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Whatever happened to Butterfield Ford? Whatever’s06/17/2018 09:18AM
Shelf Falling? 10 AnonToday06/16/2018 01:37PM
Does anyone here know Mike Orme, General Counsel at BYU? Pooped06/16/2018 09:46PM
Friend of mine joined the Catholic church 23 Crazy horse06/15/2018 07:55PM
Interchangeable mormons; has this ever to you? 20 Chicken N. Backpacks06/12/2018 05:50PM
Overheard at the Gates of Heaven 12 Shummy06/15/2018 01:58PM
NASA's female astronaut is a badass. Dave the Atheist06/16/2018 07:05PM
o/t: Do you know any weight loss groups in the Salt Lake area? Naberrie06/16/2018 10:17AM
I say I'm an atheist, but I'm just not sure. 28 quidprostatusquo06/14/2018 12:30PM
Did you refuse to go on a mission? (n/t) 20 anybody06/15/2018 07:15AM
Tecun Uman vs. Teancum - one is real and one is ficticious (links) tamboruco06/16/2018 05:33PM
Opinions on Jordan Peterson? (n/t) 23 Cold-Dodger06/14/2018 04:12AM
The Mormon Look 21 jett06/15/2018 07:43AM
I want to go to the exmo meetup, but... 17 Anonfornow06/14/2018 01:14PM
A question for the believers 40 Babyloncansuckit06/13/2018 03:56PM
Is an engineering degree from BYU-Idaho worth it? (update) 27 praydude06/11/2018 01:01PM
Became my own payee finally today, i might be a true adult(cuss) 20 Badassadam106/15/2018 02:03PM
The Problem with Apologists 12 Historischer06/15/2018 09:55PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, June 17th Bite Me06/16/2018 11:13AM
Why “Race and Priesthood” Essay’s Conclusion is Fundamentally Dishonest 17 Sarony06/10/2018 06:08PM
Did your parents make you drink powdered milk growing up? 64 Pooped05/30/2018 12:47AM
Another apologist bites the dust: John Tvedtnes (link) 10 RPackham06/14/2018 11:57PM
Help 14 strangestthings1206/15/2018 12:48PM
Another question about funerals 15 Pooped06/10/2018 02:56PM
SLC: 49th worst city to live 16 Fascinated in the Midwest06/14/2018 09:52AM
Is it possible to be a Mormon with Aspergers or autism spectrum disorder? 41 questioner11/13/2011 06:02AM
Visiting the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site 19 BYU Boner06/15/2018 11:43AM
Teacher Says He Was Forced to Resign After Refusing to Call Transgender Stu 29 Anonymous 206/12/2018 02:05PM
(o/t) "Rocket" Raccoon Climbs St. Paul Skyscraper, Makes It Safely To Roof 10 anybody06/13/2018 07:10AM
Mormon Leaks uncovers 13 LLCs linked to the Mormon church worth $32 billion 22 summer05/30/2018 06:15PM
exmo stake dance nite thred ~ (vid rated exmo G++) ~ ziller06/15/2018 04:54PM
Getting banned for this one 48 jthomas06/14/2018 01:09AM
Pray Tell...Why Do Declining Birthrate Stories Have A Pejorative Tone... 28 BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/14/2018 03:05AM
Ministering Interviews Changed Man06/15/2018 01:21PM
Is the ex-Mormon community diverse? (n/t) 52 jay06/09/2018 12:22AM
I is saying he's golden plates winner (swear word) Elder Berry06/14/2018 06:21PM
Whatever happened to "They Lie in Wait To Deceive" Volume 5? 12 Mormons are Hypocrites06/15/2018 01:06AM
New Genetic Study Shows 90% of Species Appeared Simultaneously 47 Amyjo06/13/2018 02:15PM
Driving past the temple. 14 Makurosu06/13/2018 10:57PM
How embarrassed are educated Mormons over the Book of Abraham? 26 Josephina06/11/2018 09:32PM
Does TSCC make a profit from selling temple garments? 12 Josephina06/13/2018 09:43PM
Church TV spots: "We raise families, and we're Mormon!" Mormons are Hypocrites06/14/2018 07:21PM
Southern Baptists Ex Racist Albany GA Church anybody06/14/2018 11:46PM
How are Mormons and Christians differant? The Riddler06/14/2018 04:28PM
City Creek, Pyongyang 11 Justin06/12/2018 03:36PM
A song for you to laugh with JoeSmith66606/13/2018 06:35PM
Changing things up and maybe seeing a christian counselor 47 Badassadam106/13/2018 04:29PM
My favorite kinds of Mormons, in this order: mythb4meat06/14/2018 06:39AM
Using quit mormon 12 blueglitter06/13/2018 04:40AM
MORmON lie, "We don't know why God commanded (insert immoral behavior)" koriwhore06/14/2018 11:47AM
OT - Corgi or St. Bernard? Non-scientific survey 53 Beth06/12/2018 09:56PM
Skin Cancer For Jesus! anonoparaesto06/14/2018 03:21AM
If you identify yourself with a racist institution, are you a racist? 16 koriwhore06/13/2018 04:19PM
Most Mormons believe racist priesthood/temple ban was God's will. 18 koriwhore06/11/2018 11:00PM
does the church ever accept blame or responsibilty in sex abuse cases? 15 Gordon Hinckley06/08/2018 11:42PM