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Quentin Cook's apologetics broadcast 13 [|]09/10/2018 04:14AM
Shanah Tovah 5779 Everyone! 27 Tevai09/09/2018 03:51PM
Telling a mormon official that you're no longer mormon makes it so. 45 Cheryl09/07/2018 11:13AM
Where I live (Old Zion) is bad but where I'm from (New Zion) for women... Elder Berry09/10/2018 10:40AM
Burt Reynolds, cartoon tribute (with theme song/movie clips added in). :) 22 steve benson09/08/2018 11:17AM
Coffee Tea or Me. Alan Robinson09/08/2018 09:37AM
subtle manipulation. Using family members against one another kilgravmaga09/10/2018 02:53AM
*** Admin Note Added *** Mormon Church sueing author of African Bible? mussieizaz09/10/2018 12:06PM
Ticked 30 starbucks09/09/2018 10:47AM
Christian Zealot Beheads Girlfriend Because She Refused To Repent 39 Dave the Atheist09/07/2018 01:32AM
The Hippocratic Oaf running The Morg is high on himself 16 Elder Berry09/07/2018 02:51PM
Done & Done Took Me to Church Nightingale09/09/2018 02:48PM
Actor Bill Daily dead at 91 lisadee09/09/2018 06:02PM
Mark My Words...THIS IS Bednar Sometime In The Near Future @ Gen-Con... BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/09/2018 05:45PM
McDonald's Monoply Bert09/09/2018 09:07AM
What if missionaries told the truth about what they believe 29 Crazy horse09/08/2018 11:01AM
Missionary jailed in Venenzuela freed? 59 auntsukey05/26/2018 10:11AM
Re: diabetics slskipper09/08/2018 06:27PM
LDS related or 'caused' diabetes??? GNPE09/09/2018 01:49PM
Missed opportunities - I blindly misjudged them laperla not logged in09/09/2018 05:55PM
Data about "No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe" story Brother Of Jerry09/07/2018 11:45PM
O/T Idaho information requested kentuckycrimson09/09/2018 01:09PM
What are YOU drinking this Friday evening? 17 matt09/07/2018 07:16PM
Church was upset with Charles Kuralt in 1987 messygoop09/07/2018 03:24PM
While the Pope fiddles, the New York AG acts 11 3X09/06/2018 03:37PM
There's no need to turn in a TR to the bish. 51 Cheryl09/04/2018 12:31PM
North Orange County CA meetup Sunday September 9th LA HABRA Panera KJ not logged in09/01/2018 10:32AM
Me and Ringmaster L Tom Perry in Tonga 21 Alan Robinson09/06/2018 06:24AM
Mormon church publishes its first official history in nearly a century 17 koriwhore09/07/2018 12:59AM
So when did mission reveals become a thing? 33 Celestine09/06/2018 06:57PM
9/11 is on Tuesday 28 Crazy horse09/05/2018 10:46PM
McKenna Denson Does It Again. Lot's Wife09/08/2018 10:42PM
Elderly couple called as Mission Pres, now Temple Pres 13 notmonotloggedin09/08/2018 03:40PM
So what happens to Mormon Tab Choir post revelation... 27 koriwhore09/04/2018 10:57AM
Welcome Justin09/07/2018 09:33AM
'sponsored' solicitation on email from... GNPE109/08/2018 07:16PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, September 9th Bite Me09/08/2018 12:51PM
Southern Utah PostMormon Association lecture Series starts back up soutskeptic09/05/2018 10:58AM
Is it possible for thedesertrat109/08/2018 07:16PM
Does the LDS Lifestyle contribute to Diabetes 33 themaster08/29/2013 10:30AM
Woman suing over rape by Mormon leader speaks at his church - WaPo 26 koriwhore09/06/2018 09:49AM
Stranded in Salt Lake City ... do you 45 Amyjo09/06/2018 03:50PM
Temple Side Vigil for Sam Young Sept 9 at 3pm Mesa AZ Dorothy08/31/2018 04:49PM
o/t: I feel so angry and ashamed about my sickness 18 z.109/05/2018 08:03PM
Why was I angry at TSCC? babyloncansuckit09/07/2018 12:22PM
It is hard to trust again after Mormonism 12 Craig Hicks09/06/2018 03:16AM
Bro's family didn't really know him very well. 14 Amyjo09/07/2018 11:28PM
Las Vegas Meetup: Sunday Sept 9th. 11am Ikea Food Court onendagus09/08/2018 10:50AM
Mormons, trends in funerals or lack there of 11 angela09/07/2018 10:38AM
Mormon bread winner mothers and stay at home fathers Elder Berry09/05/2018 12:58PM
Kaysville SP busted for bilking investors out of 1.5 million 13 Devoted Exmo09/06/2018 04:29PM
Banning conversion "therapy" in Nova Scotia, Canada Nightingale09/07/2018 09:32PM
video question for everyone dufreyne09/02/2018 10:18PM
exclusive truth, totalitarianism and free thought in Mormonism antonymous09/07/2018 03:11PM
Woman who discovered pulsars finally gets Nobel prize. LINK Topper09/07/2018 01:52PM