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Orange county Ca librarian11/03/2018 03:39PM
The #metoo movement is about 50 years overdue IMHO. koriwhore11/03/2018 02:40PM
How long will ministering last? 22 Rubicon10/30/2018 03:53AM
The Opinions Expressed On This Program Do Not Reflect Those Of Jesus Christ anybody11/03/2018 08:05AM
What is the driving force behind anti-Semitism? 60 catnip11/01/2018 11:06AM
How David Koresh persuaded Britons to join his cult of death anybody11/01/2018 07:24AM
(o/t) ~ ¿ ~ y'all getting any trigger treators ? ~ (srs) ~ 30 ziller10/31/2018 09:57PM
Russell Nelson tests positive for designer steroid PED cricket11/02/2018 12:21AM
The Anglesey Sisters from England notmonotloggedin11/01/2018 11:01PM
Historic Logan Square Ward in Chicago Discontinued Sharapata11/02/2018 01:42AM
Just found out Monson died 12 guy310/29/2018 08:26PM
Halloween BYU 1975 mrx10/31/2018 07:35PM
Do they still have 'Trunk or Treat' ? BOO11/01/2018 12:37AM
Russell M. Nelson is more radical than most Church presidents. behindcurtain11/01/2018 10:26PM
Two things The Church will never abandon in my opinion 30 Elder Berry10/30/2018 06:36PM
My 19 year old bride's underwear 13 danr11/01/2018 08:31PM
Canadian anthem 18 Hockeyrat11/01/2018 10:32PM
Is the Mormon name thing a shift in direction? 39 Tom Padley10/23/2018 02:16PM
Does Church Co perceive that its threats now come... 14 messygoop10/30/2018 02:18PM
Someone Has A "NEPHI" Car License Plate. 29 anybody10/28/2018 12:42PM
The Church to produce a historical drama tv series on Nauvoo Polygamy 13 Elder Berry10/31/2018 12:50PM
Ministering Sisters has become a Facebook Meme? Elder Berry11/01/2018 04:11PM
Mormon prophet has a personal hairdresser/makeup artist Hairdresser11/01/2018 11:34AM
Guess what happened when I called the Utah Suicide prevention hotline?? 16 Gideon11/01/2018 11:43AM
Nelson "unleashed" 38 Just Wonderin10/31/2018 04:01PM
Missionary website or bulletin board? Gheco11/01/2018 12:24AM
Losing their religion: Millenials including Mormons, leaving 17 Amyjo10/31/2018 11:18AM
Happy Halloween from up North! 13 Nightingale10/31/2018 02:29PM
Sometimes it really is them babyloncansuckit11/01/2018 12:44PM
How would it feel eternal111/01/2018 12:14PM
Why are large Mormon pageants being phased out among Mormons? (n/t) 13 Warren Jeffs10/30/2018 09:03PM
any christain group Lea11/01/2018 06:27AM
'Funny Thing' ? GNPE10/31/2018 07:04PM
HELP! Can anyone tell me the most stupid staments made by Joe and Brigham. 16 AlanXL10/31/2018 04:18AM
Halloween treat ...... cat watching horror movie Dave the Atheist11/01/2018 12:34AM
UPDATE! SL-Tribune Accidentally Releases FP & Q-12 Halloween Party Photo... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/31/2018 03:21PM
AP: Church Discourages 'Bright Colors' 26 Anziano Young10/28/2018 03:52PM
Why is the church removing what little fun is had at church and events? 47 kilgravmaga10/28/2018 07:35AM
Leah Remini turns her cult outing focus to the JW's 20 smirkorama10/29/2018 07:36PM
First Temple -- Oakland Township PA? fudley10/31/2018 10:31PM
Every Mormon Prophet gets a two-album deal... Wally Prince10/31/2018 11:38PM
OT/Spooky Stories continued..... 20 valkyriequeen10/26/2018 06:38PM
So as to avoid hijacking the license plate thread. . . catnip10/30/2018 02:56AM
Salt Lake Tribune Accidentally Releases FP & Q-12 Halloween Party Photo... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/30/2018 04:08PM
another apparent shutting down of an activity canuck guy10/31/2018 08:39PM
Untold Book of Mormon Stories ~ “Josiah Hatchbanger’s Ghost” ~ ziller10/26/2018 09:43PM
If they welcomed Sam Young back to the fold and made him a GA... Elder Berry10/31/2018 11:18AM
Is it possible Nelson knows the church is a fraud? 45 danr10/28/2018 11:02AM
Paul H Dunn Mormon Deceiver Mormon Dreamer isthechurchtrue10/30/2018 05:45PM
re: Church's new name--call it what it is 11 cludgie10/27/2018 03:31PM
Hill Cumorah Pageant ending in 2020 39 canuck guy10/27/2018 08:36PM
Likening the scriptures to our personal lives... Wally Prince10/31/2018 03:46AM
Dr Phil Today 31 Lethbridge Reprobate10/22/2018 02:56PM
'Oh say what is truth?' Is the death knell to Mormonism. Amyjo10/31/2018 09:10AM
We want friendship and fun 26 Rubicon10/30/2018 03:24AM