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So what DID happen to war dead killed in ancient wars? 21 matt02/08/2019 09:05PM
Nelson AZ Visit 15 Lego02/08/2019 02:36PM
Stopped reacting to reactive abuse and lost intimacy with family members QwertysNonchalantBrotherAsdfg02/09/2019 03:52PM
O/T - Something is very wrong, and I'm scared. 20 Anon for This One01/30/2019 05:17PM
Argentina MTC to close in July 25 xxMo002/08/2019 03:16PM
*** Am I missing any short stories? *** 11 Concrete Zipper01/29/2019 07:48PM
O/T (banjo lick) Let me tell you the story of a man named Charlie... 25 Brother Of Jerry02/08/2019 04:43PM
(o/t) Frozen Cat Brought Back To Life (Positive Life Feel Good Story) 11 anybody02/08/2019 11:13AM
Piling on the 1st Prez - dissent inside Q12, even the Godhead cricket02/08/2019 11:38AM
Yay Sandusky ! 11 Dave the Atheist02/07/2019 12:35PM
Another light bulb clicks on.. 19 valkyriequeen02/06/2019 12:40PM
Utah obituary, v.interesting paragraph 10 memikeyounot02/04/2019 11:54AM
Fantasy Or Reality? Children In Religious Families Can't Always Tell 14 anybody02/08/2019 12:24PM
As I have loved you, love one another - or not 17 bezoar02/04/2019 12:29PM
So 2018 Didn't Kill Me (or Heart of Gold: for Done & Done) (long - sorry) 35 Nightingale01/22/2019 08:04PM
Never Mo Cousin Feeling All Alone In Utah 11 Amyjo02/05/2019 11:30PM
What it feels like to have the missionaries on your door step... 22 Elder Berry02/01/2019 11:43AM
Blacks, the priesthood ban and Latin America 11 forester02/06/2019 07:15PM
Why is temple work considered "worship"? 15 angela02/02/2019 08:10PM
& What If It Was Zelph Himself Who Wrote & Hid The Kinderhook Plates... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/07/2019 06:20PM
Oaks regarding church history - "Research is not the answer." 56 summer02/05/2019 06:46PM
New missionary shirts. Link IS INAPPROPRIATE darla02/07/2019 08:05PM
Following Gordon B.S. Hinckley's example 12 smirkorama05/04/2015 05:49PM
Memo to Gerritt Gong 19 slskipper02/06/2019 12:23AM
Good report on Cheryl's hip surgery. 15 Jerry the Aspousetate02/06/2019 11:00AM
The Secret Signal To Head To MIssouri 39 anybody02/02/2019 03:24AM
a couple of arcane MTC questions... 10 GNPE02/06/2019 07:32PM
...Piling sue me. 11 Concerned Citizen 2.002/07/2019 04:36PM
It's the Lunar New Year of the Pig ! Happy New Year Peeps ! 16 Amyjo02/05/2019 03:50PM
New Tribes Missions Sexual Abuse Victims Come Forward Amyjo02/07/2019 01:50PM
Gordon BS HinckLIEy has said a lot of (STUPID) stuff, BUT..... 12 smirkorama01/09/2019 01:45PM
Admin Question 54 Anonymous Today02/01/2019 03:35PM
16 million....REALLY??? I don't think so 14 GONE4GOOD4EVER02/05/2019 07:38PM
New missionary shirts. Link Gheco02/07/2019 12:23PM
Mental Gymnastics 19 Lowpriest01/31/2019 04:52PM
Ok for Gladys Knight to work on the Sabbath? 35 Gheco02/03/2019 01:30PM
"Sexual Slavery" in the Catholic Church 18 Lot's Wife02/05/2019 05:35PM
Why not just lie? 61 Anon for this one01/22/2019 11:13AM
Where is the oldest Mormon chapel (built by ChurchCo)? 17 GNPE02/01/2019 10:15PM
SusieQ#1 R.I.P. 94 rutabaga01/23/2019 09:41AM
D&C - still a class at BYU? 25 Fascinated in the Midwest02/04/2019 11:16AM
Catching up on Slamtoons for 2019 cricket02/05/2019 01:24PM
Transgendered at BYU Curry02/05/2019 08:46PM
Do you try to persuade the TBMs in your life away from the church?If so, Y? (n/t) 26 Cold-Dodger01/29/2019 10:36PM
What’s Up With All These Abortion Quotes? 25 goldrose01/20/2019 11:28AM
Like Music? New Exmo Ballad "The Wreck of the Mormon Ship Zion" 10 Book of Mordor01/31/2019 11:55AM
How do you interpret the phrase "hot drinks?" 38 Elder Berry01/25/2019 04:48PM
Weird Lack of Communication 15 mel02/05/2019 12:43AM
Hey, Dallin: slskipper02/05/2019 07:43PM
So the guy who directed the old temple films... 19 slskipper02/04/2019 07:19PM
Why Isn't ChurchCo more strongly against divorce? 60 GNPE01/27/2019 04:07PM
Mormon theology used to be pretty colorful, back in the day 11 Brother Of Jerry02/04/2019 01:06PM
I'm Not Really A Prophet But I Play One On TV...Look Ma I'm On TV...Oops!!! BeenThereDunnThatExMo02/05/2019 01:59PM
I'm not going to lie. Having a mishie kid is hard. But here's a funny. Elder Berry02/05/2019 01:07PM
Tribal nonsense 14 Lowpriest02/03/2019 10:15PM