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Scientology Announces The Scientology Channel 22 anybody03/12/2018 05:01AM
Jehovah's witness texted me today crazyhorse03/15/2018 06:08PM
Happy Pi Day! How Pi are you? (n/t) 20 Amyjo03/14/2018 11:05AM
Stephen Hawking Is Dead. He wasn't afraid of the dark. RIP 30 anybody03/13/2018 11:53PM
Problem with trees 18 laperla not logged in03/10/2018 06:13PM
It's not a secret it's sacred, always wanted to use this line against a mo Badassadam103/15/2018 03:52PM
If you don't stand for something... 11 Elder Berry03/13/2018 02:27PM
When family writes you a letter, don't open it. Badassadam103/13/2018 09:52PM
Thus sprayeth the bored. When I say, "Bless you" as a non-believer......... 10 Elder Berry03/14/2018 03:28PM
Cleon 'n Ezra, Commies 'n Blacks, Unholy Rock 'n' Roll and Overthrowing God steve benson03/15/2018 07:42AM
The Mormons must go "Open Kimono" 12 Secular Geisha03/14/2018 03:07PM
Bountiful Utah 'Vagina' Billboard 28 What The What03/12/2018 03:19AM
Media lists 3 Republicans who could challenge Trump in 2020 (2 are Mormon) 28 ragnar03/13/2018 10:45AM
Why is everything anti Mormon to Mormons? 27 crazyhorse03/11/2018 08:25PM
Ricky Gervais explains religion in 2 minutes koriwhore03/14/2018 04:13PM
God is Love 54 mcthistle03/08/2018 03:20PM
Some suggestions Birdman03/15/2018 02:53AM
1st Grade Question: I Am The Beginning Of Everything,The End Of Everywhere 10 anybody03/08/2018 07:05PM
Annoying things missionaries said to me 13 crazyhorse03/13/2018 11:04PM
anyone have historical info on the mormon seagull n locusts miracle? 10 alaskawild03/12/2018 09:13PM
Pat Robertson: Beat Children Until They Respect Christian Beliefs 33 anybody03/09/2018 08:36AM
How long before Stephen Hawking is dead dunked? (n/t) slskipper03/14/2018 05:37PM
Rioting buddhists in the news Dave the Atheist03/15/2018 12:14AM
Exmo time-travel fantasies 12 baura03/13/2018 06:46AM
Sign at pi day student rally: Shummy03/14/2018 01:25PM
Helping the poor by giving to the rich? Amyjo03/14/2018 05:26PM
Are Missionaries Still Allowed On Lamanite Reservations In USA & Canada??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/13/2018 02:23AM
If your moral code doesn't condemn rape and slavery 13 koriwhore03/13/2018 11:40PM
Scientology getting raked over the coals (link) 3X03/14/2018 02:48PM
Anecdotal evidence the church is on the skids 51 L Tom Petty03/02/2018 05:43PM
Don's gifted us another short story "Fentanyl" 14 cricket03/12/2018 01:47PM
Maybe OT, but what the heck... Writing your own obituary 36 elderolddog03/11/2018 02:32PM
Welcome to the Hotel of Boredom 19 Elder Berry03/09/2018 01:21PM
Discuss. 13 Brad Free03/14/2018 03:20AM
The Missionary Program is Not Just bad, Its Worst SEcular Priest03/14/2018 10:23AM
Does the Atheist Movement have a sexism problem? 60 koriwhore03/07/2018 05:08PM
Happy pie day. Dave the Atheist03/14/2018 08:15AM
These Parents Have to Go to Court After Giving Their Baby Daughter a Very C 18 Anonymous 203/13/2018 06:59PM
My, how things change... 23 ificouldhietokolob03/08/2018 06:49PM
Scripture for lurking Mormon readers here . . . steve benson03/13/2018 08:20PM
Salt Lake City family featured in WSJ about addiction Anon1803/09/2018 06:03AM
Former bishop spending thousands to tell others that the Book of Mormon is 3X03/13/2018 05:38PM
Who were the KC exmos at the Dollop Punky's_Dilemma03/13/2018 09:24PM
Young Sheldon vs. Religion 19 koriwhore03/11/2018 04:25PM
The Curse of Tecumseh (sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!) NT Amyjo03/13/2018 07:26PM
Gull-ible Mormons swallow the fable of the crickets and the gulls ^05/04/2016 05:57AM
Is New Atheism dead or an idea worth saving? 50 koriwhore03/11/2018 04:52PM
Christian Dominionists Meet In D.C. To "Answer The Divine Call To War" anybody03/13/2018 04:09PM
Any attorneys that can quell concern on this IRI form to participate in YC 16 cheezus03/11/2018 03:23PM
Honor thy parents 12 bluebutterfly03/12/2018 01:43PM
Don't forget to spring forward. 21 Dave the Atheist03/10/2018 02:10PM
Psychologist Who Practised "Conversion" Therapy Has Sex With Men In Office 10 anybody03/12/2018 04:55AM
Are there any BICs from the early 80's even alive still? 57 Badassadam103/09/2018 05:34PM
I won't feel free until the morg dissolves. 32 Badassadam103/12/2018 11:04AM
Mormon. Org has new stupid adds now 11 crazyhorse03/12/2018 10:16PM