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Imagine An Annual "Xmas Fruit Cake" Award...Which Of The Brethren Woulda... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/03/2019 07:50PM
Why can't ghawds can't have flesh, blood & bone babies? 13 elderolddog12/03/2019 12:55AM
Off Topic, maybe. Is the Mandelorian a gospel essential? elderolddog12/03/2019 09:23PM
Gay Catholic Judge Denied Communion 27 anybody12/01/2019 10:59AM
Newspaper article regarding missionaries. pollythinks12/03/2019 05:27PM
May return to Presbyterians for Advent Season catnip12/01/2019 02:18AM
The Church of "Ladder Day Saints"... memikeyounot12/02/2019 10:14PM
The Hole in Secularism - Sam Harris 60 schrodingerscat11/25/2019 04:02PM
we know the Pope, who's this Turkey? dumbmormons12/03/2019 10:50AM
Had a Dude and Some Missionaries Stop Over For Dinner 18 five.o.charlie11/30/2019 04:40PM
New Names, Dangerous New Names 27 Done & Done12/02/2019 11:26AM
Had a missionary tell me she was more worthy of heaven than Mother Thersesa 42 schrodingerscat11/25/2019 08:30PM
Home Church Activities elove12/03/2019 01:02PM
When was the last hymn added to the LDS hymnal? 10 Gheco11/30/2019 05:49PM
.org domain registry has been sold to a private equity group Dave the Atheist12/03/2019 12:13PM
Jesus con't to babylon and aliens, history channel 15 Warrior7178311/28/2019 12:26AM
Can U Imagine The "Tithing Money" Xmas Bonuses @ Kirton|McConkie This Year? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/02/2019 02:20PM
Utah boy shamed for having gay dad's Kristy12/01/2019 09:47AM
Utah fertility rate falls below replacement level for first time. 16 Brother Of Jerry11/28/2019 10:48AM
Legal Prohibitions, etc. 52 elove11/27/2019 05:45AM
The first of many friendsgivings Warrior7178311/28/2019 01:57PM
Kirton McConkie POELMAN (link) Levi12/02/2019 02:49PM
another lds person in the news subeamnotlogedin12/02/2019 09:00PM
Friday is world-wide Buy Nothing Day! 28 snagglepuss11/28/2019 12:45AM
How much "Gunk" did you have inside of you before leaving? Lafayette11/27/2019 01:54PM
It's a trap ! 14 Dave the Atheist11/29/2019 12:19AM
Today's Kirby: LDS Polygamy SL Cabbie12/01/2019 04:04PM
UofWY officially apologizes to 14 players banned from football team in 1969 Brother Of Jerry12/01/2019 04:13PM
? About Rules 12 june11/29/2019 09:58PM
Anyone know Rep Andy Biggs of Gilbert, AZ?? 10 mythb4meat11/27/2019 11:42PM
The Church Makes No Distinction Between God and Mammon Shummy11/30/2019 01:44PM
O/T Lethbridge makes the NYTimes! 12 Brother Of Jerry11/30/2019 11:42AM
culture vs doctrine question 18 ratatattat11/25/2019 02:34PM
Confused...can't decide...I don't know what I really want. 19 Breeze not logged in11/27/2019 05:12AM
Finding Therapy Resources june11/17/2019 09:00PM
Sister-in-law Shunning & Thanksgiving 54 june11/09/2019 10:29AM
New gimmicks announced in youth's PISS goal program 47 messygoop11/17/2019 11:48PM
Cilantro is evil 21 Dave the Atheist12/01/2019 01:04AM
Through the Looking Glass Lessons from Alice12/01/2019 05:58PM
Do any of you plan to visit church and school bazaars, etc? catnip12/01/2019 02:27AM
LDS and Saints 12 elove11/30/2019 11:00PM
Smith family values babyloncansuckit12/01/2019 10:26AM
>"Walking A Tightrope: The Fine Art Of Prevarication" - Russel M. Nelson... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/30/2019 04:32PM
Going to Hell 38 DNA11/17/2019 02:19AM
Missionary spotting Hockeyrat11/29/2019 06:04PM
Abe Lincoln, Vampire Killer 20 anybody11/28/2019 02:00AM
Bad sex award 14 Dave the Atheist11/29/2019 09:24PM
Resignation Confirmation Not Recieved 14 five.o.charlie08/25/2019 02:31PM
Moving back to Zion baldman11/29/2019 10:35PM
New online documentary short "The Secret World of Sex In Utah" 12 provoisboringhell11/19/2019 01:04PM
Happy Family Dysfunction Awareness Day Dave the Atheist11/28/2019 12:42PM
*** 2019 End of Year Fundraiser *** 64 Concrete Zipper11/18/2019 07:19PM
When MORmONS make fun of MORmONS to promo some other MORmON ideal smirkorama11/30/2019 03:03PM
I don't think we are soulless and i am pretty sure 63 Warrior7178310/20/2019 05:04PM
Inter-Generational Relations and Moral Accountability 47 Lot's Wife11/24/2019 04:36AM