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O/T(Bird song) Snow, snow it's on the ground... Badassadam102/22/2018 11:55AM
External validation is a sin - paradox in life Pharmakos02/22/2018 03:22PM
Ideology trumps education in the rejection of reality 12 anybody02/22/2018 07:18AM
DNA evidence on ancient migrations gets better and better by the day Facsimile 302/22/2018 11:17AM
"You don't mirror the Holy Family:" Gay couple turned down for adoption anybody02/21/2018 01:01PM
Sex is an addiction in a culture where it is a controlled substance Elder Berry02/17/2018 12:52PM
OT - my dog is sick 30 saviorself05/24/2012 08:46AM
Is anybody surprised? slskipper02/21/2018 11:24PM
Billy Graham's Explosive Sex Scandal Plagued his Final Years Amyjo02/21/2018 09:45PM
Perfectionism + Inflexibility + Religiosity = Mormonism anybody02/22/2018 06:56AM
Names to call people without 'swearing' 43 pollythinks02/19/2018 05:18PM
Americans United for Separation of Church and State (SLTrib) 3X02/22/2018 09:44AM
Are religious people really less smart? 39 Happy_Heretic02/14/2018 12:56PM
Frederick Douglass' view of christianity Dave the Atheist02/21/2018 11:35AM
4 shots in my coffee and I’m #woke 22 Cold-Dodger02/18/2018 06:42PM
as long as it's St. Valentine's day... 18 GNPE02/14/2018 07:12PM
A Good Argument for TBM's Against the BOM 12 ScriptureStudy02/17/2018 12:14AM
What is the "Ward Cleaning Coordinator" responsible to do? 35 Pooped02/19/2018 12:32PM
Holy craaaaap!!! FAIR(ly)Mormon DNA thing I finally read 12 Chicken N. Backpacks02/21/2018 12:11AM
For those who have a current lovefest with tele-evangelists carameldreams02/21/2018 08:14PM
How much did Hatch know about Porter? 26 dagny02/18/2018 02:16PM
Rev Billy Graham dead at age 99 61 Shummy02/21/2018 08:39AM
The Moonie Olympics Boaz the Builder02/19/2018 11:17AM
Marvin Perkins - Twisting Race in the BOM lilburne02/21/2018 06:45PM
Mormons are reforming while the Mormon church is retrenching. jacob02/20/2018 03:44PM
More TBM guilt..... 12 bluebutterfly02/20/2018 01:03PM
O/T What's so controversial about the new movie "Black Panther"!?? (n/t) 23 Anonymous 202/18/2018 03:18PM
How Billy Graham-inspired megachurches are taking over the world(link) Anonymous 202/21/2018 02:21PM
Just cause... slumbering02/16/2018 06:16AM
Prayer and bullets 60 Dave the Atheist02/19/2018 12:49PM
I think the control module of the church was made by professional 40 Badassadam102/18/2018 04:18PM
Note to Russ Nelson slskipper02/20/2018 03:12PM
will R. Nelson start tweeting ala Trump? GNPE02/21/2018 01:47PM
To the rescue - Burns & Dodo (Nelson/Holland) annouce world tour! (link) 11 tamboruco02/20/2018 07:18PM
These Transgender Children Say They’re Thriving. They Want to Help Others D 16 Anonymous 202/20/2018 05:34PM
Help me understand female Narcissists 56 Houlder02/16/2018 02:36PM
Q and A. Confronted two sisters and Frank in az02/21/2018 03:50AM
Would the Mormons beat this? Bonnke draws full house Citrén02/21/2018 11:39AM
It was 4:14AM in Salt Lake City... 16 memikeyounot02/20/2018 06:40AM
HELLO SLC WINTER 22 Lethbridge Reprobate02/18/2018 10:15PM
Why should children of ex-mo's trust them? 27 carameldreams02/16/2018 07:31PM
Advice appreciated for 'hungry neighbor' 35 pollythinks02/19/2018 03:14PM
KSL TV lies about LDS Church growth in Korea rodolfo02/20/2018 01:44PM
Those recovering from mormonism are not fresh political meat. 38 Cheryl02/17/2018 09:39AM
Two Mormon Girls Shot in the Florida HS Massacre 31 Amyjo02/15/2018 10:22PM
Church Leaders are Braggarts 14 pollythinks02/17/2018 10:03PM
Satan tempts us to ‘love as we should not love,’ Russell M. Nelson 46 eternal102/19/2018 03:29PM
The excessive gushing about the BOM...i was one of those people who 22 alaskawild02/13/2018 07:19PM
Scientology opens 'ideal org' in SLC 19 caedmon NLI02/19/2018 10:05AM
George Carlin is in hell. 34 Dave the Atheist02/19/2018 02:08PM
Mitt's Video 26 tombs102/16/2018 10:07AM
No evidence for the book of Mormon! 23 crazyhorse02/19/2018 10:44PM
Mormon Murderer Forensic Files02/19/2018 10:51PM
Primary Children’s Hospital as it relates to “prayer and bullets" C2NR02/20/2018 05:49PM
If You Want to See Who Is controlling the Church look SEcular Priest02/19/2018 09:27PM