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Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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What ‘continuing revelation’ has made a living prophet useful or needed? GNPE06/07/2023 11:53PM
Canada! Stop burning down! 16 summer06/07/2023 06:18PM
“Even if faith in God did make your life better, that wouldn’t make it true schrodingerscat06/07/2023 11:45PM
Mastering the art of LDS BYU dating 16 mogamishu06/05/2023 05:57PM
Are ward activities in Eastern Idaho and Utah also fading away? Cafeteria Mormon06/07/2023 03:25PM
Groups Like "Moms For Liberty" Are The New Salem Witch Accusers anybody05/26/2023 08:21AM
For a few days I thought about paying tithing, getting a recommend. 12 Cafeteria Mormon06/06/2023 10:34PM
Do you think there is a deal between the Mormons and the US govt? 21 ghost06/07/2023 03:28AM
Father of six faces 60 days behind bars for hosting Bible study in his OWN 10 lindaY06/07/2023 05:38PM
long time self love wyoguy5606/07/2023 09:23PM
Last gasp effort to save the wards 34 messygoop06/01/2023 01:57PM
Dr. Laura to a Lost Soul newcomer06/07/2023 04:14PM
What do you get when you mix christianity with freemasonry and the KKK? lisajefferson06/07/2023 04:02AM
How did you handle fasting and fast offerings? sunbeep06/07/2023 02:47PM
In the pub 28 matt06/04/2023 01:53PM
The best revenge is living well. 19 Rubicon06/05/2023 04:54PM
The Book of Mormon is a money maker CrispingPin06/07/2023 02:06PM
Mormons stick with it because 18 real time fail06/05/2023 05:32PM
The church of rich suberbanites 22 Rubicon06/05/2023 01:25PM
Take a second ... Dave the Atheist06/06/2023 02:14AM
If Dusty Was a Real Prophet Why does he not 16 SEcular Priest05/30/2023 08:58AM
Link to full 60 Minutes whistleblower report etc (for non-Americans) 13 When the Whistle Blows05/16/2023 05:36AM
Signers of fake shell Companies should be disciplined by IRS 24 Villager06/03/2023 09:13PM
Megachurches ... Dave the Atheist06/04/2023 07:48PM
LDS ‘Philanthropy” 16 unconventional06/03/2023 08:51AM
Many Mormon men look like Joseph Smith clones 14 Alicianelson05/30/2023 11:27PM
Wife and I Met With Bishop Yesterday 28 Concerned05/29/2023 07:45PM
Question: What percentage of the money goes to SLC? 16 2+2=406/04/2023 04:36PM
I Stand All Amazed Every Time I Attend Church Concerned06/05/2023 07:03PM
Caring for the sick not central to the mission of the church 24 Heartless05/15/2023 07:32PM
LDS Pathway program in Africa: Modern day colonialism? 31 unconventional06/03/2023 11:44AM
The church doesn't need 90% of the members. 17 Villager05/22/2023 12:52PM
Bodhisattva Brethrens 21 Elder Berry05/31/2023 11:56AM
Anyone have a reference to church growth, or contraction, in the U.S.? Cultural Mormon06/04/2023 11:15AM
god punishes Salt Lake pride festival Dave the Atheist06/04/2023 04:36PM
Were Nelson and Oaks really called as GAs? 18 Tammy205/25/2023 08:45AM
Hey Dave - 16 Susan I/S05/24/2023 03:06PM
Background Checks for UK Mormons are HERE! subeamnotlogedin06/04/2023 07:02PM
Florida authorizes use of the Bible for English instruction. He, he! summer06/04/2023 07:08PM
Questions for Colorado Springs Ex Mos? gw06/04/2023 05:11PM
" feathered troublemakers converged on the ill-fated truck" Dave the Atheist06/04/2023 04:29PM
Anybody got a link to church growth, or contraction, in the U.S., in Utah? (n/t) Cafeteria Mormon06/04/2023 11:11AM
I found this Patriarchial blessing generator 12 fkas06/01/2023 03:55PM
Mormon Church a rags to riches story—Deseret News deflection unconventional06/03/2023 07:21AM
Cardston Voted To End Prohibition 10 Lethbridge Reprobate05/31/2023 07:14PM
What I dislike most about Mormonism is the bishop interviews Brendajohnson06/03/2023 02:24AM
Have you ever attended fast 'n testimony and almost no one came forward? Cafeteria Mormon06/04/2023 12:31AM
US LDS congregational growth by state, 2022 17 Brother Of Jerry06/01/2023 11:30PM
CULT’S PR Arm brags, “Africa Is Soaring! And Utah is slumping.” 32 schrodingerscat05/26/2023 04:45PM
Bad AI pictures 12 [|]05/28/2023 01:24PM
Looking for a video about mormon philanthropies 10 Villager05/31/2023 02:29PM
Bible to be removed from Utah school district libraries [|]06/01/2023 07:57PM
Why can't we research family history before middle ages? 21 Scottw05/30/2023 10:25PM
BREAKING! BOM now being challenged in school dist(link) gemini06/02/2023 05:16PM
It's time to start praying to Joseph Smith, asking him to intercede for us! 16 elderolddog06/01/2023 12:43PM