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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Young people are REJECTING LSD Church. 13 TheHumanLeague04/20/2018 08:30AM
I was sure this family were members of you-know-what memikeyounot04/20/2018 12:51PM
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Fundy Mormon falls of cliff while attempting romantic gesture for wife # ? 27 Anonski04/19/2018 10:21AM
Does the leadership realize they are using sex to control people? 18 auntsukey04/19/2018 01:54PM
New book about Mormon Nazi supporters koriwhore04/20/2018 10:28PM
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The Fallacy of “Taxing Churches” 13 Lot’s Wife04/19/2018 01:11PM
Paying tithing cancels out poverty says President Nelson 27 Amyjo04/19/2018 06:44PM
In a moment of weakness I let the missionaries in last night 12 Elder Berry04/19/2018 02:36PM
A missionary said that some people believe even if it isn't true. 0_0 10 knight228404/19/2018 01:49AM
Elon Musk: Creation Of "God-Like" AI Could Lead To Robot Dictatorship 11 anybody04/20/2018 07:38AM
It's FRIDAY!!! 11 Lethbridge Reprobate04/20/2018 06:37PM
Religion tried to kill my sense of humor 15 Badassadam104/20/2018 03:44PM
Barbara Bush refusing more medical treatment; focus is on comfort care OT 47 Amyjo04/15/2018 07:50PM
18 year olds walking around in suits, it pains me to see this now Badassadam104/20/2018 04:13PM
Question for any ward clerks. Ex or otherwise Lollygagger04/20/2018 02:49PM
Human cloning is just around the corner. What will that mean for religion? 14 anybody04/20/2018 08:07AM
Jesus living in missouri, the mormon dream 42 Badassadam104/18/2018 01:30PM
Glad the Mormons got kicked out of navoo crazyhorse04/19/2018 11:46PM
Striking Parallels between Nazi Youth and Mormon Youth Indoctrination 14 presleynfactsrock04/18/2018 04:28AM
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Mormonism's Global Future ???? Amyjo04/20/2018 12:17PM
How Can I Convince TBM's Online About Wayne May's Bunk Info? 16 brigidbarnes03/26/2018 07:22PM
MORmON Conversion? or Hypnosis? smirkorama04/17/2018 05:09AM
O/T Any car geeks/model car builders in here? 10 memikeyounot04/18/2018 06:24PM
On a scale of 0-10 (love-hate) what are your feelings about Mormon Church? (n/t) 29 koriwhore04/19/2018 02:28PM
Does the leadership realize they are used to controlling people? Elder Berry04/20/2018 01:47PM
Mormon P0RN - Oh the fruits of Joseph's Myth koriwhore04/20/2018 02:42PM
The body doesn't lie but mormons do. (Cussing) Badassadam104/19/2018 11:52PM
Organized religion really torments this little boy re: his father (link) 19 ragnar04/19/2018 03:02AM
Doomsday Postponed: Jesus To Return "Sometime Between May And December" anybody04/19/2018 05:29PM
Do any of you ever feel this way? 13 MatchaZen04/20/2018 12:14AM
New Study Confirms Link Between Religious Dogma And LGBTQIA Youth Suicide anybody04/20/2018 07:06AM
Human Evolution At Work: How The Bajau People Adapted For An Aquatic Life anybody04/19/2018 02:41PM
Temple standards Levi04/18/2018 10:18AM
after all your TITHING, does your kids' NURSERY look like this? 19 kathleen04/18/2018 07:14PM
I've never been so disrespected and poorly treated 31 homeandhappy04/19/2018 01:53PM
Does Anyone Know of A High Level Mormon Named Brinton Who Recently Resigned 17 Tonto Schwartz08/05/2013 11:16PM
Saw the Jehovah's witnesses giving people their stupid magazine in the mall 47 crazyhorse04/15/2018 12:46AM
Yikes! I've been swearing incorrectly. Apologies. (Swearing) 41 Dorothy04/18/2018 10:36AM
Mormons deny they are connected to nazi Germany! 18 crazyhorse04/19/2018 04:58PM
Dr. Russell Nelson and the Hippocratic Oath 10 BYU Boner04/18/2018 10:44PM
It's 18 April 2018. The World As We Know It Is Supposed To End Today 44 anybody04/18/2018 08:55AM
Something your tax accountant would like you to know: 10 anon for this one04/16/2018 06:34PM
Still afraid of my father (cussing) Badassadam104/19/2018 07:57PM
Do Any of You Know the Story of Cult Murderer Jeffrey Don Lundgren? Senoritalamanita08/12/2013 03:17PM
Shoutout to Caffeind! siobhan04/19/2018 04:51PM
Mormons supported the nazis! crazyhorse04/19/2018 04:47PM
Who remembers this? GNPE04/18/2018 02:10AM
You guys are my family, my real family does not understand 17 Badassadam104/18/2018 06:42PM
How crazy is this? (regarding bishop interviews) bewildered04/18/2018 12:15PM
Why Nelson's Africa trip is especially nauseating… 25 Jesus of Orem04/18/2018 02:29PM