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The church working its bait & switch magic again. Villager01/04/2021 04:51PM
Happy Dia de Los Reyes Elder Berry01/06/2021 11:44AM
Most Correct Scripture? 12 oneWayJay01/04/2021 10:49PM
Experts worry about how to get Americans to believe a "baseline reality". 38 schrodingerscat12/30/2020 01:28PM
My heart goes out to my American friends... 63 Soft Machine01/06/2021 03:31PM
"I should write my story" 10 elderolddog01/05/2021 11:20PM
Farewell, 2020 19 Screen Name12/31/2020 10:26PM
Is the LDS Church letting a crisis go to waste? 41 Brother Of Jerry12/31/2020 03:20AM
You can say the same fact two ways, one positive, one very negative. schrodingerscat01/05/2021 08:40PM
Are Mormon wards doing online sacrament meetings? Pooped01/02/2021 12:37PM
O/T: Cary Grant 16 Dave the Atheist01/04/2021 11:53PM
Bored! 18 luvlyldy01/03/2021 06:13PM
Who do you disagree with? Books suggestions needed. 54 CA girl01/01/2021 05:35PM
“Mormonism-the most American religion” the Atlantic 24 schrodingerscat01/03/2021 01:25PM
A con artist can speak truth. 22 behindcurtain12/31/2020 01:25AM
Thought from Joseph Campbell about idolatry 14 slskipper01/05/2021 01:28AM
For Now Song by Kina Grannis Elder Berry01/05/2021 12:14PM
Is there a 'baseline reality' we can agree upon as ExMormons? 61 schrodingerscat01/04/2021 04:34PM
Focusing on D&C this year was a really bad idea. BAIIPLUS01/04/2021 02:13AM
Any arguments for keeping membership 61 Evergreennotloggedin01/01/2021 08:24PM
Covid-19 may drive some people out of the Church. behindcurtain01/03/2021 11:40PM
PNW Flooding 21 tumwater01/03/2021 10:34AM
I must have persecuted Mormons in a past life. 12 behindcurtain01/04/2021 01:07AM
Adam and weird bird(emu) close up face off part 2(video) 12 Adam the Adam01/02/2021 02:56AM
How to stop an Ex from slandering me 31 annabelle12/21/2020 02:55PM
A "state church" might not be that bad. 25 behindcurtain01/03/2021 10:35PM
Sympathy cards and JWs? 12 Susan I/S01/03/2021 11:42AM
My dad is trying to control me. 32 behindcurtain01/03/2021 10:52PM
bradley "On LDS Theocracy" josephssmmyth01/04/2021 01:09PM
Mormons invade the Premier League 24 Kentish01/03/2021 05:24PM
Did Rusty kick Joseph to the curb 15 Evergreennotloggedin01/01/2021 08:33PM
It’s fast Sunday thought I would bare my testimony for y’all! 10 Emma first wife01/03/2021 01:33PM
When Mormons talk about the US Constitution hanging by a thread... 31 slskipper01/02/2021 10:17PM
A Tale of Two Teens Gordon B. Stinky01/03/2021 06:56PM
Do you eat anonymous love bombed food items? 26 Pooped01/02/2021 11:19AM
Quoting “The swine is basically the atheist. God calls atheists pigs.” 12 iceman909001/02/2021 06:51PM
Groberg PhD "Dissertation" 29 Gordon B. Stinky12/30/2020 01:22AM
"All lies and jests, 'til..." olderelder01/02/2021 08:35PM
Convincing evidence for God's existence Screen Name01/03/2021 03:01PM
Reference, please! GNPE01/03/2021 01:26PM
Orson Scott Card. 12 Twinker01/02/2021 09:26AM
Will COVID destroy religion? 29 slskipper01/01/2021 08:26PM
ExMo Son converting to Judaism, tells me he has to have his Johnson cut. 46 schrodingerscat12/26/2020 05:48PM
Did you have a study bible? 13 Foreign visitor01/01/2021 03:29AM
Flat Earthers Sail To The Edge Of The World But Don't Fall Off anybody01/01/2021 11:46AM
Behold the servants of god who bestow their blessings upon us. thedesertrat101/01/2021 01:47PM
organized religion= confidence game thedesertrat112/31/2020 09:48PM
Can You Quit LDS Group Over Covid? josephssmmyth01/01/2021 11:16PM
resignation via email 11 CrispingPin12/31/2020 11:12AM
OT this didn't seem right to me. Elder Berry01/01/2021 08:12PM
Happy New Year, y’all. 22 knotheadusc12/31/2020 06:29PM
WikiLeaks Just Dumped LDS Files - PR Bombshell? 21 cricket12/31/2020 02:22PM
Mrs. Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian) On Mormons... SL Cabbie01/01/2021 08:53PM
re: ( ( o / t ) ? ) ~ santa ~ (no spoilers) ~ ziller12/29/2020 03:00PM
Neanderthal Denisovan Idaltu Homo Sapiens - continuation of closed thread 17 schrodingerscat12/28/2020 07:04PM