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Covid vaccine turns people gay says rabbi 24 Dave the Atheist01/18/2021 12:08AM
sound familar? I WANT YOU TO SEND ME YOUR MONEY thedesertrat101/19/2021 01:58PM
What will I be remembered for? And does it matter to be remembered at all? Cold-Dodger01/19/2021 04:52AM
Common Abusive Behaviors in Some Churches 10 Gordon B. Stinky01/16/2021 06:30PM
No longer friends: hypocrisy of senility newcomer01/19/2021 12:24PM
Attendance at church 11 librarian01/18/2021 01:56PM
57 years later, are we any closer to realizing MLK's Dream? 12 schrodingerscat01/18/2021 07:40PM
Do Mormons still teach that the Garden of Eden was in MO? GNPE01/18/2021 02:00PM
"The purpose of life is not to be happy, it is to be useful...." Emerson 15 schrodingerscat01/18/2021 11:41AM
Extremist Cults: "Being part of something bigger than yourself" anybody01/18/2021 12:03PM
Door knockers + statistics 19 iceman909001/17/2021 10:36AM
OT: Recycling people 12 pollythinks01/18/2021 09:48PM
OT: Got my second vaccine! 18 Dorothy01/17/2021 11:25PM
Mormon Mike Lee admits he doesn't like democracy 34 villager01/14/2021 07:18PM
Didn't See That Coming! 12 Done & Done01/14/2021 10:33AM
I bought a book of mormon today! Guess the language! 33 Heartless01/16/2021 09:19PM
If Martin Luther King Jr. Sneezed Human01/18/2021 10:02AM
Muhammad Ali and Sen. Orin Hatch Human01/17/2021 11:00AM
Response to Lot's Wife on our Nietzsche Discussion 60 Time in Motion01/17/2021 05:35PM
White "Christians" need to be honest about their White Supremacy. 15 schrodingerscat01/15/2021 07:43PM
Uncle Joe's Golden Bible - a poem by Don Bagley cricket01/18/2021 12:38PM
Subtle Jewish humor for Tevai Brother Of Jerry01/18/2021 04:32PM
MORmONs over represented in UT Legislature 18 schrodingerscat01/14/2021 10:58AM
Jacinda Ardern still has the Mormon grin! Smiler01/16/2021 06:21AM
Saturday Song for Done & Done (O/T) 10 Nightingale01/16/2021 02:30PM
Dissociative Disorder among LDS brook01/15/2021 11:25AM
Physics suggests that the future has already happened 12 schrodingerscat01/17/2021 08:12PM
In honor of MLK Day - "One Night in Miami" Brother Of Jerry01/18/2021 02:44PM
Will TSCC put "Have you participated in a coup attempt?" in TR interview? 16 schrodingerscat01/15/2021 02:33PM
New handbook talks about the endowment ceremony 23 [|]01/11/2021 08:16PM
OT Thank you frontline personnel. You more than deserve your tips Elder Berry01/15/2021 01:45PM
Disneyland is ending its annual passport program doyle1801/14/2021 06:11PM
Phil Spector, RIP @ 81. 13 caffiend01/17/2021 12:20PM
If the Church is true, why are they scared of truth? 15 Gospel Truth01/17/2021 09:12AM
An interesting view of the missionary program elderolddog01/17/2021 02:53PM
Yurika Foods Julie It's me!!!!!!!08/08/2017 01:29AM
Church allegedly threatens excommunication for reporting abuse [|]01/14/2021 05:41PM
Covid symptoms, any experience? 17 Cauda01/16/2021 05:49AM
"Only get your information from the LDS website" hujo01/17/2021 07:52PM
sheer number of Mormon relatives freaks me out laperla not logged in01/17/2021 04:52PM
Christian, or no? 12 pollythinks01/17/2021 06:18PM
The Potential to do some good - leaving thegoodman01/17/2021 01:10PM
Is Qu*tmormon a legitimate website 23 Evergreennotloggedin01/15/2021 07:55PM
At the Capitol We Saw the Best and Worst MORmONs: Which one will prevail? 26 schrodingerscat01/09/2021 01:39PM
Klete Keller: If you have people that have fallen, keep reaching out 24 anybody01/15/2021 02:28PM
How MORmONism Fused With White Nationalist Extremism schrodingerscat01/17/2021 01:01PM
Could DJT be the Anti-Christ of Revelations? 22 bradley01/15/2021 01:47AM
Were Christians ever the majority on RFM? 61 Adam the warrior01/14/2021 07:48PM
Does Anyone Know the Current Status of Gaddy vs COP? azsteve09/14/2020 10:40PM
Indigenous Canada 16 Toronto Boy01/14/2021 09:18PM
MORmONism: A violent faith brewed from nationalism, conspiracies and Jesus 12 schrodingerscat01/16/2021 01:03PM
Joseph Smith and the prophecy of the leaves of the trees Heartless01/16/2021 12:35AM
Love this board 12 Cold-Dodger01/15/2021 10:00AM
LDS Church condemns ‘violence and lawless behavior’ 14 eternal101/15/2021 06:22PM
Native Americans 14 Dave the Atheist01/15/2021 08:04PM