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What is the difference between User name and Screen name? moremany02/14/2019 10:34AM
A direction the church almost took 25 years ago messygoop02/15/2019 03:45PM
I'm convinced that most mormons don't 21 wallawalla02/12/2019 03:41PM
Groaning Shelves icanseethelight02/11/2019 09:53AM
Is There any way I can Block online ChurchCo ads without paying? GNPE02/14/2019 02:01PM
Frank acknowledges early Lamanite influence in the Americas.......... Concerned Citizen 2.002/14/2019 07:32PM
Historical nicknames of Monarchs that zeroed in on... 24 Wally Prince02/13/2019 01:45AM
If I could come up with one aphorism for President Nelson it would be... 16 Elder Berry02/12/2019 02:17PM
Mikal Gilmore describes dealing with Mormonism in your life perfectly 12 Elder Berry02/11/2019 05:58PM
O/T Glass houses 11 Elder Berry02/13/2019 03:32PM
Is Mormonism a religion for the actual poor as well as "poor in heart"? Elder Berry02/14/2019 12:35PM
Why love bombing??? 17 messygoop02/14/2019 03:22PM
An Offensive Renovation of Religion 13 Done & Done02/14/2019 10:38AM
Postmormon gone for 2 years 27 3X02/12/2019 09:45AM
Rusty and Oaks in Arizona with their younger polygamous wives 14 montanadude02/11/2019 10:57AM
MTC love stories, (bad) 48 macaRomney02/12/2019 07:34AM
New Rumor of the Day: President Nelson's middle name... 14 Wally Prince02/11/2019 01:50AM
Mississippi Passes Anti Richard Dawkins Law (Humor) 11 anybody02/13/2019 08:06AM
Christianism after mormonism 57 Godzilla02/11/2019 12:32PM
For those of you in mixed faith marriages icanseethelight02/13/2019 04:44PM
TBM responds to my claim "Joseph Smith married mothers and daughters" 24 Richard Lyman02/08/2019 07:19PM
Just got a lunch invitation from only remaining Mo-friend. catnip02/12/2019 11:44PM
Coexistence? 31 waynew02/08/2019 03:46PM
Non-Mormon Friends Know More About Mo'ism Than TBMs...What's Up With That? 11 BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/13/2019 11:13PM
Is anyone following the COLD Podcast? lachesis02/11/2019 11:19AM
((o/t)?) ~ now for a pole dance vidio interlood ~ (vid rated exmo 13+) () ~ 11 ziller02/08/2019 07:18PM
Suggests for new title for head of Mormon church (ChurchCo) are: 28 GNPE02/11/2019 02:59PM
Is the concept of "Manifest Destiny" integral to the early development? Elder Berry02/14/2019 12:22PM
It's OK to be Angry 14 Nightingale02/10/2019 04:01PM
Wanting others to change who lack capacity to 14 Amyjo02/13/2019 04:15PM
been watching Dictator's Playbook on PBS,,, GNPE02/14/2019 01:30AM
Narcissistic sister gets me once again. When will I learn? 16 Pooped02/09/2019 01:09PM
Purity Culture Shaming Victims Holds Mirror to LDS Practices Amyjo02/13/2019 12:36PM
What happens when social media manipulation targets religious faith? 28 janeeliot02/10/2019 02:58AM
"Who says you're not worthy?" 17 GregS02/11/2019 01:30PM
Life's memories kentish02/12/2019 11:48AM
For Arizona Exmos this Sunday - Rusty's Round Up 11 cricket02/09/2019 12:10PM
mormons are strange 22 michael anderson in id02/11/2019 06:09PM
DNA tests 16 toto02/06/2019 03:27PM
O/T. Anyone here have SYNESTHESIA? a true story. 26 kathleen02/10/2019 12:58PM
Jasper, IN Daphne02/08/2019 03:23PM
SBC report on sex abuse shines a light on evangelical culture Justin02/13/2019 08:51AM
Anti Anti-Matter that Matters Amyjo02/12/2019 10:40AM
Nelson in AZ:Unmainstreaming?? 24 angela02/11/2019 10:51PM
Seventy-Five, Seventy-Five, Ain't it Great to Be Alive 10 presleynfactsrock02/11/2019 05:57PM
Feb 10th Ex/Postmo lecture featuring “Jeremy Runnells” (St. George) 15 soutskeptic02/07/2019 11:49PM
Are we Mormonaphobic? Am I? 26 Elder Berry02/05/2019 01:37PM
Child Rearing Techniques, Religion and Culture 18 Lot's Wife02/01/2019 05:40PM
Getting to "Never" 42 mel02/07/2019 03:08PM
Let's All Support this Board! mel02/11/2019 12:48PM
Jr. High classmates of my son knew he was a member chipace02/11/2019 10:27PM
Teacher Slip-ups 14 mel02/09/2019 10:08PM
ex-mormon dating group/site S0nofperdition02/11/2019 09:58AM
Businesses in Utah that Cater to Non-Mormons (Do They Exist?) newmo02/11/2019 05:38PM
Utah Orthodox Rabbi Sexually Abused for 10 Years by Nanny Amyjo02/10/2019 10:08AM