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Big Bang may not have ever happened, according to NASA, JWT observations 51 schrodingerscat08/17/2022 11:36AM
Maybe visiting teachers were reporting abuse.... Villager08/18/2022 09:24PM
UT High School Secretly Investigated Athlete To See If She Was Trans anybody08/18/2022 07:43PM
O/T have not seen this thread in ages: your first live concert 46 perditious108/17/2022 08:11PM
Judge rules against abusive CULT, privilege is no excuse for secrecy schrodingerscat08/18/2022 07:04PM
Mormons in faith crisis - you’re not crazy, wrong or stupid, Jana Reese schrodingerscat08/18/2022 07:07PM
Joseph Smith and Mohammed Had One More Thing in Common: Dictation Issues 11 newcomer08/12/2022 12:59PM
The prophets are false but the profits are real CrispingPin08/18/2022 12:15PM
mormons Never Get It squirrley08/16/2022 09:50PM
O/T Cheesesteak ... Dave the Atheist08/18/2022 03:19AM
"Nothing is true unless it can appended to the faith..." is postmodernism Cold-Dodger08/18/2022 05:49PM
Another Mormon Murder 21 Finance Clerk08/17/2022 01:13PM
I check in every 10 years or so 21 SLDrone08/17/2022 01:51AM
Man interfaced brain with a robot 7yrs ago and lived to tell about it. schrodingerscat08/17/2022 09:10PM
Old times... 37 dimmesdale05/13/2021 10:16AM
church vandalism news today now hard to find(link) gemini08/17/2022 09:49PM
You can leave the church, but you can't leave the church alone CrispingPin08/18/2022 10:03AM
Nobel Museum - Oslo Norway 11 Eric K08/18/2022 04:08AM
Questions the abusive CULT of Joseph’s Myth won’t answer schrodingerscat08/18/2022 12:02PM
Especially Today I Need To Say 15 Done & Done08/17/2022 11:08AM
A relatively new + for Temple - Eligible Mormons!! GNPE08/17/2022 09:29PM
What's the ugliest part of your body ? 32 Dave the Atheist08/12/2022 05:00PM
Most people want the middle. 19 Rubicon08/13/2022 02:18PM
Conversion Therapy is still legal in most of the US CrispingPin08/17/2022 10:53AM
Catholic Cardinal/Pope Candidate Accused of Sexual Assault (yes, again) Nightingale08/17/2022 07:49PM
Hooray 20 kentish08/09/2022 04:29PM
Temple building fever in Idaho 56 dagny08/16/2022 02:55PM
What is the official position on Mormon bishops breaking confidentilaity ? 10 Waren Jeffs08/16/2022 07:52AM
Introverted dogs, at a dog park . . . An example of me! elderolddog08/15/2022 01:38PM
>ALL Non-RM Geezer GA's Should Be Guilted To Go On A Mission NOW As They... BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/16/2022 09:23PM
The Price SLDrone08/17/2022 01:12AM
Soft Machine, How are you doing after that break-in? Kathleen08/15/2022 06:54PM
More about the Church's hotline . 13 auntsukey08/14/2022 01:22PM
mormon church sex abuse victims ... Dave the Atheist08/17/2022 03:24AM
re: what ziller likes ~ ziller08/16/2022 02:57AM
AP Story. Church abets child sex abuse. 49 auntsukey08/04/2022 09:00AM
A Path to Healing: Put your pain story in a box and tuck it away Nightingale08/13/2022 05:41PM
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"Hi. We're missionaries." 17 Nightingale08/07/2022 02:49PM
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Is this a trap? 27 botchan08/15/2022 09:07AM
        Love is Free! 20 elderolddog08/14/2022 11:27AM
I didn't know Olivia Newton-John died. (n/t) 20 Dave the Atheist08/09/2022 01:50AM
Why do the Mormon higherups 14 thedesertrat107/31/2022 12:49PM
Since my wife died i get lonely so I GO TO SACRAMENT MEETING BECAUSE 13 thedesertrat108/14/2022 09:38AM
Temple Session, live endowment experience 20 Slowly Unravelling the Faith08/04/2022 04:31PM
frustrating family conversation onthedownlow08/02/2022 09:13PM
Salman Rushdie Stabbed In NY 57 anybody08/12/2022 12:03PM
In Iran, you have to legally be a virgin to marry. Is America next? anybody08/11/2022 06:29AM
"Religious Freedom" is Neither Dave the Atheist08/15/2022 02:09PM
Cult-life a luxury? A sick pastime prefered by desperate people? 23 Cauda08/12/2022 02:59AM
“Tithing Settlement” is now a victory for Satan 21 CrispingPin08/11/2022 06:57PM
The church does not have a zero-tolerance policy... slskipper08/14/2022 06:04PM