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Early Paleo Indian sites on the BC coast 56 RichardtheBad (not logged in)12/23/2019 03:34PM
No Tithing - no golden ticket to the McTemple SLTrib OpEd 17 schrodingerscat01/04/2020 02:45PM
NdGT doesn't see how god could be all powerful and all good 16 schrodingerscat12/31/2019 03:33PM
Feeling the reality of my life was ruined a little more today. 49 Warrior7178312/27/2019 12:50AM
Adult children of alcoholics more likely to convert to LDS? 40 not logged in (usually Duffy)07/12/2013 11:19AM
Slamtoons by Don and cricket cricket01/04/2020 09:35PM
Australia. LDS article on a day of fasting for Sunday, Jan. 5. 18 cl201/03/2020 10:39PM
OMG, Schrodinger’sCat, Quantum Particles found to be immoral !!! elderolddog01/04/2020 05:43PM
Fertility and marriage stats review at end of decade Brother Of Jerry01/04/2020 11:37PM
Questioning Joe Smith's Character: Possible Sources of His BoM "caractors"- 16 steve benson10/27/2015 11:36PM
Dealing with mourning 20 Tyson Dunn (not logged in)01/03/2020 08:18AM
Black Marriott patron forced to sign 'no party policy.' White guests aren't 16 blindguy01/03/2020 04:19PM
Mormonism Is One BIG Mutual Fund U Pay Into & Never Get Any ROI On YOUR $$$ (n/t) 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/30/2019 05:41PM
O/T Help, please! I have a Super USB Cassette Capture unit. It won't work! 16 matt01/12/2017 07:53PM
Born Unworthy to be Loved 32 pewsitter05/11/2013 08:35PM
Fasting never fails Razortooth01/04/2020 01:31PM
¿ does 2020 feel sexy to you exmos / apostates ? ~ 29 ziller01/02/2020 03:36PM
Don Bagley and Seminary - another "cutting edge" short story 10 cricket01/03/2020 01:23PM
The Plot Against America 28 Human01/03/2020 09:34AM
Some perspective on how 100 billion is 11 Old Al12/31/2019 08:20AM
Finally got around to watching "The Expanse." More Mormons in space anybody01/04/2020 01:58AM
What?! 16 Razortooth01/02/2020 03:14PM
O/T - Netflix suggestions, please 30 Screen Name01/01/2020 02:51PM
Preliminary NTSB report on Chamberlain SD plane crash 14 Brother Of Jerry01/03/2020 02:41PM
Happy New Year! 11 Susan I/S01/01/2020 03:57AM
U'd Think By Now That Chlorination Woulda Rid Utah's Drinking Water Of... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/02/2020 09:57PM
The Body of Christ 10 Done & Done01/03/2020 10:12AM
Methodist Schism: Church Expected To Split Over Marriage Equality anybody01/03/2020 02:50PM
I have a yes or no question for any bishop 22 thedesertrat101/01/2020 07:06PM
Greater things than I have done, you will do dumbmormons01/03/2020 01:55AM
Australia burns, wheres the mormon charity assistance? 13 Alan XL01/02/2020 07:35PM
(o/t) Protesters Storm US Embassy In Baghdad 48 anybody12/31/2019 09:01AM
Death by crucifix 14 Dave the Atheist12/30/2019 10:41PM
Question about the trauma of leaving the Church post mission. 45 srichardbellrock12/27/2019 01:23PM
More LDS crime: The Vallow/Daybell case in Idaho: 2 missing children chsdolls01/02/2020 07:14PM
But why don't you want to be a Mormon? 27 Razortooth12/29/2019 12:14PM
Who gets to define the word, God? 22 schrodingerscat12/30/2019 04:02PM
Things we'd like to see Mormon leadership do in 2020: 10 cludgie01/01/2020 02:44PM
Mention of Mormonism in article about dating Plaid n Paisley01/01/2020 08:37PM
Pope Francis is slapping people 64 Beth01/01/2020 06:31PM
Gold Teeth, $100B & Christmas Dinner 15 Nightingale12/29/2019 07:17PM
Yet Another 'mormon' clue on Jeopardy :{ GNPE01/01/2020 10:47PM
Another weird Mormon Jeopardy question 10 dagny01/01/2020 08:22PM
They made 100 billion off brainwashing children Warrior7178312/31/2019 06:18PM
Rewind: Return and report re. Dec. 29th. (n/t) Pooped01/01/2020 09:36PM
CHL and the LDS gun policy 11 downsouth12/31/2019 11:03PM
O/T - Today is a sad day for me. 12 catnip12/30/2019 08:17PM
Off topic: Outhouses 44 pollythinks12/27/2019 06:16PM
Cripple Creek - Don's latest short story and ... 11 cricket12/30/2019 08:27PM
Utah has the highest rate of Ponzi schemes per capita in the U.S. 13 summer12/30/2019 05:55PM
Conversion therapy survivor says Mormon church pays for its members... animatheist12/31/2019 05:33PM
Luxury Bunkers For The Apocalypse 17 anybody12/31/2019 07:46AM
My personal reaction 28 donbagley12/21/2019 04:32PM
Update on Rexburg Kids and psycho parents 10 stillanon12/31/2019 12:35PM
Every heard anyone praise the church who wasn't affiliated? 33 DNA12/28/2019 06:33AM