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Sorta O/T....John Hunstman...rocker? Lethbridge Reprobate10/12/2018 05:51PM
Ricks College 1994, and again 1996-1997 turdfondue10/12/2018 06:40PM
I'm done enabling my TBM family - really done 23 Amyjo10/12/2018 10:50PM
Any suggestions on a new name for the BoM if Mormon is now a Satanic word? 17 Pooped10/12/2018 03:47PM
2 hour block meeting building justification EXON4610/12/2018 04:13PM
So, apparently the new 'Saints; the Standard of Truth' book... Chicken N. Backpacks10/12/2018 09:23PM
Calling cricket of Salamander Fame - "Every member a martyr" (by AlanXL) Nightingale10/11/2018 04:05PM
First time here- are others feeling like there is no way out? 45 catch2210/10/2018 09:06PM
Just received a temple cancellation letter signed by first Pres 28 sowhatnow10/11/2018 05:54PM
this was a big shelf item for me, but never hear mention of it. You? 15 Levi10/12/2018 11:38AM
Will we become "Recovery from TCOJCOLDS" or stay Recovery from Mormonism? 11 Pooped10/12/2018 03:28PM
Achieving spirituality vicariously 23 Elder Berry10/09/2018 06:26PM
Eliminating "Mormon" from the vernacular - It's about the internet 42 Poppy Cock10/08/2018 02:51AM
Sam Young today subeamnotlogedin10/11/2018 09:38AM
NdGT - "Why I am not an atheist" 60 koriwhore10/10/2018 04:02PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "McConkie Doctrine"...Anybody??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/12/2018 03:58PM
Was Joseph Smith the Tom Sawyer of Mormondumb? 12 Wally Prince10/12/2018 03:40AM
Wonder if any of these "Old Coots" is Mormon? Elder Berry10/12/2018 12:41PM
in the 'pure' gospel, is Healing the object/goal of R & Forgiving? 32 GNPE10/11/2018 11:20PM
The living allowances given the General Authorities are very modest 56 Elder Berry10/08/2018 12:05PM
Danny out did more good Elder Berry10/10/2018 11:52AM
Mountain of Lies: Uncovering Mo'ism's Hill Cumorah Compost 15 ^03/15/2016 03:37AM
Taking the Sacrament Meeting Numbers is a sign and a token of tacky 25 Elder Berry10/11/2018 02:52PM
Excellent rhyme about endowment cricket10/12/2018 06:49AM
The Book of Merman AntiM10/11/2018 08:48PM
BYU professor takes Nelson to small claims court over Mormon name change cricket10/12/2018 08:47AM
Jesus to Russell: "Hey, you're not doing me any favors here..." Wally Prince10/11/2018 11:21PM
Why I am atheistically inclined Elder Berry10/12/2018 12:24PM
Gordon B. Hincklemeister may not have been a real prophet, but... 17 Wally Prince10/12/2018 03:22AM
Spirit World Inductees Scrambling: What, We're Not Mormons Anymore? 19 Amyjo10/11/2018 05:51AM
How can we get upset that people call us 'mormon' kilgravmaga10/12/2018 08:27AM
Is Sheri Dew, publisher, pres & CEO of Deseret Book, behind name change? kathleen10/12/2018 10:55AM
Remember that Dallin Oaks authorized 16 slskipper10/11/2018 12:59AM
Message for Pres Nelson Razortooth10/12/2018 09:18AM
2 hour church. What's the reaction from hardcore TBM's ? (n/t) (n/t) 26 I hate meetings10/09/2018 12:50AM
Nope! Not happening. 17 Lonely old old lady10/09/2018 11:58AM
Is There Any Evidence Wendy is Influencing The Prophetd 22 SEcular Priest10/10/2018 03:15PM
This is how Joseph Smith should have ended up... timney10/11/2018 06:41PM
Einstein's Universe 62 Henry Bemis10/10/2018 11:38AM
My Facebook page is much more enjoyable! travis10/12/2018 12:15AM
Peanut Butter Bacon Beer Brownies 13 Susan I/S10/07/2018 08:59PM
Enough tithing has been collected, TSCC shutting down 13 chipace10/09/2018 11:10PM
Why Nelson's "new" instruction is bound to fail... 33 Wally Prince10/10/2018 02:51AM
"I am a Mormon. And a Mormon just believes!" Devoted Exmo10/08/2018 05:39PM
Feeling Good - really, it changed anony10/11/2018 07:32PM
OT: Florida - Thinking of You Nightingale10/11/2018 07:16PM
Why can't you just leave the Church alone? 43 scotchipman10/08/2018 10:42PM
Do not call us Mormons or LDS Church, leaders of faith ask(link) 60 Anonymous 208/17/2018 03:31PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "Video Daily Double-Inside"...Anybody? BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/11/2018 05:41PM
Prez Nelson is an extension cord short of the socket. 17 Chicken N. Backpacks10/10/2018 09:20PM
O/T: Short movie "It's a Good Life" The Twilight Zone (1961) 33 Pelle Pellezon10/10/2018 03:30PM
Pumped for location information AnonAndAnon10/11/2018 03:16PM
Ward w 36 average attendants is viable? 20 ipo10/10/2018 09:03PM
How are people handling not being Mormon anymore 18 SEcular Priest10/10/2018 11:18AM
"How to get over **** and be happy" TED talk koriwhore10/11/2018 12:31PM