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When You Disappear from Church 27 madeguy03/06/2023 02:20PM
Oh to Think I Saw It on Mull Berry Street tensolator03/12/2023 03:47PM
A cartoon I did recently on the LDS church’s aversion to gayness 10 sbenson03/26/2022 08:15PM
Artificial reality doesn't work. Reality crashes back in at the end. (n/t) 11 anybody03/08/2023 08:55AM
How many Mormons are or going to be late for church today? GNPE03/12/2023 12:13PM
New school prayer 15 blindguy03/10/2023 02:16PM
Cool questions for a visiting authority by church youth, at his request... elderolddog03/11/2023 02:52PM
Ricky Shroder did what ? Strangite203/12/2023 03:01AM
Life is Beautiful Outside of Mormonism 14 q03/08/2023 08:18PM
Joe Smith Dave the Atheist03/11/2023 03:26PM
Oh no ... 10 Dave the Atheist03/10/2023 02:38AM
By "Restoration", they mean the temple ceremony. slskipper03/11/2023 07:18AM
Today on ChatGPT: mahu7403/11/2023 12:55PM
Boyd K. Packer's Little Factory discourse 29 Jim Huston02/17/2011 06:50PM
How I used to drive Mormons crazy T-Bone03/09/2023 12:08AM
Does anyone else feel temples look like gaudy and garish department stores? 13 Out and about03/08/2023 12:52PM
Which is the biggest $$$ Scam? GNPE03/10/2023 03:42AM
Dinner guests 38 kentish09/09/2021 01:48PM
$1 Trillion and several hundred temples nobody uses. Rubicon03/09/2023 05:09PM
Let Normalcy Ring: Opening Day 45 Human04/01/2021 12:00PM
To Dagny ONLY Done & Done03/09/2023 01:54PM
Student at Berkeley dies 12 Villager03/08/2023 02:45PM
O/T Why even separate sports? 14 schrodingerscat03/08/2023 09:14PM
Modification to New Temple Designs Concerned03/08/2023 03:58PM
Utah is not the most religious US state 17 olderelder07/18/2021 11:23AM
OT Walmart pulls out of Portland due to social problems 29 Noni Moose03/07/2023 04:02AM
Polygamist Tom Green dies at 72 20 Brother Of Jerry03/09/2021 12:31AM
Missionary Facebook page Santa Rosa03/05/2023 02:57PM
O/T Water, water everywhere Brother Of Jerry03/06/2023 09:10PM
A girls basketball team had to play boys, then weren't allowed trophies... 21 blindguy03/07/2023 08:46PM
What do membership records contain? 19 barcelona09/09/2021 11:35PM
The great salt lake 61 Afraid of the Boogie Brethren07/17/2021 10:27PM
Body can footage of Farmington shooting 11 [|]03/09/2023 01:05AM
Anyone Know Why the Wording "Who is Dead" 16 SEcular Priest03/07/2023 08:44PM
Bednar’s inverse pyramid of temple worship. 14 Rubicon03/08/2023 09:42AM
Record storms in California! It must be the Last Days!!!! slskipper03/08/2023 09:09PM
10% raise and Sundays off, what else did you get from leaving "the" church (n/t) 15 T-Bone03/03/2023 11:20PM
BBC Allowed Access To UK Missionary Training Centre 19 anybody02/28/2023 07:43AM
O/T Disability rights activist Judy Heumann dies at 75 : NPR 15 blindguy03/05/2023 07:40AM
Utah man misses golden opportunity (article) messygoop03/08/2023 11:49AM
New temple announced for Bear Lake Idaho area 21 robinsaintcloud03/07/2023 06:02PM
OT... I want a little sugar in my bowl... (somewhat of a check in) knotheadusc03/08/2023 01:46AM
Are you disgusted with TSCC? bradley03/08/2023 06:16AM
The billions that the church owns, that they were hiding... 25 dimmesdale03/01/2023 03:32PM
If Joseph Smith had other offspring 25 bradley03/03/2023 10:28PM
Sunday from Hell but Prayer Works! (Long, boring, mostly off topic even). 24 Nightingale03/05/2023 05:02PM
Former Bishop gets life in prison for child abuse while he was Mayor 10 schrodingerscat03/06/2023 04:55PM
Dude at UC Berkeley, in 20s(?) set himself ablaze 14 jumping jevelina03/03/2023 07:06PM
OT, probably- but this is why the Great Salt Lake is doomed. 58 slskipper03/01/2023 12:46AM
Canadian Catholic Parents Oppose 2SLGBTQIA+ "Safe Space" Classroom Labels 13 anybody03/06/2023 08:03AM
Running on all cylinders infuriates TBMs left behind unconventional03/05/2023 07:27AM
What Mormonism really is Rubicon03/03/2023 11:23PM
What constitutes doctrine? Something that confused me bit kept me in longer 11 Out and about03/05/2023 07:26PM
Religion Is Evil. 28 anybody03/03/2023 07:23AM
O/T Accuracy of DNA testing [|]03/05/2023 02:05AM