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Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin grew up Mormon 10 summer11/19/2023 07:25PM
All Things Denote There is a Mormon God - Veronika Tait schrodingerscat11/29/2023 03:10PM
(o/t). Transcripts in, evaluated, ready to go. But.. 13 lousyleper11/29/2023 12:42PM
Going to Heaven 17 Nightingale11/28/2023 07:08PM
Ruby Franke had more than $80K in PPP loans summer09/15/2023 07:51PM
Every time I think about the endowment, I get sick to my stomach... lousyleper11/29/2023 06:09PM
Doctrine, practices, beliefs faded from your membership—what’s next? gentlestrength11/29/2023 02:22PM
I was sitting here, and this popped in my head.. 19 lousyleper11/23/2023 05:56PM
Guess who is bucking to become the largest landowner in Nebraska. 25 Brother Of Jerry11/23/2023 11:39PM
Should I refer to myself in the third person? 15 bradley11/23/2023 11:24PM
Google lousyleper11/28/2023 12:05PM
For dagny: Really? BY? Nightingale11/28/2023 09:40PM
200 Women afraid of the boogie brethren11/28/2023 09:28PM
for Lot's Wife & others. 44 GNPE11/10/2023 10:01PM
It's the end of the month 12 sunbeep11/26/2023 03:45PM
An Open Letter to “the N. America W. Area Presidency” of the CULT o JS schrodingerscat11/28/2023 09:30PM
Yet another Jeopardy! clue with LDS / Mormon question... GNPE11/28/2023 10:38PM
Murfreesboro, TN Banned Homosexuality. The question is why. 30 anybody11/26/2023 12:35PM
Sorry for all my ranting everyone... lousyleper11/28/2023 07:24PM
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 14 Lethbridge Reprobate11/23/2023 06:37PM
How I got out of baptisms for the dead 11 mommy11/20/2023 02:17PM
"Top 5 Regrets of the Dying" 15 Twinker11/25/2023 09:27AM
20,000 calories Dave the Atheist11/25/2023 02:58AM
It's A Signal From Kolob! Cosmic Rays Detected From Beyond Our Galaxy 15 anybody11/23/2023 02:49PM
Mormons are good worker ants Rubicon11/27/2023 01:18PM
re: I could become a god? hrp11/27/2023 11:05PM
Which mormon bigwig said that mormons are not christians 17 Dave the Atheist11/26/2023 04:09PM
>Popular YT Vlogger...Act 2 Of 6-Part Mormon Series...Dinner w/ Mormons... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/28/2023 12:29AM
>Popular YT Vlogger Escorted Thru SLC/Provo By Loyal Company Man "Brock"... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/28/2023 12:14AM
I could become a god? (Processing - Part 2) 10 lousyleper11/26/2023 07:39PM
Weather question. O/T Kentish11/26/2023 08:05PM
Has anyone noticed (or cared?)? 17 GNPE11/19/2023 02:47PM
I can't be the only one to have a weird moment at the T-Day dinner table... 28 elderolddog11/24/2023 12:47PM
Is the war in Gaza making end times crazies think Jesus is coming? 27 anybody10/30/2023 11:11AM
Move to disestablish the Church of England 33 Brother Of Jerry11/25/2023 05:02PM
Is Mormonism Trying To "Pass" As Christian? anybody11/27/2023 10:24AM
LBGT sandwich Dave the Atheist11/27/2023 11:28AM
Need some books to last until school starts... 38 lousyleper11/23/2023 02:18PM
Went to a missionary farewell Silence is Golden11/26/2023 10:24PM
Trans Pastor Outed, Commits Suicide anybody11/12/2023 03:57PM
Looking for antidotes to the saddness of the higher pressure posts elderolddog11/26/2023 09:39PM
The GirlyMen of BYU lose to Oklahoma State BoydKKK11/26/2023 10:32AM
A couple more data points re LDS "mainstreaming" 56 Brother Of Jerry11/20/2023 05:02PM
Amusing Progress Human11/25/2023 06:42PM
Dead GAs 11 UsedToBeARegular11/19/2023 04:35PM
Religious freedom 11 Twinker11/23/2023 05:33PM
herd mentality stronger than reality 34 bad shepherd11/22/2023 12:19PM
Mainstreaming Killed my Mormonism 16 levantlurker11/21/2023 05:06PM
Soft Prosperity Gospel of Mormonism - Jana Reese schrodingerscat11/21/2023 01:24AM
thanksgiving 27 Dave the Atheist11/22/2023 02:14PM
Don't Believe In Evolution? After Watching This Video, You Will 27 anybody10/24/2023 09:33PM
James J. Hamula, GA. I didn't know he had been exed. Villager11/22/2023 12:40PM
Have you seriously thought about what living under "Biblical rule" 31 anybody11/20/2023 05:58PM
O/T Cracking eggs ... Dave the Atheist11/23/2023 07:03PM
BYU new anonymous hotline to report code breakers without feeling... 42 messygoop11/13/2023 05:33PM