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God is Mother Nature 11 Elder Berry06/29/2020 06:18PM
Y's aims a recipe for disaster 22 Deb06/27/2020 10:54AM
Smith is Holy Ghost - what is this? 14 toohotforrobes06/29/2020 05:50AM
NPSupreme Court Hands Abortion-Rights Advocates A Victory In Louisiana Case blindguy06/29/2020 11:47AM
COVID-19 damages immune system Dave the Atheist06/27/2020 09:58AM
Is it true? pollythinks06/29/2020 05:23PM
Introduction and general question for those in recovery 19 codymac06/21/2020 10:43AM
Exmormon book hujo206/28/2020 06:52PM
If you went on a foreign mission, what teaching method did they use...? 13 cuzx06/28/2020 12:27PM
Attention seeking & fakers Uh huh!06/27/2020 10:02AM
Archbishop of Canterbury: Rethink Portraying Jesus As White 19 anybody06/27/2020 03:22PM
Dexter Season 6 fun DDK follower's bookshelf cheezus06/29/2020 12:50PM
Masks are for sheep Dave the Atheist06/29/2020 12:30PM
Ardent Pest Control numbersRus06/26/2020 09:26PM
Mormonizing (semi-inconvenient) tragedy 23 elderolddog05/29/2020 07:20PM
"God Will Punish You For Wearing A Mask" (VIDEO) 58 anybody06/25/2020 09:41AM
Has Mr. Nelson or any of the GAs GNPE06/26/2020 11:26PM
Decline Of American Christianity Continues At A Rapid Pace anybody06/28/2020 06:57PM
The golden plates are not available 35 iceman909006/22/2020 01:46PM
Carlos Amado might be Grant Palmer's GA 26 gaynbm704/09/2013 03:03AM
Mormon wedding are a ripoff 10 kdj06/27/2020 04:16PM
I'm going to read the D& any advice? 36 codymac06/24/2020 05:49PM
Will White Privilege Finish the Growth of Dusty Rusty’s Churchp 57 Concerned06/25/2020 09:51PM
>HOW Did Dysfunctional "Forever Families" EVER Become A Selling Point??? (n/t) 19 BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/23/2020 02:19PM
We all knew this bound to happen with a polygamous church MormonMartinLuther06/26/2020 10:14PM
Codymac this is for your D&C reading thedesertrat106/25/2020 09:23AM
Does a GA’s wife also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? 14 elderolddog06/26/2020 01:17PM
Past Due, with kinda / sorta apologies... GNPE06/27/2020 10:38PM
Apropos of nothing, why is wheat growing in my bamboo? 36 Beth06/19/2020 09:24PM
How does this belief in God work? 62 Birdman06/24/2020 11:15PM
The absurdity of dysfunctional family systems is the goal Life is changing06/27/2020 02:36PM
Modern Mormons 20 Done & Done06/23/2020 09:51AM
coffee and tea substitutes 47 Becca02/20/2014 09:48AM
For RfM noobs ... 16 Dave the Atheist06/25/2020 11:33AM
Index to Mormon / LDS Covid reactions to death possibilities... GNPE05/20/2020 12:47PM
Leaders: Magnetic, Boring, Good, Bad, Ordained, Blessed, Magnified, Imposed Nightingale06/23/2020 08:52PM
Toxic hand sanitizer 12 Dave the Atheist06/23/2020 04:20PM
A mormon stimulus check? sunbeep06/24/2020 03:41PM
did R. Dean Udy make get released from prison yet? 31 somnambulist05/20/2015 11:29AM
Where is Everybody? esias06/25/2020 02:13PM
O/T Del Bigtree ukclydesider06/26/2020 01:21PM
Four Decades Erstwhile Youngster06/26/2020 07:16PM
How effective are masks? Annals of Internal Med article 47 Free Man06/25/2020 01:11AM
Dieter Likely Becomes Profit? 60 Ex-Cultmember06/20/2020 08:53PM
Does the Church pay the Gen. R.S.P.? 14 WonderingOne06/22/2020 06:28AM
People are white when resurrected? 23 curiouser06/24/2020 10:04PM
Said no to an abusive family members form of reparation and now it is over 10 Life is changing06/18/2020 11:26AM
What effect would absolute truth and honesty by a member have 10 thedesertrat106/23/2020 03:03PM
Graveside service 13 Lulu not logged in06/22/2020 02:26PM
What is a "cult" please read and comment 10 thedesertrat106/24/2020 04:17PM
New "Delete Account" option on membership account Delete Account06/23/2020 06:04PM
Mormon persecution and slavery [|]06/24/2020 09:00PM
Question about mormon tithing rules 14 codymac06/21/2020 10:17PM
Kolob is dead 20 Elder Berry06/24/2020 12:08PM
All resurrected people are white? curiouser06/24/2020 09:49PM