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Archeologists Discover 45,000 Year Old Cave Painting anybody01/15/2021 05:51PM
A view of mormonosity: Immortal, Omnipotent & Omniscient: Nissan Frontier 10 elderolddog01/15/2021 01:06PM
Tracing a 9,000 yr old ancestor, whose body Satan got from another planet!! 22 elderolddog01/13/2021 12:37PM
O/T Steam engine 10 Dave the Atheist01/15/2021 12:45AM
The Constitution was hanging, and no Mormon on a white horse showed up (n/t) 20 anybody01/07/2021 09:05AM
Advice; how to get Mormon missionaries to leave me alone! 30 luvlyldy01/13/2021 08:19PM
What Brian Dalton no longer believes ... Dave the Atheist01/08/2021 11:22PM
Class action suit - LDS false truth claims. Live now.7:15 PST 1/15/21 Twinker01/15/2021 10:19AM
1/4 Of Americans Think The Sun Goes Around The Earth <sigh> 60 anybody01/05/2021 08:23PM
The big 15 get a new mini-temple ...seriously(link works I hope) 19 gemini01/14/2021 08:54AM
more and more I see desperation 30 thedesertrat101/08/2021 02:06PM
Asked TBM family to self reflection on their life Austin01/14/2021 09:01PM
Missionary anon4this01/14/2021 09:13AM
Mental health during a faith crisis. tmg01/11/2021 08:21PM
Utah adds 10,334 mormons last year [|]01/14/2021 07:02PM
How Science Works: New Findings Reveal Dire Wolves Were Not Really Wolves anybody01/14/2021 02:14PM
what would be 'good justice' for Mos who've deceived ppl? GNPE01/14/2021 12:31AM
Summary of recent LDS growth (or lack thereof) in California 13 Brother Of Jerry01/10/2021 06:32PM
Now on topic! - Lionel Blue Comet - DAVE 14 Beth01/11/2021 11:47PM
The *real* "Reformed Egyptian" - and it's not what you think 20 anybody01/09/2021 09:14PM
O/T Bats 28 Elder Berry01/12/2021 12:09PM
Hinckley's revelatory power 27 Elder Berry01/11/2021 12:33PM
Is the term NOM ( New Order Mormons) completely passe now? 23 GNPE01/12/2021 12:43PM
Did you do ill-advised things when you were caught up in Mormonism? 38 Elder Berry01/08/2021 04:56PM
I am watching a young person getting ready 20 thedesertrat101/12/2021 03:53PM
How to get through to delusional Conspiracy Theorists 36 schrodingerscat01/11/2021 09:50AM
Truth matters - Mormon Stories Podcast 14 schrodingerscat01/12/2021 03:53PM
Bertie Bassett 10 Cauda01/13/2021 04:20PM
How to bridge the divide - From an Evolutionary Biologist's PoV schrodingerscat01/13/2021 06:56PM
Scientific American: "Now Is The Time To Reestablish Reality" 57 anybody01/12/2021 05:06PM
The Sound of Silence 53 valkyriequeen01/09/2021 03:06PM
How do you explain Job Comforting? Your experience 38 Cauda12/22/2020 04:47AM
They're badgering me again... (language) 17 Gordon B. Stinky01/11/2021 08:57PM
MORmONism sounds more crazy than QAnon as explained by Capt Moroni schrodingerscat01/08/2021 10:07PM
Will recent events lead to a reckoning among the church leaders? 16 slskipper01/09/2021 01:50PM
Another way to know Joseph made it all up 20 bradley01/10/2021 11:05PM
Scattered Revelation is The New Norm for Church Now 10 SEcular Priest01/11/2021 07:17PM
Former Leura (NSW-Aus.) Bishop charged today maxxedout01/12/2021 03:37AM
England's sleepy 'Scientology town' - Mentions Mormonism Present as Well 16 Eric K01/08/2021 02:37PM
My Son, Daughter in Law, and Their Son Had Names Removed Last Concerned01/12/2021 11:05AM
American Exceptionalism and mormonism Dave the Atheist01/03/2021 02:59AM
"The kind of mob that the orator will desire is one more given to emotion t schrodingerscat01/11/2021 07:47PM
RM Identified as one of the Mob Breaking into Capital Bldg n/t 60 praydude01/09/2021 07:16PM
Almost got cornered by some mishies today. Told them to read 2nd Nephi 5:21 17 anybody01/11/2021 01:59AM
Covid Olympics Two 20 Human12/18/2020 12:34PM
Why do people come home from church so darned exhausted?! 55 imaworkinonit07/01/2014 02:51PM
Church refunds $2,399,935.17 in tithing Heartless01/10/2021 05:23AM
It doesn’t hurt to have several million people praying for you. 19 Elder Berry01/07/2021 04:11PM
The Need to Worship Another Person - I Don't Get It 13 Sharapata01/09/2021 03:00PM
Martyr or Criminal 23 valued01/10/2021 11:21AM
Poor local JWs Void K. Packer01/08/2021 11:58AM
What is a "Secret Combinations" escape room? 15 gemini01/09/2021 03:18PM
Eureka! I found it. Screen Name01/10/2021 03:25PM
How About Mid East Reality? 32 Done & Done01/06/2021 12:07PM
Bits of life breaking awsy Kentish01/07/2021 10:01PM