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So FUNNY, I spit up my orange juice!! Mythb4meat02/08/2018 11:33AM
Another Mormon sexual pervert! OzDoc02/09/2018 01:54AM
Mormon exes say bishops no help. Surprise StillAnon02/08/2018 02:43PM
O/T I Know It's Only Wednesday....but Lethbridge Reprobate02/07/2018 09:24PM
TX Religious School Sued For Bullying, Says Courts Can't Intervene anybody02/09/2018 10:21AM
Hold On: Joseph Smith, the Prophetic Expert on Earthquakes, the U.S. Civil War and Other Supposedly Related God-Given Punishments? Gimme a Quake, Er, I Mean Break . . . 17 steve benson08/24/2011 04:22AM
Mormons don't know why they pay for missions crazyhorse02/08/2018 05:56PM
2 LDS Temples Appear on "Architectural Digest's" List of Most Beautiful Pla 10 Anonymous 202/08/2018 03:35PM
Thought you might appreciate this.. cainsdaughter02/09/2018 07:37AM
Utah school drops Andrew Jackson namesake to honor "Hidden Figures" pioneer Anonymous 202/08/2018 04:52PM
A school district drops "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Huckleberry Finn: over 14 Anonymous 202/08/2018 04:50PM
Human Eggs Developed In Laboratory For The First Time anybody02/09/2018 07:41AM
Brother Jake Defends The BOM isthechurchtrue02/07/2018 10:47PM
4 Ways the New Maya Discoveries May Relate to the Book of Mormon(link) Anonymous 202/08/2018 03:33PM
Is Mormonism really Rastafarianism for white people? 14 koriwhore02/07/2018 08:42PM
Theocracy Now: Mormon Church Uses Utah Legislature to Save Face William Law02/08/2018 01:39PM
Mormon church backs bill that could prevent recording bishop interviews 22 eternal102/07/2018 09:47AM
Was Joseph Smith Jr Credible???? 26 The Riddler02/06/2018 01:30AM
"You Don't Need Flu Shots If You Have Jesus..." 13 anybody02/06/2018 11:34AM
Wife beaters X's say their MORmON Bishops were no help. koriwhore02/08/2018 09:42PM
Am I EVIL? 16 GNPE02/08/2018 12:02AM
It was more about the leaders, not so much the church. Badassadam102/08/2018 09:51PM
Mormon wall-art transforming to Exmo-art 10 danr02/08/2018 10:26AM
Very surpised and saddened by all the hate and bigotry I'm reading here 61 anybody02/08/2018 02:45PM
I feel like cipher from the matrix 11 Badassadam102/08/2018 12:48PM
No Taping Bill apparently dead StillAnon02/08/2018 04:46PM
Once a Cheater Always a Cheater? 38 sogladtobeoutoflds02/06/2018 10:41AM
"This gender crap needs to just stop", mom says after father-daughter dance Anonymous 202/08/2018 04:40PM
Cows 26 dirtbikr02/07/2018 09:13AM
"I am transgender", Swampscott elementary school principal announces(l Anonymous 202/08/2018 01:26PM
Cakes aren't the issue. Discrimination and exclusion are the problem 57 anybody02/07/2018 11:26PM
L.A. Marzulli Not logged in02/08/2018 12:08PM
TBM husband may be a cheater 33 byebye02/05/2018 12:00AM
Popular Stake President dies from carbon monoxide poisoning 22 Amyjo02/06/2018 11:15AM
Provo landlord forces tenants to live without heat due to gas leaks... knotheadusc02/08/2018 03:29AM
Hartford Temple featured in Architectural Digest xxMMMooo02/08/2018 02:58AM
Interesting what the church posted... 14 helenm02/06/2018 06:34PM
Invitation ot bridal shower but not wedding nor reception 12 GoingHome02/07/2018 10:26PM
..."the super secret, ultra fanatical organization known as S.A.T.A.N." anybody02/07/2018 08:01AM
Can't be single, must be married: Is Mormonism Like "The Lobster?" 14 anybody02/07/2018 08:12AM
Uber Evangelical Anti Gay OH State Rep Resigns After His Affair With A Man 14 anybody02/07/2018 07:26AM
Michigan Church Announces Anti-LGBT "Conversion" Course For Teen Girls anybody02/06/2018 09:17PM
Would "To Young Men Only" pass correlation Today? (n/t) 10 GNPE02/07/2018 12:39PM
Invited to a Mormon wedding reception, questions... 31 brook08/23/2014 02:07PM
No difference between mormons, exmos, and nevermos 60 Badassadam102/07/2018 01:14AM
Third go: Is declining to bake for a gay wedding really like racism? 60 Tall Man, Short Hair02/07/2018 06:33PM
Is there a philosophy worth adhering to or.... 26 Paying Attention02/04/2018 07:52PM
A Powerful Letter to Young Mormons About Sex and What They Need to Understa Anonymous 202/07/2018 06:20PM
Eye-contact with an old family member on the street.. 10 Nimbus02/07/2018 10:50AM
An attempt at humor, at the expense of mormonism, by Judic West, age 9 30 elderolddog02/03/2018 01:21PM
Mormonism and its home country get loving musical send-up(link) Anonymous 202/07/2018 04:39PM
Utah breast cancer survivors push for bill warning of screening limitations 19 Amyjo02/06/2018 10:25AM
Mormon Lottery 22 Birdman02/05/2018 05:41PM
They considered themselves white, but DNA tests told a more complex story(l Anonymous 202/07/2018 03:54PM
O/T: Wonderful News!! 10 catnip02/07/2018 01:12PM