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My tip for the Church to grow. 16 guy3405/22/2020 11:56PM
How many of you ever got banned on Facebook? How long? And why? 35 Visitors Welcome05/23/2020 11:06AM
Government remind me of parents grounding(lockdown) me 61 Adam7178305/24/2020 06:58PM
Anyone else get handwritten letters from local JWs in the mail? 11 anonyXmo05/22/2020 04:54AM
Is baptism for the dead just a wannabe Catholic legacy? MormonMartinLuther05/24/2020 09:04PM
The Devil's Gospel donbagley05/23/2020 05:30PM
What happened to the Lamanites? 51 CrispingPin05/18/2020 11:12AM
"In Sweden fewer than 50% survive." Really? (Follow-up on Closed Thread) 60 lurking in05/23/2020 06:07PM
GAs on the Down-Low? GNPE05/22/2020 10:39PM
new LDS Covid Temple Endownment SomeMillenial05/24/2020 11:51PM
SL Tribune: Avoid superspreader events summer05/24/2020 05:46PM
Free will without murder or meanness, is it possible? 14 SunGoddess05/23/2020 03:59PM
Christ-centered art cont. 39 Elder Berry05/13/2020 06:29PM
Re-opening? thedesertrat105/24/2020 01:15PM
Judgment Day - I don't get it 38 mrx05/20/2020 07:21AM
(o/t) Help! "Stranger In Paradise" is stuck in my head... 25 anybody05/20/2020 09:25AM
Tithing in person? Hell yeah. Missionary blessings in person? Hell no. Kristy05/24/2020 12:19PM
14 year old PIMO seeking advice 41 hujo205/17/2020 05:49PM
A possible reason men can't have beards in the church 21 Roy G Biv05/20/2020 12:49PM
Leading apologist dies 31 kentish05/23/2020 02:21PM
Herd Immunity vs. prevention 53 schrodingerscat05/19/2020 01:55PM
Example of emotional abuser in my family - the gift sender S.05/19/2020 05:45AM
Should Churches Reopen? ..... 41 schrodingerscat05/22/2020 12:14PM
Another one? Repression = Perversion 11 Twinker05/23/2020 10:49AM
So, is church on for Sunday in Utah? gemini05/23/2020 08:34PM
Things missed become sweeter 25 kentish05/18/2020 02:51PM
(o/t) Re: Power anybody05/22/2020 08:03PM
my apologys 23 thedesertrat105/20/2020 02:58PM
sum it up SunGoddess05/22/2020 11:05PM
"This I Believe" schrodingerscat05/22/2020 06:33PM
Just wondering if anyone can give some answers about this 13 crazylady05/22/2020 05:31PM
I'm off Facebook now 51 Lowpriest04/30/2020 08:59AM
we need to be very very careful that we do not thedesertrat105/23/2020 09:55AM
Sweden's COVID Failure 60 Lot's Wife05/21/2020 04:18PM
You are here to light the darkness 11 babyloncansuckit07/21/2019 12:05AM
Shout out to Catnip o/t looking in05/22/2020 03:52PM
More Mainstreaming... 22 Gordon B. Stinky05/19/2020 07:57PM
American Exceptionalism:1/4 of Americans believe the sun orbits the Earth. 60 schrodingerscat05/20/2020 12:14PM
HOOTERS story (quoting) mrx05/22/2020 06:28PM
Informal Poll: How long until LD$, Inc. abandons "The Book Of Mormon?" (n/t) 12 anybody05/22/2020 10:50AM
OT A Brave New World Elder Berry05/21/2020 07:38PM
Utah's True Leader Passes Away stillanon05/22/2020 12:30PM
Thousands of people want to be infected with Covid-19 18 schrodingerscat05/20/2020 05:21PM
sharks ! 19 stan05/21/2020 12:53PM
Yes Virginia, the church can make the temple more exclusive 13 messygoop05/15/2020 01:28PM
Nature vs Nurture and mormonism Lowpriest05/22/2020 11:21AM
It's been at last 20 years since I sewed, but... 14 catnip05/18/2020 02:04AM
Evangelicals are behind the push to reopen prematurely anybody05/21/2020 11:39AM
((o/t)?) ~ dat feel when an exmo sip on a bottle of wine on an empty stomac ziller05/19/2020 09:01PM
Breaking news - Kaysville former bishop EIGHT FELONY COUNTS 19 mrx05/20/2020 02:08PM
Holy 7:30 AM Batman tensolator05/20/2020 10:12PM
How much financial help 20 thedesertrat105/16/2020 01:54PM
I remember the annual audit report thedesertrat105/21/2020 12:09PM
I'm still laughing age discrimination at the LDS temples 25 Elder Berry05/11/2020 02:55PM
Is there a hidden warehouse filled with books 33 Birdman05/12/2020 03:43PM