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“Mormon Church was funding attorney Robert Crockett” jstone04/18/2019 02:59PM
April in Paris?...still good; avoid hucksters, book your!! 19 ConcernedCitizen 2.004/20/2019 06:34PM
Happy St. George's Day kentish04/23/2019 09:14AM
Did you see 3-D'ing on your mission? Bruce R. McDonkie04/21/2019 09:17PM
D-news on church growth circa 2018 35 3X04/06/2019 04:53PM
Sadness for Sri Lanka dagny04/21/2019 06:44PM
The business of the Church of Jezuz... 11 Wally Prince04/19/2019 02:31AM
If the BOM was written by George RR Martin... praydude04/22/2019 07:00PM
Did You Understand Easter as a TBM Kid? 16 westernwillows04/21/2019 06:32PM
Easter is here- the risen Smith 22 JoD3:36003/21/2011 06:00PM
Why didn't God burn down SL Temple instead of Notre Dame? 44 koriwhore04/18/2019 08:55PM
Misogyny has "women" controling men with sex 31 Elder Berry04/18/2019 01:13PM
OT: Parisians celebrate Easter at St. Eustace 10 3X04/21/2019 10:01AM
Anyone else love listening to Randy Stonehill? Roman Bokovinoff04/22/2019 02:36PM
Is Mormonism really any worse than any other Christian Church? 55 Wowza04/21/2019 05:02AM
Historical Jesus a continuation 56 thedesertrat104/20/2019 02:08PM
Mormon girl halts wedding over porn? 43 matt04/15/2019 07:49PM
"Mormonism's 'Notre Dame'" @SLTrib 21 3X04/17/2019 11:44PM
A personal note from Russ to the Pope 23 memikeyounot04/18/2019 11:43PM
May 19th Sunday Meetup Fullerton Brownstone 10:30 Tutu KJ not logged in04/22/2019 12:14PM
Many LDS convert baptisms are as legit as Kirkland Safety Society Currency Bruce R. McDonkie04/21/2019 03:00AM
O/T Nurses are pissed off ! Dave the Atheist04/21/2019 07:40PM
A Friday Laugh 10 Done & Done04/19/2019 04:17PM
Still chained to past choices 32 cuzx04/16/2019 04:46PM
❤️ Chag Sameach, Tevai ! ❤️ 14 Amyjo04/19/2019 08:50PM
The Morg closed my old branch Laura (not logged in)04/21/2019 12:53PM
Easter ? Dave the Atheist04/21/2019 06:24PM
Educated 11 librarian04/17/2019 04:41PM
God might be a machine Screen Name04/21/2019 05:48PM
Olive oil and a holy Priesthood blessing would have cured this man Anon..4U04/19/2019 04:57PM
What I learned at the temple today 15 NormaRae04/21/2019 12:10AM
Me Thinks The "Less Valiant" Of Satan's Plan Followers...Became Mormons! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/21/2019 03:51PM
Does anybody else remember visiting a ward 20 Levi04/18/2019 01:49AM
Montreal Church Tax -- any updates about this? anybody04/21/2019 09:59AM
Seems like every church is mining Africa for converts 29 Rubicon04/16/2019 01:34AM
It's Easter Friday. And I'm not at Church. 19 Nightingale04/19/2019 04:02PM
Las Vegas Potluck & Egg Hunt Sunday 4/21 onendagus04/17/2019 04:38PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, April 21st, 10:00am Bite Me04/20/2019 08:47AM
MMDCCLXXII A.U.C. -- Felix Dies Natalis, Roma! anybody04/20/2019 08:02PM
For Mormon Lurkers, koriwhore04/18/2019 09:29PM
This is the news from mormon central, dowtown SLC 20 memikeyounot04/19/2019 01:52PM
Will I go to hell for all eternity? 46 Screen Name04/17/2019 11:35AM
OT.. Emergency situations.. would/did you freeze or fight? 33 mahana04/15/2019 03:16AM
Did you know famous folks have visited temple square? 25 memikeyounot04/20/2019 12:50AM
((o/t) ?) ~ Re: windows ~ 17 ziller04/18/2019 09:37PM
Coming out Exmo 18 honklermaga04/18/2019 03:09PM
When the most exiciting thing in your church is renovating buildings. . . tamboruco04/20/2019 03:25PM
Happy Eostre Dave the Atheist04/20/2019 01:59PM
We are in the middle of 6th Great Extinction 23 schrodingerscat04/19/2019 04:04PM
Easter has been cancelled Dave the Atheist04/07/2019 02:00PM
Adam-ondi-Ahman 13 Aloysius04/19/2019 02:29PM
Arguments For The Historical Existence Of Jesus Of Nazareth anybody04/20/2019 02:52AM
I'm totally stressed out 38 Dave the Atheist04/19/2019 10:38AM
End Mormonism 17 Angry04/18/2019 10:37AM
Wisconsin State Rep. Says The 6,000 Year Old Age Of The Earth Is A "Fact" 11 anybody04/10/2019 10:24PM