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What's in a Name? CrispingPin05/30/2024 11:12AM
NPR: Polyamorous families are recognized and protected in Oakland, CA blindguy05/31/2024 09:01PM
Will Islam eventually swallow the church? 65 Rubicon05/09/2024 05:13AM
What Happened to BYU? tensolator05/31/2024 12:55AM
LDS Relief Society speaks up Subeamnotlogedin05/31/2024 11:47AM
I found the church an empty experience Rubicon05/29/2024 01:32PM
Many are frustrated that the church has become big business than a church. 12 Rubicon05/29/2024 01:21PM
Chad Daybell verdict in 31 wondering05/30/2024 03:42PM
Happy National Utah Day ... Dave the Atheist05/31/2024 01:53AM
Idaho jury has started deliberating 10 moehoward05/29/2024 09:22PM
Question about Mormon-based book publishers 15 xe09/08/2015 06:32PM
Questions about the MTC… GNPE05/30/2024 01:27PM
Can't tell Shiz from Shinehah... BoydKKK05/28/2024 05:01PM
>R 2 Temples In Orlando FL Necessary? Weddings @ Magic Kingdom R Cheaper! BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/23/2024 08:20PM
Utah is a Haven for wanted persons 19 GNPE05/29/2024 11:44AM
Is Ammon Bundy 100% safe - forgotten (in Utah) ? 45 GNPE05/27/2024 06:25PM
We're Doomed! They're Taking Over! Lizard People Are Everywhere! /S 14 anybody05/26/2024 07:01AM
Provo space ship no more. Pics of demolition on line. Heartless05/29/2024 02:20PM
Has anyone heard of this? 27 looking in05/05/2024 06:05PM
O/T He's dead Dave the Atheist05/25/2024 01:37PM
Greater Idaho 33 bradley05/26/2024 04:34AM
Idaho drag performer awarded $1.1m ... 10 Dave the Atheist05/26/2024 12:55PM
Cog dis angela05/26/2024 04:12PM
Mainstreaming Killed my Mormonism 33 levantlurker11/21/2023 05:06PM
Community of Christ (RLDS) 43 DavidEOliver04/14/2024 07:12PM
Meet The "Pro-Natalists" Attempting To Stop Demographic Population Decline anybody05/26/2024 11:59AM
General Conference: A Class C Clown Show. GNPE05/24/2024 12:58PM
Genetic Discrimination and Ancestral Research Rufus Lupus05/25/2024 09:19AM
More trouble at Ensign Peak 11 Providiot05/25/2024 12:39PM
Proclamation on the family PHIL05/26/2024 09:01AM
follow the profit video. feedback and sharing is encouraged! bigwhale05/26/2024 03:24PM
Harrison Butker ... 26 Dave the Atheist05/21/2024 02:49AM
Utah's first Spanish-speaking stake created Brother Of Jerry05/25/2024 03:20PM
Lars Nielsen theory of Book of Mormon origins 16 Old Al04/18/2024 03:06PM
Believing in Jesus Christ is as dumb as believing in Joseph Smith. Screen Name05/25/2024 04:11PM
The Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore may close up to 40 parish churches 31 summer04/14/2024 04:16PM
      Words to live ... and die ... by 11 elderolddog05/23/2024 03:13PM
A Gaggle of Blowhards Rubicon05/16/2024 02:29PM
What isn’t a scam? 33 Rubicon05/08/2024 04:41PM
Stake president warned "Big Brother is watching you" 31 LittleJohn05/06/2024 01:59PM
What Is Evil? (n/t) 39 anybody05/11/2024 06:31AM
NPR calls out Mormon liars lying by omission re: MMM for 150yrs 10 schrodingerscat05/22/2024 08:21PM
Not allowing cooking in church kitchens seems draconian? 28 SemiExMormon05/07/2024 03:09PM
cost to be baptized? 10 Fascinated in the Midwest05/21/2024 10:10AM
Is there Anything ChurchCo could do to make meetings More Boring? 14 GNPE05/19/2024 07:34PM
Mormonism And Dystopian Fiction: Did You Get The Connection? (n/t) anybody05/25/2024 05:54AM
Should or Way Doesn’t Rusty / ChurchCo suggest solutions GNPE04/27/2024 09:45PM
Is LD$, Inc. involved in the Great Salt Lake lithium mining project? (n/t) 15 anybody05/15/2024 10:39PM
SL Tribune talk: Church meetinghouse increasingly staid and stiff. Screen Name05/22/2024 03:34PM
Temples are for flunkies Rubicon05/05/2024 02:49PM
Brigham Young, crazy like a fox? Version 1.5 GNPE05/23/2024 10:02PM
Seldom Heard LDS doctrines and ideas 54 squirrely05/18/2024 11:07PM
RS Cultural Refinement 22 Chalupa01/24/2015 03:21PM
Corporate churches provide a disappointing experience. 11 Rubicon05/17/2024 09:41AM
JWs still going door to door 13 Eric K05/11/2024 10:44AM