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Today is the first day in 30 that I have NOTHING to do but relax Levi05/20/2018 08:35AM
Went to the Jordan River Temple dedication this morning annon105/20/2018 01:31PM
Happy Graduation to Mightybuffalo 19 nevermojohn04/27/2018 12:38AM
Was the Second Coming cancelled for modern mormons? 26 Phazer05/14/2018 11:00AM
We are important enough for Dan Petersen to lurk *link* 60 angela05/17/2018 08:26PM
Will the LDS Church ever come out in favor of masturbation? (n/t) 21 jay05/17/2018 08:40PM
Aqualung quatermass205/19/2018 08:37PM
The Antithesis of Russell Nelson's "Message to the world" Mother Who Knows05/19/2018 10:10PM
Do people hang out anymore? Religion and work gatherings don't 20 Badassadam105/19/2018 03:38AM
MORE Bad News for the Morg... 16 GNPE05/17/2018 10:05PM
Marijuana use for medical purposes. 15 memikeyounot05/12/2018 09:25PM
o/t ~ in b 4 ~ O/T bann ~ ziller's thus nite threds ~ ziller05/17/2018 09:16PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, May 20th Bite Me05/19/2018 01:06AM
Elder James Hamula - any updates? 10 Strength in the Loins02/03/2018 08:37PM
What really happened in Carthage. Where Smith was imprisoned, and died 23 nomoremon05/16/2018 10:47AM
Anybody read Paul Rolly's interview re: Mormonism and the SLTribune? 11 auntsukey05/18/2018 11:46AM
The Friday Quandary....whatcha drinkin'? 10 Lethbridge Reprobate05/18/2018 11:33PM
Mormons don't know why that black people are cursed! 10 Crazy horse05/18/2018 09:16PM
O/T don't like my mom but atleast i'm honest. (Cussing) 29 Badassadam105/13/2018 02:28PM
PTSD after serving a mission? 45 gemini02/06/2016 06:20PM
New and wanting to talk. (Somewhat political of necessity) 27 scoates05/18/2018 06:16AM
Seminary Graduation 10 beardedatBYU05/18/2018 03:49PM
American Sign Language (Conspiracy Theory?) Jane Cannary05/18/2018 02:31PM
Thousands of LDS teens walk to Jordan River Utah Temple to prepare for rede 20 Anonymous 205/14/2018 04:28PM
good video of how mormons manuliate people Crazy horse05/17/2018 05:23PM
In Alberta, Sikhs Can Now Ride Motorcycles Without Helmets 33 Dave the Atheist05/17/2018 11:41AM
Book librarian05/18/2018 04:53PM
NAACP Story/KSL Comments beardedatBYU05/18/2018 09:21AM
Temple work for a gentile. 28 Kingbrighamthefirst05/17/2018 08:18AM
Why do some Church leaders feel justified in being condescending towards ju Anon42day05/18/2018 02:42PM
Why LDS Inc will NEVER appologize for racism koriwhore05/18/2018 02:19PM
Pending destruction of New York, Boston, and Albany 38 Honest TBM06/13/2017 11:25AM
Passed Moroni TWICE today!! (In keeping with new board standards) catnip05/18/2018 12:29AM
Off Topic - Adoptees are the most silenced and isolated group on earth? 22 Anonanon05/17/2018 10:21AM
My perennial request to the LDS church: slskipper05/17/2018 05:53PM
O/T How does having Diabetes affect your Social Social payments?? Anonymous 205/15/2018 02:41PM
Encountering ExMormonism everywhere 10 OzDoc05/15/2018 12:03AM
Why does the Catholic church win when a person leaves a cult? 54 Boyd K Packer05/13/2018 03:57AM
"Angel" Caught on Camera in Stunning Image From Michigan(link) 12 Anonymous 205/17/2018 12:09AM
Hawaii volcano report ... May 15 Dave the Atheist05/15/2018 11:51PM
I don't know how to deal with my meaner-than-a-snake DIL. 21 Mother's Day woes05/14/2018 11:24PM
Pope Francis thinking of Retiring .... 28 Amyjo05/15/2018 03:40PM
KJV Definitely Not The Product Of Divine Inspiration 21 anybody05/15/2018 11:05PM
How did they find us?? 60 hippiegypsy05/01/2018 06:16PM
Why was Philander Smart III so successful at seducing sister missionaries? 30 Angel of Jesus05/14/2018 12:50PM
President Nelson apologized for Curse of Cain/Ban before NAACP heads Angel of Jesus05/17/2018 04:11PM
President Nelson just announced his retirement 14 Angel of Jesus05/16/2018 07:12PM
When i was a ward missionary i was very uncomfortable with Badassadam105/14/2018 05:02PM
o/t ~ (?) ~ Proof Moon Landing Fake ~ () ~ 18 ziller04/20/2018 11:37PM
The most damning evidence against the BOM: American Glacial Ice Cores 13 jackman05/17/2018 09:34AM
A sure way to convert Atheists to christianity Dave the Atheist05/17/2018 12:07PM
incognitotoday...where you at? edzachery05/17/2018 02:02PM
Always questioning is hard but worth it 24 Elder Berry05/14/2018 02:10PM
I contradict myself. I am Mormon, I contain multiple platitudes. 13 Elder Berry05/16/2018 04:30PM
Do you Mormon relatives know that the Church has disavowed Curse of Cain? Angel of Jesus05/17/2018 01:15AM