soon to have the death panels. Yay for not wearing masks. 34 Devoted Exmo10/26/2020 01:03PM
I’m 14. Yesterday I found out. What’s next for me? (light swears) 19 expikachu10/26/2020 08:53PM
Dinosaurs among the temples 18 Birdman10/26/2020 12:08PM
Why do Mormons embrace conspiracies 35 celeste10/21/2020 12:06AM
It seems like most Mormons don't know their own religion Russsell Mallard10/28/2020 12:29AM
Is it possible for an Atheist to sin? 15 sunbeep10/27/2020 04:48PM
C4FM Is it morally wrong 11 PHIL10/25/2020 09:43AM
There's an Amish PAC now. And I thought I'd heard of everything... 12 anybody10/26/2020 02:28PM
Jacinda wins again! 14 Susan I/S10/17/2020 08:09AM
Thanks John Dehlin! The ETB biography interview was stunning! 13 praydude10/27/2020 01:48AM
Most scientists (51%) believe in god or a universal spirit 48 schrodingerscat10/24/2020 05:12PM
How far up are people...”in the know?” expikachu10/27/2020 05:56PM
I need your opinions on this one, please. 17 Anon for this10/26/2020 02:02AM
I have question about the prosecutor in the Mark Hoffman case. 24 Ervil Lebaron10/26/2020 07:57AM
Off the Topic of mormonism: What does it mean; what did it mean? 14 elderolddog10/27/2020 10:33AM
New JW tactic 51 RPackham10/24/2020 03:12PM
re: pole dancing vids ~ its not pole dancing ~ (vid) ~ 18 ziller10/22/2020 12:05PM
Close up and live speech from real donald and other running mates 22 Adam the warrior pt 210/24/2020 07:51PM
(yes, I tried searching!) BYU Police / Honor's Office dust-up? 13 GNPE09/27/2020 04:10PM
Why science and faith in god are not mutually exclusive - Francis Collins 36 schrodingerscat10/24/2020 01:11PM
How many have estranged adult children as a result of the TSCC 26 Dilemma07/09/2013 11:27AM
My father's cousin died and no one in my family knew about it 15 Elder Berry10/22/2020 03:29PM
Okay. Really not liking the Bble. 11 thegoodman10/26/2020 04:23PM
Bart Ehrman on Heaven and Hell commongentile10/26/2020 05:49PM
37% of "Nones" self identify as "Spiritual But Not Religious" 41 schrodingerscat10/22/2020 01:52PM
OTish: Lot's Wife - Wentworth puzzles 14 Beth10/24/2020 01:27AM
Unpopular Opinion: LDS hymns 38 thegoodman10/23/2020 10:42AM
Today is? Calendar, history, current events, what's happening... moremany09/29/2020 02:01PM
Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas Dave the Atheist10/25/2020 05:58PM
I've known a lot of Mormons who are religious but not spiritual Elder Berry10/26/2020 11:59AM
Joseph Smith's silliest prophecy (and one that didn't fail!) 15 RPackham10/25/2020 02:35PM
OT/ Utah's Covid Numbers Keeps on Tickin' 35 valkyriequeen10/23/2020 04:17PM
And It Came To Pass Southerton Smote Meldrum With His Sword Of DNA cricket10/25/2020 04:50PM
Francis Creates First African American Cardinal 13 anybody10/25/2020 12:22PM
Buried Alive Heidi GWOTR10/25/2020 05:56PM
I can see i was manipulated on purpose Adam the warrior10/24/2020 02:55PM
The House on Black Hawk Trail - by Don Bagley 13 cricket10/23/2020 04:59AM
2020 gets worse. RIP Jerry Jeff Walker stillanon10/24/2020 01:37PM
BYU helps Utah obliterate old covid daily case record. 51 Brother Of Jerry09/18/2020 03:50PM
"Worship protest" superspreader event Dave the Atheist10/24/2020 02:14PM
Terminology suggestion 12 slskipper10/22/2020 10:25PM
The missionaries asked for my current number 16 thegoodman10/17/2020 09:23PM
Mourning Mormonism Scared Scientology Jealous Jehovah's Witnesses josephssmmyth10/25/2020 06:56AM
Why are (the majority) of LDS males such dorks? 60 hujo10/22/2020 03:25PM
OT: Driving directly through Los Vegas had it's problems 18 pollythinks10/20/2020 09:44PM
Utah tourism video Dave the Atheist10/24/2020 04:34PM
Sister Missionaries telling lies today... 48 mythb4meat10/22/2020 11:46AM
"She was needed on the other side..." 34 elderolddog10/14/2020 07:09PM
Graves matter. Dead lives matter 11 Elder Berry10/21/2020 06:35PM
Why did it have to be spiders. Dave the Atheist10/23/2020 10:52PM
Do you believe Mother Nature is benevolent or hostile towards life? 58 schrodingerscat10/16/2020 08:12PM
You can't waste someone's whole life and just tell them to get over it 29 Cold-Dodger10/21/2020 04:00AM