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Prayer didn't work 18 Dave the Atheist05/19/2020 05:22AM
Index to Mormon / LDS Covid reactions to death possibilities... GNPE05/20/2020 12:47PM
Profound Questions 47 Gordon B. Stinky05/11/2020 03:34PM
The reason TSCC keeps trying to prove they’re Christ Centered... 13 Gordon B. Stinky05/18/2020 10:46AM
The Pandimic 15 pollythinks05/16/2020 06:55PM
My favorite picture of Jesus and a Mormon made it! 12 Elder Berry05/18/2020 06:46PM
Have you guys found any fun board games to pass time??? 17 catnip05/18/2020 11:35PM
Eddie Haskell Dies 20 stillanon05/18/2020 07:51PM
What is the best and accurate books for TRUE mormon history? 61 Adam7178305/12/2020 06:37PM
When the Mormon missionaries make it to China... 11 Elder Berry05/15/2020 07:18PM
Big A** Quad Scriptures... 13 Lethbridge Reprobate05/18/2020 07:39PM
How much can you eat for home sacrament? jay05/18/2020 11:33PM
How much was in the stone box? 21 OneWayJay05/17/2020 06:10PM
Pray Tell...So Who's More Transparent With Their Stats...LDS-INC Or China? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/19/2020 06:00PM
Evangelicals fear the 'mark of the beast' from a coronavirus vaccine 39 schrodingerscat05/15/2020 08:08PM
I Knew I Had Seen a Similar Logo to Dusty Rusty's New Logo SEcular Priest05/19/2020 05:36PM
Collective groan — mormons can go back to church Old Al05/19/2020 04:10PM
How Many Like The New Dusty Improved Church? 16 Toronto Boy05/12/2020 03:09PM
How Does Dusty Rusty See The Gathering of Israel Taking Place? 21 Concerned04/20/2020 10:46PM
Is Douglas Saltsman Mormon? S. Richard Bellrock05/19/2020 11:08AM
do not believe that going into a total panic 24 thedesertrat105/16/2020 04:58PM
63% of believers think Covid is Gods way of trying to change us. 11 schrodingerscat05/18/2020 11:14AM
Regarding wearing a mask and avoiding a virus 10 Lowpriest05/17/2020 08:00PM
A clever business model 22 Birdman05/16/2020 12:48AM
Marriott #1 for diversity. How do their Mormon owners square this? Marriott_Watcher05/16/2020 05:05PM
2nd wave cont.. 56 nonmo_105/16/2020 09:27AM
The Secret of the Mormon Church is there is No Secret MormonMartinLuther05/17/2020 03:52PM
Raw From All This 60 Done & Done05/16/2020 11:29AM
Dining with Denial Done & Done05/15/2020 04:46PM
Are Mormons becoming hostile? 15 q05/15/2020 09:24PM
Where is the "mormon" help with food banks? 15 thedesertrat105/14/2020 02:52PM
Kenneth Copeland eliminates COVID-19 with the "Wind of God" parody video Kenny Copeland05/16/2020 05:15PM
Leave it to Kirby to call out MORmON misrepresentation of Jesus, 18 schrodingerscat05/17/2020 07:20PM
Words You Never Hear From a GA and Words You Hear Toronto Boy05/15/2020 11:21AM
My family is convinced 15 Lowpriest05/18/2020 01:25PM
Do you love your TBM family? 15 6 iron05/16/2020 08:49PM
Lori Vallow on 48hr. Mystery: You're her Bishop / SP. 10 GNPE05/17/2020 02:06AM
Nightmare: Covid or Mormon ? Pooped05/18/2020 01:16PM
Why does mormonisn make me feel like a victim? 20 Lowpriest05/15/2020 01:00PM
Last time a GA did an Exorcism? 22 OneWayJay05/11/2020 07:36PM
Sorry not Sorry (Official Mormon Style) MormonMartinLuther05/17/2020 07:04PM
LDS temple in Dubai...yes, Dubai. 27 Perdition05/10/2020 10:39AM
Kentucky garbage man Dave the Atheist05/17/2020 02:44PM
Loving God 11 odd thinker05/15/2020 05:11PM
Did a "Years Supply" doctrine include T.P.? 26 Pooped05/15/2020 06:09PM
Toxic Masculinity: Men refuse to wear face masks which make them look weak 36 schrodingerscat05/16/2020 09:19AM
Heavenly Mother out in the open... #DelParsonLeaks 14 Lisa von und zu Liechtenstein05/16/2020 02:25PM
If "God" exists, when did God's existence begin? 43 mrx05/12/2020 03:05PM
64% are concerned about the emergence of murder hornets 11 Dave the Atheist05/15/2020 07:15PM
How many of you have known the Prophet and Apostles prior ? 10 ODD THINKER05/15/2020 05:02PM
U Know Any TBM Worker-Bees That Might Not Return 2 The Hive After All This? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/17/2020 02:02PM
US believers see virus as a message from God. 12 schrodingerscat05/16/2020 06:50PM
Which goes better with Oreo cookies? 28 JoeSmith66605/13/2020 07:10PM
"God will protect me!" How religious people see pandemic schrodingerscat05/16/2020 06:43PM
Querulous paranoia / Litigious paranoia - have you been accused of it? S.05/17/2020 03:57AM