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More "christian" racist behavior stillanon09/03/2019 01:25PM
how to handle this 23 kizzie08/31/2019 02:18PM
Explain the so called bloodline of Jesus to me 48 experimentsubject08/24/2019 12:44AM
A Hilarious Thing People Failed to Trademark - Mormon Elder Berry08/30/2019 04:19PM
Off Topic: Talkin' 'bout ticks 20 Bloodsucker08/29/2019 08:41PM
Help me understand this BYU rule... 32 tig08/30/2019 11:15AM
Tennessee Pastor Rails Against Interracial Marriage anybody09/02/2019 07:07PM
Do you still believe Gods commandment, to love fellow men ? 22 schrodingerscat08/30/2019 12:34AM
Will Church Baptize People who Claim they are Neither Male or Female 19 Toronto Boy09/01/2019 08:35PM
Yet more religious freedom ... 13 Dave the Atheist09/02/2019 11:41AM
Is the edit button gone? 16 Devoted Exmo09/01/2019 06:34PM
MORmON politics about sex schrodingerscat09/02/2019 04:15PM
Do any Mormon archaeologists work outside of BYU? 10 Warren Jeffs09/01/2019 05:07AM
Utah sex education isn't working! High STDS. (link) 35 gemini08/28/2019 03:34PM
Ziller, got an emergency here & need advice 10 I hate screen names08/31/2019 10:42PM
The next step for tithing? summer09/01/2019 07:25PM
More mormonism in the news ... Boy beaten with guitar for refusing church 15 Dave the Atheist08/24/2019 11:23PM
Emergency preparedness 21 gettinreal08/29/2019 10:53AM
Following the priesthood into bad business decisions 10 BAIIPLUS09/01/2019 06:51AM
Why is UofO paying millions to school that discriminates against gays? schrodingerscat09/01/2019 04:01PM
Children interviews 13 Godzilla08/30/2019 04:27PM
Sunstone London UK 10 brit-exmo08/29/2019 05:42PM
Are "Books of Remembrance" still a thing? 25 Brother Of Jerry08/27/2019 06:42PM
New Evidence That "Clovis First" Is Wrong 33 Lot's Wife08/30/2019 02:39AM
It's Sunday!! What is everyone doing? 11 kativicky09/01/2019 12:40PM
O/T: How STUPID are Arizona police??? 19 GNPE08/28/2019 09:35PM
It is Now ok to discriminate against Atheists according to Feds 48 Anonymousecat08/29/2019 04:54PM
Studying the "other" Mormonisms? 16 Space Pineapple08/29/2019 07:52PM
The U.K. Which year saw your ward begin to decline (2007 here) (n/t) 57 Politic08/15/2019 02:58AM
O/T. Valerie Harper died yesterday...... memikeyounot08/31/2019 10:49AM
Satan, or Lucifer... (n/t) 19 anybody08/30/2019 05:25PM
70s and 80s, while you were in church. 33 Human08/25/2019 06:16PM
did R. Dean Udy make get released from prison yet? 29 somnambulist05/20/2015 11:29AM
No guns at church, even in TX, where that's legal 61 schrodingerscat08/26/2019 05:23PM
Mother/daughter team Dave the Atheist08/31/2019 09:43PM
Idaho artifacts show human presense 16,600 years ago-LINK 10 Topper08/30/2019 04:48PM
Extreme yoga is bad Dave the Atheist08/30/2019 12:39AM
Naked Mormonism podcast-episode 168=council of 50 LINK Topper08/31/2019 04:28PM
Ziller, any safety advice for exmos in the path of Hurricane Dorian? (n/t) 10 I hate screen names08/30/2019 10:25PM
The LDS Church is falling all over itself becoming Political Correct. 21 Jacko Mo Mo08/28/2019 12:46AM
exmo safety thred ~ Re: exmo safety ~ 12 ziller08/28/2019 09:44PM
I bet not all newly minted ghawds become parents! elderolddog08/30/2019 06:33PM
What does the bishop say? Elder Berry08/28/2019 03:14PM
Holy War scheduled for tomorrow at 8:15 MDT. 22 elderolddog08/28/2019 10:43PM
Satan's plan was to coerce everyone into being righteous.... 23 Wally Prince08/30/2019 02:25AM
After the AVERAGE game from last night .....(edited) memikeyounot08/30/2019 06:50PM
Meet Your Earliest Known Ancestor: Australopithecus Anamensis 38 anybody08/28/2019 10:58PM
What's the "explanation" for Christian religious racism? anybody08/30/2019 03:42PM
More more "Mormon" and no more "LDS"... 20 Anonski08/28/2019 05:36PM
What was the name of the lingerie LDS women had home parties to sell? 35 Villager06/29/2015 06:20PM
Emotional abus is irrational and close to animal like behavior Suke Lkywalkee08/29/2019 08:39PM
Follow the prophet 12 babyloncansuckit08/28/2019 09:16PM
Want to tell prophet he has less priesthood then the pope 18 catholicbob08/27/2019 03:50AM
For SL Cabbie: Europeans Descended From Three Groups -- Incl. Siberians 22 anybody08/22/2019 07:56PM