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Which god, for gawds sake? 39 steve benson10/13/2019 06:09AM
Bigoted Mo’ism at Its Worst: Jewish & Gentile Blood Turns into Mormon Blood 20 steve benson10/16/2019 06:10AM
Sickening statement by Mormon church (link) 17 gemini10/16/2019 10:27AM
Reconnecting to Mission companions . . 14 Rico Dynamite10/15/2019 12:44AM
Q: "Gifts of the (Holy) Spirit" and LDS~Doctrine, personal belief, practice 11 caffiend10/15/2019 09:51PM
My daughter came out to me last night 22 Recovered Molly Mo10/12/2019 01:16PM
Lol contradictions in Mormon scripture Perduro10/18/2019 02:02PM
O/T I no longer find cheerleading even remotely appealing 58 Elder Berry10/15/2019 11:15AM
The Bishop's Messenger (a dull assignment) messygoop10/16/2019 09:00PM
*** Announcing the Last RfM Short Story Contest *** 10 ziller10/16/2019 10:58AM
Do 40% leave? 21 commongentile10/16/2019 12:43PM
For SL Cabbie: Viking Lander Scientist Says He Found Signs Of Life On Mars 22 anybody10/15/2019 07:55AM
Does anyone know what happened to Mary Sturlaugson Eyer Rico Dynamite10/15/2019 12:39AM
TBM relative NOT being blessed by God Anonylurker10/17/2019 06:59PM
Book of Mormon Bible verses Warren Jeffs10/16/2019 02:40AM
Can't Seem 2 Find Where In Mormon Scripture POLYANDRY Is Endorsed/Condoned? (n/t) 22 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/14/2019 03:03PM
In another thread, a poster questioned my encounters with Bruce R. McConkie 21 steve benson10/16/2019 03:43PM
L.D.S. adoption lawyer indicted for illegal adoption practices. 20 auntsukey10/09/2019 02:36AM
If you wanted to know the status of LGBT+ in Mormonism... Elder Berry10/16/2019 01:16PM
I thought the Information Age would kill Mormonism once and for all 30 anybody10/15/2019 03:44PM
If you were still a believer, would you settle for the Telestial Kingdom? 18 behindcurtain10/15/2019 10:31PM
QUERY OT: R U Squeamish About Food Expiration Dates...Or Do U Just Risk It? (n/t) 29 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/13/2019 03:29PM
Latter-Day Seekers? 12 Midnight_Ran05/02/2017 03:59PM
Surrendering to Russ 21 Done & Done10/11/2019 11:21AM
Death - what is it like? 62 RPackham10/13/2019 02:33PM
Any pre - B of M documents written by Sydney Rigdon 16 Hedning10/12/2019 02:09AM
Freedom of Religion laws? WillieBoy10/14/2019 11:49AM
The Mormon Plan and How It Worked For Me 16 donbagley10/12/2019 02:29PM
Dusty Rusty isn't very smart Birdman10/14/2019 01:43PM
O/T: Shingles vaccine is PAINFUL. Be prepared. 42 catnip10/10/2019 10:41PM
When the saints go marching in ... Dave the Atheist10/15/2019 12:13AM
A lesson from "It" 20 Daniel Tapping09/23/2019 07:28PM
O/T Thoughts on the film “Joker”? Gheco10/13/2019 12:25AM
The Great Salt Lake has shrunk and is shrinking 42 Rubicon10/06/2019 01:57AM
Writing to a Q15 17 nolongerangry10/12/2019 11:26AM
Did you get a shock when you learned about garments? 38 Pooped10/09/2019 12:38AM
O/T Vaping and your kids 28 Pooped10/10/2019 11:00AM
Dialog of Moroni's Helmet USN7710/14/2019 01:28PM
Mormon Missionary Suit King, Mr.Mac, dies stillanon10/13/2019 10:56AM
More changes 36 anonyXmo10/05/2019 10:23PM
Were you awestruck in the temple? Holland delusional as usual 33 messygoop10/09/2019 11:04AM
BY must be turning over in his grave... ApostNate10/12/2019 04:31PM
How about using temples as day care for elderly dementia patients? 11 Pooped10/09/2019 06:08PM
A sign from God or the pick nonmo_110/14/2019 09:01AM
No, I am not going back just because the church announced a temple near me messygoop10/14/2019 03:50PM
Don’t say we didn’t warn ya steve benson10/13/2019 10:45AM
Railing on Mormons 14 nolongerangry10/13/2019 04:02PM
For the wavering, the lurkers, secret Mormon doubters among us - God's Love 32 Elder Berry09/27/2019 01:03PM
"This case disturbs me more than any case I've ever dealt with," 22 Elder Berry10/09/2019 04:46PM
Here is what will turn the church around. Amazing. 10 Pooped10/13/2019 07:21PM
Why temples are so important right now. 40 sb10/09/2019 05:34PM
Lab Grown Meat In Space Is Here anybody10/12/2019 08:41AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, October 12th, 10:00am Bite Me10/12/2019 11:50AM
It's the way things are Screen Name10/13/2019 04:06PM
Wedding day timeline 12 CuriousNeverMorm10/12/2019 09:27AM