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Ammon Bundy - micro biologist 25 Birdman08/06/2020 03:03AM
Things done in the temple that offended me 11 pollythinks08/07/2020 08:21PM
Do you care about historical accuracy? 18 thegoodman08/06/2020 11:02AM
Mormons in Riverside, CA have joined the Cancel Culture 25 q08/05/2020 02:55PM
I don't see post about lawsuits that the church sent out cl2notloggedin08/08/2020 10:54AM
Mormon Norms - Tithe on Gross or Net Income? 18 praydude07/30/2020 02:11PM
National Grab Some Nuts Day Dave the Atheist08/03/2020 10:11PM
What are your favorite movies that would trigger mormons? 51 exmocapitalist08/02/2020 03:18PM
What songs did you wish they could play at Stake Dances? 36 praydude08/01/2020 01:22PM
Worship ... a view and questions from the outside 14 elderolddog08/06/2020 12:04PM
>Lest We Forget..."Bruce R's" Mean-Spirited Letter To Eugene England... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/07/2020 07:50PM
Play some disco. NOW! 57 Beth07/26/2020 12:30AM
The Young Women Theme 14 Russsell Mallard08/05/2020 09:32PM is LDS owned, correct? 22 Tevai08/06/2020 05:38PM
South Park--All About Mormons mankosuki08/07/2020 11:54PM
MR Burns EXON4608/07/2020 03:45PM
>JUST OUT! THIS IS A MUST SEE...MORMON STORIES #1339 & #1340...INCREDIBLE! 15 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/05/2020 08:54PM
Have you ever converted anyone? 27 iceman909007/31/2020 03:35PM
Do you ever have those moments...? 10 thegoodman08/04/2020 10:17AM
Coping with Infantilization 18 thegoodman08/03/2020 11:21AM
Online tithing - anonymous? 21 Question08/01/2020 02:15AM
How do exmo's start a meal? 39 hujo208/02/2020 12:44PM
Anyone with skills for YouTube 19 wondering08/04/2020 10:10AM
My Dear Fellow Untouchables Done & Done08/05/2020 10:19AM
Seminary personal belief survey 13 exmoteen08/02/2020 06:48PM
If you could stop COVID19, would you? 37 bradley08/03/2020 01:30AM
Doctor? sort of O/T librarian08/03/2020 02:02PM
In desperate times... (of four funerals & a wedding) 34 g0rgone07/17/2020 01:19PM
Wunderland Hamburg Dave the Atheist08/06/2020 03:37PM
Being susceptible Lowpriest08/02/2020 07:13PM
Funniest mormon jokes 44 hujo207/27/2020 06:51PM
Church Sports! Basketball-Softball-Volleyball...Poor Sportsmanship Stories? (n/t) 19 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/03/2020 03:35PM
Lori Vallow Daybell offered to pray for Chad. Twinker08/05/2020 01:28PM
Any non-LDS dentist in the Salt Lake valley 84121? 20 brook11/25/2015 12:17PM
Missionaries at risk vs family pride Heartless08/05/2020 02:32PM
. . . 33 minutes . . . and church is over 13 mrx08/02/2020 07:42PM
LDS Scholar Armand Mauss obituary Brother Of Jerry08/04/2020 11:24PM
Covid Olympics 15 Human08/04/2020 01:03PM
Hartman Rector Jr. 30 Villager07/21/2020 12:44AM
Us Old Timers Have Been Lied to and Decieved Toronto Boy08/04/2020 08:19PM
O/T Cancer/disability question 11 Gordon B. Stinky08/03/2020 03:08PM
Did ChurchCo (the franchisor) tell local units (franchisees) to hold meetin 11 GNPE08/02/2020 02:40PM
From the "if she said it, it must be true" department ... 10 elderolddog08/03/2020 11:56PM
This pretty much sums up Joseph Smith Oregon08/04/2020 03:55PM
Pope gets covid Dave the Atheist08/03/2020 07:48PM
Family morale better since COVID EXMOinSA07/23/2020 02:23PM
Youtube: Exmo Recs thegoodman08/04/2020 08:54AM
**Bishop sent letter to ward -Church Vacation over** 58 Kent Buckman07/22/2020 10:36PM
What's everyones exmo conversion story? hujo208/03/2020 04:58PM
Russel Nelson & Ted Bundy did not serve missions 25 JoeSmith66608/01/2020 11:49AM
Purely hypothetical question Lowpriest08/01/2020 06:03PM
Herman Cain dead 57 Dave the Atheist07/30/2020 11:28AM
Shots fired at Provo MTC 12 MTCXTC08/03/2020 04:08PM
Uchtdorf Peter/Paul08/03/2020 08:11PM