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O/T First time video of chemical bonding Dave the Atheist01/18/2020 09:40AM
Nevermo observations from Oakland Temple open house, 2019 15 obsidian5301/18/2020 01:33AM
I pray no one will be offended... Oh, not the oral sex; but the insult! elderolddog01/18/2020 06:03PM
Parsons on the new temple gowns donbagley01/18/2020 02:04AM
God's drummer, dead at 67 20 Screen Name01/10/2020 05:32PM
Four missions opened, 12 closed. Look at the geographics involved! 35 elderolddog01/17/2020 04:30PM
Did Mormons lose their Gold and Green balls? dumbmormons01/18/2020 07:41PM
Rut-roh Twin $100B whistleblowers aren't talking to each other 18 Beth01/17/2020 12:31AM
Equal Rights Amendment Finally Passes anybody01/15/2020 04:42PM
Cities in Utah: Fillmore Beaver (hahahahahahaha!) 25 elderolddog01/15/2020 08:15PM
Human trafficking – – Mormon style In the news (link)11/01/2019 10:42PM
OT Update on 250 species affected by Australian fires--VIDEO LINK Topper01/19/2020 03:47AM
Oops, new LDS manual talks of "curse of dark skin" 15 Brother Of Jerry01/18/2020 11:20AM
The Mormon coin hoard 15 Fenton Harcourt01/15/2020 11:25AM
O.D. #2 wasn't about the Priesthood it was just proud White Superiority 18 schrodingerscat12/30/2019 12:17AM
Fast offering abuse 37 subeamnotlogedin01/09/2020 06:14PM
God's parents' names (minor swearing/major irreverance) ptbarnum01/15/2020 03:49PM
Just saw this on fb about a video released about temple endowment. 27 cl201/12/2020 09:22PM
Did McHinkley KNOW it was a fraud / could he have told anyone? 38 GNPE01/13/2020 12:14PM
Knowledge, Friend or Foe 48 Done & Done01/15/2020 11:48AM
We're happy! Not 24 Deb's son01/17/2020 02:05PM
Utah again in around-the-world news snagglepuss01/17/2020 01:16AM
Update on Mormon Family 31 donbagley01/11/2020 04:42PM
KY Christian School Expels Girl For Rainbow Icing On Birthday Cake 42 anybody01/15/2020 09:59AM
How many condoms (instead of condemnations) would 100 billion dollars buy? Elder Berry01/17/2020 01:05PM
Virtual Reality, Medieval-Style 13 Human01/15/2020 09:33AM
Why is going to church with TBM wife the primary way of showing support? 26 cult no more01/13/2020 02:43PM
MSN article on the Mormon hoard of money.. nonmo_101/17/2020 08:37AM
The Great Disappointment 22 Screen Name01/15/2020 03:49PM
Whistleblower LD$ 100 Billion: The Tale of Twin Brothers PollyDee01/17/2020 12:35PM
Temple Christmas ornaments. Start your shopping early! cl201/17/2020 10:10AM
Another Ziff Whiff - Mopologist Batting Average = .000 cricket01/16/2020 03:14PM
Hey, Soft Machine! The book or the band? (n/t) 17 Beth01/14/2020 12:03AM
Lethbridge Reprobate, how are you doing? summer01/16/2020 05:41PM
>Perspective On The Hoarded $100-Billion...MORE Than Ford & GM Combined... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/16/2020 05:53PM
Need Some help on this Mormon Concept of Spiritual Intimacy Toronto Boy01/16/2020 08:32AM
ERA-Mormons for ERA 24 wings01/15/2020 03:12PM
O.T., rainbows pollythinks01/15/2020 06:15PM
so many Utah residents on our recent cruise 20 Fascinated in the Midwest01/14/2020 08:45AM
Mormon Pie (and beer) 19 Elder Berry01/14/2020 01:08PM
What is With all the Affirmation Signs in Yards? 44 Gold&Green01/12/2020 02:05PM
Abusive Doomsday CULT presses charges on GC whistleblower schrodingerscat01/13/2020 08:35PM
OT "No Tree, No Me' Help plant a tree for a Koala. LINK 18 Topper01/07/2020 11:37PM
O/T, with apologies to ElderOldDog (sorry, 'mano) 19 catnip01/08/2020 06:56PM
The church hoarded more cash that the entire worth of the British Royals 14 Devoted Exmo01/09/2020 10:12AM
Book of Mormon 2020 11 GregS01/06/2020 09:45AM
Speaking of 'Modesty' as we often do (social background) GNPE01/14/2020 11:20PM
Since Meet the Mormons is verboten 21 messygoop01/10/2020 05:12PM
O/T cashing out like its the great depression since accounts were wiped 61 Warrior7178301/08/2020 12:18PM
Book of Mormon Stories that my teacher tells to me.... 12 jon112/03/2010 02:10PM
Profit Demands BYU Name Change & Abandons Word of Wisdom cricket01/15/2020 12:50PM
Joseph Smith's reasoning - God has fathers all the way up 20 Elder Berry01/13/2020 11:49AM
Could be off topic, but maybe not ...could be Kolobians are involved!! 27 elderolddog01/14/2020 03:04PM
Judge Likes Crystals Message But Not The Method - fined for speaking out in cricket01/13/2020 05:02PM