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Is the "new and everlasting covenant" polygamy or a temple marriage? 41 Shay08/02/2012 01:16PM
Is religious freedom really under attack? 21 Pooped11/06/2018 01:25AM
The 2-hour block was my idea, other ideas to follow 11 Rusty Nelson M.D. (ret.)11/05/2018 11:48PM
Jeffrey Holland speaking in Regional Stake Conference today. Entire speech. 17 Agnes Broomhead11/04/2018 09:14PM
I Just Finished Doing My Homework on Judicial Nominees 16 Tevai11/02/2018 06:13PM
Desperate OPEN LETTER to RMN 16 GNPE11/04/2018 02:56PM
Con't Subject: Temple- New & Everlasting Covenant is Plurality of Wives SusieQ#111/06/2018 02:54PM
For only $29.95, I will reveal to you the secret to success... 12 Wally Prince11/06/2018 01:05AM
Aunt Wendy ... 11 Palpable11/03/2018 09:43AM
I’m so tired of this boring, busy work church! 12 M’Baku11/04/2018 04:33PM
What is the content of Relief Society lessons nowadays? 27 presleynfactsrock11/02/2018 01:08AM
North Ogden, Utah Mayor Killed in Afghanistan 22 Nightingale11/04/2018 03:25AM
Please read and respond if applicable - Did you stay until the kids were 18, and if so, did it make a difference to the kids? 30 enriched10/11/2011 12:51AM
Basic stupid question re: Canada copyright Chicken N. Backpacks11/06/2018 01:37AM
Whatever happened to George P Lee? 14 Alan XL11/05/2018 04:07AM
Apostle who boasted he had never seen his wife naked... 26 Razortooth11/01/2018 09:21PM
Correction to the "Nelson Unleashed" report... Wally Prince11/06/2018 12:25AM
The Program the Church Started this Past January Has Crashed and Burned 18 SEcular Priest10/28/2018 06:18PM
Hey, finally a pronounceable acronym: TURFKAM Brother Of Jerry11/04/2018 03:23PM
Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Says Pittsburgh Shooting "Caused By Gay Parents" 38 anybody11/04/2018 01:13AM
How precious is the Book of Mormon to you? 40 Wally Prince10/31/2018 10:51PM
Did you know that Moroni received knowledge "from a moron"? Wally Prince11/05/2018 01:30AM
The Computational Brain 25 Henry Bemis10/31/2018 11:27AM
OT Does anyone here need to take a self-injection prescription every day? 42 Amyjo11/01/2018 03:06PM
Utah insurer to pay patients to visit Mexico to cut costs on medicine 41 Dave the Atheist11/04/2018 08:42AM
Missionaries came a knocking wondering11/05/2018 04:47PM
Do some leaders feel like they have to work harder than their predecessors? 20 Elder Berry10/29/2018 12:50PM
Temple covenants, as a woman are they to God or to your Husband? SixAM11/05/2018 05:23AM
Temple ceiling ritual indoctrination on primary children 13 moremany10/27/2018 06:01AM
Joseph Smith Memorial Cup rain11/05/2018 12:13AM
Certificate of [Primary] Graduation 13 moremany10/27/2018 06:21AM
Anybody else recently receive a focus group invite from the church? 13 Anon.,.11/01/2018 02:00PM
Christian to Mormon, now I am stuck 19 Wowza11/03/2018 06:39AM
The Boogeyman and how it had repercussions for years to come Amyjo11/03/2018 10:30PM
(Serious Question) Can TBM Cult members be 'normal'? GNPE11/04/2018 10:06PM
+++ ~ "Entry for 2018 Short Story Contest" ~ +++ ~ (swearing) ~ ziller11/04/2018 10:41AM
Search function and forum topic back pages midwestanon11/04/2018 07:13PM
I have a Testimony about paying Tithing. Alan XL11/04/2018 03:38AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, November 4th Bite Me11/03/2018 02:28PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "Their Very Own Gold Teeth"...Anybody? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/04/2018 06:08PM
Why didnt Joey simply TRACE the gold plates for Martin? 23 AlanXL11/02/2018 09:57PM
Nice Christmas gifts for the TBM's in your life. memikeyounot11/04/2018 03:10PM
Central American Caravan compared to Handcart Pioneers 60 danbo11/01/2018 03:23PM
Does Mormon Porn now have to be referred to as The COJCOLDS Porn n/t (n/t) 11 Thinker Bob11/02/2018 01:17AM
After "Nelson Unleashed" and "Monson Unplugged"... 11 Ramses11/02/2018 04:41AM
The cat house Dave the Atheist11/04/2018 12:19AM
Does TSCC still object to being called Protestant? Josephina11/02/2018 11:05PM
What does "A Victory for Satan" look like? 11 koriwhore11/01/2018 09:08PM
Anyone ever heard of any self-help techniques for cult deprogramming? Occasional reader11/02/2018 12:45PM
& Today's Final Jeopardy Answer Is: "Special Witness Of Christ"...Anybody? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/01/2018 06:16PM
from a current missionary blog 14 Fascinated in the Midwest10/31/2018 04:39PM
You Will be no Longer Inviting Missionaries for Dinner.. 54 SEcular Priest10/30/2018 09:09AM
PREPARE FOR THE END ~ ziller11/02/2018 02:52PM
Mayhem in the restroom (juvenile humor warning) messygoop10/30/2018 01:50PM
Elderly Mormon women 44 olderelder10/24/2018 03:39PM