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The Holy Trinity Of American Life - God, Family, And Country - Is No More 23 anybody09/06/2019 07:23AM
You know who B-day 09/09/09 is don't you? 11 YBU?09/07/2019 10:25AM
Why the church really sucks; aka wedding at church 33 messygoop08/31/2019 04:04PM
Simple, Everyday things to mainstream ChurchCo- 11 GNPE09/06/2019 01:51PM
Was Russell Nelson a good doctor? 31 Villager09/04/2019 04:25AM
If you can't say exactly what you mean.... Heartless09/07/2019 12:57AM
YW Personal Progress App anybody09/05/2019 09:38PM
NCAA upholds it's ruling...for the BYU Cheata's YBU?09/05/2019 01:51PM
Steven Murdock Court Appearance September 6th Hedning09/06/2019 05:25PM
"reunited with" language in obits... gemini09/06/2019 04:38PM
DEATH; What if you knew HOW (not when) you were going to die..... 22 pumpkingirl09/03/2019 11:37PM
Missionary smartphones and tablets Wowza09/06/2019 06:40AM
SEX in Utah's public schools! Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder 12 elderolddog09/06/2019 10:19AM
Oh come on! The mormon temple in Belmont got an address change (link) Levi09/05/2019 11:59PM
How Often Do The FP & Q12 Vote Themselves A Cost-Of-Revelation Pay Raise??? (n/t) 12 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/05/2019 03:00PM
Sounds like Becky from SLC will be joining us soon.... 13 schrodingerscat09/05/2019 03:57PM
Things I recently learned about Mormonism from having missionaries 18 Elder Berry09/05/2019 12:45PM
Finding Fanny and Getting a Clue.... Wally Prince09/04/2019 02:35AM
First Lesson/principle for Mormon Leaders: GNPE09/06/2019 02:29AM
guy in Oregon goes to show some mishies a gun and accidentally shoots(link) 16 Levi09/05/2019 03:49PM
Things that don't displease LDS Leadership Elder Berry09/05/2019 11:43AM
We Need a RfM scoreboard of: 11 GNPE09/02/2019 07:29PM
Martinsburg man has parole eligibility lowered by 20 years subeamnotlogin09/05/2019 11:25AM
calling them "Mormons" is officially "acceptable" again. this is real 22 mootman08/31/2019 02:26PM
Polygamy News Article Photos -- Anyone Familiar? anybody08/28/2019 11:15PM
Pastor Tony Perkins Blames Mass Shootings On The Teaching Of Evolution 14 anybody09/02/2019 08:18AM
Sorry--Heavenly Mother is not a comfort to me 15 Phantom Shadow09/04/2019 11:36PM
7 things that displease church leaders 22 messygoop09/05/2019 09:32AM
They have an app for that? Who knew? Get your own personalized worthiness 18 Elder Berry09/03/2019 12:01PM
A Tale of Two Tours Part I (swearing) 21 Raptor Jesus08/30/2019 12:37PM
Russ says Jesus ain’t showing up anytime soon. 46 Rubicon09/03/2019 04:09PM
SD Mandates Display Of "In God We Trust" Signs In Public Schools 11 anybody09/04/2019 07:05AM
Why would you abandon a structure that worked for you your entire life? 31 schrodingerscat09/03/2019 08:39PM
What sin do you think is really next to murder? 58 Heartless08/08/2019 10:36PM
Boo-Hoo Bruce...Your Crocodile Tears Don't Make ANY Of Your Beliefs TRUE... 26 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/03/2019 02:24PM
Morg supplied tainted water to members for years. LINK 10 Topper09/03/2019 03:31PM
1st Sunday of the Month, 'Fast Offerings'... GNPE09/01/2019 06:33PM
Five Reasons Christian Fundies Blame LGBTQIA For Hurricanes 18 anybody09/02/2019 06:56PM
What Will be the Effects of Russ Words Christ is Not Coming For a Long Time 13 Secular Priest09/04/2019 09:56AM
O/T: Sending good thoughts to my East Coast peeps kativicky09/04/2019 10:18AM
Missionary Smartphones 17 blueskyutah209/03/2019 05:16PM
Mormons believe Jesus is the devil 41 bloe08/28/2019 02:32PM
Gay Founder Of Christian Conversion Therapy Network Comes Out, Apologizes anybody09/04/2019 07:45AM
I need a laugh right now: What are your crazy or funny stories 23 LJ1208/31/2019 01:26PM
Vaping in Utah 22 Hockeyrat08/31/2019 10:42PM
What it was like in the sixties 42 donbagley08/30/2019 06:36PM
"The element" 27 heartbroken09/02/2019 04:27PM
Teaching kids science turns them into mass murderers. schrodingerscat09/02/2019 07:22PM
exmo liberal arts discussion thred ~ Re: liturature ~ 14 ziller08/30/2019 09:19PM
((o/t)/?) ~ Re: links for exmos ~ (exmo vid link inside) ~ ziller09/03/2019 05:42PM
People turn into mass murderers w/o religion according to Faux News 21 schrodingerscat09/02/2019 03:25PM
Did any of you write journals? 62 Blakballoon11/30/2015 03:15AM
(o/t) "Dr Who" Writer Terrance Dicks Dies Age 84 anybody09/03/2019 07:03PM
Citing ‘Christian Belief' to Refuse Service To Interracial couple schrodingerscat09/03/2019 04:31PM