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NBA's Adam Silver looks like Henry Eyering boddler02/18/2019 05:11PM
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Kissing Sailor in Iconic WWII Photo, dead at 95 Amyjo02/18/2019 01:40PM
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Grace under Pressure Amyjo02/18/2019 04:48PM
What happens when social media manipulation targets religious faith? 29 janeeliot02/10/2019 02:58AM
It's Sunday ! What's your favorite pasttime after Sacrament ? 17 Amyjo02/17/2019 12:15PM
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Hope you're keeping you dishwasher door closed! 40 Cheryl02/14/2019 02:00PM
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ENSIGN ARTICLE 5 Do’s (and 2 Don’ts) When Inviting Friends to Church 33 GONE4GOOD4EVER02/15/2019 09:47PM
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what happens to old brains, like rusty nelson's 21 darla02/17/2019 09:28PM
Given the track record of Mormon prophets... Wally Prince02/18/2019 01:01AM
Phones and internet for Missionaries ? Phone Operator02/18/2019 05:31AM
Criminal old lady uses walker as a get away car. True story. 30 Cheryl02/15/2019 12:52PM
My Home Teacher now = "My Minister." Just found out today. 38 Elder Berry02/14/2019 01:05PM
Lee Radziwill is dead at age 85 memikeyounot02/18/2019 10:57AM
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USA Today opinion: have faith, see we are one of you Fascinated in the Midwest02/18/2019 09:01AM
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Did a LDS / Mormon leader recently say Abuse isn't tolerated? GNPE02/17/2019 09:03PM
blood letting, Godmakers 3, + confessions of an anti 35 jamie02/13/2019 03:45AM
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The Limits of Mormon Think 14 MarkJ02/08/2019 02:44PM
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New Band name..... 14 memikeyounot02/13/2019 11:36AM
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R Your "Prayers" &/Or Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Answered @ The Same Rate? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/17/2019 02:13PM
In 1973, on my mission, the MP gave my first companion special permission 11 slskipper02/15/2019 10:05PM
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Mormon Leaks hack Russell Nelson's iPhone cricket02/17/2019 09:31AM