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Forget civil marriages first. They ought to merge marriage and mission! Elder Berry05/06/2019 04:51PM
buzzfeed convinced me The Illuminati are real and Nelson is one! 18 Elder Berry05/02/2019 03:59PM
Temple Square Wall 36 Screen Name04/30/2019 06:20AM
O/T Worlds largest steam locomotive is back ! 13 Dave the Atheist05/04/2019 01:55AM
Short News Article on Steve Benson 29 desertwoman04/06/2019 04:26PM
Now your wretched infidel friends can attend your wedding 11 sinner outside the Temple05/06/2019 11:14AM
May 6 is National Nurses Day Dave the Atheist05/06/2019 11:47AM
The opportunity of a lifetime /s 43 elderolddog05/03/2019 03:00PM
I know know why Joseph Smith was inspired to sell The BofM copyright Elder Berry05/01/2019 02:43PM
How Steve Benson's stake president tried to bring him to heel--from Africa ^04/05/2016 12:29AM
Indian Army Team Finds Yeti Footprints In The Himalaya 13 anybody05/04/2019 12:48PM
What JS Shoulda REALLY Hollered As He Lept From The Carthage Jail Window??? (n/t) 22 BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/04/2019 12:43AM
SB's At The AZ Mirror lillium05/05/2019 02:02PM
O/T anyone have a stoma reversal? Bad experience? 13 Gheco05/02/2019 01:27AM
Battle of Cumorah vs Battle of Winterfell Gheco05/05/2019 06:13PM
I know you're all enthralled with news about the Osmonds.... memikeyounot05/05/2019 03:12PM
Study Reveals Effects Of Viewing Porn On Conservative Christians 18 anybody05/05/2019 09:47AM "Mr Gay USA?.....what the hell?............. ConcernedCitizen 2.005/05/2019 08:58PM
Mormon college grad comes out as gay in Valedictorian speech 14 Amyjo04/30/2019 02:35PM
Methinks thou dost protesteth too much! 11 koriwhore05/04/2019 12:54AM
OT: Marriott CEO has Pancreatic Cancer 21 Marriott_Watcher05/03/2019 11:01AM
Family wedding in Nauvoo usedtoknow05/05/2019 01:58PM
Bryce Blankenagel - BOM - How it was created - Spalding, Rigdon oregon05/03/2019 09:22PM
Most likely origin of The Book of Mormon 36 Bruce R. McDonkie05/02/2019 02:44AM
Hey, mormons, here's a money-maker...for free! elderolddog05/04/2019 02:49PM
(o/t) What do you fear? Do you go out of your way to feel "safe?" (n/t) anybody05/04/2019 05:00AM
LDS handling of sex-abuse hotline (@Daily Mail) 3X05/04/2019 11:37AM
Looking for Steve Benson 54 academic03/16/2019 11:57AM
O/T - Surprise! Trans woman shatters world female weightlifting records! 54 honklermaga05/02/2019 10:00AM
Cl2 ... 48 kathleen04/22/2019 09:41PM
The Family Proclamation 17 elderolddog05/02/2019 08:23PM
This was just on my fb page. Just curious to hear comments. 49 cl204/30/2019 09:45PM
The end of the beginning of the Renaissance: Leonardo DV died 500 yrs ago Brother Of Jerry05/03/2019 12:12AM
Missionaries and changes in the Church 23 commongentile04/30/2019 04:51PM
Did Mormons start the concept of the Great & Abominable (RC) church? GNPE05/03/2019 02:36AM
First Vision Essay 40 mikemitchell04/29/2019 04:23PM
Trevor Noah calls Scientologists "Space Mormons" 25 stillanon05/03/2019 10:25AM
my idea of hell - quarantined cruise ship 19 laperla not logged in05/02/2019 05:08PM
Another Mormon sex offender in the national news olderelder04/29/2019 12:13AM
Mormons disappointed.... I'm successful 22 downsouth05/02/2019 07:59AM
ExMo scientist TED lecture on Natures Ninjas in fight against bacteria. schrodingerscat05/03/2019 06:06PM
W. Virginia Mormon abuse coverup? The_documentor05/03/2019 05:27PM
Dead Chewbacca Dave the Atheist05/03/2019 09:42AM
Is mormonism true ? 16 Dave the Atheist05/02/2019 01:17AM
OT: New Japanese Emperor 28 Jordan05/02/2019 04:55PM
Random happiness 18 cuzx05/01/2019 11:15AM
Dint We Assume Tithing $$$ Was Being Used Mostly 4 Humanitarian & NOT 4... 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/01/2019 10:37PM
O/T Modern Online-era Social Media Vocabulary Question Gordon B. Stinky05/03/2019 12:36PM
Did anybody else see epic takedown of abusive CULT onVice News last night? schrodingerscat05/03/2019 10:03AM
Where is Mad Alice and Anagrammy?? 14 mythb4meat05/01/2019 05:25PM
Answer to “evidence of god” post 28 resipsaloquitur04/29/2019 03:18PM
Do Mormons overthink everything? 18 GNPE05/01/2019 11:46AM
YouTube Child Abuse 37 Angry05/02/2019 09:25AM
Married and abusive sibling expands her "hamster-wheel" - why? 17 Khaliffa05/02/2019 01:16PM
New Evidence Suggests Denisovans Spread All Over Asia 60 anybody05/01/2019 01:16PM