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For helenm 11 Agnes Broomhead07/04/2018 02:57PM
Apostasy film Bob808/08/2018 06:13AM
O/T Surgery is tomorrow 34 kativicky08/06/2018 10:08PM
Anyone heard Amy Adams talk about gayle08/08/2018 10:01PM
Exmos in New York? Claire Ferguson08/09/2018 08:23AM
Why are LDS obsessed with dead people and temples? 19 anono this week08/09/2018 06:32PM
Best way to tell missionaries you are done 28 Crazy horse08/07/2018 09:26PM
10 reasons Americans go to church and 9 reasons they (increasingly) dont koriwhore08/09/2018 06:03PM
Controversial University Text Authored by BYU Faculty Members 41 Tevai08/08/2018 07:26PM
Trivia question for today: 15 RPackham08/09/2018 02:33PM
Angels pollythinks08/08/2018 04:30PM
Washer/ dryer help 32 Hockeyrat08/05/2018 02:49PM
Updates from Goldrose, Mighty Buffaloes and Ruby7 10 Gatorman not logged in08/05/2018 08:39AM
Breaking News: New Temple Endowment Room photo leaked! 10 Elder Berry08/08/2018 05:32PM
We're officially official! 26 valkyriequeen08/08/2018 06:06PM
Breaking News: Jaredite remains found in Mexico 10 Elder Berry08/08/2018 03:45PM
Brigham Young on adultery 19 subeamnotlogedin01/03/2015 10:52AM
How long to read? How much to read? One sentence does the trick! jay08/09/2018 02:29PM
From the Anger-Management Mailbox: Grump Overheats on Climate Change 'Toon steve benson08/07/2018 05:52PM
Meeting with missionaries tomorrow Crazy horse08/09/2018 06:12PM
Council Meeting 18 anon4this08/07/2018 07:46AM
Faux News: Mysterious Radio Signals Are A Sign From God (VIDEO) anybody08/08/2018 04:03PM
Going to give book of Mormon back to missionaries 18 Crazy horse08/07/2018 09:37AM
Infant In Michigan Dies After Religious Parents Refuse Medical Help anybody08/08/2018 03:43PM
OT: Speaking of cats and dogs--and which make better pets. 18 pollythinks08/06/2018 08:18PM
"Beaumont Texas Area ExMormons" Group kcexmoadmin08/08/2018 03:12PM
GA talk at Fair Mormon Conf 23 perky08/06/2018 07:20PM
James Hamula Divorce 10 Anon708/07/2018 08:56PM
Doomsday Fundamentalist Idiot Sentenced to 26 to Life enigma08/08/2018 04:45PM
Probably covered before many times, but in the temple film/play... 11 Chicken N. Backpacks08/08/2018 08:03PM
girls forced to be girly 42 Evergreennotloggedin08/02/2018 10:43PM
I know it's not Friday, but... Dp08/05/2018 09:45PM
How long are investigators given to actually *read* the BoM? 19 Beth08/08/2018 12:11AM
what's BYU like as a school, and student body? 40 anono this week07/31/2018 02:58PM
Bill 59 Elder Berry08/03/2018 12:28PM
LDS ads on Instagram memikeyounot08/08/2018 06:29PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "Limited Geography Theory" (LGT)... (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/08/2018 03:57PM
It can happen. I agree completely with Robert Kirby and applaud him Elder Berry08/08/2018 01:15PM
Russian JW's flee to Finland (latimes link) 23 3X08/03/2018 01:04PM
Fed Up With Mortal Men, Women Are Having Sex with Ghosts. 26 Dave the Atheist08/05/2018 01:10PM (from the author) 10 memikeyounot08/06/2018 01:44PM
The Brady Home *Sold* to HGTV OT 13 Amyjo08/07/2018 01:08PM
Mormons don't care if you grieve 40 Crazy horse08/07/2018 08:53AM
Gibberish? Well, you have the right to your dumb butt opinion... 20 elderolddog08/05/2018 04:04PM
Psychology: 50 Traits of a Dangerous Cult Leader 22 Senoritalamanita07/27/2013 11:36AM
OT- New UVU president cftexan08/07/2018 02:27PM
LDS Church Casting Office 26 levantlurker08/05/2018 10:31AM
It's Sunday ! Anything fun going on ? 39 Amyjo08/05/2018 01:37PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: Location Of The "Real" Hill Cumorah... (n/t) 19 BeenThereDunnThatExMo08/03/2018 07:38PM
Child Sexual Abusers... 10 GNPE108/06/2018 10:46PM
Tom Osmond surgery 54 Danielle Smith07/06/2018 05:09PM
A Mormon never lets facts get in the way of their opinion. BERT08/07/2018 04:11PM
Fewer women are changing names after marriage 18 anybody08/05/2018 07:59AM
O/T Gender Differences 34 Elder Berry08/03/2018 03:08PM
Gay Registry 22 Nicholas08/05/2018 10:24PM