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Yay, ghawdhood! 16 elderolddog10/28/2023 01:48PM
O/T Animals that prompt fear and disgust ... Dave the Atheist10/29/2023 11:38AM
Who is going to tell Dave? Susan I/S10/28/2023 09:10PM
Jesus and his siblings bradley10/28/2023 10:48PM
What Is Wanted? 13 Rubicon10/27/2023 08:51PM
2nd in line says mass shootings are result of teaching kids evolution. 14 schrodingerscat10/27/2023 07:54PM
What is the church doing about Lamanites? 28 Twinker10/22/2023 11:09PM
Asking for your help... 64 elderolddog10/25/2023 06:11PM
Apparently they have been told to be nicer 24 messygoop10/23/2023 11:00AM
Fruit cake, C rations and the sacrament. 30 Heartless10/16/2023 11:41PM
Explaining the word of wisdom to friends by my granddaughter Heartless10/26/2023 07:33PM
How the first vision really happened 11 sunbeep10/14/2023 01:48PM
“Humans invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse in the world would ever…” schrodingerscat10/26/2023 07:41PM
Yes, Virginia, the BoM can messygoop10/26/2023 01:18PM
The Youth Problem and how the church plans to fix it (same as 30 years) 12 messygoop10/25/2023 03:31PM
Deseret News digest in my mailbox! gemini10/25/2023 04:54PM
The only thing missing is the mother ship 24 Rubicon10/17/2023 05:24PM
Down the Rabbit Hole 10 CrispingPin10/24/2023 02:51PM
Mormon Maria van Lent, not happy with doctrine of polygamy schrodingerscat10/25/2023 01:13PM
          It's not too soon to start your holiday shopping! 13 elderolddog10/24/2023 02:17PM
Heber City temple on the ballot? Heartless10/25/2023 01:07AM
Unconditional support of the leadership is the religion. 14 Rubicon10/14/2023 03:52PM
Halloween parties? 17 The Original Moi!10/15/2023 01:11PM
Growth of the religious "nones" Happy_Heretic10/23/2023 08:58AM
O/T French train synthwave ... 10 Dave the Atheist10/23/2023 02:07PM
Are The Members Sick of the Phrase "Think Celestial" Yet 21 Toronto Boy10/23/2023 09:31AM
Servicemen copies of book of mormon 14 Heartless10/18/2023 12:42PM
Is anyone more condescending than Bednar? 30 Pooped10/14/2023 05:06PM
Washington State AG sues META regarding harm to youth GNPE10/24/2023 08:30PM
“Where do you get your morals and ethics if you don’t believe in God?” 74 schrodingerscat10/21/2023 03:06PM
     Assorted random randomness prompted, at in part, by being an exmormon. elderolddog10/24/2023 05:53PM
"Peace and Security" Nightingale10/23/2023 01:52PM
deleted (n/t) Twinker10/24/2023 03:10PM
Getting Canceled by Funeral Handout 23 annabelle10/23/2023 01:32PM
Its all a scam anymore 15 Silence is Golden10/21/2023 04:49PM
Totally O/T .... I still hate disco 33 Dave the Atheist10/13/2023 02:28PM
To Locke if I was 30 again. subeamnotlogedin10/20/2023 11:28PM
AI creates pictures of people from.all fifty 14 Science Factory10/21/2023 09:31AM
Is RFM considered social media? 34 Heartless10/18/2023 09:36PM
Homies beat Lawn Guyland Sharks ... Dave the Atheist10/22/2023 03:07AM
Do MP's take possession of missionary passports?? 41 Pooped10/17/2023 11:38PM
BYU Jerusalem Center 20 gemini10/07/2023 10:20PM
The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing messygoop10/20/2023 01:08PM
Only in the U.S.A. 22 blindguy10/18/2023 01:21PM
How far removed are you from polygamy? 21 CrispingPin10/18/2023 12:37PM
Please explain it to me. Really. I want to know. 28 anybody10/20/2023 12:31AM
Someone stole my eclipse glasses! behindcurtain10/15/2023 08:26PM
"Mormon" = More Money, "Xenu" = The New anybody10/17/2023 10:22PM
Utah woman arrested for child abuse ... 62 Dave the Atheist08/31/2023 05:44PM
OK, RESOLVED that Donnie O hasn’t uttered a curse word, but has he… GNPE10/19/2023 03:13PM
I was never asked in a bishops interview if i was involved in polygamy jeffscott10/19/2023 03:53PM
OT: ASMR anyone? 31 Roy G Biv10/13/2023 04:45PM
I suppose that hard core TBM have been reassured messygoop10/19/2023 03:13PM
Coming to an Idaho bathroom near you: watch for those trans people! 43 dagny10/13/2023 08:43PM
What if there's a war in the Middle East and Jesus doesn't show up? 21 elderolddog10/17/2023 03:43PM