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Sticky: REMINDER: No Partisan or General Politics Maude06/28/2019 09:20PM
Sticky: Politics: Limited Discussion - Maybe. Party Politics - No Maude05/21/2019 07:15PM
Sticky: Clashes Between Posters - Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe Maude05/01/2019 11:35AM
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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info now 988 Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
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Steve Benson DaveinTX03/04/2024 07:12PM
Re: Full blown Christian Rock concert at Provo MTC (video) 16 New boy02/27/2024 05:36PM
My Sibling Called and Apologized for Everything 27 Raptor Jesus02/27/2024 01:02AM
Tithing, Blessings, and the Windows of Heaven 10 sunbeep03/04/2024 01:00PM
Brigham Young was the Ray Croc of religion (n/t) bradley03/04/2024 02:25AM
Reality Bites Back: Disease Running Rampant In FL 25 anybody03/03/2024 09:06AM
I've been thinking again for myself.. 10 PHIL03/03/2024 06:01PM
Oh, The Things You Could Do With a Flaming Sword sunbeep03/04/2024 04:12PM
Has LDS planning for 2030 anniversary celebration started? GNPE03/02/2024 03:48AM
Does ChurchCo publish where mishs are allowed / not? GNPE03/03/2024 07:59PM
Ivy Ridge - more abuse in Utah Susan I/S03/04/2024 08:23AM
First time I ever heard this at a baby blessing 10 Silence is Golden03/04/2024 12:14PM
When your family becomes the ward charity project 11 messygoop01/01/2024 05:44AM
Thought of the day (garbage) from ETB 14 messygoop02/29/2024 04:18PM
My Therapist had questions 29 M0rtes02/29/2024 12:58PM
Fun with AI Poem Generator 10 Twinker03/02/2024 03:52PM
Andy Reid's son Britt has been released early from prison News Reader 10103/01/2024 06:34PM
O/T Alien vs. Predator ... Dave the Atheist03/04/2024 01:45AM
LDS church wins a round on Huntsman's tithing lawsuit(link) gemini03/03/2024 05:05PM
Levite's Concubine – Benjamite War 12 markc03/02/2024 09:38AM
GM, everyone! linguistic challenge - problem ahoy! 10 GNPE03/03/2024 12:15PM
In a dark, twisted sort of way, SARS-CoV-2 saved me from Mormonism SaltSnow03/03/2024 01:33PM
Are there any Christian vegans?Are there any Christian vegans? 29 jay01/27/2024 10:38PM
Exmo G. Stevenson (England) Wealth inequality Happy_Heretic03/03/2024 08:16AM
When you were in TSCC, were you assigned to love bomb folks? Beth03/02/2024 03:19PM
Utah House passes bill: Public schools can teach the 10 Commandments 19 summer03/01/2024 01:23AM
>When's The Last Time U Visited Mormon Mecca (Temple Square) Anything New? BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/03/2024 12:54AM
Why TSCC have a double standard? 10 wondering03/02/2024 08:59AM
Rusty describes his Second Anointing in his memoirs 26 Gilaman02/08/2024 05:04AM
NPR: Georgia bill that would cut all... blindguy03/02/2024 01:55PM
When Mr Bigglesworth gets upset bradley03/02/2024 03:55PM
Nelson intentionally misquoted BoM part about "churches set up for gain" 16 + fries02/05/2024 06:01AM
Which is worst Birth date? OrigamiDude03/01/2024 06:24PM
Perfectly Preserved Frescoes Of Phrixus and Helle Found In Pompeii anybody03/01/2024 05:02PM
"You are sleeping. You are sleeping. You do not want to believe." 20 anybody02/29/2024 07:49AM
They know they messed up over priesthood 14 Naysayer02/26/2024 07:09AM
BYU-I bans exmo from jazz fest 13 [|]02/27/2024 07:15PM
New BYU Course discusses the philosophy of Taylor Swift 60 Non-mo01/12/2024 01:05PM
Have you heard of the Mormon transhumanist movement? Ultra Vires02/20/2024 06:28PM
Happy Leap Year! 22 Susan I/S02/29/2024 03:54AM
O/T YMCA Dave the Atheist03/01/2024 01:44AM
Was Steven Covey Mormonisms Doug Wead or Dexter Yager? Betty G02/29/2024 03:26AM
The church just kind of runs 29 Rubicon02/16/2024 09:31AM
Homo sapiens are like a cancer on the Earth Visitor from the West02/29/2024 04:46PM
Summary of why I resigned as a Mo. bishop: interview w/ Nick & Amanda Jones 13 + fries02/06/2024 07:49AM
"Tradwife" Influencer Calls It Quits, Rejects Movement 11 anybody02/27/2024 02:47PM
What were visitors supposed to see...? 25 messygoop02/19/2024 03:12PM
mormon presidential candidate defrauds 80 yr. old - not political 13 [|]02/27/2024 12:27AM
Are Missions Today Actually Work? 24 Concerned02/28/2024 11:51AM
The Chosen Eric302/21/2024 04:05PM
Is it okay to misgender Caitlyn Jenner to stop a nuclear apocalypse? Human02/25/2024 01:50PM
“skin of blackness” 20 subeamnotlogedin02/28/2024 08:58AM
Dave missed John Warnock and Niklaus Wirth Brother Of Jerry02/26/2024 12:56PM
Bumper stickers 37 RPackham02/07/2024 08:40PM