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60% of GOP want US to be declared a ‘Christian Nation’. 25 schrodingerscat09/22/2022 02:29PM
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Conference predictions: 37 slskipper09/11/2022 08:03PM
Gossip, but from the heart. And a question at the end Color Me in Crayon09/26/2022 09:53PM
Sixty girls kicked out of a Spanish Fork dance for dress code violations 21 summer09/27/2022 06:31PM
Exmormon Denver Riggleman and the insurrection 18 briantchrist09/27/2022 09:53PM
Patriarch Kirill: Russian Soldiers Who Die In Battle Will Be Free From Sin 19 anybody09/26/2022 02:07PM
After 10-15 years, DH has begun attending church again. 11 catnip09/27/2022 01:18AM
There are no schools or universities in the Book of Mormon. 15 behindcurtain09/22/2022 09:58PM
The Bailiwick, and other ZCMI stories Strangite209/27/2022 10:58PM
I cant help but wonder... 15 rander7006/29/2012 04:53PM
New service project request to members. 32 Silence is Golden09/19/2022 12:42PM
Testimony Meetings Reflect the Church Today 35 Concerned09/05/2022 05:19PM
Oath Keeper leader made LDS wife strip full time so he could focus on law schrodingerscat09/26/2022 02:58PM
Mormon woman gets Celtics BB Coach suspended 16 BoydKKK09/24/2022 10:03AM
BBC: Iranian Women Are Burning Hijabs (VIDEO) 46 anybody09/20/2022 09:35PM
For some Xtians, Rapture anxiety can take a lifetime to heal. schrodingerscat09/27/2022 05:45PM
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O/T was this doctor unethical? Elder Berry09/27/2022 05:58PM
Do you think someone from BYU designed this? Villager09/27/2022 08:52PM
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O/T what are a few wrinkles in math? 12 Elder Berry09/24/2022 06:46PM
Is Mormon God a little bit psycho? 19 bradley09/26/2022 02:27AM
Is sex as important to women as it is to men? 30 auntsukey09/21/2022 09:26PM
Everything they asked of you 11 blackcoatsdaughter09/27/2022 08:35AM
Prior to first endowment wondered if oral sex would be declared off limits. Cafeteria Mormon09/22/2022 05:06PM
What do YOU think is the reason members are finally walking away? 62 messygoop09/19/2022 11:19AM
Sleeping pills 34 Cauda09/16/2022 05:54AM
Strangely my mother loves the book Where The Crawdads Sing Elder Berry09/24/2022 07:08PM
I just read an article claiming PTSD leads to losing car keys Elder Berry09/24/2022 07:22PM
O/T: Horrible SL AirPort design 25 GNPE09/25/2022 11:07AM
>"Disrobed"...An Ode To Shedding Garments...Did U Grieve Or Celebrate Or... BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/25/2022 07:47PM
MORmON Mom shunned by CULT, now a ‘Mormon Mistress’ fetish schrodingerscat09/22/2022 08:34PM
"Tight, like unto a dish" on YouTube olderelder09/25/2022 09:01PM
re: magnets and exmos ~ 14 ziller09/25/2022 03:57PM
Patrick Mason says he thinks BY and JS sinned when... 21 John Corrill09/25/2022 12:48AM
Become Like Jesus is the the Mantra in Church Today 56 Toronto Boy09/13/2022 11:51AM
Growing up Mormon: Was Tide a no-no in the house? 25 messygoop09/23/2022 04:47PM
Writing methods before the invention of paper are not mentioned in the BOM. 11 behindcurtain09/22/2022 10:27PM
re: the autumn equinox & the demon moroni ~ ziller09/22/2022 11:07AM
Big 15 Dead Pool 19 Elder Berry09/22/2022 12:35PM
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Was our fine tuned universe - tuned by God or multiverse? Brian Greene schrodingerscat09/24/2022 05:07PM
Meaning of life - a secular view 49 Eric K09/20/2022 08:20AM
Another TV show making the Mormons look bad Brother Of Jerry09/21/2022 05:46PM
States Rights and the Prohibition of Abortion 30 Lot's Wife09/22/2022 11:27PM
Watching Ken Burns' U.S. & the Holocaust... GNPE09/21/2022 09:48PM