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Blair Watson: Psychological Effects of Mormonism and Effects on Self-Esteem Nightingale06/30/2018 03:24PM
Emotional trick practiced by abusers.. 14 Pharmakos06/30/2018 12:47PM
How to know when it's time to euthanize pet? OT 41 Amyjo06/28/2018 12:56PM
o/t: Why do they sell tea at Starbucks? 43 SLCSkiSky06/24/2018 10:07PM
God should add these to The Word of Wisdom Elder Berry06/28/2018 04:33PM
Is anyone surprised? The one alcoholic beverage approved by Joseph Smith 12 Elder Berry06/28/2018 01:03PM
The Mormon Moms Who Became "Mama Dragons" 10 anybody06/30/2018 10:23AM
Feeling Insulted 39 perky06/28/2018 11:14AM
The most ubiquitous organism on the planet is not alive 16 koriwhore06/29/2018 03:43PM
Wow church is currently 3rd most read story on BBC news 15 TigerTom106/29/2018 01:34AM
O/T finally hit bottom totally financially, but I feel ok 22 Badassadam106/28/2018 10:16PM
NewNameNoah arrested in SLC 60 auntsukey06/29/2018 11:32PM
Believing in nothing, cont'd. 55 ificouldhietokolob06/28/2018 10:11AM
Massive database of black LDS members (1830-1930) (link) 3X06/30/2018 01:56PM
Dawn is breaking everywhere ~ ziller06/29/2018 06:45PM
‘It’s Trek Season 26 BYU Boner06/29/2018 12:33PM
Article: What Religion Really Says About LGBTQ+ Discrimination anybody06/30/2018 12:37PM
Aaronic Priesthood...WTF? 11 TheHumanLeague06/29/2018 11:01AM
St. Judas the Traitor 1st Ward - Harmons Meetup - Sunday, July 1st Bite Me06/30/2018 10:53AM
Ex Mormon NC Candidate Russell Walker: "God Is Racist" anybody06/29/2018 05:17AM
I am feeling agony I think or sorrow Badassadam106/30/2018 03:33AM
Hie, what if your precocious 3 year old grows up to be a believer? jay06/30/2018 01:24AM
Missionaries lie through their teeth to defend blatant racism 10 koriwhore06/28/2018 04:05PM
Twitter is an awful place (n/t) 33 Cold-Dodger06/25/2018 09:28AM
I realized that my brother had more wives & children than we knew. Cheryl06/29/2018 05:44AM
How do you tell the difference between actual threats and hate mail? koriwhore06/30/2018 01:43AM
o/t: this forum made me aware of a cultural phenonomrn 16 Zen06/28/2018 04:15PM
!!!! ... Happy Birthday, Catnip ... !!!! 22 kathleen06/27/2018 10:58AM
Names for temple work being recycled 23 Bendiendo06/26/2018 04:57PM
It's Friday, whatcha drinkin? chipace06/29/2018 11:12PM
BBC facebook article about LDS children sex interviews have to stop. mav06/29/2018 11:22PM
Ncint Gptn d'dt hv vwls. (n/t) 25 anybody06/28/2018 10:34PM
Tribune Story on Father Molesting Daughter's and Church's Blind Eye SL Cabbie06/28/2018 08:45PM
Why We Need Religion 21 Mnemonic06/27/2018 04:10PM
Woman Claims Mormon Church’s Cover-Up Culture Protected Her Sexual Predator koriwhore06/29/2018 07:36PM
Why try to recreate the past? It won't solve today's problems (n/t) 13 anybody06/28/2018 06:14AM
son came back from LDS Mission with Traumatic Brain Injury 62 worriedandmad04/19/2017 09:11PM
LDS Doll House waste basket (eBay) 10 mormon nomore06/24/2018 07:09AM
It’s Been Six Years!! 11 twojedis06/29/2018 04:49PM
The trend if you are not an atheist you are an idiot.(cuss) 62 Badassadam106/28/2018 04:53PM
Re: Observation on the RfM Board ~ ziller06/29/2018 01:07AM
I ♥ heavenly inspired hypocrisy Elder Berry06/25/2018 02:13PM
U Know U Want This...U Need This 2 Complete & Validate Your Life... BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/29/2018 11:30AM
Sexual Assault and Telling the Church.. 32 Survivor03/12/2017 11:35AM
My Observations...Part II TheHumanLeague06/29/2018 09:12AM
The Trouble with God esias ryder06/28/2018 04:14PM
Million Mummy Myth: BYU Ousted From Further Egyptian Digs 29 Tall Man, Short Hair12/20/2014 09:39PM
Why is it easy for some to leave the church and difficult for others? 13 rosysam06/28/2018 01:22AM
My Observation on the RfM Board 60 Lost introduced06/27/2018 04:04PM
I tried giving Mormonism the benefit of the doubt 22 Babyloncansuckit06/26/2018 06:17AM
e-cigarettes and the Word of Wisdom mormon nomore06/25/2018 04:32AM
99.9% Of TBMs Have NO Idea What Landed Joseph & Hyrum In Carthage Jail... 18 BeenThereDunnThatExMo06/27/2018 02:17PM
O/T: Any Good UT Lawyers who represent Employers? TheGirlWhoLived06/28/2018 08:57PM
My advice to those who want to leave... 14 lazylizard06/25/2018 06:55PM
Self-styled Utah prophet gets additional 15-year prison term(link) Anonymous 206/28/2018 08:54PM