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Romney decries America's 'vile, vituperative, hate-filled' politics... 60 schrodingerscat10/13/2020 10:28PM
Why was Joan of Arc killed? 20 Elder Berry10/13/2020 11:05AM
O/T How could a conscience do this to a child? Elder Berry10/15/2020 03:07PM
Covid Olympics 42 Human08/04/2020 01:03PM
O/T Room temperature Superconductor Dave the Atheist10/15/2020 05:10PM
How QAnon uses religion to lure unsuspecting Christians (and MORmONs) schrodingerscat10/15/2020 03:27PM
African Evangelicals Support The Christian Right In America, Warts And All anybody10/15/2020 06:16PM
to admins 22 RPackham10/11/2020 11:16AM
Christofferson, Uchtdorf Mock Holland On Temple Steps cricket10/12/2020 01:56PM
Doing a Rap number to temple signs? JoeSmith66610/14/2020 09:00PM
Is Joseph bishop Dead? britintexas10/15/2020 02:12PM
Are all the corona virus restrictions making people more cranky? 35 catnip10/14/2020 05:49PM
OT: Turtle Odity 10 pollythinks10/10/2020 09:11PM
I think these words are on Topic 13 donbagley10/14/2020 03:16AM
When hammer hit chisel that 1st time, what part of mo'ism was chipped? 15 elderolddog10/14/2020 06:04PM
Letter to my father 13 txrancher10/11/2020 08:34PM
BY Chastises men for spitting tobacco juice in Tabernacle Onanymous10/15/2020 04:42AM
Will America’s disregard for science be the end of its reign? | Big Think schrodingerscat10/14/2020 07:19PM
Dallin H. Oaks contradicts Joseph Smith on Celestial Law Elder Berry10/14/2020 12:02PM
Full Color 1970 "Christ In America" Pamphlet No Longer Online 16 anybody10/11/2020 12:27PM
A ex-mormon talking about his experience at BYU 20 iceman909010/12/2020 03:41PM
"Watchman on the Tower" re. Ezra Taft Benson by Matt Harris 10 Twinker10/13/2020 10:14AM
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my Compatriots 39 Nightingale10/10/2020 03:27PM
BYU-Idaho students getting covid on purpose..for profit (link) 11 gemini10/13/2020 07:25PM
O/T Pikes Peak by rail Dave the Atheist10/13/2020 09:15PM
Mike Lee Says "Nyet" To Democracy 30 anybody10/08/2020 07:46PM
How to suck at your religion Dave the Atheist10/12/2020 11:52PM
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic? | Big Think 60 schrodingerscat10/12/2020 03:56PM
Found an authentic donald(not an orange creature)ok its a duck video adamal the warrioro10/10/2020 04:22PM
Happy White Supremacist (Columbus) Day. Not. 27 Claire Ferguson Benson10/12/2020 02:36PM
COVID letter writing, paper folding, and weirding out old friends-OT natch 12 Beth10/09/2020 02:29AM
Excavation of "Hill Cumorah" begins...Church awaits discoveries!!... 15 ConcernedCitizen11/23/2015 10:06PM
patriarchal blessing opinions 31 thedesertrat110/11/2020 01:10PM
If we threw out superstition would any religions survive? (n/t) 17 jay10/12/2020 07:50PM
Question: will ChurchCo tacitly comply with more strict COVID restrictions? GNPE10/11/2020 07:15PM
Re: Columbas ~ 12 ziller10/12/2020 10:53AM
Catholic Priest Arrested For Filming Bondage Video In Church 27 anybody10/09/2020 11:17PM
1 in 5 girls in Utah were sexually assaulted last year. 21 schrodingerscat10/10/2020 10:45PM
A prophet is without honor in his own land olderelder10/11/2020 05:35PM
When the Curtain Comes Down Done & Done10/10/2020 10:52AM
'There's no one left' 29 Elder Berry10/07/2020 01:31PM
Had an LA Marketing guru tell me, "We eschew contrivances... 10 schrodingerscat10/11/2020 06:40PM
Averno, by Louise Glück Human10/08/2020 08:59AM
Patriot Militias Try to Overthrow Government 60 Lot's Wife10/08/2020 06:36PM
What will the church do about Ammon Bundy? 11 Ervil Lebaron10/11/2020 06:41AM
Why they don't tell you Temple stuff ahead of time 16 JoeSmith66610/07/2020 04:07PM
Will Mormonism ever get beyond sex? 21 slskipper10/05/2020 07:34PM
>Uh-Oh...Did U Forget That You're Supposed 2 Do This On Gen-Con Weekend... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/09/2020 03:05PM
Are these guys mormons? iceman909009/21/2020 03:48PM
ExMo Nephew had sex with the Bishop's daughter on the Sacrament Table and. 13 schrodingerscat10/10/2020 11:20PM
The Prophet Is Demanding That You Die For The Cult. anybody10/10/2020 11:50AM
Priest recorded having group sex on an Altar arrested schrodingerscat10/10/2020 07:40PM
OT: "free-bees" pollythinks10/10/2020 08:37PM
"The Ambassadors" England Manchester Mission Summer 1980 30 Yorkie02/16/2012 09:00PM
Dog Chapel In Vermont: A Place For Humans To Grieve For Their Lost Friends anybody10/11/2020 12:04PM