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Why Nelson did not apologize for the black priesthood ban at NAACP! 13 Warren Jeffs07/28/2019 08:50AM
National Cemetary Available Emblems of Belief 20 normdeplume08/06/2019 11:24PM
After WW 1 circumcision became standard. LINK to the reason why Topper08/12/2019 04:33PM
Judaism as successful animal husbandry applied to humans babyloncansuckit08/10/2019 09:57PM
What do you think the success rate is for ordinance work done for the dead? 33 Elder Berry08/08/2019 05:08PM
BYU Celebrates First Vision 21 montanadude08/10/2019 11:11AM
Utah has a voter fraud problem and it's overstepping MORmON Moms schrodingerscat08/11/2019 11:02AM
They just built a temple RIGHT NEXT to what appear to be train tracks? 22 Levi08/09/2019 12:35AM
Replacement for Garments 21 schwing08/07/2019 04:08PM
Cruel body shaming by a Florida mission president--LINK 31 Topper06/22/2016 11:39PM
Church being sued for fraudulent scheme 13 Pathway08/08/2019 04:26PM
Dawkins humiliates MORmON liar on British TV 11 schrodingerscat08/09/2019 06:50PM
Just One More Thing They're Taking From Me 11 mobegone08/11/2019 12:41PM
O/T No cleats Dave the Atheist08/10/2019 11:34PM
North Orange County CA meetup today/Sunday 11th Tutu KJ not logged in08/11/2019 10:11AM
TEMPLE SQUARE: Can Two Men Be NON-SEXUALLY Affectionate There?? 24 Ex-CultMember08/10/2019 04:10AM
Address to the Prophet Père Ubu08/06/2019 06:16PM
Celebrating 10 years since I resigned LJ1208/10/2019 08:28AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, August 11th, 10:00am Bite Me08/10/2019 11:04AM
OT For the First time, Amnesty Internat'l Issues Travel Warning to US of A 40 Amyjo08/09/2019 09:25AM
I am bothered by something I saw here...this IS Recovery from Mormonism? 56 Betty G08/10/2019 04:13PM
What happens when a society becomes fully secular? 39 touchstone08/08/2019 06:13PM
It's kind of hard, weird, trying to be semi active. 20 Jacko Mo Mo08/08/2019 01:56AM
Off Topic: Jeffery Epstein is dead 46 Shummy08/10/2019 09:20AM
More fun than Moon people and Kolob mikemitchell08/10/2019 02:05PM
Who says we live longer? 14 Heartless08/02/2019 10:32PM
Thread Closed -- Circumcision v. FGM? 63 janeeliot08/08/2019 08:32PM
Anybody remember the "Zion Society" and Arvin Shreeve? 10 lisadee12/29/2018 10:52PM
Church on dutch tv show about being gay 14 Becca08/04/2019 05:23AM
Only Two Years to Go til I can Retire (counting the days!) OT 27 Amyjo08/08/2019 02:11PM
Believing in any God/religion is just as stupid as Mormonism. n/t (n/t) 32 Jacko Mo Mo08/08/2019 01:45AM
(Repost) Mormonism - "Killer Of Community Service" adamisfree200608/06/2019 02:29PM
Catholics can’t resign from church 61 Old Al08/06/2019 06:32AM
Maybe O/T: Struggling with self-esteem forgotmyname08/06/2019 06:55PM
Newer to atheism: Science questions / discussion 34 LJ1208/08/2019 02:48AM
Identity issues 10 anon282808/06/2019 03:34PM
Off Topic Clowns 20 Elder Berry07/28/2019 06:26PM
How long should I pray? 48 jay08/03/2019 07:37PM
Unfounded Claims: Nobody is being "persecuted" here 19 Nightingale08/09/2019 09:00AM
LDS never seemed more hollow than after the special 9/11 presenentation. Jacko Mo Mo08/08/2019 10:04PM
Yet more male mutilation ... Dave the Atheist08/08/2019 11:39PM
It no longer matters but I used to feel dumb... messygoop08/08/2019 08:14PM
Interpersonal sabotage inside the church? that is funky08/05/2019 07:29AM
Modest Is Hottest -- in this case, fashions for Muslims 29 anybody08/07/2019 11:28PM
How to stop a temple session without trying 51 messygoop07/18/2019 12:49AM
O/T The end of the trail or is it the beginning??? 13 memikeyounot08/02/2019 03:13PM
Fact check Hebrews as nomadic raiding groups? 59 Elder Berry08/06/2019 11:23AM
Circumcision is male mutilation. Period. 65 Elder Berry08/08/2019 11:24AM
Shaylyn Bergeson RIP tumwater08/07/2019 01:18AM
Lawsuit time 17 Cathy08/06/2019 03:28PM
BSA gets sued for abuse OccasionalLurker08/04/2019 12:35PM
They bought the t-shirts before Nelson said it wasn't cool... Wally Prince08/06/2019 04:02AM
Attemding my nieces baptism in an hour 18 Pied Piper08/03/2019 12:42AM
Furries and the Mormon Church 54 Naked at Dawn08/01/2019 07:56AM
No. Not letting it go, Amyjo. 59 Nightingale08/07/2019 06:40PM