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Sticky: Suicide Hotline Info 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Susan I/S03/12/2012 10:39PM
For converts did LDS INC deform your personality? 16 Elder Berry03/01/2021 11:38AM
Now I get why the Church hates coffee so badly 19 Comfortably Numb12/27/2010 11:10AM
Why do atheists use the word “God” so much? 20 schrodingerscat03/03/2021 04:49PM
‘Murder Among the Mormons’ - Netflix documentary 34 schrodingerscat02/23/2021 12:30PM
Belief And Behaviour, Racism and Art 47 Human03/02/2021 12:02PM
Ranchers Linked To Bundys Lose Public Land Grazing Rights. anybody03/03/2021 05:17PM
Well, here we go... 28 valkyriequeen03/02/2021 10:47PM
Chief is the one I’ve been looking for Cold-Dodger03/03/2021 02:16PM
Should a vaccine from an aborted foetus be accepted? 27 Waren Jeffs03/01/2021 11:38PM
Any chance LDS could become a meme religion? jay03/03/2021 11:19PM
Stories of companions or others from mission... 20 mankosuki03/02/2021 03:37AM
Hate looking people in their eyes (Asperger) 33 Cauda02/26/2021 05:46AM
LDS Chapel For Sale 13 bettydee02/27/2021 04:55PM
Surprise Surprise, homophobic CULT opposes equality for transexuals schrodingerscat02/28/2021 05:30PM
Murder among the Mormons Netflix passnthru03/03/2021 03:31PM
What does "spiritual" mean? 31 behindcurtain02/28/2021 09:10PM
Mars, Mormons, and Why I Left 10 Done & Done03/03/2021 11:10AM
TBM Double Think... Gordon B. Stinky03/02/2021 05:30PM
Black Mission President says he resolved the whole "racism" issue 16 schrodingerscat02/28/2021 05:43PM
Intellectual Reserves, Inc. vs Lighthouse Ministry (2000) 17 auntsukey02/27/2021 10:17AM
My takeaway from Mormonism 22 bradley03/01/2021 03:39PM
Called out for posting unwelcome LDS stats on FB 35 cludgie02/09/2021 01:09AM
It's difficult not having much in common with your family anymore 12 forgotmyname03/01/2021 08:10PM
Brave squirrel part 2, silent interspecies communication (video) 12 Adam the Warrior02/15/2021 08:02PM
What was the final straw that broke the shelf for you? 54 schrodingerscat02/24/2021 01:45PM
What do you care about now that you don’t care about God or religion? (n/t) 36 schrodingerscat02/05/2021 01:21PM
Conspicuously absent from BYU "Root Out Racism" report 27 schrodingerscat02/28/2021 05:15PM
BYU committee on race release 26 recommendations to help 'root out racism' 32 schrodingerscat02/26/2021 07:48PM
Coca Cola tells employees to "be less white* 52 Hard Times02/27/2021 03:38AM
Scientology vs Mormonism - Latest Dehlin podcast auntsukey03/02/2021 10:02AM
Don't believe in magic? Explain Buckyballs in space: The Magic Molecule 58 schrodingerscat02/25/2021 02:32AM
CULT makes $6Billion off of Covid. - God helps those who help themselves 14 schrodingerscat02/22/2021 12:33AM
Earth's magnetic field flipping 42,000 years ago linked to extinctions 31 schrodingerscat02/22/2021 02:00AM
The Alien Origins of Mormonism (Season 8) | History Chanel schrodingerscat02/28/2021 09:07PM
MORmON anti-masker Militia coming to a town near you! 15 schrodingerscat03/01/2021 04:47PM
Move over LDS, you have a competitor in the land grab dept. Howie Boys03/01/2021 06:28AM
Intact Roman Ceremonial Chariot Found In Pompeii 22 anybody02/27/2021 08:44PM
the legality of paying tithing with government funds 18 happyhollyhomemaker08/31/2013 02:05PM
can you recognize the con? 13 thedesertrat102/26/2021 04:46PM
Karma : rooster kills owner 22 Dave the Atheist02/27/2021 08:31PM
Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law CrispingPin03/01/2021 11:17AM
Absence makes the heart more musical... knotheadusc02/28/2021 03:37AM
Why doesn't ghawd just save all his children? 15 elderolddog02/28/2021 08:50PM
14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet; OMG 12 GNPE02/27/2021 06:52PM
The beatings will stop when moral improves....... 18 ConcernedCitizen 2.002/23/2021 04:36PM
Question from my 6-year-old 28 scmd102/27/2021 10:31PM
Did you every have "great joy" with a baptized person on your mission? behindcurtain02/28/2021 09:00PM
U.S. missionaries- what are they doing now? kantgomo02/27/2021 09:14PM
Serving mishie shares a Fun story on another site! elderolddog02/27/2021 12:21PM
about closed door interviews thedesertrat102/28/2021 11:53AM
Religious Nutcases Claim The COVID-19 Vaccine Is The "Mark Of The Beast" 29 anybody02/24/2021 09:33AM
Must see YouTube video wondering02/28/2021 02:50PM
What Is Wanted? Going Forward, leaving LDS Racism GNPE02/28/2021 01:38PM
Tbm lingo designed to make you complicit and lay claim to you Cold-Dodger02/28/2021 01:46AM
I'm glad things worked out mostly okay for Forrest Gump elderolddog02/27/2021 09:40PM