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Politesse Questionmaker02/14/2018 04:15PM
BYU transcripts, myths and reality, way long, but I hope useful to Zoobies Brother Of Jerry02/13/2018 07:59PM
Faith healing illini02/12/2018 04:36AM
Orrin Hatch's vile defense of wife beater entirely w/in character 10 koriwhore02/09/2018 08:30AM
Deception & the Asch Conformity Experiment T-Bone02/13/2018 09:26PM
Easter question for Mormons Dead Cat02/14/2018 10:27AM
We are a game changer! 14 baura02/13/2018 02:07AM
And verily it came to pass... 11 perdition02/13/2018 01:40PM
Have you ever read way below the angels? crazyhorse02/12/2018 06:02PM
Are these bones in Peru the remains of "Jaredites"? 22 hello02/12/2018 08:52PM
Seventh-Day Adventist Church / LDS Church 33 RPackham03/27/2016 03:27PM
Missionaries texted me today 16 crazyhorse02/05/2018 04:25PM
HEY DESERTMAN! Lethbridge Reprobate02/13/2018 12:31PM
Tried "Meals on Wheels" first time today. 22 catnip02/13/2018 01:50AM
LDS wives of abusive husbands counseled to stay in the marriage (link) tamboruco02/13/2018 05:25PM
Why are mormons offended by book of Mormon musical? 36 crazyhorse02/08/2018 08:05AM
It's a February Miracle? GregS02/13/2018 02:40PM
Religious joke - let's be blasphemous 44 T-Bone02/02/2018 08:42AM
My physicist/mathematician child believes we're all part of one big Matrix 61 Amyjo02/11/2018 09:00AM
Rob Porter - Assistant to the President as in AP Anon for this02/12/2018 10:37PM
Recent Mission President excommunicated 47 mannaz09/25/2015 09:17AM
Even the old Redwood Trees have a Lifespan 20 Amyjo02/12/2018 03:30PM
burial 21 gayle02/10/2018 03:12PM
Lost gold dirtbikr02/13/2018 11:16AM
"You want a blessing...from me?" 12 GregS02/13/2018 08:23AM
Is TSCC still good for cosplay? Babyloncansuckit02/13/2018 11:21AM
X number of kids too many (language & adult) 38 Rodney anonymous11/26/2017 12:32PM
Before the Three hour block meetings! 31 Britboy02/11/2018 08:23AM
No offers for single attendees to sit with others. 18 Insulted02/11/2018 03:58PM
Usually I post funny stuff, but... (OT) 15 Chicken N. Backpacks02/12/2018 06:18PM
Maya and the Book of Mormon, Response to BOMC mosiash02/12/2018 01:21PM
It's Sunday. What else to do besides 3-hour block sessions? 24 Amyjo02/11/2018 12:00PM
"Hating on" Tom Brady 'cuz he's a cheater? Talk about divine deflection. 23 steve benson02/06/2018 03:53PM
More temple visitor's centers closing - why? (link) 21 tamboruco02/09/2018 12:52PM
Mormons can't prove science anything about their church! crazyhorse02/13/2018 12:55AM
"When you touch yourself an angel dies" 21 anybody09/08/2017 09:06PM
paranoid?/3 am crazy talk sunbitch02/11/2018 07:09PM
Resolutely Beginning with Art catnip02/12/2018 04:00PM
Getting book of Mormon ads now crazyhorse02/12/2018 06:52PM
Here's what's happening lately 61 Jonny the Smoke02/09/2018 01:20PM
Any known cases of recorded bishop's interviews for playback pleasure? (n/t) 10 anybody02/09/2018 09:35AM
Will #metoo take down the patriarcal doomsday CULT of Joseph's Myth? koriwhore02/12/2018 03:29PM
Rob Porter LDS member and Trump Staff Secy, ex-wife speaks of his abuse 60 Anon1802/07/2018 12:57AM
Are You Afraid Of Change? anybody02/12/2018 06:33PM
Separation of Church & State gullwing02/12/2018 05:43PM
My problems with masturbation and porn 42 Elder Berry02/09/2018 05:24PM
Are you suffering from Par-en-ting? Elder Berry02/12/2018 04:25PM
Utah among top 10 states Peeps are leaving in USA. 41 Amyjo02/10/2018 12:44AM
Funeral service for Jon Huntsman 15 memikeyounot02/10/2018 03:52PM
Abuse Bishop Training Video by Dallin Oaks - just leaked cricket02/12/2018 10:30AM
Really? Pornography is the same as cheating??? 24 Betty G02/07/2018 11:49AM
Snakes!!! 33 Hockeyrat02/10/2018 08:38PM
Post-Mormonism and STD's? 12 angela02/11/2018 12:37PM
Sexual slavery as a virtue 26 Elder Berry02/09/2018 01:51PM
Southern Alberta father convicted of baby's death invited to wellness expo 10 animatheist02/11/2018 11:41AM