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Church uses common '5D' technique with the issues Snickers01/16/2019 01:19PM
Don't touch my damn communion wafer!!....?? 11 ConcernedCitizen 2.001/15/2019 07:06PM
some Things MoMishes have over the JWs: GNPE12/26/2018 02:44PM
The Q-15...Are They Ignorant Pious Frauds OR Calculating Pious Frauds??? (n/t) 17 BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/15/2019 02:02PM
I'm just going to leave this here... 14 severedpuppetstrings01/16/2019 10:58AM
Funny Parody of Book of Mormon Stories Corey Whore01/15/2019 10:17AM
San Juan Temple rendering released 20 xxMo001/14/2019 08:52AM
Don Bagley's first poem of 2019 - Wow! cricket01/12/2019 04:49PM
High profile excommunications are... 14 nonmo_101/06/2019 09:12PM
can you add some fun limericks to my list? Life is LOL01/13/2019 08:25PM
O/T: On Behalf Of Your Southern Neighbors: Thank You, Canada! 48 Tevai01/12/2019 04:01PM
the new church program is now online to see 11 relievedtolearn01/14/2019 01:14PM
How to Tell if the Church is Dying SEcular Priest01/15/2019 09:16PM
Is the *snowflake* generation helping destroy Mormonism? 54 jay01/11/2019 09:40AM
2 hour church delbertlstapley01/13/2019 12:47PM
Goodbye, Dolly......RIP Carol Channing memikeyounot01/15/2019 11:21AM
Married for Celestial Kingdom mel01/15/2019 03:53PM
Monson and Beneficial Life Insurance 34 merryprankster12301/05/2018 02:36PM
Irony of ironies, Romney rejects white supremacy comments by Steve King 14 koriwhore01/14/2019 10:25PM
OT/Women Body Builders? 55 PollyDee01/11/2019 04:48PM
Does Wendy Have to Obey her Husband or Hearken unto her Husband Russ? 15 SEcular Priest01/12/2019 06:19PM
Speaking of temples . . schweizerkind01/14/2019 04:09PM
14-year-old debating his Mormon family Dave the Atheist01/15/2019 11:50AM
Tithing versus Appearances 21 mel01/11/2019 11:59AM
We’re cool now, right? 17 CrispingPin01/09/2019 12:44AM
Is TCSS helping furloughed workers? 17 kathleen01/13/2019 02:17AM
Atheist son ejects chaplain from hospital room. . . 40 catnip01/11/2019 02:42AM
How do I leave? 21 ajn01/14/2019 03:21AM
Here we go again... GNPE01/14/2019 11:01PM
When did I realize I was God ? Dave the Atheist01/14/2019 10:02AM
I feel mentally raped 11 M01/14/2019 05:27AM
A Seattle Washington Stake unit question Levi01/05/2019 05:30PM
Relief Society Canning NewLibrarian01/11/2019 04:12PM
The re-branding continues 13 gemini01/13/2019 05:49PM
As a former Mormon is 8 out of 10 good or bad? 13 Elder Berry01/11/2019 04:13PM
FBI tracking hate crimes against LDS Inc. koriwhore01/14/2019 09:55AM
Bernice Sandler, the "Godmother of Title IX," passes at age 90 summer01/13/2019 01:10PM
Do unofficial church rules lead to group control? 21 Lowpriest01/13/2019 09:13AM
"Immaturity is pandemic" is a quote from a poster here many years ago notmonotloggedin01/13/2019 07:11PM
Mormons plan to use children to indoctrinate their parents. 14 Afraid of Mormons01/11/2019 03:38PM
Russell Nelson's daugher has died. slskipper01/13/2019 07:26PM
Finally, relief from Jeffrey Holland's gaslighting! cricket01/12/2019 04:56PM
Has Home Study been rolled out because of small ward sizes? 22 Devoted Exmo01/10/2019 10:07AM
Looks like KSL is using the new church name..... memikeyounot01/13/2019 12:54PM
Adjustments to temple endowment ceremony 15 VZ Gardner01/11/2019 06:10AM
New Mormon Primary Manuals not Designed with Real Children in Mind 16 Amyjo01/07/2019 11:02AM
Study: Porn Responsible For Sexism In Males 46 anybody01/05/2019 08:10AM
Can mormons have beards now? 24 jay01/08/2019 07:52PM
If I know something is stupid, should I do it anyway? 19 babyloncansuckit01/09/2019 02:13PM
Trying to locate someone who is LDS Kentucky Crimson01/13/2019 04:25AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, January 13th *NEW LOCATION* Bite Me01/12/2019 12:28PM
Ex/PostMormon Lecture Series January 13th 2019 in St. George 11 soutskeptic01/09/2019 05:15PM
North Orange County Exmo meetup January 13 Brea CA KJ not logged in01/04/2019 09:29PM
Past callings 39 CrispingPin01/10/2019 11:34AM
Am I just Lazy? 18 mel01/09/2019 03:56PM