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Today is my anniversary of leaving 10 Phantom Shadow04/17/2019 05:58PM
Link between brain damage and religious fundamentalism elfling_not_logged_in04/19/2019 02:44PM
Temple symbols Hockeyrat04/18/2019 04:43PM
Finding the trigger for bad behavior does not excuse it. Cheryl04/19/2019 07:19AM
Will LDS, Inc donate to the Notre Dame rebuilding fund? 25 3X04/16/2019 03:14PM
My ex told me to listen to this. Matt Dillahunty on toxic words from parent cl204/18/2019 01:54PM
Liquid blood found in 42,000 year old baby deer 15 Anon..4U04/18/2019 11:20AM
The saviors of the dead deem accidental poisoning death no accident Elder Berry04/18/2019 05:03PM
Rembering the dead from my past 28 Elder Berry04/12/2019 05:51PM
truth or not? 10 GNPE04/18/2019 11:44PM
Link Found Between Religious Fundamentalism And Brain Damage 15 anybody04/17/2019 11:44PM
My depression era parent beat me for "wasting?" 60 Cheryl04/17/2019 06:55PM
Atheism inconsistent with scientific method" says Dartmouth physicist koriwhore04/17/2019 10:11PM
O/T Was Earth hit by a meteor from outside the solar system? [|]04/17/2019 04:55PM
What use is God if Nature is infinite? Brian Greene koriwhore04/18/2019 08:52PM
Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Into Submission 18 anybody04/17/2019 05:54PM
D. Dennett-vital to teach children facts of world's religions 45 presleynfactsrock04/15/2019 09:33AM
Andy Schlafly, son of Phyllis, leads rewrite of the Bible to remove "bias" anybody04/18/2019 08:30PM
Are there to be no more "announcements" from the pulpit 25 Valium and Pepsi04/08/2019 08:20PM
PriestHood Blessings Fail! Of Course The Brethren Have The Best Medical... BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/17/2019 06:21PM
The bitter cup 12 Elder Berry04/17/2019 12:00PM
Mormonism in a nutshell, posted by 'Frodo', Feb 23rd, 1999 ipo04/18/2019 08:39AM
Oh Brother...Here Comes Intellectual Reserve's Latest Social Media Blitz... BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/17/2019 06:51PM
Why is it so hard for scientists to believe in God? Francis Collins koriwhore04/18/2019 10:54AM
Coffee cold turkey - ouch! Could stand it for two days 21 Java-drinker04/16/2019 03:22PM
Scout Troop Flag Fundraiser 16 subeamnotlogedin04/14/2019 11:57AM
are the GAs so shallow / superficial that they actually enjoy their jobs? GNPE04/17/2019 11:58PM
I don't want to go on a mission/ being guilted into going because 'everyone 10 karin04/16/2019 09:50AM
I've got a great idea on how to get the chapel clean 32 Elder Berry04/15/2019 12:30PM
Bed Bugs in a Mormon Church building? mythb4meat04/17/2019 09:27PM
Suggestion for Changes in teachings on a local level Gheco04/18/2019 12:35AM
Georgia Engel obit: ignoring the miracle of modern medicine 12 Brother Of Jerry04/16/2019 03:03PM
Catholics "whore of all the earth" ???? 20 mythb4meat04/16/2019 11:22PM
O/T - Has anyone seen the moving Unplanned? 28 justkeepswimming04/15/2019 12:07PM
Apostates also go on to ruined shattered lives (or so they say) 11 Bruce R. McDonkie04/15/2019 03:03AM
"Atheism inconsistent with scientific metod"says Dartmouth physicist 60 koriwhore04/16/2019 06:32PM
Institute classes gemini04/16/2019 01:41PM
Swearage herein:- They are going to make a documentary about Bednar 27 matt04/13/2019 06:17PM
O/T Proof that reality mirrors fiction Elder Berry04/17/2019 05:03PM
now that weed is legal in a few places... 13 GNPE04/16/2019 01:02AM
Is the idea of trek strange? Pointless? Good? What’s your opinion? A/n/o/n/04/17/2019 04:03PM
Senior missionaries serving from home 17 Heartless04/14/2019 12:01PM
OT: Tom in Paris - Return and Report? Notre Dame Cathedral in Flames 60 Nightingale04/15/2019 01:34PM
Kid doesn't want to go on a mission? Abandon him in the wilderness! 48 baura07/20/2017 02:03PM
UK woman lists what Aussies consider bad manners 18 Alan XL04/17/2019 12:41AM
What is their end game? 35 slskipper03/19/2019 08:50AM
Just had a nice talk with my step-sister about life and religion 10 Amyjo04/15/2019 05:51PM
How could an omnipotent, omniscient, loving God allow Notre Dame to burn? 31 koriwhore04/15/2019 03:01PM
Michigan Parents Throw Out Son's Valuable Porn Collection, Files Lawsuit 23 anybody04/15/2019 04:51AM
Former bishop jailed for sex abuse while serving as bishop! Golden J Kimball04/17/2019 08:47AM
Mormonism is a tightly sealed bubble 18 Rubicon04/14/2019 02:36PM
Russ Had a Terrible Message At Least to Me and Here is Why 30 Secular Priest04/11/2019 08:05PM
Ordinances = Catholic Indulgences? 17 GregS04/15/2019 02:56PM
Link: no-religion is now largest group in the USA 20 saviorself04/13/2019 02:32PM
How useful to humans and human culture are sacred texts? 10 Elder Berry04/16/2019 01:28PM