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Posted by: illini ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 04:10AM

This reminds me of discussions in elders and high priests quorums:

Sitting in the back room, waiting for the big boom.

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Posted by: donbagley ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 05:14AM

Paranoid apocalypse obsession.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 08:05AM

That dumb ass should have built his cabins in Missouri so he could walk there.

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Posted by: StillAnon ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 09:38AM

Utah leads the nation in doomsday preppers. Lot's of suckers here buying high dollar survival stuff, including 100K bunkers. They're seeing a recent uptick with Trump, North Korea and China. There was a bunker building CEO on the news today pushing the "very real N.Korea nuke activities" angle. I guess when the church pushes all the food storage crap, adding a bunker, AR-15's and hand grenades aren't that much of a stretch.

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Posted by: slskipper ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 09:43AM

Another dirty secret in Mormonism. This thinking is part and parcel of Mormonism in southern Utah. Many years ago in Pleasanton, CA (my old ward) there was a family from southern Utah who were constantly telling everybody that the Apocalypse was coming, that the Jews were in charge of the world and that Mormons needed to get ready for armed conflict to save America. These ideas were absolutely integral to their "testimonies" of The Gospel.As in the article above, they had a house fire, and the firefighters discovered that they were in mortal danger due to enormous stockpiles of explosives. The family was slapped with huge fines. I'm sure they thought they were being attacked by the evil Jewish-controlled Government.

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Posted by: caffiend ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 10:07AM

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 10:19AM

define "progressives"

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 11:46AM

Not really to do with "preppers," but...

I work about a mile from MCAS Miramar. The place that used to be the "Top Gun" school.

We've always had Marine Corps jets/helicopters flying over regularly, low and loud, as we're in the normal takeoff pattern.

In the past week, the number of fighter jets flying over has gone from about 10 per day to well over 200. It's loud, constant, and quite unusual.

One of my co-workers, whose brother works at the base, told me they'd been given orders to "prepare for possible action," so the training has been stepped up considerably.

I'm thinking they're prepping for a possible North Korea involvement. I could be wrong, of course...but the level of activity is highly unusual.

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Posted by: Trails end ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 12:22PM

Good Lard do you tolerate would be fun for a couple days to watch but geez the noise must be something...funny world...always need some jack ass to be afraid of I guess...used to be the Russians...then the Chinese....guess now its the Koreans...seems since the Japan thing it's been the orient to fear...or the middle east...from the casual observer it would appear mankind is truly insane...I will say I've wasted my last thousand prepping for shit that may or may not happen...let er buck...who gives a $&@&...gotta heater in the truck an I'm off to the guys make a run for and Ron will hold em off as long as we can...chuckle

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 01:07PM

What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you...:)

(it does make it challenging to do speaker-phone-conference-calls, we have to pause every few minutes to let the jets pass)

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Posted by: tumwater ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 01:05PM

A friend, because of his truck driving job, uses GPS all the time. He's mentioned that lately he's been having trouble connecting to the satellites and the quality is down grade. He thinks the military satellites are be repositioned and the quality of the signal available for civilians is degraded.

Another item, a soldier I know just returned after 6 months is Africa, same area that the 4 soldiers were killed a couple months ago. He's been told he's going back in May 2018, but right now, he too has been given orders to "prepare for possible action," also in Korea.

So it appears the military is being prep for a conflict with someone, more than likely North Korea.

Heaven help us.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 01:15PM

At last, North Korea will soon be open for missionary work, tapeworms provided!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/01/2017 01:16PM by elderolddog.

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Posted by: StillAnon ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 01:20PM

Love the tapeworm reference. However, if Trump has his way, no missionary effort until the ground stops glowing.

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Posted by: Phazer ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 04:07PM

Hard to say. The 2018 Olypics are going to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea

I don't think they want a nuclear winter neighbor.

However nukes is the quickest way to melt down 100,000 artillery tanks / guns.

Whatever it is, conflict with North Korea will be real quick. Russia and China will stand down and not get involved.

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Posted by: Nole Girl ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 05:06PM

My house was built in the late 50'sand I have a genuine foot thick concrete bomb shelter under my screened porch. It has running water and electricity but I could never see myself taking refuge in that claustrophobic hole so the only things stored in are lawn supplies. It's damp so food is out and I've made it abundantly clear that no weapons or explosive material will be allowed on my property.

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Posted by: East Coast Exmo ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 06:28PM

No one is messing with the Global Positioning System. If what you say were happening, it would make the international news. The system is heavily monitored, even by the commercial world, because so many people rely on it.

There would be no need to move satellites around to support a regional conflict because the system was designed to be "global". Also, it's the same satellites that transmit the military and civilian signals.

They don't degrade the "civilian" signal anymore because it would horribly affect a lot of innocent people and the military now has localized jamming capability:

However, it is possible that your friend was driving near a military base where they were testing jammers. Such jamming is scheduled and you can find notices of GPS outages here:
Or perhaps he's been driving near truckers who are operating illegal GPS jammers. Such things are readily available on the gray market, but extremely illegal to operate in the US.

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Posted by: pollythinks ( )
Date: December 01, 2017 06:01PM

This appears like the work of a sole operator nut, who thought his life was so much more valuable than others, that it should be preserved.

Well, a very minor (in comparison to a true holocaust) did occur, but no one came forward to proudly beat his breast and tell the world, "I built it".

(Who knows?---He may already be dead, or even in jail for having done some other nutty thing.)

There is no shortage of nuts in the world.

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