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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
Cont. of closed thread started by Smiles that was ruthlessly thread jacked 11 Beth09/21/2020 01:35AM
For those of you who served a mission CrispingPin09/21/2020 05:22PM
Food storage 26 Beth09/19/2020 01:51AM
Toxic positivity and science denialism 30 schrodingerscat09/18/2020 02:03PM
"Golden Family" -- seen them lately? 15 cludgie09/20/2020 09:11PM
OT: Science Fictions 14 Greener Mark09/21/2020 01:47PM
"It's like Mormons" Columbia Prof. John McWhortor schrodingerscat09/21/2020 09:01PM
Jeremiah Johnson: "God Will Punish RBG for Every Act of Abomination” 13 anybody09/21/2020 09:42AM
Amy Coney Barrett Is A Handmaid. Yes, Really. A Handmaid. anybody09/21/2020 10:01AM
Utah Officer Faces Felony Charge For Ordering Police Dog To Bite Black Man 35 Dave the Atheist09/18/2020 01:26AM
& Today's Mormon Stories Video Release Entitled: They've Known All Along... BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/21/2020 07:52PM
When us guys accrue all the "Omni" stuff and are turned loose to be ghawds, elderolddog09/21/2020 05:31PM
& Today's LDS-INC Video Release Is: Bednar Admitting To Hearing Voices... BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/21/2020 06:28PM
Nephite calendrical data fit well in an ancient Mesoamerican setting Elder Berry09/21/2020 02:49PM
O/T An artist I like did a Corona song (explict lyric) Elder Berry09/21/2020 06:34PM
Why are BOM heroes all jacked up on roids!?!? 23 schrodingerscat09/15/2020 10:25AM
Would you tell... Investigator ? W8sted2years09/21/2020 03:35PM
Are these guys mormons? iceman909009/21/2020 03:48PM
Someone want to help me out? 19 Elder Berry09/18/2020 02:53PM
Debt: borrowing vs. lending 22 CrispingPin09/16/2020 11:29AM
Coffee and Tea are really good for you!! 19 Oregon09/20/2020 03:22PM
If you don't trust in god, what do you trust in? schrodingerscat09/20/2020 11:57PM
Missions are Fakebook now 18 Elder Berry09/03/2020 03:04PM
Mostly OT Pandemic music... 22 knotheadusc09/16/2020 12:58PM
Who here remembers Deconstructor? 40 icloud09/18/2020 01:24PM
Research shows men are more likely to leave Mormonism, especially in Utah 13 Russell Mallard09/19/2020 01:53PM
(O/T) Do therapists burn out at a quick rate? 13 iceman909009/18/2020 11:25PM
It is interesting to me 11 thedesertrat109/19/2020 12:11PM
As an athiest... 60 Smiles09/17/2020 07:06PM
Last week, I saw missionaries cycling by in 115°F degree heat. Sad. anybody09/20/2020 01:21PM
An attempt at explaining the mind of a true believer 22 Devoted Exmo09/17/2020 09:54AM
Apologies PapaKen09/19/2020 11:07PM
On this day in 1915... 22 Soft Machine09/15/2020 05:55AM
What is "truth" now that you no longer believe in Joseph's Myth? 17 schrodingerscat09/16/2020 05:13PM
Haughty Double Standards and Judgmental Jerks 20 Gordon B. Stinky09/09/2020 04:35PM
Possible Signs Of Life Detected In The Venusian Atmosphere 37 anybody09/14/2020 12:44PM
Van Morrison 18 Dave the Atheist09/18/2020 07:00PM
BYU helps Utah obliterate old covid daily case record. 22 Brother Of Jerry09/18/2020 03:50PM
What’s the point of missionary work? 40 iceman909009/05/2020 10:33PM
Posers 16 Gordon B. Stinky09/06/2020 03:58PM
So what, if anything, happened to 2-1/2 minute talks & the Sacramenr gem? 27 elderolddog09/12/2020 08:22PM
Did You Ever See Any LDS Artistic Images of Melchizedek 20 jumping_javelina09/17/2020 05:29PM
Beware...Missionaries are contacting inactives 33 messygoop09/15/2020 11:40PM
Can I complain? Missions today are so not what I did. 51 Elder Berry09/15/2020 12:16PM
Star , Idaho 1st ward 28 subeamnotlogedin10/03/2019 11:26AM
6 members of family in Utah positive for COVID-19 Phantom Shadow09/19/2020 12:43AM
The Sealed Portion had been released (yet again) 13 Russell Mallard09/17/2020 11:38AM
What if we had it backwards all along? 48 schrodingerscat09/11/2020 09:27PM
A report on a study of mine 61 thedesertrat109/16/2020 08:37PM
Can't believe it's been 15 years... adamisfree200609/18/2020 03:30PM
As far as translated correctly? 21 OneWayJay09/14/2020 07:09PM
Why True Believers Resist Logic 19 schrodingerscat09/17/2020 02:44PM
O/T Esp. for Beth: Yuengling is coming to town! Brother Of Jerry09/16/2020 05:55PM
Southern Baptists Are Now "Great Commission Baptists" 23 anybody09/15/2020 09:45AM
Racism should have ended 20 years ago, 61 schrodingerscat09/12/2020 06:31PM