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OT Sunday—Flaco! Beth03/26/2023 11:23AM
Salt Lake Cottonwoods Heights Stake dissolved 11 subeamnotlogedin03/23/2023 08:14PM
Utahn asks that bible be removed from school 39 [|]03/22/2023 03:52PM
Hey!...Vatican does the LDSInc. mall-dance......yea!!! Clifton03/25/2023 11:59AM
Only Hospital In Sandpoint, ID Will Stop Delivering Babies, Doctors Flee 60 anybody03/20/2023 06:03PM
Mysteries and Modern Sensitivities 20 Nightingale03/25/2023 10:49PM
Mormon President Nelson Awarded Gandhi-King-Mandela Peace Prize 33 Nightingale03/19/2023 04:27PM
A Beehive On Utah’s New State Flag: History Or Theocracy? (n/t) 34 anybody03/25/2023 10:45AM
UT 1st in US law requires parental consent for kids to use social media 17 schrodingerscat03/26/2023 03:30PM
Brandon Sanderson & stories 14 librarian07/27/2020 05:09PM
O/T Bound to happen ... Dave the Atheist03/26/2023 06:56PM
Utah Lighthouse Ministries closing and being demolished 19 briantchrist11/25/2022 08:45AM
Be in a church video 18 subeamnotlogedin03/18/2023 10:05PM
With GC coming up, remember that every single talk is a sales pitch slskipper03/22/2023 12:50AM
any missionaries served in clarksville tenn or macomb IL selena ann03/25/2023 12:09PM
             mormon endocrinology elderolddog03/25/2023 07:26PM
Trains vs. badgers ... Dave the Atheist03/25/2023 03:08PM
Praying For Armageddon: Fundamentalists Who Want The End Of The World anybody03/25/2023 08:59AM
Active mormons are under a spell madeguy03/24/2023 08:48PM
DNA: Who knows what secrets lurk 50 Nightingale03/22/2023 05:50PM
Church returns 5700 water rights. 34 Heartless03/15/2023 07:24PM
FL Fundies Push "Don't Talk About Your Period" Bill 30 anybody03/22/2023 01:07PM
The word for the day is: Besmirched 26 sunbeep03/24/2023 01:40PM
by the numbers, one mainline Midwest membership Fascinated in the Midwest03/24/2023 04:43PM
I'll be Dave didn't know Dick Van Dyke is still alive 10 superFiendisticexpialidocioous03/22/2023 03:56PM
Liturgical colors in Mormonism? 13 fischfrei03/21/2023 08:30PM
did you almost sin (or sinned) during your mission? 24 darth jesus03/19/2023 06:20PM
How the leader of a racist CULT received a Peace Prize from a HBC schrodingerscat03/24/2023 12:26PM
I, i am so very sorry for my vicious comment Beth03/22/2023 11:02PM
I nearly went back to church last Sunday 19 Nightingale03/19/2023 04:00PM
Maybe OT, but maybe not:  When was the last time you danced? 32 elderolddog03/22/2023 08:36PM
Bagley on LDS PR problem Brother Of Jerry03/22/2023 05:01PM
To Soft Machine (and others - about France) 27 dagny03/20/2023 12:42PM
Church spent $1Billion in "service" last year Elder Brother03/23/2023 02:29PM
High School Mormonism elderolddog03/23/2023 06:39PM
Did the EQ President kill his wife? 10 subeamnotlogedin03/22/2023 07:53AM
I found Russel Nelsons twin brother samtheeagle03/23/2023 04:39AM
CULT PRopoganda rag, Deseret News ironically rails against cancel culture! schrodingerscat03/22/2023 08:46PM
Gordon Monson on Mormon’s bad reputation, can it be fixed? 15 schrodingerscat03/21/2023 11:22PM
If you once had hate and fear in your heart but no longer, tell your story anybody03/18/2023 12:50AM
    What was your rank in ghawd's army during the War in the Pre-Existence? 44 elderolddog03/19/2023 03:22PM
Next green step for the church Heartless03/19/2023 10:09PM
The Foreinger novels: best sci fi exploration of emotional isolation ever Cold-Dodger03/18/2023 03:31PM
        Please, what revelations have you received? 19 elderolddog03/17/2023 03:18PM
Palm Sunday and Mormons 22 Notmonotloggedin03/17/2023 08:56PM
“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture…. 16 schrodingerscat03/21/2023 01:12AM
How can someone be THIS pushy and disrespectful?! 14 Out and about03/20/2023 10:41AM
What’s NOT going to be said in this GC… 25 GNPE03/16/2023 01:30AM
Tithing 21 subeamnotlogedin03/17/2023 11:48AM
Oh God, oh God, oh God. A bad situation worse. Jesus Karma is an apostle 22 Elder Berry03/16/2023 01:40PM
Time for a New Dentist 18 olaham03/20/2023 11:23AM
Finally, Americans hate one thing more than atheists, Mormons! 19 schrodingerscat03/20/2023 12:43AM
For bobik43 and Dagny Soft Machine03/21/2023 11:28AM
Jeffrey Holland Petition 22 nolongercounted03/18/2023 05:49PM
O/T Anyone seen The Whale? Elder Berry03/20/2023 01:12PM