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BY was on Jeopardy tonight Nightingale07/09/2018 11:55PM
Fathers in the home not very important 33 BoniMoroni07/09/2018 10:45AM
Ya think!? LDS burnout pathfinder07/09/2018 01:59PM
If The Prophet Gave The Order, Would You Kill Your Family And Then Yourself 24 anybody07/05/2018 08:53PM
7 Wonders of the World per Mormonism. My favorite is No. 5 in Egypt (link) 12 Jerry the Aspousetate07/07/2018 11:51AM
I looked up the missionary that converted me. 17 Josephina07/07/2018 04:20AM
Surrounded by Mormon Missionaries: Hawaii ~ (vid) ~ ziller07/09/2018 07:05PM
BP needs a peep stone.... Anon4This...07/09/2018 08:34PM
If this happened at Mormon church dinner, person would be asked to leave 43 Amyjo06/30/2018 06:00PM
Now Mormons can shake up their Sundays by how men knot their neckties. link 18 Jerry the Aspousetate07/08/2018 11:10PM
lds commercial subeamnotlogedin07/08/2018 02:24PM
Nice quote... RPackham07/09/2018 05:47PM
Missionary Who Taught Me is Out Ohdeargoodness nli07/08/2018 07:16PM
is there a dating site for exmormons?? 42 jonny01/11/2014 06:10PM
Re: Don't think all adults who were molested as kids are broken. cont. Elder Berry07/09/2018 11:38AM
Missionaries lie through their GD teeth to defend wife swapping and rape 60 koriwhore07/06/2018 04:09PM
Don't think all adults who were molested as kids are broken. 60 Elder Berry07/05/2018 01:46PM
Inspired by Hie's wedding story: The funeral from Hell 18 [|]07/05/2018 09:51PM
So I was just randomly thinkin... 17 Joe the man ho & Brig the pig07/07/2018 04:57PM
Alright, I Really Need Some Help With This Internet Road Rage... 17 SL Cabbie07/05/2018 04:49PM
Pres. Duterte says he'll retire if the existence of ghawd can be proven elderolddog07/08/2018 09:58PM
Reading List (per request of previous poster). pollythinks07/07/2018 09:46PM
Did you ever lure someone back to church, then saw their life deteriorate? Josephina07/07/2018 02:14AM
Worst. Wedding. Pastor. Ever. 63 ificouldhietokolob07/05/2018 03:07PM
The Palmyra Pageant, 1971 donbagley07/07/2018 05:10PM
When did you begin to question the unquestionable? 30 babyloncansuckit07/07/2018 03:10AM
Don't you feel naked without your garments? 51 kilgravmaga06/17/2018 04:29AM
Now Hear This O/T Shummy07/08/2018 09:44PM
Maybe Joseph was one of those guys babyloncansuckit07/08/2018 04:42PM
do you get tired of family members who are in a cult? 31 Crazy horse07/03/2018 05:50PM
Indiana church booted from building after posting anti-LGBT sign(link) Anonymous 207/08/2018 02:46PM
(O/T) Novichok Exposure Victim Dies GCHQ07/09/2018 12:17AM
LDS father who uses CBD oil to treat son reacts 49 eternal105/15/2018 11:09AM
Ever see the mormon cartoon? Crazy horse07/08/2018 08:33PM
OT/ Whatchoo reading? 61 Beth07/07/2018 05:49PM
Sunday Activities 16 Lethbridge Reprobate07/08/2018 01:52PM
The Ark Encounter is self-defeating 12 Justin07/08/2018 08:10PM
Mormon logic and religious language 13 babyloncansuckit07/07/2018 01:32PM
We have been hit with some trolls lately 64 Eric K07/08/2018 11:21AM
Mormons don't know why Joseph Smith changed his vision 5 times! Crazy horse07/07/2018 11:22PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, July 8th Bite Me07/07/2018 10:58AM
Mormonism is Quicksand TheHumanLeague07/07/2018 10:43PM
O/T The heat wave 52 commongentile07/05/2018 03:51PM
People Aren’t Having Kids Because It’s Way Too Expensive(link) 36 Anonymous 207/06/2018 03:03PM
The LDS Church is Anti-Family wmellerychanning07/06/2018 11:48AM
Please do not try to convert someone after leaving 17 lazylizard07/05/2018 11:32AM
LDS converts on YouTube--How many will last? Josephina07/07/2018 06:17PM
Rick Wiles: "God Will Destroy America" If A Pro-Choice Justice Is Picked 43 anybody07/03/2018 11:04PM
Friday!! 18 Lethbridge Reprobate07/06/2018 07:13PM
Science Confirms The Book of Abraham 12 mormon nomore07/07/2018 06:03AM
Sometimes, the spam prevention code... Chicken N. Backpacks07/06/2018 02:43PM
This is part of a paper I am working on. Please comment thedesertrat107/07/2018 01:15PM
3in1 oil instead of Olive Oil? 19 BoniMoroni07/06/2018 12:22PM
Off Topic - Forum Upgrades 60 jett07/05/2018 01:02AM
Try to think like a TBM: If ghawd knows everything about the past, present 24 elderolddog07/05/2018 11:57PM