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Mormonism failure in one Jew's view. (Link) 29 angela02/22/2018 03:23PM
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Temple Sealing Cancellation Healed02/23/2018 10:50PM
PR Sh!tstorm for LDS Inc - Mormon Women Bishops Encouraged us to stay 17 koriwhore02/13/2018 06:29PM
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Mass shootings and media contagion effect 24 Free Man02/23/2018 07:20PM
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Book of Abraham on front page of NYT 16 S.H.02/21/2018 04:16PM
Is there any support for TBM members who are disabled or have a low IQ!?? Anonymous 202/23/2018 09:55PM
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Dr. Lynn Wilder, Friday Feb 23, Calvary North Phoenix - I Think I'll Attend 15 azsteve02/17/2018 12:52AM
Mr. Rogers Witless Protection02/23/2018 09:16PM
Grahm to lie in state at Capitol rotunda ?? angela02/23/2018 06:27PM
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P0rn a public health risk in FL, but weapons of war safe AF. 27 koriwhore02/21/2018 09:21AM
Will Mormons get to write off their tithing for 2018? forgotmyname02/23/2018 11:05AM
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Fossils the prophets. Which one will actually use social media? 10 Elder Berry02/22/2018 12:53PM
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There will never be another Billy Graham, because the world that made him p 29 Anonymous 202/21/2018 11:13PM
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stake president convo about why men leave church and my "rant" 37 frank in az02/15/2018 01:54PM