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New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is an exmo. 28 auntsukey03/20/2019 09:53AM
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St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, March 24th *NEW LOCATION* Bite Me03/23/2019 03:31PM
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Seminary Is Now Year Around and Super Correlated 10 snowowl03/22/2019 03:11PM
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keeping my (and your) kids safe and healthy while missionarying 13 dp03/20/2019 08:41PM
Graven images in Mormon temples matt03/23/2019 07:32PM
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The Progression of Revelation in the LSD Church SEcular Priest03/23/2019 02:46PM
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did they find a way to get our banking info edy03/22/2019 01:40PM
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First Girls Join Local BSA Scout Troop 45 anybody03/18/2019 10:13AM
I'm going to be so bummed if they give the green light to COFFEE 19 lachesis03/22/2019 02:41PM
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Osmond play to tell their "unsugarcoated" story...(link) notmonotloggedin03/20/2019 09:18PM