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What Would You Do If... 15 Ohdeargoodness nli12/14/2018 11:23AM
The Mormon dialect 39 tabernaclechoir12/12/2018 12:04AM
Mormon trivia - Why 3 knocks, not 2, at the veil? 28 presleynfactsrock12/14/2018 02:42PM
off topic - cataract surgery & lens implant advice 10 laperla not logged in12/16/2018 05:08PM
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Not only did she survive 49 days in the Yukon without survival gear... Brother Of Jerry12/16/2018 09:32PM
VERY O/T ;) : Listen to the Wind on Mars!! Tevai12/16/2018 04:31PM
Please help me find ensign articla 11 JusPoppedIn12/16/2018 04:08AM
Dear Generic Apostle...What's It Like To WIN $1-Million All The While... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/16/2018 04:03PM
Easily offended Moflakes "Raising Holy Heck!" make front page of HuffPo 22 koriwhore12/13/2018 03:49PM
Question about Christmas 46 snowyday12/28/2012 01:50PM
Heath J. Sommer, Ph.D... author, Air Force psychologist, rapist... knotheadusc12/15/2018 03:03PM
Temples Not as Sacred as I Was Taught They Were 15 SEcular Priest12/13/2018 07:26PM
Still stong in the South 27 beggie12312/14/2018 04:31AM
Holy Cow! Mormon Christmas present 23 stillanon12/14/2018 07:11PM
OT: Unexpected though welcomed gift from a store owner. Heartless12/15/2018 10:08PM
Defending the...parking lot: New role for mishies 19 messygoop12/18/2016 01:00AM
My anti-Mormon aunt was right about the Mormons Rusty's Left Nut12/13/2018 07:42PM
11 year olds to be ordained deacons 59 Investigating atheism12/14/2018 11:38AM
Why did Joseph have to wait four long years? 31 Templar05/16/2016 10:05AM
No Lost Tribes Or Ancient Aliens -- DNA Reveals American Prehistory 11 anybody12/14/2018 11:16PM
Florida church hit with $7 million tax bill (link) Gheco12/15/2018 07:06PM
Ever seen 'Mr Krueger's Christmas'? 26 Chicken N. Backpacks12/24/2015 02:46PM
Could you have left sooner if you had been paying attention? SWEAR 10 messygoop12/12/2018 03:39PM
(Continuation of closed thread) Chances it's all true? 16 koriwhore12/15/2018 01:25AM
Was it just me, or did you also... Mormon Nomore12/15/2018 09:54AM
Mr. Murderbritches Dave the Atheist12/15/2018 12:22AM
So If LDS Apostles' Silence Can Now Be Bought & Paid For With $1-Million... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/14/2018 07:42PM
Are Mormon single men crazy? Elder Berry12/14/2018 11:56AM
O/T: Anybody here have SAD? I HATE winter!! 37 catnip12/12/2018 12:32AM
Is there a chance it's all true? 60 Cassidy12/06/2018 05:03PM
OT: Avoid Flu at All Costs 25 Nightingale12/13/2018 05:29PM
Correlated Mormonism: Mashed Potatoes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner... Rusty's Left Nut12/14/2018 08:16PM
Strange, isn’t it - Healed12/13/2018 11:21AM
Anyone have hated or well loved Christmas songs? 61 Cheryl12/13/2018 12:57PM
Who's torching the JW'S? 13 Levi12/10/2018 02:52PM
Jeffrey Holland presents PM Theresa May with Family Records 50 Amyjo11/23/2018 11:09AM
Is tracting becoming a thing of the past? 21 commongentile12/10/2018 12:26PM
Anyone happen to know someone with access 17 Gheco12/10/2018 02:48PM
Make Heaven More Colored Again! koriwhore12/14/2018 12:12PM
OT: Ha anybody found a good cancer survivor support group? catnip12/14/2018 03:46AM
OT: Rowan Atkinson as Toby babyloncansuckit12/13/2018 10:10PM
Trouble saying no? 15 Lowpriest12/13/2018 02:38PM
I remember when I used to actually have a purpose in life 17 Emmett12/12/2018 04:42PM
What they Don't Tell You before you convert 16 mel12/08/2018 12:06PM
I'm skipping Christmas entirely this year. 45 Vahn42112/09/2018 08:19AM
((o/t) ?) ~ re: that exmo life ~ (vid) ~ (rated exmo 13+) ~ ziller12/14/2018 12:48AM
Advice for coping with being blamed by family? anonsometimes12/13/2018 10:38PM
Back before he became so serious.... memikeyounot12/13/2018 09:32PM
Dominican Republic MTC to Close xxMo012/13/2018 12:00AM
Ricks College 29 levantis12/10/2018 06:23PM
Leah Remini: Jehovah's Witnesses cakeordeath12/13/2018 10:05PM
I'm mourning a beautiful 100 ft. pine tree. 23 Cheryl12/12/2018 11:27AM
Two Nuns Embezzled Half Million in Funds from School 41 Amyjo12/10/2018 01:56PM
a mallet at the veil, in the Temple? 32 Fascinated in the Midwest12/07/2018 04:18PM