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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 08:04PM

"Pope Francis is known for his modest taste in transportation, eschewing his "Popemobile" for a small, black Fiat 500. So when Lamborghini handed him a papal gold-and-white Huracán, there was little chance that Vatican City natives would see the pontiff performing doughnut in St. Peter’s Square.

Instead, he is to auction off the luxury sports car to raise money for charity, specifically to help Christian communities devastated by the Islamic State militant group in Iraq. Money raised will fund the Nineveh Plains Reconstruction Project, a home for women who were victims of trafficking at the hands of ISIS.

Francis blessed the special-edition car in a Vatican City ceremony on Wednesday. The value of a typical Huracán in Europe is around 200,000 euros ($236,000).

But at auction, with the pope’s blessing, his signature on the hood and the gold-and-white design, the car is expected to ship for even more.

The Vatican said Wednesday that the sale of the sports car would help work toward allowing displaced Christians “to finally return to their roots and recover their dignity.”

The money, made from a sale at famous auction house Sotheby’s, will be put toward helping Christian in Iraq who were forced to flee the offensive of ISIS from 2014 onward, as well as Italian charities in Africa....

This is not the first time that Francis has ordered the sale of expensive vehicles for charitable causes. In 2014, he sold a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in aid of a homeless shelter in Rome.

Last year, he ordered the three cars he had used on a trip to Poland to be auctioned off to help Syrian refugees. The vehicles, all navy blue VW Golf cars, had personalized number plates."

That's one Pope who puts his money where his mouth is. His actions DO SPEAK LOUDER than words.

Good for him. :)

It's a beauty.

"The Pope is about to make some fast money.

Lamborghini has donated one of its supercars to The Holy See that will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s on 12 May 2018, with all of the proceeds earmarked for charitable organizations supported by the Catholic church....

And, no, he did not take it for a spin. But he did bless it.

Prices for the 573 hp Lamborghini start around $200,000, but if history is any guide the winning bid should be much higher than that.

A slightly more humble $21,000 Fiat 500L that Pope Francis was driven around in during his visit to the United States in 2015 was later sold at a charity auction for $82,000."

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Posted by: Chicken N. Backpacks ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 08:37PM

It'll probably be bought by a Saudi billionaire, whose son will wreck it in a week and he'll say "Oh, well..."

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Posted by: CateS ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 08:50PM

That's fine. They'll still have the money for the charities.

Unlike the son of a b!tch who spent $400M on that stupid daVinci yesterday. Holy sh!t what a waste of money that could have gone to a myriad of charitable causes.

Like, for instance saving the African elephants which will now need extra help as our dear leader (Agent Orange) yesterday lifted the ban on the ivory trade into the US.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 09:50PM

Yeah, but the painting is an investment. It appreciates in value (as investments go.) That is what makes it so valuable besides its intrinsic worth. Only rich tycoons who have money to throw away can afford that.

Art for art's sake you can't really put a price tag on IMO.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 09:51PM

I can't imagine having that kind of moolah to spend on one DaVinci.


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Posted by: catnip ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 09:05PM

A DaVinci, Michelangelo, etc. of my very own would be wonderful. I love that quality of art.

But the headache of having the kind of security it would require - no, definitely not worth the trouble. Living on a pension has its good points.

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Posted by: Tommy Monson ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 08:46PM

Don’t you dare ask me to auction off my million dollar armored Audi!

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 16, 2017 09:58PM

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Posted by: op47 ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 11:15AM

Sounds like a nice tractor.

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Posted by: jacob ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 03:55PM

While it seems an impressive act I wonder if he had any choice.

What would a Pope do with a Lamborghini? And if a Pope kept and drove the Lamborghini wouldn't the negative reaction be far greater positivity gained by donating it?

Lamborghini probably got a tax write off as well as intangible goodwill.

This is all just an exercise in appearing to be charitable but just doing the thing that everyone would do anyway.

So not all that impressive, just an indicator that he has a head on his shoulders.

To be fair I would guess that high placed Mormons wouldn't act so rationally.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 05:08PM

In all fairness, when was the last time Lamborghini donated one of their automobiles to the COJCOLDS?

It wouldn't be met with the same response, as the pope.

Nor will TSCC rise to the level of acceptance that Catholicism is in the world. Lamborghini just wouldn't get the same payoff, would it?!


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Posted by: East Coast Exmo ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 05:28PM

It's highly likely that the car was donated with the understanding that it would be auctioned off to charity. No one at Lamborghini is dumb enough to believe that the pope would suddenly start driving a supercar.

This is charitable giving and a publicity campaign for both the car company and the church.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: November 17, 2017 07:37PM

Oh, most definitely.

That it was.

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