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OT: Obituary of a covid victim nli09/15/2021 10:44AM
My overall response to religion is thedesertrat109/14/2021 12:05PM
Interesting article about the Lyman cult Susan I/S09/14/2021 10:59AM
So let's look at Jesus. 37 thedesertrat109/11/2021 02:36PM
No good parent makes their kid feel like a social pariah for normal stuff Cold-Dodger09/14/2021 12:14PM
Former disciplinary councils (kangaroo courts of love) dot matrix printer09/14/2021 12:21PM
Mission president report on released missionaries Heartless09/11/2021 01:00PM
Went inactive years ago and my bishop doesn't care 19 Slade09/09/2021 06:36PM
Appearances Razortooth09/09/2021 01:00PM
2019 news about garment style changes - trying to be more of the world 31 Tyson Dunn09/08/2021 11:19AM
McJesus and McTemples 21 Rubicon09/11/2021 05:06PM
What do membership records contain? 18 barcelona09/09/2021 11:35PM
the church does not trust it’s members 12 Elder Berry09/13/2021 11:06AM
I received my vaccine card today. So far, no Sign of the Beast! 22 Nightingale09/08/2021 06:18PM
O/T Would you eat bugs? 41 Elder Berry09/09/2021 01:08PM
mundane LDS dystopia Cold-Dodger09/13/2021 03:02AM
I am knowledgeable in the evidence of an historic Jesus of Nazareth. thedesertrat109/10/2021 12:07PM
How common is plagiarism in religious writing? 45 Elder Berry09/07/2021 11:16AM
At what point are you allowed to draw a line and say enough? 18 Cold-Dodger09/10/2021 10:18AM
The church meddling in lives to keep the next generation in. Rubicon09/11/2021 09:26PM
Perception is reality Rubicon09/12/2021 02:47PM
Exmormons with ghost stories are insane, Mormons with ghost stories Sane 17 Grimhilda09/09/2021 04:59PM
Isolation is disappearing. The church will do the bank’s bidding. 13 Rubicon09/10/2021 04:58PM
One way to tell if a Christian leader doesn't actually believe 11 olderelder09/11/2021 07:38PM
Listening to Ben Shapiro and Jordan B Peterson have a religiouscircle jerk Cold-Dodger09/12/2021 02:16AM
Man cites "righteous anger" when accusing women in bikinis at beach (link) 17 messygoop09/09/2021 02:30PM
O/T: To America with Love on 9/11 23 Nightingale09/11/2021 04:28PM
If you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing 19 moehoward09/03/2021 07:31PM
Dinner guests 31 kentish09/09/2021 01:48PM
Businesses w/ > 99 employees will be required to get workers vaccinated 61 schrodingerscat09/09/2021 03:40PM
Covidiots in TN laugh at student for saying his Granny died of Covid… schrodingerscat09/10/2021 07:42PM
More temples sprout in the arsenic dust polluted air. 13 Rubicon09/09/2021 04:05AM
Horse Paste And Human Psychology, Explained anybody09/11/2021 09:12AM
9/11 again... GNPE09/11/2021 04:37AM
The church should take the money and run. 18 Rubicon09/04/2021 02:12AM
Joe Rogan, cured of Covid, pimps Ivermectin with “Intellectual Dark Web” 11 schrodingerscat09/09/2021 05:26PM
BYU Channel 11 txrancher09/08/2021 08:14PM
O/T Utah's largest truck load 10 Dave the Atheist09/07/2021 01:01AM
I'm tired of my life being threatened by religious nutcases. I want out. 23 anybody09/07/2021 10:55PM
Cedar City temple olderelder09/07/2021 07:24PM
Nobel Prize Winning Professor Did *NOT* Say Ivermectin Cures COVID-19 anybody09/09/2021 09:30AM
NYTimes story about horrible air quality in SL / the valley GNPE09/09/2021 12:52AM
The church could change everything...pretty easily 16 BoogerBreath09/05/2021 10:41AM
More temple clothing changes Rubicon09/09/2021 12:48PM
Mormon divorce 22 annabelle09/08/2021 06:39PM
Who remembers "Paint Chips??" Afraid of the Boogie Brethren09/08/2021 10:39PM
The Book "Prophesy-key to the Future" by Duane Crowther gemini09/08/2021 09:26PM
O/T I think I will get ahead of the crowd and become an anti-foamer Elder Berry09/08/2021 01:09PM
anyone else see Chad Daybell's kids on 48 Hours? 19 gemini09/02/2021 01:32PM
End times 24 Phazer09/03/2021 08:41AM
I am an ordained minister of 15 thedesertrat109/02/2021 12:39PM
Is the Wearing of Garments Now Optional 10 joesmitty09/08/2021 10:15AM
Home MTC 19 Anon for this09/07/2021 08:33AM
Are people still leaving in droves? 18 Anonsometimes09/05/2021 12:03PM
Adverse Community Experiences - like religion - causing suicides schrodingerscat09/08/2021 04:53PM