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Is the SCMC still active? I got investigated a long time ago OutTenYears05/20/2024 08:10AM
Denver Snuffer's latest 70 page speech is all about him 13 LittleJohn05/06/2024 02:05PM
Rusty's ironic comments about Havana, Cuba 18 Even Homer nods05/22/2024 11:26AM
How to find a Mormon girlfriend 13 mogamishu05/18/2024 06:56PM
Eunuch mastermind's cult shut down in England CultAwarenessPortal05/24/2024 12:26PM
Birth rates are falling in developed countries, even in Utah 27 anybody05/20/2024 07:11AM
TX Doctor Claims Nine Year Old Children Can Safely Give Birth anybody05/24/2024 04:30PM
Vallow Daybell beginning 15 wondering05/12/2024 10:53AM
Temple! Temple! Temple! 14 Screen Name05/21/2024 02:17PM
Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Gilead 19 anybody05/23/2024 07:15AM
Suppose aliens finally make it to Earth — and they're missionaries 11 anybody05/19/2024 11:27PM
Remember 15 CrispingPin04/29/2024 08:21AM
So tired of Mormonism is Bad = Anything Mormons may have promoted also bad. 10 notmonotloggedin05/22/2024 08:36AM
We are above the law 14 Heartless05/13/2024 09:38PM
Brigham Young, crazy like a fox? 34 releve01/14/2015 02:03PM
BYU spends thirty million on a basketball coach 53 ballboy04/18/2024 05:52AM
It’s not the church. It’s your discipline. Rubicon05/06/2024 01:18PM
Ballard's personal psychic 16 Quincunx05/01/2024 04:24PM
Just Curious, Nothing New here folks... GNPE05/05/2024 08:32PM
Whatever happened to... slskipper05/21/2024 12:49AM
Meet Baby Olivia anybody05/21/2024 06:14AM
Oh no! Oh no! DAVE! Alice Munro died. 13 Beth05/14/2024 01:27PM
Elijah anybody05/20/2024 06:59AM
Nearing the end, Fred Phelps recanted. There's always a way back from hate. anybody05/15/2024 06:03AM
Interesting Open Mike (Testimony Meeting This Month) SEcular Priet05/14/2024 12:00PM
Why women walk away from husbands (semi-OT) messygoop05/17/2024 02:31PM
>Anecdotally...Is It Fair 2 Say More RMs Leave LDS-Inc Than Non-RMs...Y/N? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/19/2024 04:09PM
Saints 17 Dave the Atheist04/21/2024 12:24AM
Temple Endowment Session Counts - Updated for 2024; Temples up, Sessions do 17 547904/30/2024 04:28AM
Gen-Z: Loving the Church 21 Nightingale05/11/2024 12:52AM
New teachings or gaslighting- The church has always taught that 19 messygoop05/16/2024 04:08PM
Are Mormons still religious know it all snobs 12 bradley05/06/2024 03:52AM
I went 5 weeks without partaking of Sacrament (as a missionary) messygoop05/13/2024 04:32PM
When did women get the title of "President?" want2bx05/19/2024 11:46AM
Hope everyone is doing alright out there Adam Warrior05/19/2024 01:36AM
Pre-Clovis Site Found On Parsons Island, MD Dating To 20KYA anybody05/19/2024 01:02PM
Writing Is Dead; or, Fun With Numbers 17 Human05/03/2024 09:41AM
Let's Bring Back Disco! /S 46 anybody05/12/2024 08:18AM
Gratulerer med syttende mai, alle sammen !!!! (n/t) GNPE05/17/2024 11:57AM
Widow inherits wealthy husband's estate. Then she's accused of witchcraft. 20 anybody05/18/2024 03:45AM
Utah’s Anti-Trans Bathroom Snitch Line Flooded by Trolls .... 14 Dave the Atheist05/15/2024 07:38PM
The Mormon Conspiracy. anybody05/18/2024 10:36AM
(From the PBS NEWS HOUR) Would BYU do this? GNPE05/18/2024 01:05AM
Update on Steve Benson 28 Claire Ferguson Benson04/29/2024 02:04PM
Capsaicin death ... Dave the Atheist05/16/2024 01:56PM
Did I hear this right? 42 GNPE05/14/2024 10:42PM
At the BYU Women's Conference (May 2024) 10 messygoop05/15/2024 04:47PM
OT/ West Coast People! Almost time to try to see the northern lights 37 Beth05/10/2024 11:32PM
OT: Summer and Dagny... lousyleper05/15/2024 12:11PM
So long, and thanks for all the fish! 53 Beth05/01/2024 02:01AM
Boy Scouts Are Now Just Scouts: BSA Is Now Scouting America 29 anybody05/07/2024 06:55PM
Mormon oxymorons 11 bradley05/01/2024 08:31AM
Grossly out of proportion Heartless05/13/2024 09:35PM
LDS Inc. & the homosexuality balancing act Screen Name05/13/2024 08:47PM
Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus 37 anybody05/04/2024 07:59PM