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*** Poster "Josephs Myth": please e-mail me *** 12 Concrete Zipper10/14/2021 09:57AM
Did the Mormon Church Act Unethically To Take Taxpayer Money? heretic10/14/2021 06:50PM
people are insane out there today 29 thedesertrat110/09/2021 01:33PM
In your opinion is this ok? 34 Debdd10/13/2021 01:42PM
It appears to me that there is a polarization thedesertrat110/14/2021 02:13PM
Really interested in your input on a first in TBM family... 14 Notmonotloggedin10/14/2021 10:23AM
Is the word "Mormon" becoming a marker for Mormon orthodoxy? 13 Brother Of Jerry10/13/2021 09:32PM
My old mission is erupting 12 Elder Berry09/27/2021 01:51PM
Three 2022 Pillars Of Mormo-ism Josephs Myth10/13/2021 07:54PM
Family Hypocrisy 16 Gordon B. Stinky10/09/2021 09:23AM
Temple excitement has wained in Utah. 49 Rubicon10/10/2021 12:09AM
Imagine being so bigoted that you won’t look that word up in the dictionary Cold-Dodger10/13/2021 07:09PM
Similarities between LDS Church and UFO Cult run0emma0run10/09/2021 07:41PM
OT Monday laugh. My TBM Brother sent this YouTube video to me. 23 Elder Berry10/11/2021 01:26PM
Oh Great - A Moonie spin off cult moving to Tennessee Eric K10/13/2021 09:11AM
Does the church revoke 2nd annointings? 13 Villager10/08/2021 06:42PM
I just went to a farce and testimonky meeting thedesertrat110/10/2021 12:40PM
My mothers friend just gave my living mother ”farewell” flowers 11 No name for this one06/01/2021 11:40AM
O/T What it's like to be an ICU nurse summer10/12/2021 04:51PM
Religious Hoaxes 13 Nightingale10/10/2021 05:01PM
Did HelenMarKimball have a baby after thedesertrat110/12/2021 03:30PM
“If this is what ‘being cancelled’ is, I love it!” Dave Chappell 52 schrodingerscat10/08/2021 06:56PM
O/T no Einstein 17 Elder Berry10/08/2021 08:37PM
It seems RFM has changed from 10 years ago. 31 DNA10/10/2021 05:55AM
Apostle Stevenson set to become a billionaire (link) gemini10/12/2021 09:47AM
What’s the point of talking about “satan’s plan”? 13 Cold-Dodger10/06/2021 04:30PM
A matter of respect? 28 GNPE10/10/2021 09:13PM
Holland’s Talk Today and the MMM 18 Lor C10/02/2021 08:40PM
Mormons ought to be able to understand the concept of transsexuality. 14 anybody10/10/2021 11:41AM
A friend of mine kept a very expensive bottle of wine 23 thedesertrat110/06/2021 12:53PM
Revelation as Explained at General Conference SEcular Priest10/08/2021 12:05PM
Greetings Heathens 20 Cr@ig P@xton09/30/2021 05:55PM
Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle' drug 22 schrodingerscat10/07/2021 04:04PM
They Put a New Angel Moroni on Top of Edmonton Temple this Week 14 SEcular Priest10/10/2021 06:14PM
Did the Musket Talk finally kill the church? 20 slskipper10/09/2021 04:41AM
As an ExMormon, aren’t you glad the church prohibited tattoos? (n/t) 46 jay10/02/2021 08:59PM
Jim Bakker: "Send me $1 million or they’ll cancel my show in a week" 17 anybody10/07/2021 06:46PM
Halloween: Dressed As LDS Missionaries? GNPE10/05/2021 02:58AM
First do no Harm (in both medicine & religion) Nightingale10/10/2021 03:31PM
The lunacy of missions 12 OzDoc10/07/2021 10:39PM
Bruise your heel, Crush his head BoydKKK10/08/2021 10:34PM
The biggest enemy of the church is themselves 18 Rubicon10/03/2021 02:14AM
"2nd Anointing" bumper sticker 11 Villager10/08/2021 07:33PM
‘Religious exemptions are just an excuse to not follow the rules.’ T. Noah schrodingerscat10/09/2021 05:26PM
Canadian Armed Forces & Red Cross Deploy to Alberta in COVID Emergency 13 Nightingale10/04/2021 02:35PM
Vallow Daybell article from local AZ news Aaron10/08/2021 09:09PM
Spotted a senior missionary couple olderelder10/08/2021 03:38PM
Holy Ghosting the Mormons 15 Roy G Biv10/08/2021 05:14PM
Relatively frank talk on mental illness at Gen Conference 27 Brother Of Jerry10/06/2021 01:43PM
Send me one million dollars or they will cancel me (spoof) 11 Elder Berry10/08/2021 04:38PM
Facebook is the satanic new world order but no one cares 33 Cold-Dodger10/05/2021 01:17PM
Covid should be renamed “Darwin’s Revenge” as unvax’d are dying 11x’s more 46 schrodingerscat10/04/2021 02:54PM
rabbi offering religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine via e-mail Dave the Atheist10/09/2021 12:03AM
Winifred Kimball Shaughnessy 10 Susan I/S10/08/2021 12:19PM
TIS FRIDAY ONCE AGAIN! Lethbridge Reprobate10/08/2021 06:05PM