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Any ex-mos in Omaha area? 25 gungholierthanthou09/28/2013 06:23PM
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Is tracting becoming a thing of the past? 18 commongentile12/10/2018 12:26PM
Strange, isn’t it - Healed12/13/2018 11:21AM
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SLTrib article re: Deadpool use of lame MORmON "art" (PRopoganda) 24 koriwhore12/12/2018 03:43PM
If you're <50 years old, you won't know Melvin Dummar. 10 memikeyounot12/11/2018 01:49AM
I remember when I used to actually have a purpose in life 14 Emmett12/12/2018 04:42PM
Boy Scouts considering bankruptcy. LINK Topper12/13/2018 12:56AM
I'm skipping Christmas entirely this year. 39 Vahn42112/09/2018 08:19AM
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Is Nelson tearing the church apart with his edicts? 19 Warren Jeffs12/09/2018 10:03AM
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O/T: Anybody here have SAD? I HATE winter!! 34 catnip12/12/2018 12:32AM
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Christmas Devotional Seemed Flat 37 SEcular Priest12/02/2018 10:33PM
Could you have left sooner if you had been paying attention? SWEAR messygoop12/12/2018 03:39PM
I'm mourning a beautiful 100 ft. pine tree. 19 Cheryl12/12/2018 11:27AM
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cult experts gives us Clues; Now Redacted eliminating politics GNPE12/12/2018 09:16PM
What would the fallout be if endowment was shown on national tv? 16 Justin12/12/2018 01:39PM
What they Don't Tell You before you convert 14 mel12/08/2018 12:06PM
Untrained clergy, worthiness interviews, and HVAC thermostats 18 Gheco12/10/2018 06:46PM
Tremor in Tennessee - anyone feel it (Eric K)? 10 dagny12/12/2018 08:03AM
O/T: Update On Woolsey Fire-Affected Mountain Lions 12 Tevai12/08/2018 04:13PM
Two Nuns Embezzled Half Million in Funds from School 40 Amyjo12/10/2018 01:56PM
Bush Funeral Mormons and couldn't help but laugh IE Holland in Oxford angela12/05/2018 03:29PM
President Bush, laid to rest, and GBH 18 tabernaclechoir12/06/2018 12:26AM
I saw a man confirmed thedesertrat112/10/2018 12:32PM
3Taps of the Mallet Vs 3Taps on my Mullet. 11 Alan XL12/08/2018 02:53AM
If the Mormon church folds, what will be left to KVETCH about? 18 Amyjo12/10/2018 10:05AM
As Smithmas approaches here are the guffaws of Christmases past Mormon Elder Berry12/12/2018 03:38PM
Anyone happen to know someone with access 16 Gheco12/10/2018 02:48PM
Are the top GAs the Antichrist? 16 babyloncansuckit12/10/2018 02:55PM
Why it's hard to change Mormon minds 15 olderelder12/08/2018 11:50PM
RMN: Death can not sever families sealed in the temple!! smirkorama12/12/2018 02:57AM
Family Drama at Wedding (blamed on the wine, of course) 26 Dr. B12/10/2018 04:03PM
Pleased as man with men to dwell. The hymnal needs an update. Your edit? Elder Berry12/10/2018 02:25PM
An Honest Liar: James Randi documentary Wednesday night 17 Brother Of Jerry05/05/2014 09:47PM