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I'm afraid. Very afraid. Things are getting worse. Much worse. 55 anybody03/01/2023 11:34PM
ExMormon song three03/05/2023 11:15PM
HCA hospitals accused of chronic understaffing, including Utah & Idaho 23 summer03/04/2023 09:03AM
Did Joey & others intend to confuse Right/Wrong GNPE03/04/2023 03:59PM
The Mormon Brain - Some Random Thoughts 19 Hedning03/02/2023 11:41PM
Black priesthood ban didn’t come from God or Joseph Smith schrodingerscat03/04/2023 12:54PM
Josh and Lolly Weed subeamnotlogedin03/04/2023 06:25AM
BYP is on fire of late Happy_Heretic03/05/2023 12:06PM
Joseph, et al, lied 11 Papa Ken03/04/2023 05:03PM
Mandate Clergy Reporting - Utah State Capitol Protest 3-4-2023 cricket03/05/2023 04:57AM
For dagny: Guess what.(Sorry for hogging the board today: I'll shut up now) 54 Nightingale02/08/2023 09:52PM
Man sets himself alight in protest at Mormon mafia Refiler03/04/2023 06:35PM
Three distributors for Utah-based doTERRA fined $15K each for false claims summer03/04/2023 05:43PM
VT Xtian School Refuses To Play Against Trans Student, Forfeits Game 53 anybody03/02/2023 11:19AM
SC Arrests Woman For Ending Pregnancy With Pills, Welcome To Gilead 26 anybody03/03/2023 07:06PM
Semi O/T: How much ice cream can you eat? Are you a glutton? messygoop03/02/2023 05:34PM
Police Shooting in Farmington, UT 64 Lot's Wife03/03/2023 07:46PM
Need some help finding any documents about Polygamy 61 vahn42103/01/2023 07:10PM
Slavery in early Utah 15 Soft Machine03/02/2023 09:21AM
O/T: CA Snow Disaster Areas, Please Check In If You Can 10 Tevai03/03/2023 01:33AM
I've got two smoking hot young women in my ward .. 59 Cafeteria Mormon02/22/2023 06:49PM
Heather Gay's Book: "Bad Mormon" evileric03/03/2023 07:28AM
O/T ? 11 GNPE03/02/2023 02:42PM
We cannot damage the church any more than it is damaging itself 12 Rubicon03/02/2023 08:13PM
Great video on WoW and Joey Smith Happy_Heretic03/03/2023 08:30AM
Putin Rails Against CoE For Non-Gendered Pronouns For God 27 anybody02/21/2023 11:42AM
FB ad from church encouraging victims to come forward? 13 messygoop03/01/2023 12:11PM
re: the question in the dark ~ ziller03/01/2023 12:07PM
coffee 31 dimmesdale02/10/2023 11:55AM
O/T: "Dilbert" Canceled After Creator Goes On YouTube Racist Rant 61 anybody02/25/2023 09:31PM
Once the Sillyness starts, it’s in ‘for good’ ( in this case BAD :( GNPE03/02/2023 03:30PM
Utah legislature to not vote on bill requiring clergy report abuse 12 [|]03/01/2023 01:54AM
Interesting Turn of Events onthedownlow02/28/2023 05:18PM
Sick MTC leaders force missionaries to contact 50 people per day on Faceboo 22 George Rosso03/01/2023 05:24PM
The LDS Church could be a $1Trillion organization in 50 years. 26 Rubicon02/23/2023 05:24AM
Should Russ go to jail? 20 Rubicon02/23/2023 03:29AM
Can't say 'fat'. Editing/Modernizing Roald Dahl books. 38 Nightingale02/26/2023 04:03PM
What if Nelson was suddenly called home? 16 dot matrix printer02/23/2023 11:49AM
Age 18 dimmesdale02/19/2023 10:03AM
The anti-racist Mormon trying to teach his fellow LDS church members OP02/23/2023 07:10PM
Angry Mormon coolly dismantles FP dishonesty George Rosso03/01/2023 05:43PM
Tom Green polygamist subeamnotlogedin03/01/2023 10:34AM
Christian School Embraces LGBTQ community. Loses Donors. Closes. 25 Nightingale03/01/2023 01:32PM
Russell Nelson Nudges The Fudge cricket02/28/2023 12:40PM
The 13 shell companies 16 summer02/22/2023 01:09PM
O/T Moon Dave the Atheist03/01/2023 03:14AM
I think LDS Corp has sold their tokens of authority for money Elder Berry02/28/2023 01:04PM
Maybe she could popularize soft child abusing too? Elder Berry02/28/2023 11:55AM
Black investor group Redemption Holding Company makes historic acquisition blindguy02/28/2023 07:14PM
Eternal Family Scare Tactic 16 Out and about02/22/2023 07:09PM
"You can't fight fire with ire!" 10 elderolddog02/27/2023 10:15PM
O/T Best trolling at school board meeting ... Dave the Atheist02/26/2023 02:11PM
Mistakes were made 43 Elder Berry02/21/2023 06:31PM
Invited to a baptism post resignation/ realizing I joined bc of deep issues 17 Out and about02/27/2023 05:25AM
MORmON leaders deliberately hid wealth to keep Mormons paying tithing 10 schrodingerscat02/25/2023 12:12PM