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It's all about polyester Rubicon10/10/2019 03:45PM
Trunk or Treat?? 36 Anonlady10/26/2013 01:52AM
David Bednar ripped off Boyd K Packer's talk 16 Villager10/09/2019 11:43PM
Evil vs. Appearance of Evil anonandanon10/10/2019 11:22AM
What is God to you? (n/t) 60 schrodingerscat09/28/2019 06:13PM
Polyandry Admitted ontheDownLow10/10/2019 04:21PM
Russ and Wendy are going to Asia to show it’s a worldwide church. 32 Rubicon10/08/2019 02:58PM
I didn't know Ginger Baker died. 29 Dave the Atheist10/06/2019 10:19AM
I'm thinking of starting a movement - MADD 11 Elder Berry10/07/2019 02:53PM
Former Marshall Islands Mormon Miss. in baby laundering scheme Kristy10/10/2019 01:38PM
My dad’s (attempted) alternative to tithing CrispingPin10/10/2019 10:20AM
Ancient Lost City From 3000 BCE Discovered In Israel anybody10/10/2019 07:47AM
Book on the Mormon Effect on America Done & Done10/10/2019 11:05AM
The church leaders all sound like a bunch of politicians. 19 Rubicon10/06/2019 03:53PM
Ethical Dilemma 32 ThrowAway10/08/2019 06:08AM
Changes to Recommend questions 22 xxMo010/07/2019 04:39AM
Eight new temples announced again (Oct 2019) 43 xxMo010/06/2019 10:27AM
How many active members are there in the church and at rate is it shrinking Rubicon10/10/2019 03:27AM
Pornography is now too pervasive to be ignored. 12 behindcurtain10/06/2019 05:38AM
Paul Petersen's Baby Mill William Law10/10/2019 12:41AM
Archeologist Michael Coe died Phantom Shadow10/09/2019 12:27PM
What Is The Current Status of Gaddy vs COP? azsteve10/09/2019 12:25AM
AZ Politician arrested for adoption fraud scheme memikeyounot10/09/2019 01:41PM
Why is Wyoming so windy? 15 ontheDownLow10/09/2019 02:39AM
Reflecting on posts & threads here, long term... GNPE10/09/2019 02:37PM
2 MORE Temples announced for the Wasatch Front 21 Sharapata10/05/2019 10:04PM
Temple Announcement Criteria--Any real insight? left4good10/09/2019 08:35AM
Dark Matter, Dark Energy & Dark Doo-Doo elderolddog10/08/2019 11:18PM
If temples are so important then why did Oaks say this? 14 messygoop10/06/2019 01:09PM
How big is the gap between Robert Kirby and Dallin Oaks? Rusty Nelson? Elder Berry10/07/2019 01:58PM
Once again General Conference proves something 20 babyloncansuckit10/07/2019 05:37AM
Jesus banned from Utah park Heartless10/08/2019 09:15PM
Correlation has been busy cutting up GC again! 11 macaRomney10/08/2019 11:12AM
QUERY: Why Are Elohim & Jesus ALWAYS Broke...Why Do They Need YOUR $$$??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/07/2019 06:51PM
Nightingale 18 Lot's Wife10/04/2019 01:36AM
Boundaries/Awkward/Uncomfortable 33 Anon4this09/30/2019 02:00AM
Update - Susan Powell 10 tumwater10/05/2019 04:09PM
Re: flaming swords ~ 13 ziller10/07/2019 06:08PM
Star , Idaho 1st ward 27 subeamnotlogedin10/03/2019 11:26AM
My sister says there really is no change in the church 11 Rubicon10/08/2019 03:50AM
I had to laugh 28 GregS10/07/2019 09:20AM
If you're a member, then keep your revelations to yourself messygoop10/06/2019 12:40PM
The "C" word 53 Heidi GWOTR08/06/2019 02:16PM
Per my Mormon Bishop dad, "The BOM lands have been found".. 11 Kristy10/07/2019 08:08PM
I am ex-Mormon because, .... 62 schrodingerscat09/28/2019 12:07PM
Joseph Smith 29 LJ1210/04/2019 06:29PM
Different views on prayer 15 summer10/05/2019 11:01AM
TSCC gender roles lead to (MORE?) gender dysphoria Wowza10/06/2019 03:44AM
The Mormon church's new youth program: PISS 28 summer10/06/2019 01:51AM
The Most Manipulative Talk from Conference 17 Lori C10/07/2019 10:55AM
Oaks's homophobic rant 23 summer10/06/2019 08:44AM
Be like the so-called "Prophet" Joseph's Myth schrodingerscat10/07/2019 03:33PM
Interesting article about Catholic Seminarian whistle-blowers Afraid of the Boogie Brethren10/08/2019 12:06AM
Execution date for Ron Lafferty? Gheco10/07/2019 06:30PM
the Kardashians come to Utah laperla not logged in10/06/2019 11:45PM