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Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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Sticky: *** Short Story Contest Entries (with updates) *** Concrete Zipper10/23/2018 11:36AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Shunning Rant bspcnot12/12/2019 02:05PM
Joining another church after leaving Mormonism is completely stupid. 25 Jacko Mo Mo12/11/2019 11:49PM
Leaving on a Mission, Unfortunately 25 dtarsenic12/12/2019 02:07AM
Bednar - Manipulation Exposed 12 Bednar12/11/2019 02:36PM
Gaslight - I finally saw the movie...and you should too praydude12/11/2019 02:42PM
Black Hebrew Israelites ? Dave the Atheist12/12/2019 12:08PM
OT: Another ? for EOD: What's worse--Loud Laughter or Canned Laughter ? 12 kathleen12/11/2019 11:36PM
Why was only the USA the birthplace of new religious movements? 47 Ervil Lebaron12/11/2019 09:54AM
Western Governor's University WGU 18 themaster10/23/2016 08:35PM
Adult ADD/ADHD & Adderall 14 Annabelle12/10/2019 04:56PM
Very detailed timeline of LDS Church and ERA Brother Of Jerry12/12/2019 02:23AM
Payday loans 26 pizzaface12/11/2019 02:20AM
Cave Art From 42,000 BCE May Be The Oldest Evidence Of Religion anybody12/12/2019 12:04AM
Entitlement transactions - silly charades in the family Lafayette12/12/2019 03:50AM
climate change - (more or less OT) 19 oldpobot12/11/2019 06:07AM
For those not a fan of higher education, don't move to Provo, Utah 30 Elder Berry11/13/2019 03:59PM
50,000 people standing for the national anthem is kind of cult like. 10 Jacko Mo Mo12/12/2019 12:24AM
Utard teacher fired for telling students being gay is a sin. 25 schrodingerscat12/02/2019 04:03PM
I need words. TBM FIL cancer Lowpriest12/10/2019 07:02PM
OK Boomer ... 20 Dave the Atheist12/10/2019 11:09PM
I have a question for elderoldog on this board. 10 Ervil Lebaron12/10/2019 03:49AM
Advice wanted: Gift for LDS friend with breast cancer 19 NeverMo in CA12/07/2019 03:18PM
Missionary sighting and new tactics to contact/annoy you 19 messygoop12/11/2019 09:36AM
Selling your plasma to pay tithing 24 Big Al12/05/2019 03:05PM
Did anyone ever watch the Hielander movie... 20 Wally Prince12/11/2019 02:05AM
"The Church never hid anything from anybody!" Russel Ballard 31 schrodingerscat12/05/2019 03:35PM
Hurricane Utah pawn shop manager catches infant falling off counter ... Dave the Atheist12/12/2019 12:08AM
1,700 Year Old Eggs Found In Ancient Roman Food Offering anybody12/11/2019 11:54PM
There is no cure: Elizabeth Smart's father after 34 years accepts being Gay 28 Phazer12/09/2019 07:11PM
O/T You BETTER bring my pony this year or there WILL be consequences. 17 Elder Berry12/05/2019 01:39PM
Who can tell us what this Peloton ad has to do with ex-Mormonism? 56 lurking in12/08/2019 06:49PM
church’s position on this issue has been consistent for more than 40 years Elder Berry12/09/2019 02:20PM
I Need Some Help Trying To Understand Christmas Devotional 13 Toronto Boy12/09/2019 06:28PM
The morality of money 55 summer12/05/2019 07:37PM
O/T Ok Boomer, ok Millennial, ... nevermind forget it. Elder Berry12/11/2019 12:18PM
Mormonism's biggest lie - every family is worth saving 14 Elder Berry12/10/2019 12:50PM
Boundaries/Awkward/Uncomfortable 53 Anon4this09/30/2019 02:00AM
Joseph Smith's first vision accounts v. Science (lots of citations) kenc12/11/2019 02:00PM
Semi- O/T - Did you ever have a moment that was SO perfect 20 catnip12/08/2019 05:32PM
What Do The Brethren Do In Office Each Day...Who's The Candy-Crush Leader? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/10/2019 03:57PM
Three Christmas promises 12 Elder Berry12/09/2019 12:49PM
Which do you prefer? CrispingPin12/09/2019 11:19PM
For the most part, they're really not even pretending to get revelation... 28 Wally Prince12/06/2019 02:33AM
Was Orson Pratt Hot? 13 metatron12/10/2019 12:43PM
I stopped being the scapegoat and the family is now falling apart 16 Lafayette12/09/2019 02:01PM
"There were giants in those days..." 54 anybody12/07/2019 06:10AM
How embarrassing (BYU) 24 Deb12/02/2019 05:00PM
Is Mormonism Responsible For Torture? Article LINK Topper12/10/2019 03:52PM
SLC Temple Square new renderings 24 anonyXmo12/05/2019 09:15AM
Your favorite song about god/s (big curse) 61 Beth12/07/2019 12:40PM
How to Dupe a Mormon Anziano Young12/10/2019 10:59AM
Can you be both a god and a human being? (n/t) anybody12/09/2019 05:37AM
How many missing people in Utah? 44 Maria Muller12/08/2019 06:59PM
OT In loving memory of Roxette's Marie Fredriksson 1958-2019 ipo12/10/2019 09:37AM
Marriage over. 11 Dorothy12/08/2019 10:54AM