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It's back again (LDS philanthropies)- Yes, cussing 24 messygoop01/27/2020 09:33AM
I am a 14 year old boy in Utah and I need to get out of the church. HELP 60 hujo201/26/2020 09:30PM
*** Short Story Contest Winners!!! *** 31 Concrete Zipper01/27/2020 03:18PM
SNL skit..Tim Tebow is visited by Jesus in the locker room (very funny) EvenAnon01/30/2020 01:26PM
A quick, easy way to resign: through your bishop 13 elderolddog01/28/2020 04:43PM
I want a wife 20 Evergreennotloggedin01/29/2020 08:46PM
>What Have U Sought After Lately That Is Virtuous Lovely Of Good Report... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/30/2020 01:35PM
OT/Coronavirus on cruise ship valkyriequeen01/30/2020 12:59PM
Attending BYU, or what could have, should have been... NLI's story!!! 15 elderolddog01/27/2020 07:30PM
Hot topic "black and curse in the scriptures" subeamnotlogedin01/29/2020 11:47AM
>Whether By Mine Own Voice Or By The Voice Of My Servants It Is The Same... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/29/2020 07:08PM
OT Young Wuhan man risks arrest telling truth about situation there. LINK 34 Topper01/26/2020 01:20AM
The Mormon Conception of Freedom 25 Reclycler01/27/2020 09:47AM
Nelsons Tithing records 20 Princess Leia01/27/2020 09:40AM
Absence Of Mind 23 Human01/28/2020 08:47PM
Daybell and Vallow located in Hawaii 21 Twinker01/27/2020 11:11AM
Sisterhood dead in church 27 Princess Leia01/21/2020 06:27PM
"Overly helpful" people drive me batty... possibly OT swearing 32 knotheadusc02/09/2011 01:02PM
OT: Bombs and blood feuds in Sweden 32 Bambi01/26/2020 05:53PM
New article on feminism and the church 43 messygoop01/01/2020 12:29AM
Since Meet the Mormons is verboten 23 messygoop01/10/2020 05:12PM
History of Missionary Discussions 35 nevermojulie07/18/2012 10:32AM
History of religion. 13 Dave the Atheist01/26/2020 10:34AM
The donut-free General Conference predictions? Not much, just hype. 39 Elder Berry01/22/2020 11:55AM
cult - definition of 13 rbalboa01/27/2020 03:56PM
To answer the question what is a cult thedesertrat101/28/2020 04:23PM
Receiving your new name Rubicon01/28/2020 05:31PM
Question about: Calling and election made sure 16 Birdman01/27/2020 12:59AM
Black Marriott patron forced to sign 'no party policy.' White guests aren't 17 blindguy01/03/2020 04:19PM
What is with these overzealous religious people anyway? 11 Twinker01/27/2020 11:42PM
1918 Influenza 14 Screen Name01/23/2020 08:35AM
So A Q-12 Can Get Caught With A Prostitute & The 2nd Annointing Absolves... 20 BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/27/2020 05:23PM
KY Christian School Expels Girl For Rainbow Icing On Birthday Cake 45 anybody01/15/2020 09:59AM
Surprised I haven't seen anything about the son shooting 4 family members 24 cl201/24/2020 11:00AM
How long before this guy faces a court of love? 19 [|]01/27/2020 12:59AM
***D & D's ENTRY SHORT STORY*** 21 Done & Done11/08/2018 02:06PM
Five Memes From Don - One From Cricket cricket01/25/2020 05:52PM
Cleaning the Temple; a report 22 messygoop01/25/2020 09:48PM
Decline of religion - Decline of Mormonism? 38 mrx01/18/2020 04:45AM
Is America in a faith crisis? 30 babyloncansuckit01/24/2020 11:41PM
((o/t)?) ~ 2020 ~ 19 ziller01/23/2020 10:15PM
For LW (not exclusively) [|]01/27/2020 01:40AM
How's it going, warrior? (n/t) ???01/27/2020 10:01AM
Losing my religion for equality (Jimmy Carter) 22 Nightingale01/25/2020 09:10PM
Panic, Guitars, Meditation, Paper Crafts – The Benefits of Crafting 11 Susan I/S01/26/2020 02:49AM
Super OT/ Computer Geeks far and wide - help, please? 26 Beth01/24/2020 10:01PM
OT Re: coronavirus--brief statement on U.S. cases mentioned on a video 12 Topper01/25/2020 01:27AM
April Conference, 2018: a temple in Russia was announced!! Yay ghawd! elderolddog01/26/2020 08:23PM
Mormon Cults? OneWayJay01/26/2020 01:19PM
X-rated Topic! You've been warned... 35 elderolddog01/09/2020 09:44PM
I Know It's Saturday...but.... 19 Lethbridge Reprobate01/25/2020 09:40PM
The (Empty) Large and Spacious Buildings (a bit religious) 10 Nightingale01/25/2020 06:59PM
Just saw this on fb about a video released about temple endowment. 28 cl201/12/2020 09:22PM
Hitler is a Mormon - is Martin Luther King? 18 OneWayJay01/23/2020 03:16PM
Are judges mostly mormon in states like idaho and utah? 67 Warrior7178301/18/2020 09:06PM