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Absolutely Totally Off Topic: Avocados and Over-Ripening Tevai02/18/2020 07:39PM
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Tom in Paris, can your building be seen in this photo? 15 elderolddog02/17/2020 08:24PM
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Meanwhile, over at the Girl Scouts headquarters. Article LINK Topper02/18/2020 06:28PM
Boy scouts file for bankruptcy 14 [|]02/18/2020 01:44AM
I think it might have been the Christus statue that did me in. 18 dimmesdale02/08/2020 08:09AM
Mormon Japanese naked festival 13 Someone02/16/2020 02:40PM
I figured it out thedesertrat102/18/2020 10:22AM
More Main Streaming 11 Secular Priest02/15/2020 10:42AM
The Only True Cartoon (BYU) Screen Name02/18/2020 12:50PM
Return and Report Part I: My Evening at the Old Ward (yes, it's long) 33 Nightingale02/08/2020 10:18PM
Post-April Conference Reaction To Rusty's Revelation Roundup cricket02/18/2020 04:18PM
Freaking out, shelf broken, help 32 brokenshelfhelp02/13/2020 06:35PM
Daybell/Vallow. The Doomsday cult identified. Yes, it's LDS based. 20 Twinker02/15/2020 01:59PM
Reject evolution? Then look at these pictures and deny they are your kin 15 anybody02/18/2020 10:06AM
Joseph F. Smith said the day would come when they would not require tithing 13 Old Al02/16/2020 05:13PM
Question for ElderOldDog.....about his exmormon murder story 12 Tutu not signed in02/18/2020 09:38AM
General Coference predictions? 19 slskipper02/17/2020 10:57PM
Surely the Lord God will Do Nothing without His Servants MormonMartinLuther02/16/2020 04:26AM
Church welfare cannery in Ogden UT (1977) messygoop02/17/2020 02:34PM
What's the point of 'hoarding' 100 billion ? All Tithing goes to me02/18/2020 01:49AM
Is coffee good for me? 24 Oregon02/15/2020 04:44PM
BYU condemns ‘racist, anonymous comments’ aimed at black students 26 anybody02/11/2020 09:31AM
When you were a member - Testimony 22 Lowpriest02/13/2020 09:11AM
The church could use apps to spy on it’s members 16 Rubicon02/14/2020 03:22PM
O/T Slim Princess goes for a spin. Dave the Atheist02/16/2020 05:40PM
When you reject reality, you are easily manipulated and controlled (n/t) anybody02/18/2020 01:15AM
Minnesota offers residents money to have bee friendly lawns. LINK 24 Topper02/15/2020 03:58PM
The Cult's response to the WSJ article 23 [|]02/14/2020 10:54PM
Black Mormon Missionary Attacked in Utah 13 LeftTheMorg02/15/2020 01:13PM
Which Of The Brethren Is The "Porn Czar" Who Defines What Constitutes Porn? 28 BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/13/2020 04:36PM
How do you define the word, "god" now? Cont of closed thread 33 Elder Berry02/17/2020 11:33AM
Mormon Church doomed according to their own scriptures! Politic02/17/2020 04:08AM
ViolenceWarning: Your Sunday afternoon film--National Geographic VIDEO LINK 17 Topper02/16/2020 05:02PM
Hey all. 14 Cold-Dodger02/17/2020 10:28AM
'Ghost' DNA In West Africans Complicates Story Of Human Origins 18 schrodingerscat02/15/2020 08:25PM
My Town Was Founded by A Black Man (cussin') 10 Beth02/15/2020 03:03PM
Ignorance is Bliss 12 BillburtHoggwart02/16/2020 07:46PM
Racial attacks in Utah 24 Brother Of Jerry02/14/2020 03:00PM
Ha! Funny commentary on Mormonism. Rubicon02/17/2020 01:03AM
Todays Norwegian Lesson (applies to MORmON culture) GNPE02/15/2020 09:34PM
Tara Westover and her book Educated 45 forester08/25/2019 03:44PM
Would the LDS lose active members if they quit demanding tithing? Old Al02/16/2020 04:23PM
Passive-Aggressive Mormonisms 15 donbagley02/13/2020 10:58PM
Can The Brethren Catch Up To The Ethics & Morality Of The ExMo Generations? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/16/2020 04:15PM
>FOUND...Joseph Smith's Valentine Manuscript To Sarah Ann Whitney... BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/15/2020 02:32PM
Yes, Virginia, The Mormon Church is True! omyheck02/16/2020 03:49PM
TBM Sis asks, "Why do you criticize Mormonism years after quiting?" 21 schrodingerscat02/13/2020 04:05PM
How outsiders see Mormonism Rubicon02/16/2020 03:09PM
Liberian Press alleges LDS corruption 12 GT702/14/2020 06:57AM
O/T DH in hospital; positive thoughts requsted. 27 catnip02/10/2020 10:35PM