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0T/Finally Retired 59 Aquarius12306/10/2018 07:49PM
Any major confrontations for leaving the fold 26 Anon42day06/10/2018 09:34AM
Animals and empathy (NPR link) 11 Chicken N. Backpacks06/13/2018 07:06PM
Some people can't understand shades of grey, only black or white (n/t) anybody06/13/2018 08:01AM
Amyx Hardware In TN Puts "No Gays Allowed" Sign Back Up anybody06/13/2018 11:31PM
Do Mormons never get cremated ? 46 The Undertaker06/04/2018 11:54AM
A modest proposal 14 Babyloncansuckit06/13/2018 01:05AM
Never Ending MORmON Idiocy:MORmONISM now going backwards on soul mates smirkorama06/12/2018 05:35PM
People pleasers Justin06/12/2018 08:24PM
Mormon friend won't give up on trying to get me back to church. koriwhore06/12/2018 11:23PM
Any EX Mormons in New Jersey joebee106/12/2018 11:41PM
o/t: $250 for a hair care kit. Worth it or not? 19 Anononononon06/12/2018 11:13PM
The MorMoney Church alright! TheHumanLeague06/13/2018 09:40AM
Religion In Decline: Young Believers Only Outnumber Old In Two Countries anybody06/13/2018 01:41PM
Asked why many are leaving the Mormon church on quora Crazy horse06/13/2018 04:39PM
TSCC to build a new city creek around Mesa temple. 19 funeral taters06/09/2018 08:43PM
Draper Temple attendance.... 18 job7406/08/2018 12:25PM
Anybody else see a pattern in these Mormon statistics re: racism & sexism? koriwhore06/11/2018 11:43PM
ExMormon "community poll" - Absolutism and Live and Let Live Tolerance Elder Berry06/12/2018 12:15PM
‘No demand’ for Blacks at the temples? Elder Berry06/13/2018 01:30PM
Most Christians see God as a "Young, White Dude" 12 Amyjo06/12/2018 09:30PM
All Bavarian Public State Buildings Must Now Display The Cross 11 anybody06/12/2018 08:49AM
O/T I'm a jaded and biased really mean summa kinda person Elder Berry06/12/2018 03:19PM
My book, "Plural Bride to Be" is on Amazon & Kindle. Thanks RfM! 35 Cheryl06/08/2018 01:02PM
How did Joseph Smith come up with The Book of Mormon? 20 Elder Berry06/07/2018 01:11PM
My suspicions have been confirmed 26 bluebutterfly06/10/2018 03:32PM
Shunning is painful, especially when they are 30 feet away(cussing) 42 Badassadam106/10/2018 01:22PM
My (TBM) best friend's wife messaged me and told me her shelf broke 27 Cold-Dodger06/12/2018 06:22AM
O/T Saw "Jane" Saturday night 11 Elder Berry06/11/2018 12:51PM
O/T has anyone tried spinal cord stimulation? 13 Badassadam106/12/2018 02:13PM
The Mormon Missionary(ies), and other Americans in North Korea Tevai06/12/2018 09:00PM
Healthy boundaries? Mormonism systematically dismantles and prevents them 13 ExAmmon06/12/2018 07:31AM
Do The "Brethren" Collectively Have A "Learning Problem" Or Is It Hubris... 18 BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/12/2018 04:04PM
Elizabeth Smart kidnapper skips parole hearing in Utah(link) Anonymous 206/12/2018 04:00PM
Missionary dress code violation? olderelder06/12/2018 11:00PM
obsolete: a litmus test mormon nomore06/12/2018 11:31PM
I come for the resilience; I stay for the jokes 60 Beth06/10/2018 01:55PM
Does God Exist? Mythbusters puts it to a test koriwhore06/12/2018 09:35PM
How Far Would You Go To Prove You Were Right? 32 azsteve06/11/2018 08:23AM
Do you know anyone that recently joined up?? 13 TheHumanLeague06/10/2018 12:03PM
(O/T?) PTSD/Nervous Breakdown -? 19 Nervous Breakdown06/11/2018 12:41PM
Isolation is the name of the game 24 Anon42day06/11/2018 10:10PM
Don't wave at me missionaries Badassadam106/12/2018 04:26PM
More Mailbag Potty-Mouthing; Idea from a reader on preventing STDs steve benson06/12/2018 04:56PM
The techniques they use to appear like God's religion. Badassadam106/12/2018 12:39PM
Hate crime investigation of violent (likely Mormon) homophobic mob in SLC koriwhore06/12/2018 03:20PM
From the Mailbag: Morons like you don't get why they're morons steve benson06/12/2018 03:38PM
Dr.Mormon 26 Jimbo06/11/2018 10:05PM
Old Buzz Phrase: "Doubt Your Doubts"...New Buzz Phrase: "Doubt The Truth"? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/11/2018 02:28PM
My logic of getting out of pain to make life better and easier Badassadam106/12/2018 01:20PM
Sex Scandals Hit Southern Baptist Convention anybody06/12/2018 08:54AM
What happened to the "Mormon Secrets" reproduction magic underwear site? anybody05/29/2018 06:50PM
New Simulations Model The Role Of Religion In Society anybody06/11/2018 03:58PM
Austrian law on religion kicks in... 10 kentish06/11/2018 04:29PM
Adam, I found a book ... kathleen06/11/2018 01:24AM