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1,800 year old horse and chariot found!! ...but not in the Americas... elderolddog11/04/2019 07:12PM
Honest Question, please give your patience... 20 GNPE11/03/2019 12:19PM
Mormon Ends/Mormon Means 13 Done & Done10/29/2019 10:33AM
The real reason the church was so pissed off that someone outed them icanseethelight10/30/2019 05:19PM
Summer - How are your eyes doing? 16 laperla not logged in10/31/2019 01:01AM
Your sins are never really forgiven 26 Wowza11/03/2019 08:24AM
SLT gets IRS approval to be nonprofit Nancy Rigdon11/04/2019 12:33PM
((o/t)?) ~ californica on fire again ~ 42 ziller10/28/2019 09:39PM
Do Emeritus GA's Still Get A Paycheck Or Is The $$$ Spigot Shut Off Plus... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/03/2019 04:37PM
Whiteness is a genetic mutation 60 babyloncansuckit11/01/2019 09:11AM
Wendy Has Another Book Out 31 Secular Priest10/30/2019 09:14PM
O/T Glasses Question 10 Anonymous 4 this11/02/2019 11:59AM
Hey, you young whippersnappers out there, how did Jesus do this? elderolddog11/02/2019 10:30AM
Does fasting discriminate against Farmers? 14 dumbmormons11/02/2019 09:04PM
trunk or treat this mostly a mormon thing? 22 gemini10/31/2019 11:20PM
Off Topic: Simi Valley RfMers 10 Tevai10/30/2019 11:41AM
Will Romney fulfill the White Horse Prophecy? LA Times OpEd 15 schrodingerscat10/20/2019 11:13AM
Sandy Utah, And pure MORMONISM 10 WANKLE11/02/2019 03:01PM
Placeline, Sequim, WA: Catholics punk Mormons, 11/2 GNPE11/02/2019 06:05PM
Trying to make it work: Faking my way through the faith when I was a child 20 steve benson10/29/2019 06:10AM
problems thedesertrat111/03/2019 10:54AM
Winnipeg Temple 21 Toronto Boy10/30/2019 09:20PM
Mormonism in Africa 27 LDShole10/26/2019 03:27AM
New Study Claims To Pinpoint The Birthplace Of Humanity anybody10/28/2019 11:17PM
O/T humorous sight in the neighborhood, Boy Scouts vs...dinosaurs? ptbarnum11/02/2019 04:27PM
Should "Mormon" be considered as a cultural ethnicity? (n/t) 19 anybody10/29/2019 01:12PM
Human trafficking – – Mormon style In the news (link)11/01/2019 10:42PM
Suspicions Confirmed by Mom's Mormon Minister 14 Pooped10/31/2019 04:11PM
Friday night in Salt Lake City... memikeyounot11/01/2019 09:28PM
The Pulemelei Mound -- Let me guess. "Hagoth built it..." anybody11/02/2019 09:54AM
We know so little about God 38 Screen Name10/27/2019 01:55AM
How Much of a LDS Presence in Ghana? Tevai11/02/2019 01:34AM
Seriously= 11 GNPE10/31/2019 10:37PM
Professional YouTube video about religion and narcissism ptbarnum11/01/2019 01:22PM
(for Western Hemisphere) T.G.I.F. GNPE11/01/2019 01:20PM
California is overhauling sex education guidance for schools... 61 blindguy10/28/2019 09:07PM
Brigham City neighbors upset over Halloween display (link) 10 messygoop10/31/2019 05:38PM
Halloween memes by Don Bagley and cricket 11 cricket10/31/2019 01:12PM
Jeopardy again dagny10/30/2019 08:09PM
Is this UVU rapist/wrestler a Mormon? 31 JoeSmith66610/30/2019 12:26PM
Two odd occurances happening in California dires 26 Topper10/30/2019 05:23PM
OT: Anyone know about signing athletic scholarship letters of intent? 18 underpressure10/30/2019 03:23PM
L.D.S. adoption lawyer indicted for illegal adoption practices. 24 auntsukey10/09/2019 02:36AM
>R The Brethren's "Handlers" Insulating Them From The ExMo Groundswell? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/30/2019 04:54PM
Jewish practices missing in Book of Mormon 14 JoeSmith66610/30/2019 12:35PM
Answers to Gospel Qs: What do they call plump residents of the ... 15 Wally Prince10/28/2019 04:06AM
Where American Football and Mormonism converge - the children Elder Berry10/28/2019 01:20PM
Lafayette's Complaint - and answers to other Gospel questions Hedning10/30/2019 03:28PM
O/T: Shingles vaccine is PAINFUL. Be prepared. 53 catnip10/10/2019 10:41PM
Excellent expression of Mormon Misogyny: On being Mormon and Female 17 beyondashadow10/29/2019 09:11PM
((o/t)?) ~ the world serious ~ 32 ziller10/25/2019 09:54PM
My Molly Mormon wife if 25 yrs, gave me the ultimatum, continued Anonamouse4this110/30/2019 09:07PM
My Molly Mormon wife if 25 yrs, gave me the ultimatum, 57 Anonamouse4this110/25/2019 08:27PM
Halloween...has the morg been in favor? had much to say, etc? presleynfactsrock10/29/2019 10:53PM
Russel M. Nelson is rapidly watering down church into generic nothingness. 35 Jacko Mo Mo10/26/2019 07:58PM