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O/T Parrots separated for swearing Dave the Atheist10/03/2020 03:32PM
For Sale: BYU year bk, 1956 pollythinks10/03/2020 09:22PM
Anyone Besides me Feel Beaten up After 45 Minutes of Conference 21 Secular Priest10/03/2020 12:56PM
is general conference taped or live? what did i miss? 12 faithless10/03/2020 12:49PM
‘schadenfreude’ Lookups spiked 30,500% on 10/02/20 schrodingerscat10/03/2020 03:27PM
Groundbreaking for Harare Temple finally set 10 anonyXmo10/01/2020 10:39PM
Tonight on ABC Nightline 20 subeamnotlogedin06/28/2019 04:48PM
The crazy’s are loose! Lol luvlyldy10/03/2020 10:05AM
Trying To Fund Information on JS Selling BoM Copyright 22 Toronto Boy09/30/2020 05:38PM
Why isn't the Holy Ghost represented in the temple ceremony? 26 KooKooFORKokaubeam09/30/2020 10:27AM
All of them are using masks Joker10/03/2020 12:06PM
Eric Kettunen and Rauni Higley - gifts that keep on giving! cricket10/03/2020 08:22AM
ExMo in lead for Nobel Peace Prize - but not MORmON's favorite politician schrodingerscat10/03/2020 09:24AM
Slothfulness bradley10/03/2020 04:02AM
BYU police wants to keep things secret (link) 10 gemini10/01/2020 08:44PM
Is it the Spirit or just brain chemistry? CrispingPin10/02/2020 02:52PM
"the Donald", president Trump, & first Lady test positive (Twitter) (o/t) 70 ufotofu10/02/2020 01:55AM
BYU, home of the new KGB and GESTAPO JoeSmith66610/02/2020 08:49AM
O/T: Logos inherent in nature. Buckyballs in space. schrodingerscat10/02/2020 07:22PM
Been talking with a momo friend about about all the things 15 Cold-Dodger09/29/2020 01:24PM
Should We Consecrate Our Coffee? 17 Done & Done09/30/2020 10:18AM
Racial Classification Is Arbitrary And Bogus. Here's a paper to read. anybody10/02/2020 01:00PM
There is no such thing as "race." All humans are the same species. 15 anybody10/02/2020 10:02AM
OT: Being Gay 13 pollythinks10/01/2020 06:41PM
Young marrieds - more kids=more blessings? JoeSmith66610/02/2020 10:31AM
RfM's lost boy is back, DECONSTRUCTOR, with my mission photos icloud10/01/2020 02:28AM
James the Mormon, aka JTM, rap artist? snagglepuss10/02/2020 03:41AM
(yes, I tried searching!) BYU Police / Honor's Office dust-up? GNPE09/27/2020 04:10PM
Mostly OT Pandemic music... 30 knotheadusc09/16/2020 12:58PM
O/T: Martin Milner has gone to the great highway in the sky. He was 83. 13 anybody10/01/2020 04:07PM
Drink deeply from the goblet of blinded by the light: a missionary miracle elderolddog10/01/2020 10:12PM
Patriarchal Blessing 39 hujo09/27/2020 02:41PM
Mocking other religions, yes missionary follies messygoop09/29/2020 09:42PM
Another refutation of the Book of Abraham Soft Machine10/01/2020 04:31AM
TBM friend committed suicide 16 chsdolls09/30/2020 07:46PM
Did you know there are Nephite artifacts buried in Central America? 16 Elder Berry09/29/2020 03:43PM
When you encounter people who can’t be touched by reason 14 Cold-Dodger09/30/2020 10:56AM
Lambda-The Cosmological Constant, Einstein called his biggest blunder 56 schrodingerscat09/25/2020 03:21PM
Roots Rant, from 1971 donbagley09/30/2020 08:31PM
Who here remembers Deconstructor? 68 icloud09/18/2020 01:24PM
Founder of Salt Lake's LGBQT Community Passes Away... 11 SL Cabbie09/30/2020 01:30PM
Neanderthal genes may make Covid worse [|]09/30/2020 07:27PM
Story Time, because I like to share joehova09/30/2020 08:44PM
One still can't remove Mormonism retroactively. It would be grandfathered. Elder Berry09/30/2020 02:45PM
I got the job! Woo hoo! 21 Roy G Biv09/24/2020 07:35PM
One missionary cost that I had forgotten about... 13 messygoop09/24/2020 06:21AM
Esoteric meanings in the Book of Mormon Talk to the Bishop09/30/2020 06:30AM
Lighting on wooden submarines 11 Dave the Atheist09/28/2020 02:51AM
I wish I could quit you 13 Lowpriest09/29/2020 01:53PM
Temple Prayer Rolls. Is that like egg rolls? 17 EXON4609/25/2020 03:04PM
Today is? Calendar, history, current events, what's happening... moremany09/29/2020 02:01PM
Did anyone lose faith because God wasn't reliable? 18 catnip09/29/2020 02:10AM
Update on that LDS tax evasion lawsuit ? 16 Tax Collector09/27/2020 01:56PM
Don has a new poem and image to go with it cricket09/29/2020 04:43PM
For those of you who served a mission 26 CrispingPin09/21/2020 05:22PM