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O/T Thought I was wife #2 but just discovered I'm actually #4 34 Wife #407/01/2021 01:55AM
Ex–Westboro Baptist Cult Member Megan Phelps–Roper On How To Change Minds anybody07/07/2021 09:25AM
Non English LDS approved versions of the bible 12 Heartless07/03/2021 08:02PM
Some stuff and then Sam Cooke 12 Nightingale07/06/2021 09:53PM
God punishes us for fireworks on the Sabbath. Heartless07/04/2021 11:35PM
Phrenology from ghawd                          (noted in r/exmormon) 19 elderolddog07/05/2021 02:27PM
Aaron Rodgers 10 mrx07/06/2021 01:49PM
Fireworks displays Sat. vs Sunday gemini07/04/2021 01:05PM
“Eventually straight white men will not be allowed to speak.” Joe Rogan 29 schrodingerscat07/05/2021 05:42PM
Human Resources in religious organizations babyloncansuckit07/05/2021 11:13AM
Why the moon landing must be a hoax 32 slskipper07/03/2021 11:46AM
O/T Lytton, the temperature-record-setting village in BC, destroyed by fire 22 Nightingale07/01/2021 04:05PM
Mormon History is being erased 32 Darksparks06/24/2021 10:42AM
Happy Independence Day 21 Brother Of Jerry07/04/2021 12:43PM
A Spirit Is A Small Thing Singing Human06/29/2021 10:49AM
Janitors considered top convert material Nadia07/05/2021 02:22AM
Christian Dominionist Hobby Lobby Ad Calls For Theocracy In America anybody07/05/2021 04:37AM
"Critical Race Theory," Religion, And Conservative Christianity 59 anybody06/29/2021 07:28PM
Ramblings of an old guy 41 kentish07/01/2021 10:52AM
try this on thedesertrat107/04/2021 01:06PM
Utah Governor, Politics & Religion GNPE07/04/2021 02:02PM
premarital sex saved me from Miami collapse.. 16 Fascinated in the Midwest06/29/2021 04:30PM
re: family reunion ~ (chapter 2) ~ ziller07/03/2021 08:10PM
Brian Green explains String Theory in under 3 minutes 12 schrodingerscat07/03/2021 08:25PM
Let Freedom Ring! Human07/04/2021 12:53PM
Please tell the Mormons that... 21 newcomer06/30/2021 07:39PM
NAACP Prez on his VERY profitable relationship with a racist institution 29 schrodingerscat07/03/2021 02:07PM
An Interesting Bit of Mormon History: 105 Year Old Murder Mystery Solved Tevai07/03/2021 07:41PM
It's finally over. glassrose07/02/2021 10:48PM
The Great Salt Lake 19 Razortooth07/02/2021 02:29PM
Would anybody believe the Book of Mormon before 1830? 16 Waren Jeffs07/02/2021 09:44AM
“Jesus said to them, ‘My wife’” 17 Human06/30/2021 09:03AM
The Heat wave making the news worldwide 17 Cauda06/30/2021 03:39AM
Anyone know anything about Joel Peterson dimmesdale07/03/2021 08:05AM
Does Anyone Know the Current Status of Gaddy vs COP? 12 azsteve09/14/2020 10:40PM
Not sure where I'm going (somewhat OT) 12 anonjelloguy07/02/2021 02:56PM
Bishopric Question-Convicted Felon 15 I Am Not Gary Busey06/28/2021 05:17PM (n/t) cl2notloggedin07/02/2021 02:48PM
No socio-emotional benefits can compensate you for failure to ..... schrodingerscat07/02/2021 07:50PM
Ammon Bundy for Governor 33 JoeSmith66606/20/2021 09:23AM
"Oh my God!" 40 cheezus06/29/2021 02:52PM
Happy Canada Day 11 Brother Of Jerry07/01/2021 11:34PM
I see nothing wrong with 13 thedesertrat107/01/2021 03:50PM
click bait that is both gross and funny-mormon subject gemini06/30/2021 10:07AM
Banana Peel Bacon - OT 11 Roy G Biv06/30/2021 04:03PM
any ex-members from Scandinavia here? 20 frank06/29/2021 08:11AM
Lamanite Studies 1.0 Screen Name07/01/2021 02:54AM
O/T Website Accessibility News blindguy07/01/2021 08:17AM
Do Mormons expect us to share their collective historical amnesia? 19 schrodingerscat06/27/2021 02:52PM
why would a woman put up with 16 thedesertrat106/29/2021 06:36PM
second anoiting frank06/29/2021 01:12PM
A relative spilled their disbelief 15 Anonymous in deference06/29/2021 02:15PM
Donny Osmond does birthday greetings... 24 knotheadusc06/21/2021 12:03PM
This Is Not South Park 12 Human06/28/2021 09:22AM
Mormon Church Outbids Bill Gates for Land in Washington. 26 lapsed206/24/2021 10:01AM