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Americans becoming more post-Christian, more atheist Fascinated in the Midwest03/07/2018 03:55PM
What was LDS Inc's best shot to the foot each decade? 22 Brother Of Jerry03/04/2018 06:10PM
Mormon Names 42 Leaving03/06/2018 01:47AM
*** We're moving away from the gun and gun control debate *** 40 Concrete Zipper03/02/2018 02:22PM
Why the Fifth Lecture on Faith Has Officially Gone Bye-Bye: Because It Taught that God is a Spirit, Contrary to the Prevailing Propaganda Perpetrated by the Mormon Church . . . 31 steve benson04/02/2013 07:45PM
Question for exMo husbands and wives 23 carameldreams03/05/2018 10:48AM
LDSLiving provides proof of the vacuous and inane that is Mormon culture 17 Elder Berry03/07/2018 12:35PM
Back in the old days, if you had a neighbor you didn't like... 16 ificouldhietokolob03/06/2018 08:40PM
Atheism's #metoo moment - Lawrence Krauss suspended from ASU for sexual mis 31 koriwhore03/06/2018 11:09PM
The Religion that "Defies" all LOGIC! TheHumanLeague03/07/2018 05:28PM
Dealing Mormonism--Two Way Fix Done & Done03/07/2018 10:55AM
Inspiring Atheists SonOfLaban03/04/2018 06:05PM
Mormon logic: Flat earth was falsified but Kolob is still burning strong Elder Berry03/07/2018 01:02PM
Letting things go is not my personality 13 Badassadam103/05/2018 10:52AM
The blessings of not paying tithing 10 CrispingPin03/04/2018 07:12PM
Who do you trust, once you find out those you trusted most, were lying? 22 koriwhore03/04/2018 05:34PM
What Happened to Q12 selection speculation? 34 GNPE03/04/2018 09:01PM
Interesting conversation with nevermo about the church. Utahnomo03/07/2018 03:29AM
Fruits and Nuts mikemitchell03/07/2018 07:44AM
OT, but the Sabbath is involved, you hosers, eh. 20 elderolddog03/06/2018 01:04AM
Fast Sunday Funny 15 Elder Berry03/05/2018 02:01PM
so you are a prophet of god ..... smirkorama03/07/2018 12:00PM
The Mormon truth in this is super size. Elder Berry03/06/2018 10:01PM
Is there anything in the the morg for widows/widowers, seniors 18 Anonymous 203/03/2018 12:00AM
Great Grandma's Cross by Don Bagley 13 cricket03/06/2018 12:17PM
Mormonism is a shell game that keeps you running on the hamster wheel anybody03/07/2018 07:33AM
O/T: Need Gift Card suggestions 11 SonOfLaban03/06/2018 04:32AM
O/T: why are some videos so unpopular? SonOfLaban03/07/2018 02:48AM
Grandma Thinks Obi-Wan Is Jesus (VIDEO) anybody03/06/2018 06:05PM
I quit paying tithing yesterday 34 evileric03/02/2018 01:17PM
Repentance guilt-fest overit03/06/2018 08:58PM
Winter missionary stories 31 Swiss miss03/01/2018 11:03PM
Every Lawyer In Utah Just Received A Picture Of Boobs Dave the Atheist03/06/2018 11:06AM
How do you distinguish between religious fervor and mental illness? 11 Amyjo03/05/2018 04:57PM
share the land 11 Shummy03/02/2018 10:23PM
I wish I could find the "Golden Plates" ! 29 TheHumanLeague03/05/2018 04:31PM
Selling a book on Ebay. memikeyounot03/06/2018 08:56AM
My Mormon parents refused to talk with me about our shared history, 23 donbagley03/03/2018 10:55PM
Boise Idaho Woman Converts To Mormonism (Satire) kingdavid03/06/2018 02:07PM
Age 15 is apparently the magic number 10 notmonotloggedin03/05/2018 10:25AM
I don't sacred their emotions Elder Berry03/05/2018 07:00PM
Andy Weaver Amish Have 97% Retention Rate 13 anybody03/05/2018 06:27PM
Found out some of my ancestors did polygamy 18 crazyhorse02/25/2018 06:29PM
FAIR: Wordprint analysis and the Book of Mormon...hey, they read this board (see the article) 31 jw the inquizzinator08/09/2011 01:09PM
I Nephi 4 Ends and Means 11 Valued03/05/2018 09:17AM
Catholic church now has women priests? 28 crazyhorse03/04/2018 12:52PM
Joseph Smith could never have written the Book of Mormon 15 Justin03/05/2018 01:40PM
Seriously GNPE03/06/2018 02:43AM
Dedication of new LDS Toll Roads SonOfLaban03/05/2018 07:33PM
Creationist museum in Idaho… 37 Book of Mordor04/19/2015 05:55PM
Kraziness from Kooky Koenig:The Touted Benefits of Religious Belief . . . 17 steve benson06/01/2013 06:44PM
Why would women subjugate themselves and support a patriarchal society? anybody03/05/2018 11:50PM
Example: How uses your information 12 anybody03/04/2018 11:23AM
O/T: If someone said “Chancellor Palpatine” would you know who that is? 10 DiamondsAreForever03/05/2018 01:01AM
O/T It is update time again!!! kativicky03/05/2018 09:07PM