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Francis Says Prostitution Is Torture, Johns Are Sick, Begs Forgiveness anybody03/20/2018 08:48AM
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Intelligent Design? 40 Done & Done03/19/2018 04:08PM
New program to be announced in GC slskipper03/20/2018 07:09PM
grandson writes me from his mission 25 anonnow03/20/2018 07:18PM
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Looks Like We Made It - Celebrating 35 Years Together! 13 PollyDee03/19/2018 03:55PM
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Will I have to leave the Earth to get away from crazy religious people? (n/t) 35 anybody03/20/2018 01:37PM
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Church response to Joseph Bishop 13 flutterbypurple03/20/2018 05:01PM
Is Cabernet Sauvignon a red wine or white wine? 11 tillamook01/02/2012 12:21AM
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A lady called me her guardian angel, jeeebus Badassadam103/19/2018 05:02PM
Does Calvinism drive people into cults like Mormon and J.W.? 14 brigidbarnes03/20/2018 01:16AM
For devoutmormon - main reason for not leaving the Doomsday CULT of JS 16 koriwhore03/11/2018 02:12PM
Can someone clarify a quick Word of Wisdom problem 14 Jaime03/20/2018 04:57PM
FADA "Religious Freedom" Anti Marriage Equalty Bill Reintroduced anybody03/20/2018 08:17PM
Ensign magazine discontinuing monthly "First President's" message 11 Amyjo03/20/2018 11:30AM
Happy Equinox...Welcome To Spring (n/t) anybody03/20/2018 01:23PM
(o/t) "Sir Ringo" or "Sir Richard?" Anyway, he's a knight now... anybody03/20/2018 06:12PM
There is no such thing as the moral high-ground. 21 jacob03/19/2018 12:18PM
UT depends on the federal govmt...a lot(link) gemini03/20/2018 03:33PM
To what extent am I obligated to old friends? 17 ex-fake-friend not logged in03/17/2018 03:32PM
LDS predicted 265 Million members by 2080? TheHumanLeague03/20/2018 11:56AM
Could members give up ______ if Prez Nelson requested? messygoop03/20/2018 04:05PM
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My guess for next apostle - Joseph L. Bishop Elder Berry03/20/2018 02:13PM
What does this mean: <s> intellectual superiority = proven <s> smirkorama03/15/2018 10:34PM
My child's mission call has arrived 40 Elder Berry03/17/2018 06:14PM
Former MTC president admits to sexual assault of sister missionary 38 Agnes Broomhead03/19/2018 12:24PM
did any LDS leader invite you to lie? 11 GNPE03/19/2018 09:14PM
11 year old "genius" wants to prove Hawking "wrong" and "God" exists 13 anybody03/20/2018 07:17AM
But why did I feel the Holy Spirit? 43 mayrach03/13/2018 03:18PM
More examples of the church in decline 13 C2NR03/19/2018 02:20PM
Jesus didn't drink alcohol 46 kilgravmaga03/18/2018 09:01AM
No more 1st pres message in Ensign (link) gemini03/17/2018 03:34PM
My identity got robbed, but finding your real self is not that easy. 10 Badassadam103/18/2018 08:08PM
Guess who’s going to the Solemn Assembly? 21 midwestanon03/19/2018 10:43AM
Breaking News: Caught in a No Food Storage Moment & Living to Tell About It 28 steve benson05/08/2017 09:31AM
Has anyone been accused of culturally misappropriating from the Mormons? (n/t) 15 jay03/13/2018 06:06AM
Report: Police are now asking Google for data about all mobile devices clo Anonymous 203/19/2018 04:38PM
Blog on the Spaulding Manuscript 11 shonto03/07/2012 10:16AM
Iceland introducing bill to ban circumcision in infant boys 36 Amyjo03/18/2018 02:03PM
In fact, regarding Mitt Romney: 36 slskipper03/19/2018 01:17AM
Do you also have Mormon guilt? 11 Mormon Guilt03/18/2018 08:58PM
Quick questionaire: Tell me if you loathed temple attendance, but smiled 38 alaskawild03/15/2018 11:42PM
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Bangkok Temple & Multipurpose facility revealed anonyXMo03/20/2018 03:04AM
Just a cynical reminder to the media slskipper03/19/2018 11:55PM
With Hardcore doctrine being watered down 15 PHIL03/17/2018 05:56PM