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Sticky: Clashes Between Posters maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
Sticky: Reminder: RfM's Language Use (swearing) Policy maude04/06/2019 03:53PM
Sticky: *** Short Story Contest Entries (with updates) *** Concrete Zipper10/23/2018 11:36AM
Sticky: Reminder: Board Rules re Swearing maude03/13/2018 01:17PM
Sticky: Mormon Apologists: Go Home maude10/13/2017 06:25PM
Sticky: Guidelines-Feb. 2017 - Politics allowed if religious oriented. Eric K06/30/2016 06:35PM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
The slow "heat death" of 'Community of Christ' (long post) Bruce R. McDonkie05/21/2019 11:03PM
I've read stories of temple goers' problems. What about dead dunkers? 36 Cheryl05/19/2019 05:23PM
We are all enlisted til the conflict is oer. Are we happy yet? Amyjo05/21/2019 10:20PM
Priesthood and the law of chastity? Daphne05/21/2019 11:07PM
Autistic people in the church 18 Jordan05/21/2019 10:26AM
$800,000 to fly Nelson on a private jet? 38 Elyse05/17/2019 01:19PM
Do we have things wrong about the Book of Mormon? 30 RM201205/21/2019 04:10PM
Mormonism is a test of one's honesty and integrity schrodingerscat05/21/2019 09:21PM
Why are sexual predators so successful among Mormons? 19 Bruce R. McDonkie05/20/2019 06:37PM
What I was told as a young Mormon convert at age 18 14 Bruce R. McDonkie05/20/2019 03:14AM
Passwords of God and Satan Screen Name05/21/2019 09:34PM
Where do I go from here 13 bhar451705/21/2019 11:55AM
Family history records... catholicrebel05/21/2019 10:23PM
A new mission??? Amazing story from my gay Mormon friend 60 PapaKen05/20/2019 11:44AM
Woman who shouted in Conference to go to trial: Continued GNPE05/21/2019 05:44PM
Going through old boxes from when I was a tbm... 22 nuuvox05/14/2019 11:31PM
Is Mormonism a gullibility test? 22 babyloncansuckit05/19/2019 04:28PM
"That's NOT your problem...just GET their tithing!!!" Bruce R. McDonkie05/21/2019 09:15PM
Let's see if I can get this thing from fb to work. Anyone else see it? cl205/21/2019 07:02PM
Why would someone yell out in a mormon meeting? 22 Cheryl05/19/2019 04:55PM
The church makes the Indian Placement Program abuse cases disappear... elderolddog05/21/2019 03:08PM
Seeking Fairness For All aka. We're not bigots wowza05/20/2019 07:05AM
The Three Versions of Denson's Encounter with the MTC Pres. 10 Bruce R. McDonkie05/19/2019 04:35AM
Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Yet another LDS spy Mo no Mo.05/20/2019 11:05AM
No such thing as an amicable divorce in Mormonism. Jesus said so.....there! Elder Berry05/20/2019 03:29PM
Should the church review leader's laptops? Screen Name05/19/2019 03:31AM
Where to go 45 Flowergirl05/19/2019 10:45AM
>Once & For All...Were We OR Weren't We Promised A Planet In Past Mo-ism? 33 BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/18/2019 02:51PM
I have a friend is in FamilySearch jail. 12 yolinda05/20/2019 11:29PM
O/T Most Luxurious Train Dave the Atheist05/19/2019 11:21PM
Woman who shouted in Conference to go to trial 59 Elyse05/18/2019 12:09AM
Giant Word of Wisdom Epic Fails Elder Berry05/21/2019 02:35PM
Did Rusty Bear His Testimony to NZ Official Secular Priest05/21/2019 12:04PM
BOY SCOUTS ...lived up to its name 32 Screen Name05/15/2019 09:37AM
Cain free (song parody) Elder Berry05/21/2019 11:48AM
Possible clue that your SP has already received his Second Anointing? 10 Agnes Broomhead05/20/2019 09:42PM
My fiance's Bishop /Stake President certified she was a virgin. 37 schrodingerscat05/17/2019 09:04PM
Nice article for former Mormons. Elder Berry05/20/2019 06:16PM
Eternal Marriage lasts 3.5 years Screen Name05/20/2019 06:35AM
RMN meets exmo NZ PM Jacinda Arden 38 Jordan05/20/2019 06:51AM
Are Eastern religions "atheist religions" ? 40 schrodingerscat05/19/2019 03:41PM
Another missionary dies 40 stillanon05/19/2019 05:25PM
Soares happens to be a white Brazilian. Is he therefore a "minority"? 16 sharapata03/31/2018 04:28PM
The Real Reason for the Atonement 21 delbertlstapley05/19/2019 07:48PM
The Theology of Grumpy Cat Surly Cat05/18/2019 10:02AM
"Did you give cover to a rapist by singing praises of Joseph's Myth? " schrodingerscat05/20/2019 11:46PM
Membership Records 23 theEnquirer05/16/2019 10:06AM
May Ensign-new Gay/Lesbian policy TT05/20/2019 09:39AM
volunteers put in harm's way: Missionary dead wowza05/20/2019 06:15AM
Lawsuit against LDS Inc 16 Gheco05/18/2019 04:06PM
What were you expecting when you went through the temple the first time ... 32 lurking in05/18/2019 04:11PM
Vulnerability Hangover - Help aprilmay05/20/2019 02:42PM
I feel trapped 12 bhar451705/20/2019 01:03AM
Jesus was originally based on Apollo, Mary was based on Isis 29 anybody05/18/2019 02:24AM