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(OT) Have you ever had a family member screw up and get sent to jail? 65 Nuggett09/06/2021 05:24PM
Maybe God is a crab 10 bradley09/20/2021 12:01AM
ExMormons, Meet Exvangelicals anybody09/20/2021 01:41PM
Horse Owners Can't Get Medication For Their Horses Because Of Humans 22 anybody09/19/2021 03:36AM
Breath of Ezra by Kathleen and me 16 Elder Berry07/10/2021 09:24PM
O/T Have you ever been put in jail? 44 Elder Berry09/13/2021 05:36PM
*** (Fixed now) It looks like our SSL certificate expired yesterday *** Concrete Zipper09/20/2021 08:23AM
My experience with that is too personal and sacred to reveal. 31 Razortooth09/09/2021 11:31AM
October 2021 Liahona 22 subeamnotlogedin09/12/2021 09:16AM
OT Turning point on Netflix 16 moehoward09/18/2021 01:35PM
Activist Laura Loomer Tests Positive For COVID-19 31 anybody09/17/2021 12:14PM
What is the real state of the Utah economy? Waren Jeffs09/19/2021 12:12AM
Pastor Bob Enyart dies from COVID .... 33 Space Pineapple09/14/2021 05:45PM
A sacrament meeting for the ages 20 [|]07/20/2021 02:57AM
Freemason/Ex-Mormon - new post about Mormonism/Freemasonry OutSeven09/19/2021 01:11PM
Ward Clerks and Finances 57 anonymousnow09/09/2021 11:37PM
Top of the day, a couple of unconnected thoughts... GNPE09/19/2021 01:14PM
Is having guilt free tea and coffee the favourite part being exmormon? Waren Jeffs09/18/2021 07:07AM
Secret Societies and Temple crap 31 Finance Clerk08/31/2021 10:07AM
o/t are home births now more popular? 16 gemini09/15/2021 05:52PM
Ever watched old camcorder videos from your social life inside the cult? Cauda09/19/2021 02:44AM
Why are MORmONs so miserable when they follow the "Plan of Happiness"? schrodingerscat09/18/2021 03:28PM
Flower of Scotland, flower of Utah? 37 Soft Machine09/13/2021 09:02AM
No religious exemptions for LDS anti-vaxxers 22 mahu7409/11/2021 05:07PM
O/T: Earthquake in the San Fernando Valley Tevai09/17/2021 11:06PM
“LuLaRich” on Amazon Prime 34 2+2=409/12/2021 04:18PM
Is the human race worth saving? 51 bradley09/16/2021 06:45AM
King of the Frisians said he’d rather be in hell with his dead ancestors Cold-Dodger09/17/2021 07:19PM
COVID: An Enbalmer's Story 23 anybody09/13/2021 09:43AM
O/T Does anyone know about living in the Longview/Kelso Wash area? 25 anon2day03/07/2015 08:05PM
It’s not a church. It’s a machine. 12 Rubicon09/16/2021 05:38PM
A little show of progress? Cold-Dodger09/17/2021 12:47PM
Temple Observation 11 SEcular Priest09/16/2021 06:52PM
church phone number spoofed gemini09/13/2021 04:39PM
An 85 year old lesson in fake news and the lingering pop culture impact Cold-Dodger09/17/2021 02:13PM
OT-ish. Cigarette Czar pushes Asthma Inhalers 11 Nightingale09/16/2021 03:25PM
"Father, are we so sure of our methods that we never question what we do?" anybody09/17/2021 01:44AM
O/T Mo_but_not_kind09/17/2021 11:12AM
For Sale: LDS Institute bldg near Big 10 university anon again09/14/2021 05:55AM
COVID Denial Linked With Authoritarianism And Religious Fundamentalism anybody09/17/2021 12:09AM
It's Been Almost Nine Years... 13 Lethbridge Reprobate09/09/2021 09:21PM
BYU student "fires musket", no longer enrolled 11 [|]09/14/2021 01:42AM
Is this still a calling? auntsukey09/16/2021 08:33PM
Is The United States Of America Irretrievably Broken? Probably. Now What? 62 anybody09/13/2021 09:13AM
A thought: we don’t have to alienate ourselves from everything we knew b4 Cold-Dodger09/16/2021 03:00PM
Life insurance cant underwrite with covid Phazer09/16/2021 03:36PM
And LDS Inc. doesn't count a stillborn as a child of record Elder Berry09/15/2021 04:32PM
Nampa bishop removed for sex abuse of girls (link) messygoop09/16/2021 04:09AM
Maybe if TSSC had the Liohoma they could find the mormon lands 13 lisadee09/13/2021 01:57AM
Religion and Evil 23 thedesertrat109/06/2021 12:21PM
O/T Wednesday matinee wondering09/15/2021 02:46PM
COVID Death Toll: One In Five Hundred Americans Dead From The Virus anybody09/16/2021 09:23AM
I don't understand how more of Utah isn't vaccinated 37 Elder Berry09/13/2021 11:16AM
Question about the temple (and church marketing its brand) 10 messygoop09/14/2021 01:49PM
Help me out here 37 thedesertrat109/13/2021 12:28PM