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Internet killed Moroni’s spire Elder Berry04/08/2021 02:33PM
"Lazy Learners" was said this conference in reference to doubters 43 Cold-Dodger04/06/2021 01:19AM
Archaeologists Unearth "Lost Golden City" Near Luxor left4good04/08/2021 06:35PM
Story reactions 10 donbagley04/07/2021 08:26PM
TMI Done & Done04/08/2021 10:39AM
Off topic - an interesting podcast 11 Eric K02/07/2021 09:52AM
*** Hannah: Please e-mail me *** Concrete Zipper04/06/2021 03:14PM
The Delicious Mormon Life 25 Done & Done04/07/2021 10:39AM
Proposal For Q-15 Demanding Russell Nelson Resign Presidency 18 cricket04/04/2021 10:20AM
How uncomfortable is the mission field? knotheadusc04/08/2021 03:41AM
Help! I need a better arguments why the U is better than BYU 60 hujo04/03/2021 07:18PM
COVID puts a dent in recruiting 13 Eric304/05/2021 06:22PM
“Apostle” Stevenson decries racism (with a straight face) 24 schrodingerscat04/05/2021 11:51AM
Religion poisons everything and prolongs suffering schrodingerscat04/07/2021 04:27PM
The Real Garden Of Eden In Africa Where Modern Humans First Evolved 16 anybody04/04/2021 10:19AM
Let Normalcy Ring: Opening Day 19 Human04/01/2021 12:00PM
How do temples get cleaned? (Members or professionals?) 14 Lisa von und zu Liechtenstein04/05/2021 10:13AM
What is Missing From Conference Talks 26 SEcular Priest04/04/2021 01:17PM
Anyone getting love-bombed in the wake of General Conference? El padre del tiempo04/05/2021 02:15PM
Feeling whiplash - General Conference on the airwaves?? Tyson Dunn (not logged in)04/04/2021 12:17PM
Was anyone else taught that garage/yard/rummage sales were a sin? 37 Queen of Denial03/26/2011 12:31AM
How do you define "religious freedom?" 22 anybody04/03/2021 09:53AM
Report: The Extreme Far Right Is Driving People Away From Faith 26 anybody04/05/2021 08:21AM
New RFM Scripture Done & Done04/05/2021 10:59AM
After Oaks Talk this Afternoon I Expect a few LDS Churches to burn 27 SEcular Priest04/04/2021 04:52PM
Why “In God We Trust” on US $ doesn’t bother me 21 schrodingerscat04/04/2021 07:48PM
Anyone notice increased negativity after conference? Anon for Today04/05/2021 03:14AM
Conference Laughing in provo04/04/2021 05:36PM
Goal met!!!! *** 2021 Fund Raiser *** 60 Concrete Zipper03/20/2021 05:01PM
My first time turning down missionaries! 14 thotchocolate03/30/2021 11:27PM
OT 'maybe': Green River serial killer Gary Ridgway GNPE04/03/2021 05:36PM
Bless the Brethren and their children. Elohim like Electricity Elder Berry04/01/2021 02:18PM
Did the LDS Really Agree to Stop Translating the BOM into Hebrew? 11 Midwestern Guy04/04/2021 09:07AM
OT: Painting on a car? 11 thegoodman04/02/2021 07:05PM
BYU documented the "Prophet" who lived on my farm. 18 Cheryl04/03/2021 10:34AM
One day at a time 22 tmg04/03/2021 09:58PM
Joy Jones talk - prepare for much more child abuse 12 Alax Clifton04/04/2021 11:05AM
Have any of you heard a story of Alice Cooper being a Mormon? 16 Waren Jeffs03/31/2021 11:08PM
Happy Easter! sbenson04/03/2021 09:52PM
Music/artists/bands that give you a bad vibe/bad feeling 22 Cauda04/01/2021 02:30AM
Two tropical temples Heartless04/04/2021 11:36AM
Avi Steinberg's humorous book "The Lost Book of Mormon" Midwestern Guy04/04/2021 08:52AM
Musical pandemic project... knotheadusc04/03/2021 07:34AM
Advice needed 11 Perdition04/02/2021 04:39AM
Mummies of Egyptian Pharaohs on spectacular parade in Cairo to new museum anybody04/03/2021 11:26PM
Religious nuttery on the (Internet) radio (swearing) blindguy03/30/2021 04:19PM
Only BoM related pageants are being discontinued. 18 Brother Of Jerry03/31/2021 12:38PM
2020 Statistical Report CrispingPin04/03/2021 06:20PM
Ask your mormon bishop: Advice from the father of the ward 16 elderolddog04/02/2021 11:40AM
Welcome to conference dagny04/03/2021 12:41PM
OT/My daughter has a question... 20 valkyriequeen03/17/2021 06:32PM
Losing our religion 2.0 12 Shummy04/02/2021 10:26PM
Covid Olympics Two 41 Human12/18/2020 12:34PM
No Hope *** Admin note added *** 38 Bobby's Girl03/30/2021 03:24PM
The misery of being irrelevant 16 madeguy03/30/2021 05:48PM