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Glen Beck in the news 23 kentish08/27/2021 01:30PM
MORmON under fire for calling for using muskets on LGBTQ seminary students 44 schrodingerscat08/26/2021 01:05PM
Post on exmo reddit about missionaries in Prague... 23 cheezus08/26/2021 02:09PM
Enunciation is Important 20 momgyver08/25/2021 01:17PM
The universe keeps dying and being reborn, claims Nobel Prize winner 11 schrodingerscat08/26/2021 01:00AM
Meet me in Saint Lakeoui !!    ...for Lunch on Friday (8/27/2021) 15 Mystery Lunch Guest08/26/2021 06:33PM
I have a Q... GNPE08/27/2021 01:41PM
O/T Victorian Iron Horse Round Up Dave the Atheist08/25/2021 10:51PM
O/T Dumpster Diving 12 Gordon B. Stinky08/26/2021 08:17PM
God is either weak or lazy 45 RPackham08/25/2021 03:48PM
Joe Smith's epiphany or diablophamy normdeplume08/26/2021 10:08PM
People Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Would Go to Hell Dave the Atheist08/27/2021 12:02AM
Article on church growth in US [|]08/26/2021 11:59PM
LDS leaders are struggling to get Mormons vaccinated 20 schrodingerscat08/25/2021 12:15AM
Majority Of Americans Accept Evolution 11 anybody08/26/2021 08:49AM
Yay British Columbia ! 33 Dave the Atheist08/24/2021 10:19AM
New Jeopardy host quits re offensive comments ( "jokes") about women & Jews 39 Nightingale08/20/2021 02:41PM
Summer Wells case, Mormon connection loislane08/26/2021 03:45PM
I'm going to South Park today. 12 Dave the Atheist08/21/2021 08:28AM
FDA Approval Didn't Make Any Difference... 13 anybody08/25/2021 05:20PM
Mormons commenting on 8 year old YT vids EssexExMo08/25/2021 08:31AM
The ancient prophets didn’t have a PR Department 15 Rubicon08/25/2021 02:38AM
Nelson Invites The Pope To Lunch On His Private Yacht cricket08/25/2021 04:44PM
these "the-sky-is-falling" threds ~ 12 ziller08/24/2021 04:00PM
>Care 2 Share Just 1 (ONE) Fave Quote By Anybody U Admire Or Detest 4 Us? 60 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/20/2021 04:47PM
A heartbreaking video from an exmo... 11 knotheadusc08/24/2021 03:12AM
O/T Christ willed his erection Elder Berry08/25/2021 02:43PM
Amen to the priesthood of that man olderelder08/25/2021 12:30PM
Goodbye, Charlie… Human08/24/2021 01:10PM
science* Subject to change without notice. (n/t) anybody08/24/2021 03:31PM
O/T Man regrets his baptism as a baby Elder Berry08/25/2021 10:21AM
Mighty Oaks Done & Done08/25/2021 10:53AM
My Great Grandfather believed it, all of it, and he was in the FP 37 Elder Berry08/20/2021 02:35PM
A church within a church 16 Elder Berry08/23/2021 10:29AM
Some people are so concerned about being sheep they’re taking horse meds schrodingerscat08/24/2021 10:14AM
The Great Salt Lake 10 pollythinks08/20/2021 07:17PM
from fb about going to the temple 22 cl2notloggedin08/21/2021 12:27PM
**BYU** issues a mask mandate for all faculty, staff and students 24 Brother Of Jerry08/21/2021 12:54PM
70% of calls to poison control in MS are for Horse Dewormer poisoning 64 schrodingerscat08/21/2021 10:39PM
Ogden Standard Examiner 13 vzgardner08/20/2021 08:39PM
Mormon Grandparents: older but not wiser 13 newcomer08/23/2021 08:45PM
Guess who's coming to dinner. Thoughts on evangelism Brother Of Jerry08/24/2021 12:09AM
Odd find at local DI Heartless08/23/2021 10:08PM
Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine gets full FDA approval 17 Nightingale08/23/2021 02:04PM
People are losing their friggin minds over masks and vaccine mandates 40 schrodingerscat08/19/2021 08:08PM
ET, don’t bother phoning home, Jesus doesn’t love you, according to Ham 17 schrodingerscat08/23/2021 11:37AM
Maybe you know some Mormons that are this extreme 11 olderelder08/22/2021 05:52PM
OT: Compelling evidence wrestlers may have interbred 22 Schopenhauer's Coat05/05/2021 12:25PM
Questions regarding the Russia Temple 12 elderolddog08/19/2021 10:42AM
*** No more Afghanistan posts, please *** 29 Concrete Zipper08/18/2021 02:19PM
Search underway for bodies of Paiute children at former school in Panguitch Brother Of Jerry08/23/2021 01:17PM
Mormons and Perceptions txrancher08/22/2021 07:24PM
The Church of the Firstborn lillium08/21/2021 01:23PM
Funny mormon clickbait gemini08/19/2021 10:55PM
Same "new names" lisadee08/22/2021 01:57AM