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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
Sticky: *** Short Story Contest Entries (with winners) *** Concrete Zipper10/23/2018 11:36AM
Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing Maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home Maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: LDS Org Essays Susan I/S02/21/2014 08:48PM
Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Where I Addended Church CrispingPin07/14/2024 07:38PM
The church seems to be a adapt to the situation organization Rubicon07/14/2024 06:48PM
Is the church thinning the herd? 15 Rubicon07/14/2024 06:37PM
Joseph’s church died with him Rubicon07/14/2024 06:59PM
Interesting that Christianity emerged from a slave state. 17 bradley07/14/2024 12:08AM
Why TBM’s are losing their enthusiasm for the church 25 Rubicon07/10/2024 03:09PM
Another Modern English rendering of the Book of Mormon 16 New meat07/08/2024 01:56PM
Happy Bastille Day Soft Machine :) Susan I/S07/14/2024 06:36AM
What Is Evil? (n/t) 51 anybody05/11/2024 06:31AM
Happy Canada Day 39 [|]07/01/2024 04:07PM
Mormon Weddings - a Yahoo thread 22 laperla not logged in07/12/2024 10:29AM
Hear ye, hear ye! Dr. Ruth has died (someone tell Dave) (n/t) 10 anonynon07/13/2024 01:35PM
Question about the Celestial Kingdom. 19 Twinker07/06/2024 12:41PM
Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons feels ‘duped’ by Mormonism schrodingerscat07/08/2024 09:26AM
Someone Tell Dave. Now, it's Richard Simmons stillanon07/13/2024 05:09PM
Active LDS gay married couple, Taylor Swift and TSCC's mixed messages 13 Johnni06/26/2024 08:13PM
Hurricane Beryl 24 subeamnotlogedin07/07/2024 12:30AM
Dave, Shannen Doherty too. Susan I/S07/14/2024 09:41AM
I just had a brainstorm. Start another religion that baptizes dead people: 14 slskipper07/11/2024 05:54PM
Reminder: Please No Politics. This is NOT the Place. (n/t) Maude07/13/2024 09:33PM
Shelly Duvall’s temple work can be done 7/11/2025 18 CrispingPin07/11/2024 01:03PM
Any investors for LDS-themed clothing-optional park? 12 GNPE07/12/2024 10:55AM
Crazy religion 16 Live 2206/19/2024 04:03PM
“Heretic” horror movie about Mormon Missionaries coming in November 18 schrodingerscat07/07/2024 06:29PM
           "I did not leave The Church to smoke, to drink, and to have sex. 15 elderolddog07/09/2024 04:06PM
Mormon missionaries sighted Bob @ Home07/13/2024 05:49AM
"I cannot support your delusion." laperla not logged in07/12/2024 11:32AM
Suicide and Mormonism 18 blindguy07/11/2024 10:06AM
Mormon Influencers 10 subeamnotlogedin07/01/2024 08:24AM
Gay Furry Hackers Dave the Atheist07/12/2024 02:10AM
Sex abusing bishop charged again [|]07/12/2024 12:08AM
Missionary sighting report. 15 Dave the Atheist07/10/2024 02:25AM
The latest on Ruby Franke: slskipper12/16/2023 06:50PM
Honk if you love jesus ... Dave the Atheist06/27/2024 02:27AM
"Guilty of Schism" – Never heard that one before 46 Nightingale07/05/2024 03:10PM
Well done, ye good and faithful servant bradley07/10/2024 10:04PM
Does Priesthood actually do anything? 24 BoydKKK07/08/2024 06:26PM
OT what is your favorite food 29 Subeamnotlogedin07/09/2024 04:00PM
Ballard in the news again [|]07/09/2024 11:52PM
Gee, I Wonder why... GNPE07/02/2024 12:03PM
Are Filipinos, Polynesians, and Arabs Lamanites? 40 Screen Name06/14/2024 04:06PM
Speaking of the Next LDS hymnal… GNPE07/01/2024 11:04AM
Anyone else have nightmares about church? 34 oneinbillions09/19/2015 09:05AM
BYU and their brand(link) gemini07/02/2024 11:24PM
There’s only one commandment in the LDS church 15 Rubicon06/30/2024 05:34AM
“…the noise around a hush…” Human07/01/2024 06:36PM
Heretic ... Dave the Atheist06/30/2024 05:57PM
"Everything happens for a reason." 28 Brother Of Jerry06/29/2024 04:32PM
Is it Dave or GNPE that's the train aficionado? 24 stillanon07/03/2024 03:39PM
My bi-annual shout out to any other Y.D.E. alumni?!?! dydimus12/15/2014 10:16PM
"They're Too Young, How Could They Possibly Know..." 59 anybody06/27/2024 08:31PM
O/T: Conservatives turn their attention to ending no-fault divorce laws 21 blindguy07/07/2024 09:11PM
What I believe is not a lie... 15 PHIL06/30/2024 12:03PM
Big Nellie next revelation - WofW related BoydKKK07/07/2024 02:23PM
Brand Loyalty Rubicon07/07/2024 06:28PM