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henrie777, Please Read Tevai07/26/2021 12:18AM
Nepotism question 12 InCognito207/19/2021 10:50AM
My mother-in-law has died. 16 Tyson Dunn07/23/2021 05:46PM
The Fundamental Attribution Error - the basic mental fallacy? 19 Cauda07/17/2021 06:04AM
A sacrament meeting for the ages 15 [|]07/20/2021 02:57AM
Happy pie and beer day! Heartless07/24/2021 12:58PM
Insane woman tests her faith 16 olderelder07/20/2021 03:00PM
How would you try to date if you have low socio-economic status? 36 Cauda06/19/2021 08:24AM
Parroting CrispingPin07/24/2021 10:55AM
Is there really a "virginity club" at BYU? 18 Brother Of Jerry07/22/2021 10:15PM
dilemma 29 thedesertrat107/18/2021 10:29AM
Good Heavens. Mormonism on Jeopardy again tonight. Definitely a mole. Nightingale07/23/2021 11:01PM
Canadians have had it with the church 48 schrodingerscat07/01/2021 01:31AM
Wow. Heartbreaking Shell5607/23/2021 11:11AM
Captain Moroni got busted! 25 lapsed207/15/2021 06:30PM
Native American Mormon Women and the Lamanite Myth 11 eternal107/22/2021 12:37PM
Utah is not the most religious US state 14 olderelder07/18/2021 11:23AM
Has Anyone Heard from Heidi GWOTR? 27 Lot's Wife07/20/2021 04:25PM
L.A. County will reimpose an Indoor Mask Mandate this Weekend 61 Dave the Atheist07/20/2021 02:05AM
Airbnb host bans vaccinated guests 14 Dave the Atheist07/20/2021 10:00PM
AK Assistant Attorney General Is In A Mormon White Nationalist Group anybody07/21/2021 09:41AM
Mormon church to give back money from fraudster [|]07/22/2021 11:16PM
Why did ghawd mandate that the Sacrament be glutenous? 32 elderolddog07/13/2021 12:24AM
Quit criticizing Clark - Hitler is a MORMON! 20 JoeSmith66607/22/2021 02:38PM
Here we go again. I've had it. 28 Tyson Dunn07/21/2021 02:57PM
Mormons and JWs and the Cross Nightingale07/22/2021 04:06PM
J Reuben Clark Tevai07/22/2021 04:28PM
My granddaughter and the cross Heartless07/22/2021 02:45PM
My condolences at your loss Tevai 16 Elder Berry07/22/2021 12:24PM
Olympic Show Director Fired for Nazi "joke" Nightingale07/22/2021 04:49PM
Ranking LDS Church leader J. Reuben Clark was a pro-Nazi steve benson not logged in07/18/2021 04:23PM
re: family reunion ~ (chapter 5) ~ ziller07/21/2021 12:53PM
I am working on a paper to further define thedesertrat107/19/2021 12:29PM
Brother Benson: Are you able to contact The Guardian... slskipper07/21/2021 10:55AM
Among the most bonkers and least-known pieces of Americana 11 120607/20/2021 04:07PM
update (adult) 18 subeam07/17/2013 09:56PM
A brutal dissection of LDS complicity with and support for theThird Reich steve benson07/19/2021 01:01AM
LDS Church Goes on Record Endorsing 'Inspired" Hitler, plus ... 28 steve benson07/18/2021 06:02PM
Polygamist in British Columbia has 27 wives and 150 children 11 olderelder07/15/2021 02:42PM
"prophet" Benson gemini07/13/2021 09:46AM
Anyone Else Here Test Positive for Covid-19 60 azsteve07/17/2021 09:04PM
Any of you ever been scammed? I feel so ashamed. UPDATE 18 tumwater06/28/2021 08:58PM
There are 2 types of god. Only one is within the boundary of science. 19 schrodingerscat07/13/2021 01:32AM
if by 'God,' one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe,… 19 schrodingerscat07/19/2021 01:33PM
A ghost came to visit me about a week ago. 41 pollythinks07/11/2021 07:22PM
Music in and out of The Church 10 Nightingale07/17/2021 04:10PM
Idaho to gain a coast? 52 Pittock Mansion07/14/2021 02:54AM
18 or 19 CrispingPin07/17/2021 09:26PM
I have a question about the Huntsman law suit. Waren Jeffs07/19/2021 05:47AM
There are only six million types of god (if you're Hindu) Schopenhauer's Coat07/13/2021 10:25AM
o/t: laughed at for saying I want to get a degree in astronomy 60 Bruce07/13/2021 09:43PM
re: "why i left the lds church for good"~by ziller's girl~haleigh everts ~ 33 ziller06/01/2021 09:49PM
Charity 18 St Moroni07/13/2021 05:24PM
LDS leaders can't perform non-member marriages 26 gemini07/01/2021 09:12AM
It's captain moroni again Dave the Atheist07/18/2021 03:11PM