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The New Improved Priesthood SEcular Priest04/09/2018 11:00AM
O/T Our New Continent Being Birthed Right Now 26 Tevai04/07/2018 05:18PM
White Mormon Woman Speaking Xhosa (A Click Language) 10 Tevai04/07/2018 12:55AM
Shout out to Catnip ❤️ 19 Amyjo04/05/2018 08:43PM
Mormons don't know why there is no evidence for the book of Mormon! 18 crazyhorse04/02/2018 10:27PM
The polygamy stuff is just strange, read d&c 132 today. Badassadam104/08/2018 03:18AM
I had a revelation! Chicken N. Backpacks04/08/2018 02:10PM
O/T Is housng in the Bay Area and California really this bad(link) 29 Anonymous 204/08/2018 08:33PM
It's Sunday!!! What are we doing today! 18 kativicky04/08/2018 08:58AM
A Mormon Bachelor cast member and virtue signaling summer04/07/2018 02:56PM
Don's new short story and three poems cricket04/07/2018 09:56AM
Mormonleaks shows what a weak organization the LDS Church really is. 37 Rubicon04/05/2018 03:04PM
Court of Love Records - What are the members rights? 21 oregon04/05/2018 10:38PM
Mckenna Denson news conference on YouTube (link) 29 tamboruco04/05/2018 05:46PM
Get 'em before they're gone.....2017 stats/stakes/shrinkage (link) Levi04/08/2018 08:43AM
"All Church Unit Info as Been Removed at Request of Church Legal Dept" 12 Sharapata04/07/2018 09:39PM
Today Poet04/08/2018 01:52PM
TSCC Properties in Salt Lake County Karte_mann04/08/2018 01:49PM
Eternal marriage rant 24 loveleigh04/02/2018 08:39PM
Extortion, Mormonism/Gadianton robbers/mafia illini04/08/2018 08:18AM
McKenna Jensen seeks justice for rape at MTC. LINK to document 15 Topper04/04/2018 08:36PM
*Southern Ut. Ex/PostMormon Lecture series- Sunday April 8th** 10 soutskeptic04/03/2018 10:33AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, April 8th Bite Me04/07/2018 11:30AM
O?T Has anyone seen "A Quiet Place" or "Ready Player One" at the movies?? (n/t) Anonymous 204/07/2018 09:19PM
Atheists destroying SJW's (Social Justice Warriors) koriwhore04/06/2018 03:37PM
Checkmate, Atheists ! 13 Dave the Atheist04/07/2018 12:40AM
GDPR 14 Tiger04/07/2018 03:26AM
News coverage of the Bishop case in Phoenix--VIDEO LINK Topper04/07/2018 05:22PM
No more HT or VT. 34 lazylizard04/01/2018 04:30PM
The Kinderhook "Plates" Are On But Not Mormonism Itself anybody04/07/2018 06:25AM
“How did you spend the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination?” (cartoon) 21 steve benson04/06/2018 12:50PM
Walmart's newest item: funeral taters! 40 ificouldhietokolob04/04/2018 04:56PM
todays find at savers Heartless04/06/2018 07:54PM
How can rational people believe in religious stupidity? Give me the science 61 steve benson04/01/2018 10:51PM
15 Crazy Rules The Sister Wives Are Forced To Follow(link) Anonymous 204/06/2018 11:46PM
The church isn't growing but yet they build more and more temples 44 Rubicon04/03/2018 11:05AM
Salt Park Episode 1. StillAnon04/06/2018 09:04PM
Brutally Good Analysis of the Church's Response to the Bishop Scandal 14 Lot's Wife04/03/2018 07:56PM
O/T Finally went to the doctors... 15 kativicky04/06/2018 12:30PM
WI-Fi 12 Internet junkie04/05/2018 04:23PM
O/T getting my esophagus stretched in a few hours, god i hope 40 Badassadam104/05/2018 09:34AM
When abusive silent treatment is completely superfluous almost absurd Said no!04/06/2018 05:41PM
O/T: Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs? 52 mightybuffalo04/04/2018 12:07PM
Merry Christmas Eve 12 Honest TBM04/05/2018 11:39PM
Does anyone know why Nikki Yaste returned to the Mormon church? brigidbarnes04/05/2018 09:49PM
Southern California Earthquake 13 Tevai04/05/2018 03:48PM
Are you recovered or recovering if you still watch GC? 30 Badassadam104/01/2018 08:54PM
Ministering and youth tig04/06/2018 03:32PM
Enjoying MLK_50 Day here in the Bluff City NormaRae04/04/2018 11:22AM
What does LDS Corp do for their oldest members? 35 Elder Berry04/05/2018 11:59AM
Which prophet will make it to 110? 33 Elder Berry04/04/2018 02:31PM
OT ...very OT, mostly, unless you believe ghawd has a recliner... elderolddog04/05/2018 05:49AM
Former aide to Romney sex scandal 13 carameldreams04/05/2018 03:23PM
A Mormon's perspective on the "ministering" thing. 12 Elder Berry04/02/2018 11:46AM
Just want to complain. My daughter is going to be in one of these places. 60 Elder Berry04/02/2018 11:12AM