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Facebook post from Carol Lynn Pearson... 10 memikeyounot07/08/2019 04:57PM
Quick synopsis of the BOM 12 invinoveritas07/06/2019 05:07PM
Outer Space Expereance 52 pollythinks07/08/2019 10:55PM
Activist helps ex-Muslims escape Islam -- especially women from the Gulf 47 anybody07/09/2019 07:05AM
Have you planned for your death? 55 Screen Name07/06/2019 10:52AM
Being Tracked. 31 Mo No Mo07/08/2019 11:55AM
Dusty Rusty's pen More Powerful Than JS Seer Stone 11 Toronto Boy07/09/2019 05:51PM
Confessions of a Sociopath (no not mine) 47 Jordan07/09/2019 05:30AM
O/T for catnip re: movies 19 slskipper07/07/2019 05:35PM
Do you think the Q15 know? 27 babyloncansuckit07/09/2019 12:48AM
This guys 5 min pitch for the BOM Oregon07/09/2019 11:17AM
Twin Falls, Idaho -- dominated by LDS? 25 Boilermaker10/04/2011 07:01PM
O/T Concert tomorrw might, with family galore memikeyounot07/09/2019 12:43AM
Mormon beats Russian 14 Dave the Atheist07/07/2019 05:45PM
NARROWING OF THE BORDERS thedesertrat107/08/2019 01:54PM
[Repost] Magazines of the Celestial Kingdom (warning - humor inside) Book of Mordor07/07/2019 12:25PM
Excuse me if I don’t associate with people who dislike me 21 BYU Boner07/07/2019 08:33PM
Reactivation Blunders messygoop07/08/2019 05:13AM
POLL: God or No God? 60 Screen Name07/06/2019 02:56PM
Unlikely to Happen Dept. Question: 18 GNPE07/06/2019 09:42PM
A Case of the Book of Mormon 43 mikemitchell07/01/2019 09:29AM
The Book of Mormon was Manifest Destiny Justification 12 Elder Berry07/02/2019 12:52PM
Dream Interpretation 22 nomonomo07/05/2019 09:34AM
Non-apologies and no apology seems to me to be insult to injury 17 Elder Berry07/03/2019 02:05PM
LDS Statistics paint a dim future 19 Screen Name07/05/2019 09:49PM
Gandhi is revered like Joseph Smith 10 Screen Name07/06/2019 06:42PM
Fun and Subtle Slams on Mormonism 11 azsteve07/03/2019 07:32AM
Mormonism, the race to heaven 18 babyloncansuckit07/05/2019 09:30AM
New here ... finally .... after 14 years!!! Bitter/Sweet 19 tenaciousdeb07/07/2019 09:01AM
Top 10 Facts The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members To Know Dave the Atheist07/07/2019 04:14PM
Mormon Social Media Ads Leaving07/07/2019 04:29AM
What is "The Vault" REALLY for? 16 anybody06/20/2019 11:16PM
More legal trouble for (even ) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sai 10 Razortooth07/06/2019 01:29PM
They found MacKenzie Lueck's body in Logan Canyon. 59 cl207/05/2019 01:10PM
I bet the childless women (and men) are deeply hurt ... Jacko Mo Mo07/07/2019 08:13PM
Did anyone feel the 4:07 a.m. jolt? 44 scmd107/05/2019 08:14AM
Way O/T - Am I the only one wishing for movies 62 catnip07/05/2019 07:08PM
Happy Birthday, America! 55 Brother Of Jerry07/04/2019 10:32AM
The Recent So. Calif. Earth Quake. pollythinks07/07/2019 05:56PM
DNA reveals that Biblical-era Philistines may have originated in Europe 44 eternal107/06/2019 10:19AM
If there's only one race, the human race, why.... 60 schrodingerscat07/05/2019 10:28AM
HIV Dave the Atheist07/07/2019 09:56AM
Off Topic: "Man arrested in Oregon in death of original Mouseketeer" 17 Tevai07/06/2019 06:56PM
Any posters out there with deep, historical knowledge of garments? pic link 13 Levi06/17/2019 06:38PM
OT: Unicorn Sightings 14 Jordan06/26/2019 08:35AM
Observation about the bleeding 31 TX_Rancher07/03/2019 11:17PM
Robbing the cradle..Mormon Prophet Style 20 Ted07/06/2019 10:09AM
In my research for my book--- 10 thedesertrat107/06/2019 04:44PM
LDS apostle: 'Totally false' that suicide leads to permanent hell 15 subeamnotlogedin07/05/2019 02:16PM
Manacled Mormon lady in new legal trouble 25 Ivan Kolob07/05/2019 09:48AM
Hundreds suffer from heat exhaustion on trek 53 Elyse06/28/2019 09:05PM
O/T.....For Eric K....and others Mormons who like music.............. ConcernedCitizen 2.007/03/2019 04:57PM
I said goodbye to an animal companion today 38 BYU Boner07/03/2019 06:21PM
Amish families who became Mormon 36 Jordan07/04/2019 07:10AM