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Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
The woman behind the bishop 11 BAIIPLUS11/15/2019 10:36AM
New gimmicks announced in youth's PISS goal program 22 messygoop11/17/2019 11:48PM
Kanye West Finds God, Preaches At Joel Osteen's Church In Houston 12 anybody11/17/2019 09:57PM
Grrr. Bednar 35 Elder Berry11/13/2019 05:40PM
Family imploding because of narcissism - hot potato 12 Clueless Van LessClue11/15/2019 08:37AM
Provident Living? 14 Lethbridge Reprobate11/14/2019 10:14AM
((o/t)?) ~ Re: the world's best pole dancer ~ (vid rated ExMo 13+) ~ ziller11/15/2019 08:15PM
Anyone else now into Hinduism/Buddhism thinking/practice? 56 spiritualitysbest11/13/2019 10:17AM
stake president makes national news... 11 tig11/17/2019 05:07PM
Did Utah schools ever uses corporal punishment in the past? Ervil Lebaron11/17/2019 11:03PM
DW upset over use of "Mormons" to describe LeBaron group 21 cludgie11/09/2019 10:18PM
Great article on Gaslighting. Susan I/S11/18/2019 01:07AM
Flat Earth Dave the Atheist11/18/2019 10:09AM
The new videos sure do skip a lot Chicken N. Backpacks11/17/2019 06:53PM
QUERY OT: Geez Current Gas $$$...What's Cheapest U Ever Paid In Your Life? (n/t) 50 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/22/2019 02:33PM
4yr old boy killed by drunk driver in Salt Lake City..... memikeyounot11/17/2019 11:39PM
The RfM Murders Chapters 3 & 4 ...for the masochists elderolddog11/17/2019 11:48PM
Sister-in-law Shunning & Thanksgiving 49 june11/09/2019 10:29AM
How can so many people actually enjoy being told....... 20 Pooped11/14/2019 12:13PM
Finding Therapy Resources june11/17/2019 09:00PM
Strange phone call from my parents today Cold-Dodger11/17/2019 05:47PM
Going to Hell 28 DNA11/17/2019 02:19AM
New OH State Law Allows Students To Give Religiously Correct Answers 16 anybody11/16/2019 08:31AM
Origin of Massacre in Mexico? 10 Tevai11/16/2019 12:24PM
Return to mission nightmare - It never seems to go away (at least for me) 39 Eric K11/13/2019 01:21PM
Boys Scouts ditched the mormons say's Russ Ballard (link) 16 Roy G Biv11/15/2019 02:56PM
No Doubt about it... GNPE11/17/2019 02:18PM
1/4 of Americans believe it is ok to discriminate against atheists schrodingerscat11/17/2019 12:40PM
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (link) 12 Levi11/16/2019 05:18PM
Hey Summer - how is your vision? (n/t) laperla not logged in11/17/2019 12:00PM
provo's most eligible subeamnotlogedin11/15/2019 09:27PM
Would LDS leaders present President Pete his genealogy in the Oval Office? (n/t) jay11/17/2019 09:52AM
The FP says they love you, but... 14 babyloncansuckit11/14/2019 08:09AM
I feel even MORE empty now that I've checked out of Mormonism 29 Orion Pax11/07/2019 08:41PM
Outer darkness 10 dirtbikr11/14/2019 03:32PM
"We didn't leave BSA, they left us."Russell Ballard (IOW we are homophobic) schrodingerscat11/17/2019 11:55AM
We that believe are all unworthy, but why did I get singled out? Lafayette11/16/2019 08:05AM
Posting Here 11 stillangry11/14/2019 11:06PM
Can you believe this??? 21 Razor11/15/2019 03:55AM
Why so much longer to raise adults than previous generations ? (continued) 45 Beth11/14/2019 02:14PM
How exactly is Mormonism "watered down?" Has it been washed? Has it a name? 39 Elder Berry11/06/2019 01:16PM
Already worn out but I'll be just fine Lowpriest11/14/2019 03:34PM
I'd love to do a parody of Mormonism as a dark science fiction comedy 18 anybody11/16/2019 08:48AM
Anyone else abused in Mormon adoption homes abusedinldsadoption11/14/2019 08:51AM
I wish to touch for a moment on the first vision 40 thedesertrat111/15/2019 01:56PM
What would it take to give struggling ex-mos real hope? Warrior7178311/14/2019 10:49PM
It all makes so much sense when you realize that God had no hand in it. 14 slskipper11/16/2019 07:11AM
The Problem with "OK Boomer" 65 schrodingerscat11/14/2019 03:17PM
The tv world and a cult are very similar i realized yesterday at american i 13 Warrior7178311/09/2019 12:59PM
What happens to Mormons in the Mexican colonies if they quit believing? 31 cludgie11/10/2019 07:39PM
Paul Gregersen--Strange Videos To Prove LDS Is True? Josephina09/30/2017 04:31AM
Shunning the Shunners 25 Done & Done11/14/2019 11:10AM
RE: (a part of ==Why did the Hebrews have slaves after they were freed? ) thedesertrat111/15/2019 03:17PM
The non-healing abilities of the apostles 12 Warrior7178311/14/2019 12:37PM
I haven't been here for a while dimmesdale11/14/2019 10:19PM