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"The kind of mob that the orator will desire is one more given to emotion t schrodingerscat01/11/2021 07:47PM
RM Identified as one of the Mob Breaking into Capital Bldg n/t 60 praydude01/09/2021 07:16PM
Almost got cornered by some mishies today. Told them to read 2nd Nephi 5:21 17 anybody01/11/2021 01:59AM
Why do people come home from church so darned exhausted?! 55 imaworkinonit07/01/2014 02:51PM
Church refunds $2,399,935.17 in tithing Heartless01/10/2021 05:23AM
It doesn’t hurt to have several million people praying for you. 19 Elder Berry01/07/2021 04:11PM
The Need to Worship Another Person - I Don't Get It 13 Sharapata01/09/2021 03:00PM
Martyr or Criminal 23 valued01/10/2021 11:21AM
Poor local JWs Void K. Packer01/08/2021 11:58AM
What is a "Secret Combinations" escape room? 15 gemini01/09/2021 03:18PM
Eureka! I found it. Screen Name01/10/2021 03:25PM
How About Mid East Reality? 32 Done & Done01/06/2021 12:07PM
Bits of life breaking awsy Kentish01/07/2021 10:01PM
2021 already sucks more than 2020 22 Cold-Dodger01/07/2021 01:03AM
Mixed messaging of mormon doctrine 13 gemini01/07/2021 11:44AM
(sorry if already answered!) GNPE01/07/2021 04:03PM
A kinder, gentler nation 60 bradley01/06/2021 06:13PM
O/T Train gets whacked Dave the Atheist01/09/2021 03:17PM
Belated Orthodox Merry Christmas (Jan 7) Brother Of Jerry01/09/2021 09:56PM
"Sooner or later false belief bumps up against solid reality" Orwell 11 schrodingerscat01/09/2021 03:44PM
Captain Moroni goes to Washington! 30 schrodingerscat01/06/2021 11:14PM
How do you feel watching T.V. and remembering you were once in a cult jay01/07/2021 05:07PM
Mike Pence - A Completely non-Political Post 24 azsteve01/08/2021 09:28PM
Do you own any idols? A former maoist gave me a buddha statue 60 Cauda01/03/2021 03:35PM
The best way to fight conspiracy theories is not with facts 45 anybody01/01/2021 01:08PM
Is TSCC narcissist 16 wondering01/04/2021 05:12PM
What’s the difference between the Prophet & the President? (n/t) jay01/07/2021 03:55PM
Is there an exmormon weight loss / fitness group? 16 forgotmyname01/06/2021 01:49PM
MORmON CULT denounces violence, in reaction to 01/06/20 coup d'é·tat 19 schrodingerscat01/07/2021 06:21PM
Svensk humor Cauda01/08/2021 02:25PM
What ever will they say at General Conference now????? 25 slskipper01/06/2021 07:20PM
2020 Manitou coffin race cancelled due to covid Dave the Atheist01/09/2021 01:35PM
the mormon elvis ~ ziller01/08/2021 04:23PM
Religions after Mormonism 49 Bobby dole01/01/2021 06:47PM
Being full of oneself - lying or self-delusion 52 Cauda01/06/2021 07:11AM
If all men could be like Captain Moroni! schrodingerscat01/09/2021 12:58PM
MORmONS got some Splainin to do 10 schrodingerscat01/08/2021 11:46PM
Idols and puppets - dynamics 12 Cauda01/08/2021 05:21AM
Historical Review- What were ChurchCo's Biggest SNAFUs? GNPE01/08/2021 12:17PM
MORmON RM now sorry he got caught up in the moment 52 schrodingerscat01/08/2021 02:50PM
Next Pool josephssmmyth01/07/2021 04:45PM
Spare Me The "In The World/Not Of The World" Nonsense As Every Grievous... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/08/2021 07:55PM
Our lives Palpbly Alma01/08/2021 03:24AM
>OT...& As I Turned To Make My Way Back Home...The Snow Turned Into Rain... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/07/2021 03:46PM
Captain Moroni unfurled the title of liberty to fight Kingmen 20 Cold-Dodger01/07/2021 12:20PM
8th article of faith 19 thedesertrat101/02/2021 04:09PM
These guys are definitely in a CULT!!! - Key & Peele schrodingerscat01/08/2021 12:31PM
You didn’t like living under a theocracy so you left. Right? 16 Rubicon01/04/2021 06:06AM
You Might Be A LDS Racist If.. 30 josephssmmyth12/18/2020 04:03PM
Hateful anti gay policy revelation from homophobic God 24 schrodingerscat01/01/2021 11:07PM
The Teen Commandments blindguy01/07/2021 06:31PM
((o/t)?) ~ grandpa ziller died ~ (adults only) ~ 14 ziller01/06/2021 01:19AM
Rhabdomancing the Stone: the Leprechaun Connection Schopenhauer's Coat01/07/2021 05:46AM
Biggest Observations Using Maybe 2020 Vision josephssmmyth12/28/2020 05:43AM
List of things LDS Corp will never repudiate 39 Elder Berry12/23/2020 01:31PM