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Funeral Yesterday - Religion not taken too Seriously Eric K03/18/2018 09:26AM
OT: President Trump flew over my home 27 pollythinks03/14/2018 03:31PM
Calling out the Mormons for their hypocrisy. Devoted Exmo03/18/2018 11:16AM
Follow-Up to: Setting a Good Example as an Ex-Mormon azsteve03/18/2018 11:14AM
Zimbabwe mission 11 Carrietchr103/17/2018 12:36AM
In mormonism, truly they don't want you to have full free agency alaskawild03/17/2018 08:02PM
Mormons have no answers for their blatant racism 17 koriwhore03/16/2018 08:36PM
"No One Is 100% Straight:" New Study Supports The Sexuality Spectrum Theory 30 anybody03/14/2018 08:50AM
Article-"Being in a Position of Power Causes Brain Damage" LINK Topper03/17/2018 09:39PM
Ireland has no snakes because of roman catholicism ? Dave the Atheist03/17/2018 11:03AM
A note of comfort & good wishes to all cancer patients. 31 Cheryl03/09/2018 03:21PM
o/t: Should I talk to a dietician about this?? Alderaanian03/18/2018 12:48AM
Observations on a Donny Osmond Observation nomonomo03/17/2018 08:09PM
Was Nauvoo abandoned because of bankruptcy? 18 Babyloncansuckit03/16/2018 02:19PM
March Madness/Catholic Schools 18 StillAnon03/15/2018 06:41PM
Bizarre KSL (LDS Inc.) poll - most prominent Utahn ever. . . (link) 16 tamboruco03/15/2018 12:42PM
Did Monson ever say: "Thus saith the Lord"? 15 GNPE03/13/2018 02:21PM
Pope pays tribute to mystic monk said to have wrestled with the Devil(link) Anonymous 203/17/2018 06:17PM
mormons don,t know what their prophets really are or said! 10 crazyhorse03/14/2018 06:09PM
So, here's a thought: was Moroni an angel or resurrected? 14 Chicken N. Backpacks03/16/2018 09:29PM
Sam Young video subeamnotlogedin03/17/2018 02:49PM
Rebuilding yourself is tough, it is no lie(cussing) 17 Badassadam103/14/2018 02:23PM
Why is Steve Benson so funny? (n/t) 60 Russel Nelson03/11/2018 03:33AM
How "MO" is Farmington, New Mexico? AntiGreenApronite03/12/2018 11:29PM
Research shows using voodoo doll of boss improves mood (religion) 12 Amyjo03/16/2018 07:12AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, March 18th Bite Me03/17/2018 11:25AM
Mormonism changes people physically & emotionally holycarp03/17/2018 12:37AM
College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only tw 53 Anonymous 203/13/2018 04:02PM
OT - Discrimination in sports Free Man03/16/2018 10:04PM
City Creek Mall is the one true mall?? 16 mayrach03/14/2018 04:32PM
'Guns and survivalists, but no school until I was 17' - Mormon girl 16 MarkJ02/13/2018 07:51PM
Sharing something I recently found 12 cludgie03/15/2018 02:44PM
Future Of Mormonism: Smaller, More Doctrinaire, Less "Christian" (n/t) 17 anybody03/14/2018 11:22PM
I came out to my TBM husband a few months ago about not believing any of mo 24 mayrach03/14/2018 11:03PM
The Mopologists explain temple penalties 39 mikemitchell03/15/2018 11:07AM
I haven't been around for awhile...Attn: J. Huston... Tevai03/16/2018 06:10PM
Meet Up March 18 Sunday Fullerton CA Brownstone Cafe KJ Tutu02/26/2018 10:06AM
Mission with Depression (adult topic) 11 subeamnotlogedin03/15/2018 09:06AM
third grader was sent home from school for her 'distracting' haircut — but 18 Anonymous 203/15/2018 09:17PM
Why is it always Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father... 38 brigidbarnes03/14/2018 06:38AM
Taboo deformation and Utah Mormon "cursing" olderelder03/16/2018 02:03PM
14-year-old girl owes $20,000 in damages after a house party — and her pare Anonymous 203/15/2018 07:02PM
O/T Toys "R" Us shutting U.S. stores, liquidating inventory(link) 18 Anonymous 203/15/2018 04:24PM
Oh dear, another miracle 11 slskipper03/16/2018 01:15AM
"...not to encourage curiosity or experimentation." ???? 17 Elder Berry03/13/2018 02:55PM
God has a divine plan for America Dave the Atheist03/14/2018 08:52AM
W. Cleon Skousen predicted Jesus would return in 2020... 29 ificouldhietokolob03/14/2018 09:17AM
Two different types of guests at the hotel. memikeyounot03/15/2018 07:41PM
Preston science teacher feeds live puppy to snapping turtle 60 jazzskeeter03/15/2018 11:02AM
If you grew up thinking National Geographic was Playboy for native women 19 anybody03/13/2018 08:44AM
Tempe, AZ Moms Caught On Video Teaching Kids To Vandalize Mosque anybody03/15/2018 05:38AM
Stephen Hawking has died NT (n/t) 15 bona dea03/13/2018 11:52PM
Paper Roses. Oh, How Real Those Roses Seemed To Be! 12 brigidbarnes03/14/2018 09:48PM
O/T Antidepressants Reduce Empathy, Sexual Desire... Zelph II03/15/2018 03:02PM
No. 1 Destination For Child Brides In America: Missouri anybody03/15/2018 06:23AM