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Mormon church in Sheldon Birmingham, United kingdom for sale! 31 Britboy11/29/2018 02:20PM
We have met the enemy, and he is us. 26 Jacko Mo Mo12/05/2018 03:20PM
Original sin in Mormonspeak is "a thorn in the flesh" Elder Berry12/06/2018 02:38PM
Elias and Elijah isthechurchtrue12/06/2018 04:13PM
Help! Hopelessly jet-lagged. 18 Anon ex-mo, er, ex-member12/05/2018 06:05PM
Genome study report came back: All negative ! n/t Amyjo12/06/2018 02:27PM
Christmas letter to ChurchCo ? 10 GNPE12/04/2018 08:37PM
Missionary "self abuse" rules 32 guy312/02/2018 05:56PM
O/T: Is U.S. Post Office Not Delivering Mail Wednesday? 21 Tevai12/03/2018 07:50PM
Oaks’ defense of religious freedom 12 CrispingPin12/05/2018 11:53AM
O/T How to get ahead as a man in a woman's world Elder Berry12/05/2018 03:34PM
My First Sunday Away from LDS 34 mel12/01/2018 12:49PM
gay apparel Dave the Atheist12/05/2018 11:33PM
Reply to "Thinking of joining the Armed Services (NAVY)" ChooseYourRateChooseYourFate11/04/2015 06:55PM
Are Gene Cook and Quentin Cook brothers? (n/t) Jay Johnson12/06/2018 12:51AM
Church decides some pageants good, some bad StillAnon12/05/2018 12:54PM
Leah Remini Says She Has Been Asked To Look In To The Mormons 26 azsteve11/30/2018 06:03AM
There has to be some creative captioning material here... 12 Elder Berry12/05/2018 12:20PM
Nevermo Question Re: Jewish Tribes 40 Tevai12/05/2018 03:12AM
Anyone Else Not Have Santa or Jesus as Part of Their Christmas? 54 westernwillows12/03/2018 06:05PM
Bush Funeral Mormons and couldn't help but laugh IE Holland in Oxford angela12/05/2018 03:29PM
BYU student falls 4 floors in Tanner building(link) 26 gemini12/03/2018 01:15PM
"The Book of Mormon is too complex for Joseph Smith... 36 David Cohen12/02/2018 07:06PM
Why do Mormons hate homosexuals? 67 Rodger12/03/2018 07:40PM
The church will fail to turn around because it's all about control 20 Rubicon12/03/2018 03:20PM
James J. Hamula excommunicated 11 Phantom Shadow12/04/2018 04:44PM
o/t: Northern Utah weather makes me depression unmanageable 25 Leet12/04/2018 10:05AM
Is Rusty the new Jim Jones? (n/t) Brady12/05/2018 07:55AM
Who is Paul Done? 28 New Here12/01/2018 10:37PM
Did I miss something while on the road? 21 PHIL11/30/2018 03:26PM
Utah: Mecca, Zion, Holy of Holies, Paved with Gold! 17 Alan XL12/03/2018 09:21PM
Is Mitt Romney a member of C50? 22 Historischer11/28/2018 07:56AM
Mormon's taking in exchange students 20 Throughgood12/03/2018 12:41PM
Christmas with The Cranks. Suggestions? 25 Elder Berry12/03/2018 12:03PM
Bill Reel, former bishop, exed. Excommunication alive & well. presleynfactsrock12/05/2018 12:30AM
Can TBM's Live An Authentic Life Being Beholden To A Demonstrable Fraud??? BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/04/2018 01:29PM
Old predictions/prophecies about how the church was going to grow? 16 Josephina12/02/2018 10:19AM
The "profit" is now on Instagram.... 23 memikeyounot11/30/2018 05:25PM
Four people stabbed at LDS building in Brazil 12 Luke Seawalker12/03/2018 05:04PM
David Bokovoy Applying Higher Criticism To Mormon Scripture Wantedtoshare12/04/2018 07:40PM
MoTab: Media ~~the old and the new name in the same sentence 13 angela12/03/2018 02:22PM
current authorities who are also freemason or other illuminst society? 11 moi12/04/2018 01:00PM
SP (and LD$ lobbyist) tells members how to vote 11 [|]12/02/2018 05:36PM
"Anxiously" Engaged 29 judyblue04/10/2012 03:36PM
Mormons will never give up ever even after death do they part 14 Elder Berry11/30/2018 04:19PM
ChurchCo is studying this developement very carefully... 12 Concerned Citizen 2.012/03/2018 11:30AM
Christmas Devotional Seemed Flat 30 SEcular Priest12/02/2018 10:33PM
and in Other church / BYU news... 16 GNPE12/03/2018 07:47PM
For shame - Oaks chastises youth for marrying later & less babies 57 presleynfactsrock11/29/2018 12:38AM
Can a farmer help me with this? 17 Chicken N. Backpacks06/23/2017 11:55AM
o/t: mental health: should I be worried? 22 Xenos12/01/2018 08:01PM
What was your Endowment and Temple Sealing experience like? 44 diversity11/14/2018 09:01PM
O/T GM mass layoff despite profits. Why don't workers unite more ? 52 Striker11/27/2018 02:15AM
Stupid testimony justifications 15 Lowpriest12/02/2018 02:51PM
I'm officially quitting seminary. 26 c11/30/2018 06:24PM