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Ellen's Game of Games 14 levantlurker01/08/2020 08:37AM
Disposable Prophets 14 Rubicon01/08/2020 03:17PM
Misquoted quotes 23 laperla not logged in01/08/2020 04:26PM
Mormon Chat Advice Ex-CultMember12/30/2016 03:15PM
Dwindling Numbers in Primary 19 bspcnot01/06/2020 03:45PM
Craig Paxton's report on Simon Southerton's newest Lamanite ancestry report elderolddog01/09/2020 02:23PM
Outdated sartorial mentality - but I don't care.... 21 laperla not logged in01/08/2020 01:35PM
Season's Greetings & Givings: who gets what? 33 elderolddog12/24/2019 06:35PM
Church Hurting Financially 12 Ex-CultMember01/09/2020 01:03PM
OT dealing with the past 25 anon4this01/04/2020 07:42PM
How can we sleep? Elder Berry01/08/2020 12:53PM
Weird Mormon-related dream olderelder01/08/2020 10:59AM
Mormon scout leader- sexual abuser of boys 11-14 -merit badges for sex acts mrx01/07/2020 06:11PM
Pope's message to Mormon hierarchy 13 RPackham01/06/2020 07:13PM
weird ads or psa on H-50 and Blue Bloods last night 13 gemini01/04/2020 01:18PM
This above all 28 thedesertrat101/07/2020 09:33PM
The Daybell-Vallow mormon nuttiness continues 13 elderolddog01/07/2020 04:00PM
An article about how the fast by the lds has brought rain. 18 cl201/07/2020 11:28PM
Sacrament Meeting: Humblebrags 13 kilgravmaga12/29/2019 03:13AM
What book influenced your exit? 60 celeste01/04/2020 10:44PM
Mormon Make-Over Done & Done01/08/2020 11:08AM
Just got back from Utah 11 Elder Berry01/04/2020 11:51AM
A person needs to feel sorry for MORmON insiders !! because they say so !!! 13 smirkorama12/26/2019 03:15AM
Go ask Alice Hockeyrat01/06/2020 11:01PM
are there any shop-worn issues we can bury? 33 GNPE01/06/2020 12:36AM
Spectacular Find Supports The Existence Of Real, Historical Amazons 14 anybody01/04/2020 02:58PM
Koala begs cyclists for water 18 Dave the Atheist01/07/2020 12:40AM
Church Charity 10 gannosu01/07/2020 04:26PM
AZ Politician arrested for adoption fraud scheme 10 memikeyounot10/09/2019 01:41PM
OT Important info on how to help the surviving Australian koalas. LINK Topper01/07/2020 07:49PM
OT Bless the beasts and the children---Koalas who survived, barely--LINK Topper01/07/2020 06:05PM
Would it have been better to invest the $100 billion in gold bars? 53 Ervil Lebaron12/31/2019 12:22AM
Question for the masses 13 Birdman01/06/2020 02:28AM
Russ Is Changing Church To Be Very Different Than it Is 16 Toronto Boy01/04/2020 04:05PM
I imagine Russell Nelson talking about all their charitable investments Elder Berry01/07/2020 12:56PM
Handmaid's Tale 10 ragnar01/03/2020 01:54AM
Temples = long suffering 16 Elder Berry01/06/2020 01:56PM
O/T they can legally garnish your entire bank accounts (real world) 54 Warrior7178301/06/2020 08:46PM
$100 BILLION, Preppers, missing kids and mental illness. (cussing) 21 Susan I/S01/04/2020 11:46PM
B of M's place in American literature 32 Exmosis01/03/2020 12:20PM
One Week From Now Crystal's Bench Trial Starts In SLC - Here's the docket a cricket01/06/2020 12:54PM
Ongoing restoration? 36 Rubicon01/01/2020 04:03PM
My Wildest Dream Done & Done01/06/2020 11:26AM
Australia is burning. Mostly O/T 18 silvergenie01/01/2020 05:17AM
The most greedy, heartless, hypocritical thing you ever saw as a MORmON? 11 schrodingerscat01/05/2020 05:06PM
A mildly amusing thought... 11 messygoop01/05/2020 09:52AM
LD$ growth slowing in Utah 15 [|]01/05/2020 02:16PM
This opinion left out some things... Elder Berry01/04/2020 11:32AM
Wikipedia dirtbikr01/06/2020 12:36PM
Good ol' Nauvoo 13 Flyer01/05/2020 11:29AM
umm . . Unanswered prayers are proof of miracles . . 21 mrx01/03/2020 03:32AM
Very funny youtube vid, "How Mormons Flex on other mormons" Kristy01/06/2020 08:49AM
azldsrecovery: Please read this. Tevai01/05/2020 08:31PM
The Exmo Cocktail Flag Is Flying 31 Dave the Atheist01/01/2020 12:08AM
Covert emotional abuse and salvation - who is saved or not? Lafayette01/05/2020 04:51AM