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Older single adults in the church 28 anon282809/11/2018 09:49PM
He died that we might live babyloncansuckit09/13/2018 07:53AM
What happened to the BYUBoner 47 The Riddler09/10/2018 03:35AM
Serena Williams (con't), and elitism in sports--and LDS 41 caffiend09/11/2018 02:45PM
9/11, A Tribute 17 steve benson09/11/2018 09:52AM
Where is church security based? Warren Jeffs09/12/2018 08:20AM
OT ...very OT, mostly, unless you believe ghawd has a recliner... 14 elderolddog04/05/2018 05:49AM
Oldest Drawing Ever Found In South African Cave anybody09/12/2018 04:29PM
Why can't mormons reach out to poorer people? 21 anono this week09/08/2018 08:12PM
Been sitting in airports (and on airplanes,) all day today on 9/11 OT Amyjo09/11/2018 08:47PM
Did you feel like you had changed after one or more of the following? 16 Elder Berry09/11/2018 01:37PM
A TBM Relative of Oliver Cowdery Told Me the Dead Paid Her Kitchen Visits 18 steve benson11/18/2016 01:54AM
Quick Update about my kid coming out as trans mykidistrans09/11/2018 11:33PM
I returned as promised II 23 Anon the Great09/12/2018 04:25AM
Blast from my missionary past: Jack West BOM evidence presentation... 14 randyj12/21/2016 06:38PM
Brother Alan Robinson I need the details with Elder Featherstone please 12 Elder Berry09/11/2018 12:31PM
Whats dont people use their real names here? 58 Alan Robinson09/07/2018 09:39PM
Elizabeth Smart kidnapper granted early release. 18 StillAnon09/11/2018 02:52PM
Whatever happened to MightyBuilder..... auntsukey09/11/2018 09:55AM
Monson and Gilbert Temple video on You Tube 26 kimnotnaomi03/04/2014 08:47PM
Google search RFM 24 Evergreennotloggedin09/05/2018 10:19PM
Question for Elderolddog... 26 BYU Boner09/11/2018 09:09PM
I returned as promised 60 Anon the Great09/11/2018 05:00PM
Mysterious Universe: Mormons, Aliens, And Hangar 18 anybody09/12/2018 12:11AM
Mormons, Hypnotic Suggestion, & Brainwashing 13 bbstephanbb05/30/2012 12:14AM
SLC Sex Offenders lisadee09/11/2018 10:14PM
Sam Harris opinion 61 babyloncansuckit09/07/2018 01:46AM
Archbishop of Washington gets a little parishioner pushback 3X09/03/2018 09:17AM
Watching elders teaching in the park. What should I do ;) 22 Aus guy09/09/2018 03:30AM
Which is the greater good? 13 mightybuffalo09/10/2018 10:15PM
A Life Lesson... 20 ificouldhietokolob07/17/2018 08:13PM
Reading about the Kennedy's 47 Crazy horse09/06/2018 08:22PM
I got the feeling I was reading a Mormon apostle speaking when I read this Elder Berry09/11/2018 04:40PM
Code Word for Missionary Work 25 SEcular Priest09/10/2018 10:26PM
No Engineers in hell - here's why 39 mormon nomore08/26/2018 07:25PM
What is the root of the Utah disconnect? 12 NormaRae09/11/2018 10:42AM
So much dysfunction in family. TSSC is to thank. 17 Amyjo09/09/2018 12:54PM
My resignation was official in the 1980s. How about yours? 17 Cheryl09/10/2018 11:55AM
Sequim, WA 19 GNPE09/10/2018 07:01PM
Church Schedule GNPE09/09/2018 01:30AM
Carol Lynn Pearson information 13 memikeyounot09/09/2018 09:11AM
(o/t) For Steve Benson: Did the Serena tantrum cartoon cross a line? 60 anybody09/10/2018 03:24PM
Bishop boobs on facebook kizzie09/08/2018 11:54AM
Covered in PEE in Papua New Guinea 20 Alan Robinson09/09/2018 01:54AM
Scientist Whose Male Boss Won Nobel For Her Work ... Dave the Atheist09/11/2018 08:14AM
Looking for some funny stuff... 11% on topic! 25 elderolddog09/08/2018 04:55PM
tattoos ok at BYU? 11 gemini09/08/2018 11:24PM
Nov. 1915 policy sounds great to me : ) Pooped09/11/2018 09:55AM
Out of the blue, LDS mention on youtube page. The Real Johnny Lingo09/11/2018 08:43AM
5 Richest Religious Organizations In The World Dave the Atheist09/11/2018 09:58AM
RE: "African Bible" Knew it wouldn't be too long before someone else anybody09/10/2018 08:28PM
First Presidency convenes solemn assembly in support of Pope cricket09/11/2018 09:50AM
O/T: Cryptojacking and You babyloncansuckit09/11/2018 03:09AM
There's no RfM rule against using hypotheticals in posting. 30 Cheryl09/09/2018 09:43AM
Tie a yellow ribbon 39 valkyriequeen07/22/2018 02:40PM