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*** Lot's Wife, please e-mail me *** 13 Concrete Zipper07/05/2019 03:47PM
If there's no such thing as race could there be such a thing as racism?cont 66 koriwhore07/03/2019 09:15PM
b 4 alarm clocks apostates just had to hope they woke up on time ~ ziller07/02/2019 09:04PM
When temples become a liability 20 Jordan07/04/2019 07:02AM
Folded arms and reverence 23 babyloncansuckit07/02/2019 06:13AM
Jared Lusk was 17 Elyse07/04/2019 09:17PM
O/T: Los Angeles Earthquake on Fourth of July 37 Tevai07/04/2019 01:41PM
Elder Abuse, or the Eternal Order?? 19 Amyjo07/04/2019 08:53AM
OT Man has life support accidentally cut off by wrong family 10 Jordan07/05/2019 06:52AM
Baby Name thread cont., Petula or Bentley? OT 18 Amyjo07/02/2019 01:12PM
MORmON racism is alive and well! 22 koriwhore07/01/2019 11:22PM
Church numbers falling indicates church is true! 12 Alan XL07/04/2019 07:15AM
Moderators: Was my thtead not allowed lisadee07/04/2019 10:14PM
Today's surprising news(in the Deseret News) 28 memikeyounot07/01/2019 10:06PM
How Peruvian Myths About a God Appearing to the People Echo Events in the B 25 pathfinder07/02/2019 12:13PM
Church does a quick 180 on hair policy after viral video 35 stillanon07/02/2019 07:10PM
Hollow Earth Update 21 anybody06/24/2019 06:06PM
You bitter ex- mo's. Turns out, not so much. 17 stillanon07/02/2019 05:31PM
By their fruits shall you know them...(really?) 24 GNPE07/02/2019 03:07AM
Stake Priesthood Meetings long ago? messygoop07/02/2019 10:56AM
Stakeholder (sic) as an RC friend calls them 63 Jordan07/02/2019 04:55PM
If there's no such thing as race could there be such a thing as racism? 67 koriwhore07/02/2019 03:57PM
A missonary behaving badly 60 summer07/02/2019 12:31PM
Humans are like a cancer on the Earth - Reply to HWint 16 PollyDee07/02/2019 04:49PM
Temple Film maker convicted - 6 yr prison - child sexual abuse Phazer07/03/2019 10:51AM
The Verge (article): The Mormon Church vs. The Internet summer07/01/2019 04:59PM
Daily dose of Irony, MORmON claims rape allegations should be "evaluated" schrodingerscat06/30/2019 07:48PM
The Death of Marriage? Screen Name07/02/2019 11:45PM
Missionaries at BoM Musical in Manchester 16 GC07/02/2019 07:14PM
"Explosive Lies" expose on the Mark Hofmann ordeal // New episode 19 Amyjo06/30/2019 08:09PM
those 7th Day recruiters.. 34 Fascinated in the Midwest07/01/2019 04:59PM
Shocked by two articles today sexist Dalai Lama and supportive Mormon dads 35 Elder Berry06/27/2019 02:31PM
LDS couple face second trial in son's bacterial meningitis death 47 acerbic06/25/2019 11:42AM
Happy Birthday, Canada 38 Brother Of Jerry07/01/2019 11:28AM
What do you think would happen if people wrote directly to ... elderolddog07/02/2019 11:57PM
Monkey Fungus by Don Bagley cricket07/02/2019 04:19PM
WAY O/T (as are so many things I post ) Mavis Staples.... memikeyounot07/02/2019 12:37PM
An embarrassing confession 19 Richard the Bad07/02/2019 05:33PM
Fire in the Sky, the Mormon abductee 13 Travis Walton03/06/2019 07:48AM
For Briggy--How people come to believe improbable things. 14 robertb04/04/2012 08:39PM
Future website upgrade requests (possibly off-topic) 24 Anon_4_this_today07/02/2019 01:51AM
Humans are like a cancer on Earth. 61 Jacko Mo Mo07/01/2019 08:36PM
cntbquiet: Re: Research Question Please help! Tevai07/02/2019 11:50AM
Would you be shocked if the church quit missionary work? 40 messygoop07/01/2019 03:21AM
Mormon church operates private prisons? cludgie07/02/2019 11:15AM
Was Hinckleys denial of God/Man TV interview removed later. N/T (n/t) Politic07/02/2019 02:39PM
Is there such a thing as an ultraconservative Mormon? 33 Elder Berry07/01/2019 02:20PM
The origin of Jesus' middle initial (really) 24 Brother Of Jerry06/30/2019 01:00AM
O/T: Vote for the name of our daughter 52 Screen Name06/26/2019 05:43AM
literary studies Relief Society 1962 35 Heartless06/29/2019 07:44PM
I hope this is appropriate slskipper07/02/2019 10:00AM
Total solar eclipse today. Dave the Atheist07/02/2019 10:35AM
Mormon guy online 24 donbagley07/01/2019 03:12AM
It may be that Boner's appearance today does not herald his return... 35 elderolddog06/30/2019 06:19PM
MORmON no more: article in NYT schrodingerscat06/30/2019 08:34PM