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We are all victims slskipper02/16/2018 07:33AM
Mormon definition time again slskipper02/15/2018 05:15PM
If the spirit is supposed to convert why noah's flood02/16/2018 01:05AM
Big News! 66 mightybuffalo02/13/2018 09:39PM
Way O/T "for having a hole cut through your neck you are doing pretty good Badassadam102/16/2018 04:41AM
LDS UT Territory: A Divorce Mill. UT Divorce Rate Today: Tracks Nat'l Trend 14 steve benson06/01/2017 03:18AM
'Guns and survivalists, but no school until I was 17' - Mormon girl 15 MarkJ02/13/2018 07:51PM
Cashing In On Church: The Richest Mega Pastors in America(link) Anonymous 202/14/2018 03:01PM
ANOTHER Utah GOP Mormon w/ hooker. 24 StillAnon02/14/2018 07:33PM
Why do muslims react so differently from mormons? (cont'd) Visitors Welcome02/15/2018 05:06AM
I have to believe in God according to my TBW 27 Bentaylor2302/14/2018 11:20AM
Marriott supports gambling now?? 21 What_Happens_In_Vegas?02/12/2018 10:46AM
Concept of Mormon Pioneers (comments welcome) 17 thedesertrat102/14/2018 05:52PM
For Summer: do you know Loch Raven HS... Mythb4meat02/15/2018 04:28PM
Anyone remember Ray Combs the Family Fued Host LDS not today02/10/2016 05:54PM
A record of God's dealings with America's ancient inhabitants mikemitchell02/15/2018 09:31AM
The God Hypothesis Razortooth02/15/2018 11:52AM
Advice from Dog Owners/Lovers Please (OT) Ohdeargoodness nli02/15/2018 02:44AM
Regarding Gun Control, violence/abuse, Fraud-theft, child interviews... GNPE02/15/2018 11:33AM
O/T Movement to ban "best friends" in schools growing in America and Europe 17 Anonymous 202/14/2018 08:22PM
Doctrine that is just plain evil and/or ridiculous 30 Chicken N. Backpacks02/06/2018 02:17PM
Did you see the article about a mother jailed for baptizing her daughter? Cheryl02/15/2018 09:38AM
Cult figure married his own daughter, planned to murder his son 14 Amyjo02/14/2018 06:43PM
Interesting obituary today memikeyounot02/14/2018 06:05PM
Not feeling normal bothers me. 42 Badassadam102/12/2018 10:29PM
Nineteen missions to close! 62 Britboy02/01/2018 01:35PM
My LDS daughter gets smart, begins getting serious with non-member cludgie02/15/2018 02:04AM
Cognitive Dissonance News Dept: Brigham Young and Slavery in Utah Territory SL Cabbie02/13/2018 12:38AM
Starting Cross Country Drive - Advice Please O/T 37 Ohdeargoodness nli02/11/2018 03:03PM
What makes Muslims react so differently than Mormons? 60 koriwhore02/13/2018 03:45PM
"Mormon Church has a domestic abuse problem". Huff Post 19 auntsukey02/14/2018 02:39PM
Girls can now say no at dances in Weber County. 21 Heartless02/13/2018 10:28PM
Was Rob Porter another "White Horse" identity figure? Anon for this02/14/2018 11:23PM
Happy Valentine's Day ! 15 Amyjo02/14/2018 11:00AM
Normal human sexuality in men vs. women, Ladies please comment 51 alaskawild02/10/2018 07:15PM
Easter is on April Fools Day this year 23 olderelder02/13/2018 10:17AM
Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, on a Tuesday, is Mardi Gras! 18 elderolddog02/12/2018 10:11PM
How can I find the bishop without logging into 29 hayduke01/26/2014 08:31PM
Utah Mormon Rep. Hired Hooker 30 StillAnon02/08/2018 12:46PM
Gotta give God credit for a sense of humor with his latest disease: 20 Shummy02/13/2018 07:59PM
Please explain the plastic Baby Jesus in Mardi Gras King Cake 13 anybody02/13/2018 05:54PM
Mormons redefine as "anything Joseph's Myth did was moral" 11 koriwhore01/27/2018 02:06PM
Reasons why i hate the book of Mormon so much 24 crazyhorse02/12/2018 06:49PM
Asked to meet with SP... 31 mightybuffalo02/11/2018 02:03PM
Politesse Questionmaker02/14/2018 04:15PM
The excessive gushing about the BOM...i was one of those people who 20 alaskawild02/13/2018 07:19PM
BYU transcripts, myths and reality, way long, but I hope useful to Zoobies Brother Of Jerry02/13/2018 07:59PM
Do men have romantic fantasies?? 38 Nottelling02/11/2018 11:21PM
Faith healing illini02/12/2018 04:36AM
Orrin Hatch's vile defense of wife beater entirely w/in character 10 koriwhore02/09/2018 08:30AM
Deception & the Asch Conformity Experiment T-Bone02/13/2018 09:26PM
Easter question for Mormons Dead Cat02/14/2018 10:27AM
We are a game changer! 14 baura02/13/2018 02:07AM
And verily it came to pass... 11 perdition02/13/2018 01:40PM