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Do missionaries ever get busted down from cars to bikes etc? 20 gemini02/17/2018 09:10PM
Jewish in Utah and how is Cedar City for Non Mormons? 60 DOGLOVER02/18/2018 12:36PM
New youtube 'scars of the badass' 60 Badassadam102/16/2018 05:36AM
Romney Running 23 Gordon B Stinky02/14/2018 10:30PM
What happens in Vegas.... 36 PollyDee01/30/2018 02:38AM
I left the church, and 3 weeks later my husband left me 43 mayrach02/17/2018 07:11PM
If TBM's had a choice between the morg, their family and their health Anonymous 202/17/2018 01:25PM
Snowblind 12 srichardbellrock02/13/2018 03:15PM
early return missionary conference 21 not logged in02/16/2018 10:39AM
Mormons Featured in British Theater Smudge02/18/2018 02:18PM
Wow. Ever take a loan out to pay tithing? 21 Chicken N. Backpacks02/16/2018 01:04PM
Neil Young: The Mormon Church Has A Domestic Violence Problem 10 anybody02/14/2018 02:16PM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, February 18th Bite Me02/17/2018 10:43PM
Oh good, Mormons to the rescue! Official statement on FL mass murder 35 koriwhore02/16/2018 10:00AM
Define porn addiction 22 goldrose02/16/2018 01:16PM
In Sacred Loneliness On Broadway, The Movie would get you thrown in jail. koriwhore02/17/2018 03:12PM
I am a flower. Watch me grow. 10 Babyloncansuckit02/17/2018 01:58PM
Should parents deny medical treatment to teens on religious grounds? 48 anybody02/13/2018 10:09PM
Funny Church Signs That Will Make You LOL(link) 12 Anonymous 202/16/2018 11:34PM
Matrix thread (cont) 28 blindguy02/13/2018 04:06PM
"I was born on another planet named Kolob..." anybody02/15/2018 11:07PM
"Essential" Oils and Mormons 43 Skybolt02/11/2018 02:20AM
Mormon Missionary converstions 14 kohan02/16/2018 04:54PM
Anyone know what Utah's values and Utah's lessons are? 21 Elder Berry02/16/2018 12:14PM
The night Father Christmas visited my never-Mo grandmother's house Amyjo02/16/2018 10:08AM
Looking for consolation 12 jamesneedshelp02/16/2018 12:14AM
Church discipline for supporting civil rights? 12 Ace02/16/2018 10:37AM
Another black eye for Abusive Doomsday CULT of Joseph's Myth koriwhore02/16/2018 05:47PM
Why do we censor images of Muhammad but not Joseph's myth or Cheesus?? 10 koriwhore02/15/2018 09:03PM
75 yr old LDS Woman Reveals What She's Seen of Member Assault & Abuse 11 Amyjo02/16/2018 07:59AM
MORmON Buzzkill - you don't get your own planet in next life afterall. 21 koriwhore02/15/2018 01:03PM
President Ballard's grandfather met Jesus face to face! 17 Razortooth02/15/2018 01:30PM
Gaslightning 28 volrammos02/12/2013 10:08PM
My son called and asked if he could come home 24 illini02/12/2018 02:07PM
What is known about the STMC? InterestedInKnowing02/15/2018 09:04PM
Bishops support abusers, never victims says prosecutor baura02/15/2018 12:35AM
No Lamanite missions? brigham66602/16/2018 12:52PM
Is Rob Porter still an active mormon? 34 gemini02/09/2018 12:27AM
This is how I broke my heavenly chains to my wife Elder Berry02/15/2018 01:18PM
Parkland victim list one Mo Phazer02/16/2018 10:38AM
We are all victims slskipper02/16/2018 07:33AM
Mormon definition time again slskipper02/15/2018 05:15PM
If the spirit is supposed to convert why noah's flood02/16/2018 01:05AM
Big News! 66 mightybuffalo02/13/2018 09:39PM
Way O/T "for having a hole cut through your neck you are doing pretty good Badassadam102/16/2018 04:41AM
LDS UT Territory: A Divorce Mill. UT Divorce Rate Today: Tracks Nat'l Trend 14 steve benson06/01/2017 03:18AM
'Guns and survivalists, but no school until I was 17' - Mormon girl 15 MarkJ02/13/2018 07:51PM
Cashing In On Church: The Richest Mega Pastors in America(link) Anonymous 202/14/2018 03:01PM
ANOTHER Utah GOP Mormon w/ hooker. 24 StillAnon02/14/2018 07:33PM
Why do muslims react so differently from mormons? (cont'd) Visitors Welcome02/15/2018 05:06AM
I have to believe in God according to my TBW 27 Bentaylor2302/14/2018 11:20AM
Marriott supports gambling now?? 21 What_Happens_In_Vegas?02/12/2018 10:46AM
Concept of Mormon Pioneers (comments welcome) 17 thedesertrat102/14/2018 05:52PM
For Summer: do you know Loch Raven HS... Mythb4meat02/15/2018 04:28PM