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Wild Turkeys 54 Hockeyrat01/07/2019 04:48PM
Native American DNA - Ancestry. COM - Lamanites 22 blueskyutah201/10/2019 02:55PM
Abuser in the family 16 Tyllo01/09/2019 07:53PM
If porn is responsible for sexism in males... slskipper01/10/2019 12:40PM
Untold Book of Mormon Stories ~ “The Fall of Teancum” ~ ziller01/11/2019 09:55PM
Nelsonism: What does this mean? GNPE01/12/2019 12:34PM
Can someone explain something to me? 10 catholicrebel01/10/2019 01:54PM
How TSCC could close temples and not arouse suspicions messygoop01/11/2019 12:47AM
Is there still 'lions, and tigers, and bears' in new temple film? anonme01/10/2019 06:50PM
Is overcoming doubt with faith like overcoming poverty with tithing? 17 Elder Berry01/10/2019 03:32PM
Are older members confused by allowing 11 year olds to pass sacrament? 20 Warren Jeffs01/10/2019 07:53AM
3800 Year Old Pre-Columbian Wapato Garden Found In British Columbia anybody01/11/2019 07:54AM
If Mormonism collapse, specifically what happens to the economy of Utah? EXON4601/11/2019 04:21PM
The Priest Quorum teacher dodging arrest warrants OneWayJay01/12/2019 01:59AM
Daymon M. Smith Phantom Shadow01/10/2019 08:44PM
Re: ~~~ *** Short Story Contest Entries (with updates) *** ~~~ 13 ziller01/10/2019 11:27PM
First Sunday in 2019 blueskyutah201/10/2019 02:48PM
Get them while they are young... Lowpriest01/11/2019 06:02PM
Top 10 Facts The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members To Know Dave the Atheist01/06/2019 11:26PM
Remembering Richard Miller: Mormon, FBI agent, and traitor... 18 randyj07/05/2016 10:17PM
My New Years Motto memikeyounot01/11/2019 12:10PM
Receiving comfort from the righteous Pooped01/10/2019 03:36PM
Retirement and Celestial Kingdom mel01/10/2019 07:05PM baptism for the "dead", remiss, "even" our Savior...... presleynfactsrock01/10/2019 01:21AM
Gordon BS HinckLIEy has said a lot of (STUPID) stuff, BUT..... 11 smirkorama01/09/2019 01:45PM
Visit from Missionaries 10 pollythinks01/08/2019 08:56PM
When a program fails 17 Lowpriest01/09/2019 05:39PM
How far will the church fall? Snickers01/10/2019 04:23PM
My Eternal Damnation - Letter To My Mormon Tribe. 17 koriwhore01/07/2019 11:25PM
OT: More positive thoughts, please. . . 22 catnip01/07/2019 09:25PM
How would a crash in commercial real estate affect the church? 13 Rubicon01/08/2019 01:58PM
Mormon heterodoxy 50 BYU Boner07/14/2018 02:24PM
It's the Little Things 18 Done & Done01/10/2019 10:46AM
Is this for real or is this baby talk? New Lesson Quote 14 messygoop01/07/2019 11:12PM
So what is Eve saying? Justin01/10/2019 12:53PM
What is my great grandmother's brother's daughter to me? 11 Elder Berry01/09/2019 06:17PM
The number of TBM adults, the real believers - the actual number! Darren Steers01/10/2019 09:35AM
In San Juan County, Utah, the Lamanites are rising summer01/09/2019 07:05PM
Expensive lots for sale by City Creek Living around Cedar City temple 15 tamboruco01/08/2019 07:05PM
Now they're soliciting on Facebook communities! severedpuppetstrings01/09/2019 12:04PM
social media abuse Lowpriest01/09/2019 12:25PM
Link Found Between Religious Fundamentalism And Brain Damage 21 anybody01/09/2019 06:58AM
Does being cruel help you get leadership positions? 27 kilgravmaga01/06/2019 06:24AM
Anybody Here Wanna Admit To Ever Being "Remiss" In Bearing Your Testimony? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/09/2019 07:34PM
What meta narrative do you subscribe to now? 17 koriwhore01/08/2019 08:37PM
Indian placement, LDS bishop, and sex abuse [|]01/09/2019 07:32PM
Not the mormon church forester01/02/2019 07:01PM
When Mormons were in The United States but not of The United States Elder Berry01/08/2019 05:39PM
Kyrsten Sinema, senator and exmo 19 3X01/05/2019 08:30PM
I'm infallible, except when I make mistakes 16 sb01/04/2019 09:59AM
When Jehovah was Jesus' Father in Mormonism Notevenhere01/08/2019 01:56PM
Sonia Johnson, Excommunicated over the ERA amendment. PBS auntsukey01/09/2019 12:59AM
Where can I get a sweater like Robert Earl Holding? Find out LDS holdings? Elder Berry01/08/2019 01:13PM
Dear Rusty, 13 slskipper01/05/2019 11:06AM
I will try to last longer than april zipper. Adamjjohnny71701/09/2019 01:40PM