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Maybe the word, God, is just short for. The Great Attractor 15 schrodingerscat05/16/2020 03:53PM
Books on Archeaology By Author Joseph Beck JJ Galt05/16/2020 10:45PM
Spiritually Shaken or Humanly Stirred? 13 Done & Done05/08/2020 06:01PM
The Covid-19 "hunch" is like a Mormon testimony. 13 behindcurtain05/15/2020 12:39PM
16 million inactive mormonsc Leftlongago05/16/2020 01:18AM
Marin and Bob McCue on Post-Mormon Evolution 15 bob mccue05/12/2020 04:16PM
The algorithm 23 iceman909005/14/2020 09:47AM
Emotional abusers do not play the victim-role? The feel it? 15 S.05/14/2020 04:05AM
The mentality of an addict - your experience? 21 S.05/12/2020 11:37AM
>Why Doesn't Nelson Just Tell TBMs To Cut ALL Ties With ExMos/Apostates... 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/08/2020 11:51PM
oh man, I'd never heard of this one... 19 Perdition05/12/2020 10:30AM
For any of my wonderful friends who want to know more about my religion...this is a wonderful article. 17 goldenrule03/20/2013 02:42PM
I "hope" there is a BIG second wave. (Not really.) 61 behindcurtain05/15/2020 01:08PM
Will Rusty roll out Plural Marriage as a Retention Reactivation Tool? 12 MormonMartinLuther05/14/2020 12:06AM
Love at home, and all that stuff olderelder05/14/2020 08:21PM
Class reunion ... Dave the Atheist05/12/2020 06:09PM
Mormons don't care about the poor and homeless. 27 midnightseahorse05/12/2020 12:02AM
BIC 23 Elder Berry05/13/2020 05:46PM
Would you really want to eat at this restaurant ? 64 Dave the Atheist05/12/2020 01:44PM
Especially for Mormons?? slskipper05/14/2020 06:37PM
My guess on a "lunchables" type Sacrement 12 W8sted2years05/14/2020 02:42AM
Book: Book of Mormon on Trial JoeSmith66605/15/2020 09:14AM
No more Siegfried and Roy. 37 Dave the Atheist05/08/2020 11:21PM
Seldom Seen Mormons With Bible 30 JJ Galt05/09/2020 05:27PM
What's going on in Utah? Brethren and sisterhood of the Beast. 10 Stiffnekid05/07/2020 10:23PM
Mormon Cards and Ouija boards? JoeSmith66605/14/2020 10:21PM
Little Richard dead ... 17 Dave the Atheist05/09/2020 05:00PM
Some mothers suck 41 Adam7178305/10/2020 08:33PM
NeverMo wants to know: Morg teaching re sex & repro? 21 thedocumentor05/12/2020 07:54AM
shelf crash question 20 bread roller05/13/2020 01:11PM
The "i'm special" mentallity that cults program into your minds 21 Warrior7178305/09/2020 07:56PM
NY Couple Arrested for Hate Crime... blindguy05/11/2020 05:08PM
Red Pill or Blue Pill? Too late. You have already been assimilated. 11 schrodingerscat05/11/2020 06:52PM
Marie Osmond and her never-ending name-dropping 22 notmonotloggein05/12/2020 12:41PM
LDS meetinghouse lobbies to display only Christ-centered art 60 Brother Of Jerry05/11/2020 05:12PM
Totally OT: what's the best anti-spam code you ever got? Chicken N. Baskets05/11/2020 01:19PM
Fact or Fiction 21 Valued05/12/2020 09:36PM
I'm planting my own crops finally, i do want to live 47 Warrior7178305/06/2020 04:27PM
A Mothers' Day question 19 slskipper05/10/2020 07:17PM
The Word of Wisdom and Parkinson's Disease olderelder05/12/2020 09:31PM
Who in your life was(is) creepiest prophet Mormons are supposed to love? 28 Elder Berry05/07/2020 01:35PM
I will probably get jumped on but I have to say this RE:19 61 thedesertrat105/12/2020 03:10PM
Musk ready to start neural link trials on humans. Would you volunteer? 24 schrodingerscat05/09/2020 12:54AM
ATTN: RMs...Did Your 18-24 Month Sentence Alter Your Intended Career Plans? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/11/2020 10:58PM
The university Dave the Atheist05/12/2020 03:10PM
When I asked TSCC for info in writing about its teaching thedocumentor05/12/2020 07:59AM
The real reason missionaries left foreign missions Elder Berry05/12/2020 02:35PM
Sister mishies in England, "doing it for Italy"... 25 knotheadusc05/11/2020 02:16AM
Talking to a mormon apologist iceman909005/12/2020 12:09AM
Hill Cumorah pageant 21 Curry05/01/2020 12:31PM
Magician at Church - who will be next contestant on Church Idol MormonMartinLuther05/07/2020 12:51AM
CV-19 horror 27 Dave the Atheist05/10/2020 04:03PM
Underpants 24 Afraid of the Boogie Brethren05/03/2020 11:58PM
Returning and reporting. . . 16 catnip05/08/2020 11:39PM
Russell speaks on May 6 and basically said nuttin' honey 23 elderolddog05/06/2020 09:33PM