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I think my parents thought they were shielding me from Mormon prejudices Cold-Dodger10/05/2021 02:05PM
Another Evil Vaccine 19 Lot's Wife10/06/2021 08:42PM
any interest here in writing to Jeopardy with a complaint? 30 GNPE09/23/2021 10:54PM
Anti-Vaxxer Allegedly Kills 3: Woman, Pharmacist Brother and Sister-In-Law Dave the Atheist10/07/2021 09:42AM
What A Gal! Leah 15 Josephs Myth10/06/2021 09:25AM
Dr. Laura: Mormons Protect the Dignity of Charity 25 newcomer10/04/2021 03:09PM
Why won't David Bednar answer? 27 Screen Name10/03/2021 01:58AM
Just curious. Any brave believer have a complaints list? 19 Elder Berry10/06/2021 11:23AM
Their worth of souls is greatly exaggerated Elder Berry10/06/2021 01:50PM
I just got the Pfizer booster shot 30 gemini09/28/2021 04:37PM
O/T:“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” Elon Musk on why resistance is futile schrodingerscat10/05/2021 08:35PM
2,900-3,200 Catholic Priests abused 216,000 French kids - mostly boys. 21 schrodingerscat10/05/2021 12:55PM
Disinformation Campaigns: Gotta check your information sources Nightingale10/06/2021 05:53PM
Will Bagley has died. 20 Twinker09/29/2021 08:48PM
The problem, as I see it, is this: 11 thedesertrat110/05/2021 01:06PM
The LDS Church, $100 billion and its new metropolis in Florida 26 Old Al12/30/2019 04:32AM
There’s a feeling I need advice on how to cope with Cold-Dodger10/06/2021 01:37PM
"Science can't see what it doesn't have the language to describe." 16 schrodingerscat10/05/2021 04:17PM
Is The Church Really Growing? My Summary of Conference 12 Toronto Boy10/05/2021 11:32AM
Changing Temple Ceremony 14 St Moroni10/04/2021 05:33PM
Will CRISPR be the end of humanity or the beginning of genetic revolution? 14 schrodingerscat10/03/2021 09:18PM
Nelson dirtbikr10/04/2021 12:57AM
Inappropriate statements about COVID-19 vaccines at General Conference 17 yolinda10/05/2021 05:37PM
D&D 12:8 13 Done & Done10/05/2021 10:57AM
iT MUST HAVE BEEN A REALLY--REALLY 17 thedesertrat110/04/2021 02:55PM
Retouching On Global Weather Josephs Myth10/04/2021 02:41PM
COVID Denial: Resentment, Religion, And An Inferiority Complex Are Factors anybody10/05/2021 07:36PM
Prophet, cult leader, sex trafficking auntsukey10/05/2021 12:34AM
developing thoughts on why USA and UK are so different form everyone else 15 Cold-Dodger10/02/2021 05:23PM
The farce of having a Mormon quack call you crazy or to “get help.” Cold-Dodger10/04/2021 05:37PM
AP: Mormon president: Church leaders speak ‘pure truth’ 17 schrodingerscat10/04/2021 06:56PM
Our ward organist 11 pollythinks10/02/2021 04:00PM
Spare yourselves and your children and please downsize your clutter. 49 Tyson Dunn09/24/2021 11:46AM
Is FB Algorithm designed to make people hate themselves? schrodingerscat10/04/2021 08:37PM
Viral ‘Jump Humping’ TikTok Teaches the World About Mormon Sex 13 schrodingerscat10/02/2021 03:30PM
A neuroscientist explains how religious fundamentalism hijacks the brain 12 Devoted Exmo10/03/2021 04:45PM
Post-Mormonism Christianity question 37 Elder Berry10/01/2021 02:08PM
Biblical Sacrifice Led to 5 Grisly Murders 14 Dave the Atheist10/04/2021 12:15AM
Did your bishop really have an impact on your life as a youth? 31 Rubicon09/26/2021 11:12PM
Decline in membership Decline in Temple Garments too Concerned09/30/2021 03:19PM
Two dead missionaries......almost 12 Heartless10/01/2021 05:59PM
the senior members of the Mormon heirarchy thedesertrat110/02/2021 02:26PM
13 New Temples Announced incl. Ft Worth, Heber Valley, Cody WY 61 Onanymous10/03/2021 06:12PM
35% of MORmONs reject vaccine despite PRofit urging to get it schrodingerscat10/04/2021 12:51AM
1/4 of my co-workers are getting fired next week, due to vaccine refusal 21 schrodingerscat10/03/2021 08:28PM
Yay California ! Dave the Atheist10/03/2021 02:48PM
Evidence that church members are "gathering" in Europe, and other. 34 cludgie09/24/2021 02:50PM
I'm doing my best ziller Adam Warrior09/29/2021 06:56PM
Major Denial Of Reality: Nurses Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine 54 anybody10/01/2021 12:50PM
Idaho is running out of room to store the bodies of the dead. 63 anybody09/26/2021 12:10PM
Wilcox Talk Tonight Will Cause a Lot of Teenage Boys Guilt 22 Toronto Boy10/02/2021 10:28PM
Oct 2021 GC Predictions and regurgitation of nothingness 28 messygoop09/30/2021 12:25PM
deleted (n/t) Twinker10/03/2021 09:35PM
100% of lost jobs in my department are due to abortion. 61 schrodingerscat10/01/2021 06:40PM
Utah Ghost Town Emerges as Reservoir Dries Up Anonymous Muser10/02/2021 08:18PM