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Posted by: 64monkey ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 02:44PM

So I see a Tropical storm possible hurricane is heading toward the gulf coast so as per Biblical law and Pat Robertson any guesses as to what sin religious freak leaders will associate gods vengeance this time?

They have already blamed the gays. Already blamed no payer in schools. Already blamed anti-Trump people. Already blamed abortions.

Maybe god is pissed at religious leaders for lying and stealing vulnerable peoples money. Nah, never that.

We all know it couldn't be a scientific explanation such as time of year, warm water, perfectly aliened winds aloft,strong low pressure area with high water vapor content, rotation of the Earth and Mr. Suns energy.

No it can't be that either. Must be sin, or a witch. Burn down the village and arrest all the women who won't bow their veiled heads and say yes to their male overlords.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 02:48PM

I didn't do my home teaching in September.


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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:21PM

No, wait...taxes.
No, wait...immigrants.
No, wait...pornography.
No, wait...atheists.
Or was it R-rated movies?
Or lingering effects from electing a black man president?

Hard to know. God never says anything, all we have is ignorant idiots who claim to know what he's mad about...

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Posted by: EXON46 ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:25PM

Sends a storm, but never really takes care of the problem. Not much of a god.

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Posted by: luckylucas ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:34PM

There are too mexicans in Mexico?

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:50PM

Ain't that the truth! That last time I was there, they were EVERYWHERE!!!

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Posted by: Richard the Bad ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:36PM

Moon pies. He is really, really, pissed about moon pies.

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Posted by: fossilman ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 04:58PM

Yeah, Ms. fossilman had to cancel her weekend on the coast with the girls. She's a bit peeved. I'll let her know that it was probably something she did, or more likely it was me.

"and some people claim that there's a woman to blame, And I know it's my own damn fault"

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Posted by: brigidbarnes ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 06:56PM

He's angry at Trump for being president. Maybe.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: October 06, 2017 07:39PM

Parts of New Orleans are under mandatory evacuation. The people in the southern U.S. and the Caribbean must be so tired of it.

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