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My "Keep Sweet" Perspective and Questions ***SPOILERS*** metatron03/20/2023 02:33PM
The Origin Of The "Satanic Panic" 13 anybody03/15/2023 09:12AM
Mormons And Nat-Cs Are Facing A Demographic Time Bomb anybody03/20/2023 02:11PM
Faith in every shell company cheezus03/19/2023 10:07PM
Banks collapsing as we speak! Economic difficulties!!! It must be... 14 slskipper03/16/2023 12:26AM
Could Joseph have had Dissociative Identity Disorder? bradley03/20/2023 06:57AM
Brigham Morris Young 18 summer03/19/2023 11:56AM
OT/ Susan I/S! Adopt a wombat! 22 Beth NLI03/13/2023 01:16AM
Missionaries came by last night 24 CrispingPin03/13/2023 08:46AM
What is your purpose/meaning to your life? 37 blackcoatsdaughter03/13/2023 11:16AM
More Eastern Oregon Secession News 43 anybody03/15/2023 09:19PM
Maybe these reasons are why apostles live so long 43 Elder Berry03/05/2023 10:20AM
OT... a musical tribute to our dog, Arran... knotheadusc03/17/2023 06:23AM
Fundie Xtians Continue To Resist Changing Child Marriage Laws anybody03/18/2023 09:14AM
so long pie day for another year!! GNPE03/15/2023 02:54AM
What is reality? 45 bradley03/14/2023 10:20AM
I check in every 10 years or so 51 SLDrone08/17/2022 01:51AM
Where did ChatGPT get this info about the temple? Elder Berry03/15/2023 11:28AM
Marianne Williamson IRL not like on Oprah bradley03/16/2023 09:02PM
Women living in a state of martyrdom -Men acting overly self important 11 Out and about03/16/2023 10:52AM
Yoke is the new favorite temple buzzword. 34 Rubicon03/08/2023 06:34AM
The LDS Church is a high achiever religion Rubicon03/15/2023 11:30AM
UT bans abortion clinics. 20 schrodingerscat03/16/2023 12:58PM
New low Elder Berry03/15/2023 05:32PM
Prophet, cult leader, sex trafficking 17 auntsukey10/05/2021 12:34AM
May Swenson’s Homage To Her Father Human03/15/2023 12:18PM
Joseph Smith was wishy-washy on the issue of slavery. 19 Villager03/13/2023 03:07AM
Yet another mormon leader sex abuser 15 [|]03/15/2023 02:14AM
Newark, NJ City Officials Duped By Hindu Scam Artist From India anybody03/16/2023 06:00AM
How many temples and where? General Conference is in a month. 46 Rubicon03/08/2023 03:31AM
Thank You for Your Visit tensolator03/12/2023 04:37PM
The "death" of conservative white Christianity Brother Of Jerry03/15/2023 05:14PM
Zion's bank stock hits 52 week low today. 16 gemini03/13/2023 04:49PM
WWJD Done & Done03/15/2023 12:44PM
Meeting in the ward 3 to counteract anti-Mormon information on Tik Tok 26 jay03/12/2023 03:32PM
If you don’t trust in God what do you trust in? 39 schrodingerscat03/11/2023 11:17AM
Whenever I See A Lilac Tree... 30 metatron03/13/2023 06:51PM
Happy π Day anybody03/14/2023 06:47AM
Papa, Can You Hear Me? Done & Done03/13/2023 01:59PM
extremely devout in laws and cognitive dissonance orange and blue03/14/2023 12:21PM
Prophet Nelson Practices Shell Game With The Chosen Vulnerable Generation cricket03/14/2023 12:55PM
Help with a question.......... Clifton02/26/2023 11:25PM
April General Conference begins on April Fools' Day gemini03/12/2023 05:38PM
Has ChurchCo given up on Divorce? 25 GNPE03/10/2023 12:53PM
Jehovah's Witnesses Shot and Killed in Germany 32 Nightingale03/10/2023 07:52PM
let's approach the Joseph Smith so-called translation 15 thedesertrat109/30/2021 05:09PM
It's amazing that I've been out 15 years now! 10 DNA03/11/2023 10:44PM
Yet Another "Modest Is Hottest" Fashion Article anybody03/13/2023 03:37PM
I had an employer ask me in an interview,”How are you with God?” 29 schrodingerscat02/20/2023 07:06PM
It seems RFM has changed from 10 years ago. 48 DNA10/10/2021 05:55AM
Pope Francis: Celibacy is Temporary (say what?) 14 Nightingale03/12/2023 04:44PM
O/T: Californians: This Is For Real 58 Tevai03/08/2023 05:59PM
Now that you've escaped Mormonism, why would you want to live in another anybody03/11/2023 12:43AM
Are the dead worried for us? 38 Elder Berry03/06/2023 05:05PM
Ensign Peak Advisors and the Silicon Valley Bank summer03/12/2023 04:48PM