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O/T Progress Elder Berry09/08/2021 10:22AM
O/T. Great little piece of property in Cache County Anona09/07/2021 12:52PM
What Gives, Mormons? (Leaders say Vaccinate! Members say No!) 38 Nightingale09/05/2021 03:58PM
Horse paste causes sterility 12 Dave the Atheist09/07/2021 12:48AM
Author cites an objection to using LDS Inc's full Rusty-approved name 11 Brother Of Jerry09/06/2021 01:44PM
Jeff Holland's Passive Agression 32 NormaRae09/01/2021 04:23PM
Happy Labor Day 12 Brother Of Jerry09/06/2021 01:18PM
"What you are doing is so Christ-like" cheezus09/07/2021 01:39PM
This is my 85th labor day 27 thedesertrat109/06/2021 12:26PM
Throwing away materials 29 lettinggo09/06/2021 04:41PM
IT IS a well-kept secret, but we know the answer to life, the universe and schrodingerscat09/07/2021 12:23AM
Medicine for horses, it's lame Dave the Atheist09/07/2021 08:48AM
Polio, COVID-19, Viruses, Variants & Vaccines 24 Nightingale09/05/2021 08:56PM
Why Are So Many Religions started by a Psychopath? 22 run0emma0run09/05/2021 01:22PM
Per an earlier post, scroll down to the bottom of the link to see cartoon SBenson09/04/2021 12:00AM
OT - ABBA reunion today 11 Cauda09/02/2021 10:43AM
Samuel The Lamanite Appears At Pride Corner BYU cricket09/06/2021 01:58PM
pride welcome to gay students held near BYU today(link) gemini09/04/2021 10:36PM
My Summer Travels and Report on Church 28 SEcular Priest09/04/2021 02:07PM
Joe Rogan has Covid 19 and is taking horse dewormer 60 schrodingerscat09/01/2021 09:28PM
Is the church true? bradley09/06/2021 01:06PM
Man arrested in St. George church fires claimed 'righteous anger,' police 10 schrodingerscat09/05/2021 02:37PM
"For the Love of God" get vaccinated, says Alberta premier 60 Nightingale09/03/2021 03:29PM
When did the LDS "Confessional" become Policy? 17 Post-Chapel Dude09/01/2021 06:53PM
Imagine giving a prophecy... newcomer09/05/2021 06:49PM
O/T: You Don't Own Me 21 anybody09/02/2021 09:40PM
Infinite Cycles of the Universe Punctuated by Big Bang Singularities schrodingerscat09/05/2021 01:34PM
Underground Railroad out of Gilead, 30 schrodingerscat09/03/2021 10:24AM
Chad Daybell, Lori Vallow and the Second Anointing loislane09/05/2021 09:05AM
Are the fundamental Constants changing? schrodingerscat09/05/2021 12:15AM
O/T Foamer event tomorrow Dave the Atheist09/04/2021 10:30PM
Jesus failed to mention steel toed boots cricket09/04/2021 02:41PM
To my intergalactic pen pal ziller Adam warrior09/04/2021 09:39PM
Mormons trying to make mormon Gay suicides not their fault . . . 17 elderolddog09/03/2021 10:24PM
Just enjoy the freak show 16 Rubicon08/25/2021 05:06PM
Let the dead bury the dead. We'll sort out the details on GBH's death later 11 steve benson09/03/2021 09:27PM
Nonbelievers in the Atheiest camp? 30 Phazer09/03/2021 02:14PM
BBC Bullseye's Elder Holland With His Own Metaphors cricket09/04/2021 01:36PM
My Patriot Supply 13 Twinker09/02/2021 05:03PM
christina's supernatural experience ~ (vid) ~ ziller09/04/2021 10:54AM
ExMo PM of NZ says terrorist attack ‘not a faith’, just an individual 22 schrodingerscat09/03/2021 12:27PM
Mormon website hasn't been updated since 2019 Phazer09/01/2021 10:29PM
Anti-vaxxers shut down vaccination event ... 24 Dave the Atheist08/31/2021 10:59PM
Law to limit volunteer hours per day to protect people from cults 12 Khadija09/03/2021 02:02PM
O/T Restaurant naming puns on The Good Place Brother Of Jerry09/03/2021 06:18PM
Missionaries visited 29 Just venting09/02/2021 02:07PM
The never ending proclamations to divinity of Christ and JS gets old. 23 Jacko Mo Mo08/30/2021 04:38PM
Oaks-Holland Turn Classic Primary Song Into Blues Tune cricket09/03/2021 03:44PM
The Church and COVID Vaccines 30 Lot's Wife09/01/2021 12:01AM
Only six more weeks till General Conference... 25 slskipper08/21/2021 01:54PM
O/T Here we go again. Another cultural revolution. Mao is then. Elder Berry09/02/2021 02:51PM
Interesting study Phazer09/03/2021 01:18PM
New branch Phazer09/03/2021 12:33PM
Think UT will raise Texas and make it 5 weeks? 40 schrodingerscat09/02/2021 08:50PM
Yet another thread about Mormon music! 11 GNPE08/28/2021 11:34PM