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Soaking in Alpha House (explicit content) 23 Dark Cloudz07/06/2020 06:53AM
Normal TBM people Lowpriest07/15/2020 12:27PM
THE BLACK 14 incident of 1969 & other protests against BYU mrx07/14/2020 03:00AM
Peter Hardman Burnett blindguy07/15/2020 07:36PM
It's Bastille Day! Vive la République! Vive la France! 29 anybody07/14/2020 08:34AM
"For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always." (curse) 54 Beth07/12/2020 01:50AM
Yes, people lie, lie, lie 36 Birdman07/07/2020 04:06PM
*** 2020 Fund Raiser (updated) *** 30 Concrete Zipper07/09/2020 01:54PM
Nelson fires Moroni 13 Rubicon07/14/2020 12:12AM
"I know" vs. "I believe" 11 CrispingPin07/14/2020 11:28AM
If the Prophet Says [ }... anybody07/14/2020 10:47PM
DW Mennonite Documentary (VIDEO) 15 anybody07/12/2020 06:07PM
You know what gets my goat, Dr. Nelson Lulu not logged in07/13/2020 04:08PM
No more redskins 63 Dave the Atheist07/13/2020 01:02PM
COVID-19 news - Sweden Has Become the World's Cautionary Tale 22 iceman909007/12/2020 02:39PM
(O/T) Grant Imahara From Mythbusters Dead At 49 anybody07/14/2020 03:42AM
The TBM cycle/trap of mormonism (WITH TIMELINE) hujo207/12/2020 11:02PM
LDS Contradictions In Their Doctrine of Polygamy isthechurchtrue07/12/2020 04:43AM
Has anyone duplicated the golden plates? 41 iceman909006/28/2020 01:44PM
Does the SCMC still exist? 22 CrispingPin07/09/2020 03:20PM
Corvid19 The Riddler????07/13/2020 06:01PM
when you prefer Ed Decker to John Dehlin 17 faraday07/11/2020 07:26AM
I just completed my annual sexual harassment training 19 Lowpriest07/10/2020 06:31PM
What ever happened to.... 10 pollythinks05/02/2020 05:41PM
Duck video for beth 14 Adam the empath07/06/2020 03:15PM
Yet another covid party death 47 Dave the Atheist07/11/2020 07:39PM
Covid masks = temple garments? 31 Zeeeeezrom07/06/2020 12:55PM
Amish Mormons. No, I'm not making this up. anybody07/13/2020 09:34AM
OT "water vapor is distributed around the black hole in a gaseous region" 12 Elder Berry07/09/2020 07:43PM
Ron didn’t ask the question? Beth07/11/2020 01:55AM
O/T Bad bees Dave the Atheist07/13/2020 12:31AM
My musical pandemic project... (OT) 64 knotheadusc05/09/2020 02:58AM
Bundy destroys Idaho 29 Dave the Atheist07/10/2020 04:16PM
Karen Throws Shoe Boxes At Skechers Employee After Refusing To Wear Mask 23 Dave the Atheist07/11/2020 10:30AM
*** Why Wear a Mask? *** 55 Concrete Zipper07/06/2020 02:19PM
Who gives a damn about covid? 62 MormonMartinLuther07/09/2020 02:41AM
Lighted pen VS My Warrior pen Adam the Empath07/12/2020 01:56PM
Thngs have radically changed 23 thedesertrat107/09/2020 04:16PM
covid and my recovery thedesertrat107/08/2020 12:13PM
A commandment to wear masks finally 35 Heartless07/11/2020 06:48AM
>“Heaven" Is The Place Where All The Pets You Ever Loved Come To Greet You! 20 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/09/2020 04:26PM
Flirt made in Salt Lake 20 Dave the Atheist07/10/2020 07:23PM
How do you deal with friends or family who reject facts and reality? (n/t) 25 anybody07/10/2020 12:03PM
The Son tv show (Hat Tricks) flutterbypurple07/10/2020 07:42PM
The Henry Bemis thread 47 iceman909006/28/2020 02:04AM
I need help with this idea 22 thedesertrat107/09/2020 11:49AM
Here it comes... 35 Gordon B. Stinky04/15/2020 03:04AM
Covid non-compliance linked to the "Dark Triad" personality traits 12 summer07/07/2020 01:20PM
Got Unfriended 22 Lethbridge Reprobate07/04/2020 07:41PM
Mary Kay Letourneau II 30 GNPE07/08/2020 03:45PM
It's now completely safe in schools, restaurants, concert halls,stadiums Dave the Atheist07/08/2020 02:20PM
Church of the covid scammers Dave the Atheist07/09/2020 01:29PM
Abraham, Lot, 2 angels, 1 wife, 2 daughters 23 iceman909007/07/2020 11:18PM
Sex as validation 11 olderelder07/06/2020 12:21AM
Shucky darn! What the heck is virtue signaling? 45 Lowpriest07/07/2020 06:17PM