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What will the chuch call anti-Mormons now? 26 nli10/13/2018 06:18PM
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Mormons Perform Service For Themselves Not To Help Others anonski2110/23/2018 11:56AM
Mormonism is just lies. Childish, preposterous made up lies. (n/t) 22 anybody10/23/2018 07:40AM
O/T: DH got home about 5:30 this evening. 12 catnip10/21/2018 10:54PM
The Church needs a really good slogan that communicates it's essence... 34 Wally Prince10/19/2018 12:39AM
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Heart Surgery, German Money, and Passed over for a woman Elder Berry10/23/2018 05:31PM
Proof the LDS woman's experience expiration date has long past. 22 Elder Berry10/22/2018 06:42PM
Do as we say, not as we do 12 yellowwaistcoat10/23/2018 01:25AM
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Question to Admin about the old board - wishlist 12 Beth10/21/2018 10:59PM
The Grace of Miracles in Life Changing Ways 31 Amyjo10/23/2018 10:33AM
Jeff Holland chewing out Texas saints for questions asked? Anon for this10/23/2018 02:26PM
World's Oldest Shipwreck Found At The Bottom Of The Black Sea anybody10/22/2018 11:02PM
The latest: mental health, med school women, and positivity 27 mightybuffalo10/19/2018 07:18PM
Did the Native American’s immigrate from the Middle East? soutskeptic10/23/2018 04:29PM
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"The Man in the Woman's Restroom" Part of Exit from Mormonism. SusieQ#110/21/2018 08:48PM
So it turns out that Brigham Young's Adam=God doctrine has equal standing.. 14 Wally Prince10/22/2018 03:25AM
Google Translate version of Come, Come Ye Saints 11 matt10/19/2018 07:39PM
The blind obedience in Mormonism really stresses me out 22 Cap10/21/2018 04:54PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "Keep Sweet"...Anybody? (n/t) 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/22/2018 05:20PM
TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY, 24 Dave the Atheist10/22/2018 10:11AM
Is religious gullibility genetic? 30 Gheco10/18/2018 12:15PM
Soooo busy painting what are you doin today instead of church life? Paintingnotloggedin10/22/2018 06:27PM
New "visitors" 30 valkyriequeen10/18/2018 11:14AM
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Is Dallin H. Oaks a necessary evil? 25 levantis10/18/2018 04:21PM
*Announcing the First RfM Pun and Limerick Contest* [Warning: adult themes] 132 Beth10/18/2018 11:20AM
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Dr Phil Today 22 Lethbridge Reprobate10/22/2018 02:56PM
Three-Fisted ExMo Tales ~ “The Peterson Apology” ~ ziller10/16/2018 11:30AM
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Universal values & principles (application) or local / cultural ? 15 GNPE10/21/2018 02:58PM
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The name of the Church in use JoeSmith66610/22/2018 11:05AM
Blair Watson: Psychological Effects of Mormonism and Effects on Self-Esteem 14 Nightingale06/30/2018 03:24PM
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Current LDS Presidency Is Oldest in Mormon History 28 Amyjo10/18/2018 05:34PM
Just for fun, I wonder what would happen if... 17 gettinreal10/19/2018 07:49PM
Any suggestions on a new name for the BoM if Mormon is now a Satanic word? 34 Pooped10/12/2018 03:47PM
Cheryl's entry for the 2018 Story Contest. Cheryl10/22/2018 01:23PM
Beards Hugh Geoffens-Kaamm10/21/2018 05:27PM
O/T Why do we say 'congraDulations' instead of 'congraTulations'? (n/t) 38 slammingsam09/11/2016 01:55AM
Atheist, Agnostic, or Christian - who cares? 30 praydude10/17/2018 03:49AM
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Elder Kotex Head 34 Shummy09/28/2017 03:18PM
What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 44 matt10/19/2018 07:46PM