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Why Not Religion Human02/01/2020 11:03PM
It's that time of the year again, church sends letter (4 letter word) 34 messygoop01/31/2020 03:41PM
"Why I am not an atheist" NdGT on Rogan 16 schrodingerscat01/25/2020 03:21PM
I'm really happy for you. I am. (cursing) 61 Beth02/03/2020 10:54PM
Will Andy Reid pay tithing on SuperBowl winnings? 15 OneWayJay02/02/2020 10:56PM
Ooops, scientists admit theyve been wrong for 10yrs 53 schrodingerscat02/02/2020 12:22AM
Top Catholics discuss the controversial "Da Vinci Code" 12 ConcernedCitizen 2.002/02/2020 07:24PM
Happy Groundhog Day from Igby :) Susan I/S02/02/2020 09:49PM
Imagine an epic Later Day Danite Movie - got any stories to share? schrodingerscat02/02/2020 07:50PM
Dinosaurs and Dad 42 donbagley01/23/2020 07:08PM
Ordered, "kingdom of the cults" finally 10 Warrior7178301/31/2020 05:57PM
Joseph Smith started the restoration, We continue it Rubicon02/03/2020 02:13PM
The Faith Crisis Chronicles 17 ALifeExamined01/30/2020 11:47AM
OT Coronavirus latest---100 patients, 26 states, VIDEO LINK 30 Topper01/26/2020 09:13PM
Ban me 50 random02/02/2020 09:04PM
Modern Mormon Culture Mixes With Shoshone Culture cricket02/02/2020 12:11PM
Cleaning/Church Kitchens 33 Mormon Observer01/18/2011 11:02AM
any recent attendees this morning? GNPE02/02/2020 01:53PM
Your First Apostate Thoughts? 63 westernwillows01/22/2020 10:58PM
This is what coffee leads to... 15 Elder Berry01/30/2020 01:59PM
I went back 40 Nightingale02/01/2020 09:46PM
O/T In honor of superb owl sunday ... Dave the Atheist02/03/2020 12:55AM
Fast and pray before traveling 16 Screen Name01/29/2020 01:49PM
Did your PB promise that you'd see the 2nd coming? 49 CrispingPin01/28/2020 10:14AM
Is it possible to have Mormons like me, and stop shunning me? 44 forestpal01/30/2020 12:46AM
OK Heathens Stretch Yourself For Rusty's Revelations April 2020 cricket02/02/2020 02:41PM
new revelation 10 thedesertrat101/31/2020 12:11PM
Ban Me 50 random02/01/2020 01:09PM
Some interesting additional info on the dropping Utah fertility rate. Brother Of Jerry02/02/2020 01:21AM
Church Hypes Its China Relief ForcedToBeMorg02/01/2020 04:09PM
A Real Hero 13 Lot's Wife01/30/2020 11:56AM
Why Religion 31 Henry Bemis01/31/2020 01:04PM
Einstein for a Rainy Afternoon (or: What are You Reading?) 27 Nightingale01/31/2020 06:43PM
Amish DUI: Four Underage Amish Guys Arrested, Threw Beer Cans From Buggy 20 anybody01/29/2020 08:27AM
Can we get Oaks to visit an outhouse? 26 OneWayJay02/01/2020 01:07AM
Question for the Missionaries 13 touchstone01/29/2020 02:34PM
No more secret Church Handbook I 22 elderolddog01/30/2020 06:34PM
"There’s a “Militant Secular Effort” to Suppress Religion" USAG schrodingerscat01/31/2020 03:49PM
Mental age of Joseph Smith? Soft Machine01/31/2020 09:37AM
97 countries worth LESS than $124 Billion OneWayJay01/31/2020 06:37PM
Is Cats a CULT movie? 14 Warlord01/30/2020 09:51PM
Mormons Being Flogged Screen Name01/29/2020 06:52AM
3 Questions with Bob Evans: Full interview with John Dehlin subeamnotlogedin01/31/2020 09:51AM
No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no coffee, and no ... and not Mormon 34 anybody01/24/2020 08:46AM
Russ is pretty clever Rubicon01/31/2020 03:56AM
OT Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash. (n/t) 16 Twinker01/26/2020 03:09PM
Cream Scheme siobhan01/30/2020 04:40PM
Praise to the Man Screen Name01/29/2020 01:37PM
Anybody remember the "Zion Society" and Arvin Shreeve? 12 lisadee12/29/2018 10:52PM
How tall was Brigham Young? How about the other prophets? 24 behindcurtain01/25/2020 03:42PM
((o/t)?) ~ cross shaped power lines ~ ziller01/30/2020 06:53PM
O/T!!! Quick update!! kativicky01/30/2020 07:09PM
"Position of Trust"...Man arrested for rape nonmo_101/30/2020 07:30PM
Abstract vs. Reality 11 GNPE01/30/2020 01:06AM
Happy 30th to twojedis and sithlord!! 13 twojedis01/27/2020 12:40AM