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A small question mark on the top of the homepage - hacked? Reader03/13/2019 03:30AM
horses in america 28 dirtbikr11/28/2014 02:55PM
Follow your heart babyloncansuckit03/12/2019 05:32PM
Russ Nelson has asked me to... 12 GNPE03/12/2019 08:43PM
Do the missionaries now teach Magic Peepstone? OneWayJay03/12/2019 01:17PM
Does child ritual abuse occur within the Mormon church? 23 felix03/05/2019 01:26PM
The next Mormons 11 macaRomney03/12/2019 10:18AM
REBRANDING: or Why the Mormon Church changing its name is a brilliant move 33 lachesis03/06/2019 11:24AM
Uhmmmm -- On My Own Catholic Church Thread... 41 janeeliot03/08/2019 01:06AM
RM's girlfriends who had sex while waiting 49 Vortigern03/08/2019 02:07AM
Nelson & Twelve now to Russia? OneWayJay03/12/2019 01:12PM
Pedophile Bishop subeamnotlogedin03/11/2019 10:38PM
Looking for world historian to examine claims of Israelite involvement 60 aegishonoris02/19/2019 12:41AM
Now Only $7.99 For The Gift That Says "I Love You" To Your TBM Family... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/12/2019 12:47PM
Side of Rome temple You Too?03/12/2019 02:33PM
No one saw the temple handshake on BlackKlansmen? 14 annabelle03/11/2019 01:27PM
Brother's wedding--Need advice 28 stranger03/11/2019 11:31AM
OT: For your literary edification (courtesy of NY Times) 3X03/12/2019 10:09AM
Question for historians / history buffs: 18 GNPE03/04/2019 07:33PM
Mormons aren’t likely to quit emphasizing the Book of Mormon 51 Justin03/08/2019 10:51AM
LDS now officially Great and Abominable? perky03/11/2019 04:25PM
Meetings with the Missionaries 18 klsmd03/11/2019 05:25AM
Would Love 2 Have This Young Lady Meet w/ The Brethren & Rip Em A New 1... BeenThereDunnThatExMo03/11/2019 07:44PM
Understanding Utah's Prevailing Counter-Culture 37 Amyjo03/09/2019 08:05AM
The sun returns ! Yay ! 35 Dave the Atheist03/09/2019 10:37PM
Russell Nelson to pardon Mark Hofmann - leaked sources cricket03/10/2019 07:59PM
"of" Random Thoughts 14 GregS03/08/2019 03:34PM
Question--How many thedesertrat103/11/2019 07:04PM
So wait a minute... 21 catholicrebel03/10/2019 08:10AM
Time for tracting to end 29 anon282803/06/2019 09:16PM
The magic oil MLMs 27 annabelle02/28/2019 02:28PM
Yesterday my other children got their calls 31 Elder Berry03/06/2019 11:30AM
Eons ago, as a new parent and mormonee, these made no sense... presleynfactsrock03/10/2019 07:09PM
According to Mormon Apologist Smith there are 5 kinds of us... 34 Elder Berry03/05/2019 01:27PM
Kids and phones ot 14 cheezus03/07/2019 01:55PM
Mormons infiltrated and kicked out of Sydney public schools for preaching! Warren Jeffs03/11/2019 07:10AM
Totally And Completely Off Topic: Dennis Day 18 Tevai03/10/2019 03:08PM
The two most wealthy powerful men in the world met in Rome? The sacrament Gem03/10/2019 05:15PM
Has a mormon "prophet" ever met with a Pope? 38 Levi03/13/2013 02:37PM
Is Tom Phillips still preparing a new prosecution? (n/t) Warren Jeffs03/05/2019 03:54AM
Talk about bad press! :) Afraid of the Boogie Brethren03/11/2019 12:29AM
Another ash wednesday stunt goes bad. Dave the Atheist03/10/2019 04:29PM
My Bishop Talked To Me Today 46 THEderz10/28/2012 06:40PM
Utah teacher doesn't know ash from a hole in the ground 61 Roy G Biv03/07/2019 06:49PM
The pope meets the prophet (SLTrib) 60 3X03/09/2019 09:19AM
Mormonism under the pump in Australia oldpobot03/09/2019 11:02PM
Canadian churches disappearing -- LDS ones, too, maybe GC03/10/2019 04:53PM
Rusty's interview with the Pope Dead Cat03/09/2019 05:07PM
OT: Michael Jackson 18 Moonwalk03/08/2019 07:28AM
Netflix “Abducted...” Question OxymormonNLI03/09/2019 07:20PM
Can't find the link... siobhan03/10/2019 11:47AM
So. Ut. Ex/Postmo Lecture March 10th- D. Michael Quinn 19 soutskeptic03/04/2019 12:35PM
North Orange County California Meetup Sunday in Brea CA KJ Tutu not logged in03/06/2019 10:10AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Sunday Meetup, March 10th *NEW LOCATION* Bite Me03/09/2019 12:07PM
USA Today opinion: have faith, see we are one of you 10 Fascinated in the Midwest02/18/2019 09:01AM