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in b 4 ~ anybody ~ ziller10/06/2020 04:31PM
What "system of values and principles of conduct" do you rely upon now? 29 schrodingerscat10/05/2020 04:06PM
Do you live in a righteous state? 31 Screen Name09/23/2020 02:30AM
Why is it wrong to ID as African if we are 99.9% genetically identical? 60 schrodingerscat10/02/2020 01:04AM
Ammon Bundy: Mormon Provacateur 13 mahu7410/03/2020 08:22PM
Church on Covid in conference? 12 Becca ( not logged in)10/04/2020 11:26AM
"CHILDREN BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK are bitter fruits" of immorality. 36 schrodingerscat10/05/2020 12:49PM
Topical verse donbagley10/06/2020 07:50PM
I Voted! ! 12 Tevai10/06/2020 09:16PM
Cult Sponsored FB Spam Gordon B. Stinky09/22/2020 11:33PM
Could there be a simple answer to my question? 15 Birdman10/05/2020 12:52AM
o.t...A freezer, a freezer, my kingdom for a freezer 14 kentish10/06/2020 02:55PM
How did it feel to be living out Joseph Smith's sex and wealth fantasies? (n/t) 11 anybody10/05/2020 08:45AM
>LDS-INC Claims The Gift Of Prophecy...What Prophecy Emanated From Gen-Con? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/06/2020 06:42PM
18 year old missionaries serving right out of high school, a defense for it 10 guy3410/06/2020 07:22AM
Anti-religious bigots? 17 elderolddog10/05/2020 06:18PM
The TK Smoothy rumor is false. I fact checked it. 28 Elder Berry09/29/2020 03:53PM
Self Indulgence Has Its Day 14 Done & Done10/05/2020 11:10AM
Conference is too long, needs to be reduced like Sunday's services were. 10 Jacko Mo Mo10/05/2020 01:08PM
Do apost-holes get their own mini-me? cheezus10/05/2020 07:09PM
Yet Another New Utah County Temple - Lindon 13 Sharapata10/04/2020 07:04PM
Oaks is Out of Control 60 Secular Priest10/03/2020 01:45PM
Seer Stone Rental 12 Screen Name10/04/2020 03:02AM
Nightmares after the temple frankblue10/05/2020 09:29AM
Ancient humans had a habit of not limiting themselves to their own species 33 Elder Berry09/25/2020 08:27PM
Temperature checks at the COB 13 Knock3times10/02/2020 08:33PM
Couples a dollar. Each additional Lady 25 cents Heartless10/03/2020 03:51PM
Uchtdorf and church's preparedness for COVID messygoop10/04/2020 03:04AM
OT: Vegan diet gave baby cerebral palsy So Long Geelong10/04/2020 07:51AM
Are all Mormons Narcissism??? 19 hahahaha05/29/2016 06:48PM
Covid flow chart Dave the Atheist10/04/2020 03:40PM
What the hell was so shocking at conference this d morning? 18 SATX_nomo10/04/2020 12:11AM
Whatever will they say at General Conference? 45 slskipper09/29/2020 09:39AM
Jesus or Humpty Dumpty? olderelder10/03/2020 04:09PM
Rusty Nelson throws "Jill" under the bus summer10/04/2020 06:30PM
First Nelson jettisons the name Mormon, now Moroni, what's next? schrodingerscat10/04/2020 04:16PM
sustaining a new GA gemini10/04/2020 12:42PM
On this day in 1915... 27 Soft Machine09/15/2020 05:55AM
Possible to become obsessed with discussing Mormonism as an ex Mormon? 20 luvlyldy10/04/2020 01:21AM
If life is an audition, what role are you hoping to land? 18 elderolddog10/03/2020 01:05PM
Why is the church building a temple in India? 12 Ervil Lebaron10/03/2020 11:36PM
Observatory on temple square Heartless10/02/2020 12:46AM
Listening to Soares. It’s Depressing Secular Priest10/04/2020 12:55PM
THE REAL Deconstructor here again. I could really use some exmo help! icloud10/01/2020 02:26AM
BYU TV? Via satellite? YGBFKM.... anybody10/03/2020 01:02AM
O/T sort of...Taxes 56 donbagley09/27/2020 06:45PM
Nothing to do to save his life call his wife in Dave the Atheist10/04/2020 10:24AM
With regard to The Eternities, how important is it to take the Sacrament? 18 elderolddog09/25/2020 01:48PM
What does run amok mean? 29 iceman909009/28/2020 02:29AM
Covid hotspot map 12 Dave the Atheist10/03/2020 04:52PM
Check out the Family Home Evening Wine case cuzx10/02/2020 08:36AM
New religion? 30 Luvlyldy10/02/2020 08:29PM
You didn’t pay enough money to Jesus so that’s why Knock3Times10/03/2020 11:42PM
Pray Tell...WHY Hasn't God's ONLY Prophet Been Summoned 2 Bless Trump... 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/03/2020 02:24PM
Jesus and Prophet Dr Nelson heals Trump Knock3Times10/03/2020 11:07PM