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Good ol' boys club Dave the Atheist05/08/2019 10:25AM
I wonder if the Deep Mormons still believe that Moroni traveled around the Levi05/10/2019 12:55AM
Elder Jeffrey Holland dances around the Curse of Cain Doctrine 17 Bruce R. McDonkie05/08/2019 09:23PM
So Ut Ex/Post Mormon lecture series May 12th-A must see! soutskeptic05/06/2019 06:23PM
DNA tests 29 toto02/06/2019 03:27PM
I just got a post deleted.... 35 Lethbridge Reprobate05/06/2019 09:41PM
BYU valedictorian was prompted to come out due to a classmate's suicide 29 summer05/07/2019 06:37PM
Pope's New Policy on Child Abuse Lot's Wife05/09/2019 12:49PM
Interesting article on the "One-Income Trap" 19 forgotmyname05/07/2019 08:21PM
Who here thinks that Ed Decker is a very honest Christian man? 35 Bruce R. McDonkie05/04/2019 07:25PM
OT: For Dave the Atheist Soft Machine05/09/2019 08:13AM
Pre-78 Africans and the Priesthood ban. 16 srichardbellrock05/02/2019 11:27AM
The Horrible Memory 15 kathleen05/08/2019 01:59AM
What's your *crutch* now you're no longer a Mormon ? 20 Amyjo05/04/2019 07:54PM
Pope Francis vs. Rusty Nelson Bruce R. McDonkie05/08/2019 09:42PM
Paints a pretty picture messygoop05/03/2019 04:07PM
Missionary dies taking selfie 18 carameldreams05/05/2019 04:50PM
"Legally and lawfully wedded" in The Law of Chastity 22 Aloysius05/06/2019 09:36PM
Neal's Altar is built for Pain and Death Elder Berry05/07/2019 12:14PM
Did you like being human? 63 Screen Name05/04/2019 03:56PM
Pulling a blank 11 Cathy05/07/2019 12:05AM
Special Gay only college graduations 18 nonmo_105/06/2019 08:49AM
Flat Earth Mormonism 12 guy305/08/2019 03:09AM
What did you like recently about being? 17 Elder Berry05/06/2019 11:18AM
What's the next change? 35 Levi05/06/2019 02:47PM
O/T 95 year-old WWII veteran dies on return from Honor Flight summer05/07/2019 06:27PM
Joseph Bishop case: Judge forces church to name 2nd accuser 18 summer05/07/2019 06:02PM
I don't think I can stay in church anymore after my surgery 19 Anonymous77705/05/2019 10:25PM
roman catholic discrimination Dave the Atheist05/07/2019 08:38PM
Couples Married Civilly Now Authorized for Immediate Temple Marriage Shummy05/07/2019 11:16AM
The Ex-Mormon Diet Screen Name05/06/2019 05:06AM
Another TBM Shyster Bites the Dust 11 Lethbridge Reprobate05/06/2019 08:14PM
Mormon rules on hair dye? (slightly O/T) 16 Anony09/25/2011 12:29AM
Catholic Clergy Accuse Francis Of Heresy 20 anybody05/03/2019 11:47PM
Maybe 'god' is just short for Nature? 61 schrodingerscat05/06/2019 10:39PM
Rephrasing the question: Do you fear change and life in the 21st Century? (n/t) 41 anybody05/06/2019 03:28AM
>R U Bored...Need Hope...Here's A Re-Cap Of The Oakland Temple Media Day... BeenThereDunnThatExMo05/07/2019 01:15PM
Church job... are women ever managers? Wowza05/07/2019 03:50AM
O/T Train-gasm !!! Dave the Atheist05/07/2019 03:26AM
My tribute to Russell “The Handyman” Nelson grudunza05/07/2019 01:29PM
Three-Fisted ExMo Tales ~ “Y Troop, 2nd Apostate Air Cavalry Division” ~ ziller05/06/2019 04:35PM
The tapestry of Mormonism Bamboozled05/07/2019 11:22AM
Is Mormonism becoming more conservative? 28 babyloncansuckit05/04/2019 06:29AM
So who will perform the civil ceremonies? 14 slskipper05/06/2019 05:38PM
TBM RM Niece may be suffering from Anorexia Nervosa 13 Amyjo05/02/2019 09:20PM
Are others celebrating Cinco de Mayo? 37 Cheryl05/05/2019 07:16PM
Epic Battle 31 Angry04/26/2019 01:09PM
Temple marriage change announced 63 Bamboozled05/06/2019 11:13AM
lds hotline subeamnotlogedin05/06/2019 09:02PM
I'm drinking pints. 15 Nightingale05/04/2019 07:19PM
Fabricated evidence 22 mikemitchell05/05/2019 07:18PM
Glad to see MORmON Moment become #MeToo Movement! koriwhore05/03/2019 08:17PM
LDS women’s leader discuss how to deal with dismissive male 14 eternal105/04/2019 11:30AM
Obligatory, it's Friday whatcha drinking? 13 chipace05/03/2019 11:41PM