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marriage question 10 subeamnotlogedin07/19/2020 06:54PM
Jumpin' J-day is this coming Wednesday; bring a side dish!!! 43 elderolddog07/16/2020 07:18PM
The Greatest MLM Ever Sold 16 cheezus06/29/2020 10:10AM
Yea, verily, it came to pass, he said many things that could notbe repeated 24 Wowza07/18/2020 05:15AM
Is belief in a conspiracy theory cult the same as belief in a religion? 60 anybody07/20/2020 04:07AM
Is "Mormon Nationalism" a thing? (Minor swearing.) 19 Space Pineapple07/19/2020 01:10AM
Forget the casserole. Bring the wine. 26 Heartless07/21/2020 01:39PM
Why do cult leaders want their followers to die for them? (n/t) 31 anybody07/17/2020 08:36AM
The "Bonfire Of The Vanities" Was A Real Historical Event 10 anybody07/21/2020 09:00AM
The Norman Pumpernickel Choir PHIL07/19/2020 09:26AM
Home Sweet Home is all about not protecting people 11 Elder Berry07/17/2020 12:30PM
OT Oh Snap! 10 Elder Berry07/17/2020 11:08AM
OT It's a COVID Summer 11 Elder Berry07/14/2020 04:11PM
Church Campers Test Positive for COVID-19. Church Blames Parents. Dave the Atheist07/20/2020 02:18PM
Mormon private schools + mormon archaeology iceman909007/19/2020 09:18AM
Lori Callow bail reduced to $150,000 15 tumwater07/19/2020 08:13PM
How to survive gaslighting: when manipulation erases your reality anybody07/19/2020 05:42AM
If a spouse just won’t quit trying to “teach you the gospel” 33 Dee07/17/2020 09:11PM
NPR: Reporter On Catholic Church Getting Over $1 Billion In Coronavirus Aid 26 blindguy07/10/2020 07:22PM
Utah County Commission cancels K-12 mask exemption meeting due to protest 18 Tyson Dunn07/17/2020 07:04PM
Trying to find this Department- 10 GNPE07/18/2020 11:28PM
Fun with mormons in thrift stores 19 Heartless07/17/2020 03:05PM
I think many of you are being called to comment at this link 13 notmonotloggein07/16/2020 09:28PM
Uchtdorf losing his mind? scriptures? try reading Harry Potter . . mrx07/19/2020 02:05PM
And you thought the temple outfits couldn’t get weirder 13 celeste07/14/2020 11:42PM
Why Has an Aposltlistic Prayer not opened the DPRK or KSA to missionaries? 11 Gheco07/15/2020 09:04PM
"Reformed Egyptian" defended by a missionary; my response 28 RPackham07/17/2020 11:15PM
Sons of Michael toohotforrobes07/19/2020 05:39AM
Al Fox subeamnotlogedin07/18/2020 11:22AM
Anyone escape the Apostollic United Brethren (AUB)? Space Pineapple06/28/2020 09:55PM
The Weekly Question 12 Lethbridge Reprobate07/03/2020 06:19PM
Book of interest: on James Jesse Strang caffiend07/17/2020 01:53AM
I developed an eating disorder 37 MormonMartinLuther07/09/2020 04:42AM
Mormon Leaders: Wear Masks in Public. L-Day Saints are "not immune". 17 Nightingale07/13/2020 03:58PM
YA FLDS Book Review: "Agnes At The End Of The World" anybody07/18/2020 07:28AM
Book out now: "Not into Night". Deals with troubling mission experience. 18 auntsukey07/04/2020 11:31PM
Look how humble the abode of the prophet! 25 Elder Berry03/25/2015 10:13PM
O/T Well, it's Draper 25 summer07/14/2020 12:30AM
>What Am I Bid For A 9,000 Sq/Ft 6-BD 7-BA Home On Osmond Lane In Provo... 26 BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/13/2020 07:50PM
A Dialogue On The Negro Problem***...LDS-INC Gaslighting @ Its Finest... BeenThereDunnThatExMo07/17/2020 01:06AM
Secret Mormon Meetings of 1922 17 delbertlstapley07/12/2020 12:53PM
A serious flaw in the story of Jesus 25 CrispingPin07/15/2020 09:19AM
(O/T) Anybody seen Comet Neowise? 11 mikemitchell07/14/2020 03:53AM
Recovery from RFM... 63 Exmo Aspie No-Mo07/16/2020 12:44PM
seriously here... 13 GNPE07/16/2020 01:27PM
Proposed Warren Jeffs Statue With A Child Bride At The YFZ Ranch anybody07/16/2020 10:02PM
The Great Protestant Iconoclasm Rising Son07/17/2020 06:27AM
Ya'll need to stop with the cancel culture 63 Anonymousmessage07/16/2020 06:15PM
Did your family ever try to derail your life after you left the church? 14 Reidzomantono07/15/2020 07:20AM
I'm about to make one of the biggest decisions of my life... 22 hujo207/16/2020 06:06PM
True meaning of MAGA 10 brighamsmith07/14/2020 03:22AM
In Praise of Museums 21 Lot's Wife07/13/2020 09:16PM
Can we get a condensed version of the CES letter? 31 Tom Padley09/18/2014 01:11PM
Someone tell me about Kaysville Utah, are there any non-mormons? 13 Drive by07/12/2020 09:06PM