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The Bishop and his jet boat (a true story from Messy) 22 messygoop06/18/2019 11:28AM
Not sure how I feel.. I am triggered (swearing) 10 chsdolls06/20/2019 11:28PM
How much sexual abuse occurs on the inside that ISN'T discovered? 18 vahn42106/13/2019 06:12AM
A friend offers "What I Believe Now: 8 Agnostic Perspectives" olderelder06/21/2019 08:53PM
Documentary on Family's sexual abuse and LDS cover up. rosysam06/21/2019 07:52PM
"In God We Trust" in classroom? 32 orangejuice06/17/2019 05:28PM
ATHEISTS: Eternal Servants? 20 Screen Name06/18/2019 11:31AM
Oak Island-Is this the source of Joseph Smith's fabled Canadian treasure? anybody06/21/2019 06:57AM
Remember 'baseball baptisms'? How about baseball resignations... elderolddog06/21/2019 12:42PM
Age of consent 22 Anon 306/18/2019 08:47PM
God As Light. God As Rules. Human06/18/2019 06:27PM
More Crazy Dept: Pastor Claims Eating Veggie Burgers Will Steal Your Soul 30 anybody06/19/2019 01:40PM
Wanting to leave the church but not sure how to talk to Bishop 53 dhunter06/14/2019 04:16PM
Query: Why So Gleeful With Selfie Genealogical DNA Results...But NOT So... 10 BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/20/2019 04:42PM
A really old Mormon lady.... memikeyounot06/17/2019 04:09PM
Creationist Claims God Gave T-Rex Short Arms So They Couldn't Masturbate 15 anybody06/20/2019 09:03AM
Did you ever read or see "The Man Who Would Be King..." 64 anybody06/19/2019 09:00PM
I think I’m being love bombed... 63 catholicrebel06/13/2019 11:00AM
Guess what just happened to me? 24 memikeyounot06/18/2019 10:17PM
My aunt--the one who wrote the lovely wedding play by play cl206/19/2019 11:27AM
For your morning relaxation ... Dave the Atheist06/20/2019 10:34AM
Fast offerings and MLMs 12 Jordan06/17/2019 02:39PM
O/T: Stranger than fiction... 14 valkyriequeen06/18/2019 11:39AM
Self Help Guru Convicted blueskyutah206/19/2019 04:03PM
When I visit ex-Mormon boards 22 Here again06/12/2019 02:08AM
Are the G's no longer that sacred? 28 gemini06/11/2019 05:23PM
snufferites- what's happening southbound06/17/2019 09:58PM
Hell is now Gay Hell anybody06/18/2019 08:11PM
Why is the Holy Spirit necessary? 18 heartbroken06/15/2019 06:39PM
NXIVM Cult Leader Found Guilty anybody06/19/2019 08:20PM
Time For (again) List of Crappy/Sappy sayings of Mos.. 29 GNPE06/17/2019 01:35PM
Why the two hour block? 16 babyloncansuckit06/18/2019 05:29AM
A fascinating tidbit courtesy of reddit: Racism is divine, said the church 14 elderolddog06/18/2019 06:38PM
Temple now a hot spot for quinceanera photos 16 messygoop06/18/2019 02:32PM
re: you in the exmo army now ~ ziller06/18/2019 10:11PM
Beating an almost dead horse... Denson/Bishop - the latest [|]06/16/2019 09:36PM
Free Speech and Mormonism 30 donbagley06/13/2019 07:03PM
Gary Busey is God Elder Berry06/17/2019 04:49PM
I went to PrideFest today 14 CrispingPin06/16/2019 05:29PM
I am Failing at Ministering as a Dad 14 Secular Priest06/17/2019 06:34PM
Mormon parenting credo: a little couplet donbagley06/17/2019 04:16PM
6.9 Earthquake In Japan, Tsunami Warning Issued anybody06/18/2019 09:50AM
What’s it like to be active even though you know it’s made up? 11 babyloncansuckit06/18/2019 05:01AM
Ten Practical Ways the Church Shoots Itaelf in the Foot 34 Jordan06/07/2019 06:02AM
OT: plan b/ morning after pill 18 nowayjosie06/08/2019 11:41PM
Latest popup ad 10 Chicken N. Backpacks06/10/2019 12:47PM
Mormonism's revelatory claims are designed to exploit ignorance 15 Elder Berry06/17/2019 12:22PM
((o/t)?) ~ soccer ~ is it like a "girl" sport ? ~ 60 ziller06/12/2019 11:06PM
o/t: I have a crush on my brother’s girlfriend—help 61 AnonymousX06/17/2019 12:49AM
True, Romantic love: what is missing in Morland? 12 GNPE06/11/2019 09:53PM
How did you deal with the ever-changing pairs of missionaries in your ward? 21 1234506/12/2019 12:44PM
Filthy Family Fallout after Dad's death (adult material) 58 donbagley06/01/2019 06:12PM
Senior missionaries assigned to work with elderly just me06/17/2019 12:34PM
Former LDS bishop to spend 4 months in jail for sexual abuse 18 eternal106/13/2019 11:57AM
"highlights from my life" by Dew 36 macaRomney06/13/2019 05:41PM