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Self-righteousness squirrley11/12/2023 08:40PM
            A news headline caught my eye: SCOTUS adopts code of ethics elderolddog11/13/2023 07:15PM
SL Tribune - Church Growth and # of missionaries (letter to editor) Eric K11/13/2023 11:14AM
Mormons might be getting their own ‘White Nationalist’ theme park in UT 25 schrodingerscat11/03/2023 04:09PM
Now I've seen everything: family skateboarding to church 13 Heartless11/12/2023 11:15PM
Believers are wondering what the church is anymore 22 Rubicon11/04/2023 01:43PM
Ward activity (adult topic) 28 subeamnotlogedin11/04/2023 11:48AM
O/T Continuing their names 25 kentish11/03/2023 07:14PM
church has dispute with another town over building project [|]11/12/2023 01:07PM
OK look, I'm totally recovered from Mormonism 14 Theodore Hirsch11/09/2023 12:23AM
            4th Quarter BYU Alumni Magazine Death Parade !! elderolddog11/09/2023 03:28PM
"I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside" 16 Occasional Visitor11/10/2023 01:19PM
Vatican Moves Closer To Allowing Trans Baptism anybody11/10/2023 02:42PM
Church sponsored total absolute surveillance and censorship? 13 anybody11/07/2023 09:20AM
Heber temple approved Heartless11/09/2023 04:44PM
Native Music Icon Buffy Sainte-Marie Accused Of Fabricating Ancestry 60 anybody10/27/2023 04:00PM
Where in Alaska were the prepper people headed? 36 Villager11/07/2023 09:58AM
Mormon marriage differs radically from standard Christian thought. 24 behindcurtain10/20/2023 09:35PM
Another mormon therapist arrested for sexual abuse [|]11/08/2023 09:56PM
OT - Listen at your own peril! Roy G Biv11/08/2023 07:26PM
Shredding documents--why is this allowed? (Arizona Case) Villager11/09/2023 01:48PM
Why are members punished for sin 27 phobia11/08/2023 03:36AM
Was I wrong in doing this? 26 candlelight11/03/2023 02:55AM
Mormonism is a haven for mediocre, lazy men 45 unconventional10/04/2023 06:56AM
Now and Then 10 botchan11/04/2023 09:07PM
Tattoos and Metal 23 elderolddog11/04/2023 05:31PM
Mormon (Over)Fertility newcomer11/06/2023 04:39PM
o/t: my anxiety about getting old 64 Locke10/11/2023 12:56PM
Bridezilla moments in the temple, chapel weddings or receptionss? messygoop11/07/2023 11:04AM
Can Men Be Nuns? 15 sunbeep11/04/2023 12:13PM
Went to the Arizona Temple without a recommend bradley11/05/2023 03:04PM
O/T: Smart phones are killing sperm, counts down 50% over 50yrs 35 schrodingerscat11/01/2023 12:12PM
Guess some temples have a brides' room 23 messygoop10/17/2023 02:03PM
mission & gym 16 zpeel0511/05/2023 07:28PM
My mom pushed me away from Mormonism more than anyone else Great Salt11/02/2023 09:08PM
Did church share tithing records with Tim Ballard? 15 [|]11/04/2023 03:43PM
The Doomsday CULT plans on recruiting record numbers of brainwashers! schrodingerscat11/05/2023 10:01PM
Idaho's first abortion trafficking arrest 17 blindguy11/01/2023 11:16PM
I See a Trend That is Interesting With New Members SEcular Priest11/05/2023 07:40PM
Elder Ballard May be in Trouble Over OUR Toronto Boy11/05/2023 07:51PM
O/T Medicare Advantage Plans 38 summer10/31/2023 07:11PM
What % of Mormons arrived early for church today? (n/t) GNPE11/05/2023 11:07AM
Churches becoming landlord's? 21 subeamnotlogedin10/28/2023 02:43PM
Women can pass the sacrament 11 subeamnotlogedin11/03/2023 06:13PM
Has the number of missionaries really been rising sharply? Brother Of Jerry11/02/2023 02:54PM
The Problem is . . . 11 Done & Done11/03/2023 11:18AM
A red heifer? A third Temple? What is this nonsense? 13 anybody10/27/2023 05:32PM
For Henry: Determinism, Free Will, and Morality 14 Lot's Wife10/28/2023 05:04PM
Lynn Packer again Twinker10/31/2023 06:21PM
CNBC: Mormon church sued again over tithing Fascinated in the Midwest11/02/2023 01:58PM
Goofy Glenn Beck and his "Peter Priesthood activity" flea10/28/2023 03:42PM
Exmormon Musicians: Why are all LDS Hymns in a Major Key? 31 Nealster10/02/2010 02:02PM
Does anyone know who the 'area authority' for Western Washington is? GNPE11/02/2023 09:23PM
Eighty Years Since the War of the Worlds Broadcast Bruce11/02/2023 06:44AM
          The Most Missionaries EVER!!! 15 elderolddog11/01/2023 03:52PM