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The Origins of America’s Unique and Spectacular Cruelty 56 schrodingerscat03/23/2021 09:20AM
MUSIC ¶ "Klaus 'Til Dawn: An overnight Klaus Schulze Marathon" moremany03/20/2021 03:34AM
OT: Taking morning walks 10 pollythinks03/24/2021 03:42PM
"For ghawds' sakes, Jimmy, I'm a lover, not a mathematician!!" 10 elderolddog03/25/2021 12:38PM
Mormon Tales From the Lighter Darkside: "Bishop Dr. LoveGlove" Dr. Shitzengiggles03/25/2021 04:46PM
- (n/t) ragnar03/25/2021 04:49AM
"afraid of falling back into beliefs" 26 Elder Berry03/17/2021 11:46AM
This Shows How dishonest Church Is? 21 SEcular Priest03/23/2021 02:04AM
Removal of temple solemn assembly rooms? 36 Heartless03/15/2021 03:14PM
Possible non-theistic explanation for the origin of life -hint, look inside schrodingerscat03/25/2021 01:47AM
Your favorite 007-song? 22 Cauda03/22/2021 03:58AM
Smacking banned in Sweden since 1979 - the mormon perspective? 28 Cauda03/16/2021 03:46AM
official exmo poll ~ re: did mormondum do something right ? ~ ziller03/24/2021 08:52PM
Sometimes I post to motivate thinking thedesertrat103/22/2021 06:47PM
Homosexuality in the New Testament 31 onthedownlow03/21/2021 12:50PM
Priestcraft Cold-Dodger03/24/2021 04:08PM
official exmo poll ~ re: the best part of the bible ~ 22 ziller03/23/2021 09:39PM
Followers Follow 16 Done & Done03/23/2021 10:17AM
All the Promised Lands Done & Done03/24/2021 10:22AM
Get your Urim & Thummim polished & ready, it's time for.... 25 GNPE03/20/2021 01:17PM
Ridiculous claims about the church's growth 16 cludgie03/22/2021 12:27PM
This should leave no doubt about the ancient cities of the Americas anybody03/23/2021 07:16PM
Faithful Answers, Informed Response ... that sounds FAIR! 11 elderolddog03/21/2021 02:50PM
Have not experienced a problem-solving discussion for years in my family Cauda03/23/2021 03:01PM
Some thoughts from an exmormon on shifting American demography 13 Cold-Dodger03/22/2021 05:59PM
Scientists tell us pollution is making us infertile, which might be good? 28 schrodingerscat03/22/2021 01:40PM
I have been watching news media 34 thedesertrat103/18/2021 02:30PM
OT Fact Checker Fail: Volcano Erupts 30 Dante's Peak03/20/2021 06:43AM
Based On Life Expectancy Stats This Man May Hit Forbes Richest List Soon... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/22/2021 05:15PM
Here's a fun 8-year-old report on how bad the lost members problem was 57 elderolddog03/13/2021 02:52AM
I'm the contrarian. I think the temple renovations are great! 23 Elder Berry03/15/2021 10:59AM
first vision question thedesertrat103/20/2021 07:19PM
The Tao Is Silent 46 Human03/17/2021 12:26PM
Giving the benefit of the doubt - a core problem and obstacle to change? Cauda03/20/2021 05:29AM
Dyads, there are only millions of dyads? What about freedom? Cauda03/21/2021 12:09PM
Asian Hate - Don't discount Evangelicalism as a factor in mass murder 22 schrodingerscat03/19/2021 02:11AM
Does the Church have any good NFT’s it could sell? (n/t) jay03/20/2021 10:46PM
Another zealot put to death, followers claim he meant to do it like that Cold-Dodger03/21/2021 04:53AM
Just needed to get this off my chest 12 Tapir in disguise03/17/2021 09:02PM
Fond Memories of Mormon Inspiration from 1837! GNPE03/21/2021 02:00PM
What if Mark Hofmann...? 28 Gordon B. Stinky03/18/2021 06:34PM
I'm not attacking your **** church! 22 ForgotNewName (and user name2)03/18/2021 11:19PM
Dead Sea Scrolls 18 GNPE103/18/2021 12:35AM
Advice to family members considering leaving church? 19 ExMo in WA03/15/2021 05:33PM
Y Basketball March Madness Lethbridge Reprobate03/20/2021 11:33PM
Thank you, America! (OT) 26 Nightingale03/18/2021 07:06PM
Retired 5 years ago this week! 10 Eric K03/20/2021 08:36AM
O/T Number of fatal cannabis overdoses ... Dave the Atheist03/20/2021 09:17PM
Church disowns member after he kills 8 people 18 schrodingerscat03/20/2021 11:30AM
Discovering Allan Holdsworth Cauda03/19/2021 05:07PM
Happy Pi Day 48 Dave the Atheist03/14/2021 02:00PM
Has anybody ever asked, "Hey, Satan, what do I do now?" 14 elderolddog03/20/2021 12:15PM
Terms: What do we call a Mormon who... 11 GNPE03/20/2021 01:26AM
Mitt's plan...did he get Rusty's approval for this??(link) 12 gemini03/18/2021 04:52PM
Happy Equinox! Welcome To Spring/Autumn anybody03/20/2021 10:24AM