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Bless the Brethren and their children. Elohim like Electricity Elder Berry04/01/2021 02:18PM
Did the LDS Really Agree to Stop Translating the BOM into Hebrew? 11 Midwestern Guy04/04/2021 09:07AM
OT: Painting on a car? 11 thegoodman04/02/2021 07:05PM
BYU documented the "Prophet" who lived on my farm. 18 Cheryl04/03/2021 10:34AM
One day at a time 22 tmg04/03/2021 09:58PM
Joy Jones talk - prepare for much more child abuse 12 Alax Clifton04/04/2021 11:05AM
Have any of you heard a story of Alice Cooper being a Mormon? 16 Waren Jeffs03/31/2021 11:08PM
Happy Easter! sbenson04/03/2021 09:52PM
Music/artists/bands that give you a bad vibe/bad feeling 22 Cauda04/01/2021 02:30AM
Two tropical temples Heartless04/04/2021 11:36AM
Avi Steinberg's humorous book "The Lost Book of Mormon" Midwestern Guy04/04/2021 08:52AM
Advice needed 11 Perdition04/02/2021 04:39AM
Mummies of Egyptian Pharaohs on spectacular parade in Cairo to new museum anybody04/03/2021 11:26PM
Religious nuttery on the (Internet) radio (swearing) blindguy03/30/2021 04:19PM
Only BoM related pageants are being discontinued. 18 Brother Of Jerry03/31/2021 12:38PM
2020 Statistical Report CrispingPin04/03/2021 06:20PM
Ask your mormon bishop: Advice from the father of the ward 16 elderolddog04/02/2021 11:40AM
Welcome to conference dagny04/03/2021 12:41PM
OT/My daughter has a question... 20 valkyriequeen03/17/2021 06:32PM
Losing our religion 2.0 12 Shummy04/02/2021 10:26PM
Covid Olympics Two 41 Human12/18/2020 12:34PM
No Hope *** Admin note added *** 38 Bobby's Girl03/30/2021 03:24PM
The misery of being irrelevant 16 madeguy03/30/2021 05:48PM
Delusion: Maintaining erroneous beliefs, despite superior evidence...... schrodingerscat04/01/2021 11:20PM
A Complex Phenomena To Be Recovered From 20 Human03/31/2021 05:41PM
Dear ______________, X-rays are coming from Uranus!! 10 elderolddog04/01/2021 10:23PM
What nerve! Twinker03/30/2021 11:48PM
OT: anyone in Utah know how to navigate Covid shots? 19 desperate03/09/2021 05:11PM
What if there was No religious /cultural Mainstream 4 Mormonism 2 attain? GNPE03/30/2021 04:29PM
"Church Membership Survey 2021"? 38 lonerangeronatapir03/29/2021 10:46AM
$100 Billion 18 Morridora04/01/2021 05:58PM
Changes to church handbook [|]04/01/2021 11:23PM
Not April Fools: Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes" Made With Human Blood 15 anybody04/01/2021 08:38AM
Easter has been cancelled 22 Dave the Atheist03/29/2021 10:54PM
Answers to creationists, organic material discovered on asteroid 1st time 20 schrodingerscat03/31/2021 09:36PM
OT: My mother was very smart. pollythinks04/01/2021 09:28PM
No rush Dave the Atheist04/02/2021 12:35AM
Bigfoot "Researcher" Claims New Florida Fossil Belongs To Sasquatch 24 anybody03/29/2021 02:21PM
GC Drinking Game not logged in04/01/2021 02:21PM
covid vaccine 40 cindysue03/25/2021 01:37PM
Don't wanna hijack Young Womens Theme rutabaga03/31/2021 04:38PM
Genesis 1, edited for scientific(ish) realism Cold-Dodger04/01/2021 12:26AM
Mortification of the flesh - self flaggilation -Mormon style Eastbourne03/31/2021 10:29PM
Young Women Theme 10 subeamnotlogedin03/30/2021 10:24PM
Goth attends easter party Dave the Atheist04/01/2021 12:16AM
Did ChurchCo's Emphasis on Family Harm You? 12 CrispingPin03/30/2021 10:14AM
Changes Since Nelson 15 blueskyutah203/30/2021 06:38PM
‘other’ Americans - the greatest enemy (Cont of closed thread) schrodingerscat03/31/2021 03:59PM
Any current info on this Q... GNPE03/31/2021 12:19PM
What Ancient Egyptian Sounded Like — And How We Know (VIDEO) anybody03/31/2021 08:42AM
Helium or Oxygen? 12 Done & Done03/31/2021 10:31AM
The atheist baptism of repentance for the remission of sins Cold-Dodger03/30/2021 09:11PM
Most Americans believe ‘other’ Americans are their greatest enemy 60 schrodingerscat03/27/2021 10:46AM
Canada suspending AstraZeneca vaccine in people under 55 19 Human03/30/2021 07:42AM