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Shamed-based religion/family cftexan08/12/2018 03:27PM
Do LDS women get to exercise personal preference re: wearing garments? (n/t) 12 jay08/13/2018 08:10PM
Failed today trying to tell missionaries i am done! 31 Crazy horse08/10/2018 02:59PM
o/t ~ ¿ you like chess ? ~ ¿ you like boxing ? ~ introducing chess-boxing ~ ziller08/13/2018 07:57PM
Amnesty for rape victims at BYU is full of... Elder Berry08/13/2018 06:57PM
Willow Creek Scandal: Pastors And Board Resign 12 anybody08/09/2018 09:49AM
MTC pres dropped from lawsuit; TSCC still on hook 15 [|]08/13/2018 07:23PM
How to avoid callings? 32 Anon_Today_Please08/11/2018 03:11AM
untenable 'Personal Worthiness' kilgravmaga08/13/2018 06:53AM
Why should I pray about the book of mormon? 40 goldrose08/07/2018 07:58PM
Hey, where's that "destroying the NHM" video? Chicken N. Backpacks08/13/2018 08:04PM
Willow Creek Association in trouble Justin08/13/2018 11:11AM
Denmark bans burka 60 Crazy horse08/11/2018 07:55PM
Mormonism is a spiritual contest 16 Rubicon08/10/2018 12:03PM article: "God or my husband?" posted by TBM friend 22 NeverMo in CA08/08/2018 11:51AM
Several hundred children, men & women at ProtectLDSChildren rally today 10 cricket08/12/2018 10:56PM
The church hasn’t proved its ability to celebrate cultures respectfully Elder Berry08/08/2018 12:52PM
"I cant wait for the day Mormons put morality over party." OpEd in SLT 10 koriwhore08/12/2018 01:12PM
The LDS Church is a privately held corporation with one share holder. 15 Rubicon08/10/2018 11:41AM
Now that I'm out, I want to mend a relationship..but I don't know how 18 Ella08/12/2018 07:27PM
Church-Wide Fasting? 19 Gnpe108/04/2018 06:22PM
Are you properly hydrating tonight (in the USA) or are you boozing it up? 15 elderolddog08/10/2018 10:33PM
Thanks for clearing that up 13 Razortooth08/11/2018 10:26AM
A message to the ecclesiasticle thedesertrat108/12/2018 03:38PM
Arizona Ex-Mormons 13 Dorothy12/03/2013 07:49PM
My "No Proselytizing" sign arrived today ... 34 Amyjo07/30/2018 04:40PM
Atheist bingo Dave the Atheist08/12/2018 01:19PM
Simi Valley LDS Lesbian Scandal? PapaKen08/11/2018 11:11PM
Parowan survivalist has buried explosives going off during forest fire. Brother Of Jerry08/11/2018 08:33PM
Oh Canada. Not again. 16 Nightingale08/10/2018 04:01PM
North Orange County CA meetup August 12/Sunday BREA Panera AnonyMs KJ not logged in08/08/2018 08:34AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, August 12th Bite Me08/11/2018 02:46PM
Crisis Food Prep Directive Mormon Nomore08/11/2018 01:06PM
were there videos of final rfm conference please? (n/t) ozcrone08/12/2018 01:14AM
History of Utah's anti-miscegenation laws 12 mrx08/10/2018 07:06PM
Ministering 15 steamroller10108/10/2018 10:07AM
Mormon prophet pays for sex scandal and wealth 12 Crazy horse08/09/2018 05:28PM
Told the missionaries i am done 10 Crazy horse08/11/2018 01:44PM
Self Sullying Mormonism Done & Done08/08/2018 01:57PM
The LDS religion is only a symptom of a MUCH BIGGER problem. 53 Jacko Mo Mo08/01/2018 12:15AM
Was the original live temple play done in the nude with sex acts 34 anybody08/08/2018 10:55PM
INVASION THREAT AVERTED! Lethbridge Reprobate08/05/2018 01:12PM
Am Sure Hoping The "Rainbow Bridge" Area Is In The Telestial Kingdom... 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/04/2018 03:54PM
If Mormons could get tattoos what would they get? (n/t) 30 jay08/05/2018 06:12PM
Hello ... do you want a book of mormon ? 10 Dave the Atheist08/05/2018 10:12PM
Glenn Close lived in a religious cult auntsukey08/09/2018 10:21AM
Christians vs Lions ~ 12 ziller08/09/2018 09:55PM
Mark Hofmann bombing episode on HLN right now! Gordon B. Stinky08/11/2018 12:32AM
Pastor Kevin Swanson: God Is Burning Down California Because Of Gays 19 anybody08/05/2018 07:43AM
The morg is doubling down, except that's not what they call it. 11 memikeyounot08/10/2018 06:49PM
Now they are gathering Israel. Rubicon08/10/2018 11:57AM
O/T - Beginning Week 5 of Radiation tomorrow. 43 catnip07/23/2018 02:24AM
What pathetic family members are telling me! 11 Crazy horse08/09/2018 11:53PM
It's a Wonderful Life 12 nayboor08/06/2018 01:45AM
(o/t) New Glasses Let Colour Blind Brothers See Colour For The First Time 17 anybody08/08/2018 03:46PM