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>Why The Pride In Being A Descendant Of Gullible Religious Pioneer Misfits? (n/t) 34 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/29/2019 01:17AM
How do I get laid? (Asperger) 46 Lafayette10/25/2019 01:03PM
Jeanette and Kaleb Pierce Mormons from Pleasant Grove, UT? Mormons? Elder Berry10/29/2019 06:13PM
Salty VS Sweet 28 Done & Done10/29/2019 01:14PM
Whistleblowing: LDS Dead-Dunking of Holocaust Jews Prompts Demand to Stop 10 steve benson10/29/2019 11:58AM
If GAs believe choices & actions are critical-crucial, then... GNPE10/29/2019 05:57PM
Should I ever take the missionaries up on their offer to help? 21 cludgie10/27/2019 02:55PM
JW's drop by for a dose of CogDis 10 schrodingerscat10/25/2019 03:47PM
Bigoted Mo’ism at Its Worst: Jewish & Gentile Blood Turns into Mormon Blood 24 steve benson10/16/2019 06:10AM
Another Mega Mormon Mythstake: No Jewish DNA in Native Americans (link) steve benson10/29/2019 07:41AM
Heard: It doesn't even matter if you believe we all progress eventually Wowza10/28/2019 02:54AM
Classic Mormon hyperbole. I thought it was a joke at first. 14 Elder Berry10/28/2019 11:59AM
Things that don't add up -- Part 2 of 100 13 Wally Prince10/26/2019 10:18PM
Can I be sued by the X for loss of inheritance? 25 Annabelle10/28/2019 05:34PM
As "Lifers" The Brethren Have ZERO Experience Outside Their Cocoons To... 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/28/2019 01:52PM
Mitt's secret twitter account .... 28 Dave the Atheist10/23/2019 12:00AM
Humanity Experience for Youth (HEFY) Is this a new thing??? gemini01/16/2017 08:54PM
"Come listen and learn from LGBT BYU Students" gemini10/28/2019 05:41PM
General Observations of an LDS Ward bspcnot10/28/2019 04:34PM
Word of Wisdom is Spot On: Man should not eat meat! 48 PollyDee10/24/2019 11:59PM
Creepy feelings at certain church locations 29 Bamboozled10/24/2019 02:33PM
This is #12 of the 18 indicators of a cult thedesertrat110/28/2019 04:19PM
Catholic Bishops Propose Opening The Priesthood To Married Deacons 14 anybody10/26/2019 04:08PM
Member number 17 anniee88200010/25/2019 10:15PM
Punishment for Leaving 10 donbagley10/27/2019 06:19PM
Didja know that BYU likes their milk and cookies..?? memikeyounot10/27/2019 12:46AM
When a living prophet was "only speaking as a man" 10 cludgie10/24/2019 09:50PM
Next Sacrifice for ChurchCo members/sheeple is... GNPE10/26/2019 02:40PM
If you happen to be a skilled dentist or orthodontist, you should... Wally Prince10/28/2019 03:35AM
BYU Daughter and her observations 35 eek10/25/2019 05:09PM
theological cult/how is one formed thedesertrat110/28/2019 12:06PM
Anyone have Urim and Thummim/ˈ(y)o͝orim,o͞oˈrēm and ˈTHəmim,to͞oˈmēm/? Elder Berry10/24/2019 03:11PM
Can I complain? - Re: long hair on a man 56 Elder Berry10/23/2019 02:54PM
church doesn't tolerate abuse: does anyone have that claim reference? GNPE10/27/2019 02:15AM
Did church leaders ever question your choice of costume? messygoop10/25/2019 12:22PM
Reflections on my Ex TBM husband Recovered Molly Mo10/26/2019 07:34PM
Deleted text messages 12 Hockeyrat10/26/2019 03:44PM
I am a Possibillionaire. schrodingerscat10/27/2019 04:02PM
It's getting worse 43 Cathy10/15/2019 02:44PM
Does the sword of activity cuts both ways? MarkJ10/25/2019 11:49AM
Salt Lake Tribune Accidentally Releases FP & Q-12 Halloween Party Photo... 17 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/30/2018 04:08PM
Damn 'O Darn! GNPE10/20/2019 01:45PM
Is there a website that keeps track of lawsuits against ChurchCo? GNPE10/27/2019 03:18AM
Things that don't add up -- Part 1 of 100 19 Wally Prince10/24/2019 03:01AM
Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra easily greatest part of LDS religion. Jacko Mo Mo10/26/2019 08:56PM
The "home page" was updated last month 3X10/26/2019 07:05PM
Former Mormon becomes a porn star 41 chsdolls10/22/2019 06:12PM
The mountan tunnel filled with church paraphanalia. 39 pollythinks03/10/2019 05:03PM
O/T: Evacuation List EVERYONE Should Have Handy, ALWAYS 13 Tevai10/24/2019 07:44PM
"This case disturbs me more than any case I've ever dealt with," 27 Elder Berry10/09/2019 04:46PM
Saved from being totally OT cuz ghawd and the devil are in the picture elderolddog10/24/2019 10:14PM
FYI (speaking for a friend) dirtbikr10/24/2019 11:53AM
QUERY OT: Geez Current Gas $$$...What's Cheapest U Ever Paid In Your Life? (n/t) 48 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/22/2019 02:33PM
post that shows how extreme tbms are. 35 anonymous baby10/22/2019 02:44PM
Movie about Mormon missionaries who fall in love RPackham10/25/2019 10:07PM