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Rome Temple: Late Kolobian Celestial Architecture Doesn't Work In Italy anybody03/10/2019 12:13AM
JWs Everywhere 11 Eric K03/08/2019 08:56AM
One Stone. Two Birds. The perfect new name for the Church... Wally Prince03/08/2019 02:51AM
So here's a fun thing! rocomop03/09/2019 09:26PM
How they decide where to build temples 13 slskipper03/08/2019 08:07PM
Very Small Word Change But Very Large Change 12 SEcular Priest03/06/2019 01:32PM
Temple film director molests child [|]03/08/2019 11:49PM
Eager Pocatello youth clear weeds on temple site 14 xxMo003/06/2019 06:17PM
Why women won't ever be LDS / Mormon leaders- GNPE03/09/2019 02:34AM
How do you deal with it? 32 BJClarke03/07/2019 09:43AM
Beware the Mormon Dictionary 21 Done & Done03/06/2019 10:26AM
The story of my baptism 20 Tyrrhenia03/08/2019 04:44AM
Satan's victories mikemitchell03/06/2019 09:04AM
Utah Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Fornication 15 Shummy03/08/2019 06:07AM
Idaho House Passes Opt In Sex Ed. Bill blindguy03/08/2019 08:03AM
Christology Elder Berry03/06/2019 01:20PM
50% of marriages end in divorce. 50 Dave the Atheist03/03/2019 12:29AM
Per Brigham Young...U Know What Strength SPF Lotion The "Sun" People Use??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/08/2019 05:55PM
((o/t)?)) ~ exmo questions about english muffins ~ 29 ziller02/21/2019 09:54PM
Catholic discrimination in Utah 60 stillanon03/07/2019 08:50AM
Help 23 BJClarke03/03/2019 10:21PM
+++ ~ "Entry for 2018 Short Story Contest" ~ +++ ~ (swearing) ~ 14 ziller11/04/2018 10:41AM
Lent humor olderelder03/08/2019 06:14PM
They are really making a BIG deal about this Rome "temple" 14 Levi03/08/2019 12:43PM
Why don't dead people just use EVP in the temple? 43 Elder Berry03/04/2019 06:39PM
Fire in the Sky, the Mormon abductee 12 Travis Walton03/06/2019 07:48AM
O/T Yesterday and last night-not church related. memikeyounot03/07/2019 11:57AM
Community of Christ light? CrispingPin03/07/2019 12:06PM
BlackKlansmen & the handshakes annabelle03/08/2019 12:55PM
Who Remembers When Ted B's Bishop Warned The Police About Him? 11 sb03/05/2019 02:19PM
Three Wives... One Husband. 20 catholicrebel03/07/2019 06:11PM
Makes me chuckle... 10 VZ Gardner03/05/2019 12:14PM
LD$, Inc. wins again - Utahns can't buy real beer [|]03/06/2019 08:16PM
People whose crusade/hobby is debunking psychics 60 Brother Of Jerry03/02/2019 10:07PM
What are bishops for? 30 blacksheep103/03/2019 02:55PM
Jesus H. Christ 27 CrispingPin03/05/2019 09:22AM
2 volunteers(missionaries) in Russia detained 49 gemini03/05/2019 08:34PM
Truth 10 Razortooth03/07/2019 01:41PM
returning tithes from ill gotten gains. Heartless03/07/2019 03:37PM
Just had to post this funny cartoon. Mr. Chess03/07/2019 08:12PM
I'd like to know... GNPE03/07/2019 12:20PM
Great News for Californians! GNPE03/07/2019 12:37AM
Removal of confederate & Brigham Young statues 62 Somebody02/27/2019 09:13PM
TSCC has a file on me? GregS03/07/2019 09:39AM
How does one contact the moderators on this list? 14 RPackham03/06/2019 11:20PM
OT: Heavenly Father's favorite moose. 3X03/07/2019 07:56AM
Alex trebek has stage four cancer. Video LINK Topper03/07/2019 01:25AM
LDS Living article about how great the church is doing in Scotland 28 Darren Steers02/22/2019 01:16PM
I'm no longer breaking the law! (link) gemini03/06/2019 09:13PM
More On The Name Change (Official Announcement) 38 TigerTom103/05/2019 01:02PM
Vox: Most churches are losing members fast - but not the Mormons. 12 levantlurker03/06/2019 11:17AM
What is the most damning evidence against Joseph's Myth from an LDS source? 23 koriwhore03/04/2019 03:33PM
Faithful Mormons arguing faithfully rocomop03/06/2019 01:38PM
The more the church changes the more it remains the same. Rubicon03/06/2019 03:51PM