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How did the church get taken over by fanatics? 60 slskipper05/05/2018 07:59AM
Taxes Fees Work Volunteer to Celestial Kingdom! TheHumanLeague05/17/2018 09:41AM
Bows and arrows - anachronistic technology in the BoM 12 MarkJ05/16/2018 10:14AM
Good or bad tell us about Mother Osmond 10 IWannaKnow05/14/2018 08:42PM
Osmonds Hah ha05/17/2018 01:37AM
BYU and my figure drawing art class 24 pollythinks05/15/2018 10:20PM
I lied today 43 lowpriest05/08/2018 04:28PM
Breaking up is hard to do: LDS, Boy Scouts partnership won't be easy to dis Anonymous 205/15/2018 02:39PM
O/T Tom Wolfe memikeyounot05/15/2018 02:19PM
Questions about Mormon husbands ignoredwife05/16/2018 11:13PM
Church NOT organized according to D&C instructions Angel of Jesus05/16/2018 09:59PM
Anyone else find the existence of Peggy McFarland in this article unnerving Elder Berry05/14/2018 02:29PM
Israel was founded 70 years ago today;"Praying for the Pieces of Jerusalem" 35 Amyjo05/14/2018 03:35PM
The Night I threw away a Paul Dunn talk casette 17 Angel of Jesus05/13/2018 05:36AM
"No atheists in a foxhole", first time i ever heard this was today. 22 Badassadam105/13/2018 04:23PM
Mormonism is Gnosticism- My Answer to "did someone offend you?" 34 anagrammy07/29/2011 02:33AM
If I said no to the "wallet" (Video) I would be shunned Pharmakos05/16/2018 12:44PM
Church releases additional answers about ministering(link) Anonymous 205/16/2018 02:11PM
"A cult is a religion with no political power." 11 Amyjo05/15/2018 06:00PM
Atheist Alert Dave the Atheist05/16/2018 08:35AM
Don't try this at home ! Extreme pain ! 10 Dave the Atheist05/14/2018 11:41AM
If LDS Corp claims political neutrality then why do they advocate CTR? 24 Elder Berry05/10/2018 02:00PM
President Nelson, other Mormon leaders to host NAACP leadership Thursday(li Anonymous 205/15/2018 02:38PM
The LDS church is just a corporation. Nothing more. 14 Rubicon05/15/2018 10:25AM
O/T Rekindling of faith 12 zarahemlatowndrunk05/15/2018 06:53PM
Pre-Columbian America, the Gault Site Richard the Bad05/15/2018 10:50AM
Tscc isnt moving to kansas city Heliums-army05/16/2018 01:34AM
Why do Mormon leaders live so long? 59 Thanos05/05/2018 04:08PM
New four-volume history of the Church will be 'transparent, honest and fait 26 Anonymous 205/15/2018 12:58AM
I finally pulled the resignation trigger....(some swearing) 23 bluebutterfly05/02/2018 02:01PM
Club 33 and The Temple 22 Rubicon05/15/2018 11:29AM
SL Trib hurting financially caffiend05/14/2018 03:02PM
Mitt tweets Baptist minister is a 'religious bigot' 17 carameldreams05/14/2018 08:49AM
Scientists Find Traces Of Ancient Lead Pollution In The Greenland Icecap anybody05/15/2018 02:13PM
Churches, Gays and Judgement (video) Villager05/15/2018 08:22PM
A description of Ministering from Elder Boner 21 BYU Boner05/13/2018 10:38PM
O/T Threadjack Related To: "Israel Was Founded 70 Years Ago" 23 Tevai05/15/2018 04:21PM
My quest for a testimony of the Book of Mormon 13 Angel of Jesus05/14/2018 02:38PM
Red Heifer Vs. A White Buffalo -- One Means Peace, The Other Armageddon anybody05/14/2018 03:21PM
Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road ! TheHumanLeague05/15/2018 02:08PM
Faux News: Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Is "Fufilling Biblical Prophecy" 53 anybody05/14/2018 12:21PM
Renters in LDS church owned houses evicted near Mesa temple 17 anonyXMo05/13/2018 11:36AM
Another Damning Parallel Between Counterfeiters, the Smiths and the BoM Lori C05/15/2018 04:46AM
A sign of true friendship 28 BYU Boner05/14/2018 12:42PM
That awful moment when.... (adult) 25 Shummy02/08/2018 08:55PM
O/T someone i know took his life a couple weeks ago and it's bugging Badassadam105/13/2018 08:12PM
One questions, three answers: What have you learned from President Russell 17 Anonymous 205/14/2018 04:30PM
Do you hate the Mormon tabernacle choir? 22 Crazy horse05/14/2018 06:19PM
I told the Hinkster Mark Hofmann was a forger 27 Angel of Jesus05/14/2018 01:04AM
O/T Superman's Lois Lane, Margot Kidder, Dies at Age 69(link) Anonymous 205/14/2018 02:59PM
Mark Hofmann Documentary ("Forger") now in production 18 Angel of Jesus05/12/2018 01:00AM
O/T Alan Watts-"society is a hoax" Badassadam105/14/2018 04:39AM
O/T: Darlings, have you read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F? 20 carameldreams05/11/2018 11:37PM
O/T Old Class Ring might be found...question gemini05/14/2018 05:22PM
O/T Has anyone seen "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018) yet at the movies!?? 16 Anonymous 205/14/2018 01:30AM