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Posted by: perky ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 06:40PM

Below is a quote from our new Dr., Mr Science prophet. It shows how far out of context he will go just to make a point and appeal to the average under-educated and willing to doubt my doubt Mormon.

"Yet some people erroneously think that these marvelous physical attributes happened by chance or resulted from a big bang somewhere. Ask yourself, “Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary?” The likelihood is most remote. But if so, it could never heal its own torn pages or reproduce its own newer editions!"

Claiming the "children of gays can't be baptized" was a "revelation" is another revelation about this guy.

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 07:58PM

Yeah, not even original -- it's a clear ripoff of the old creationist canard, first put forth (and then also ripped off by the creationists!) by British Astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle.

The "tornado in a junkyard" fallacy. :)'s_fallacy

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Posted by: Anonymous 2 ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:00PM

Wasn't Nelson a doctor!??

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Posted by: Particles of Faith ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:11PM

I believe he was a cardiovascular surgeon...Spencer Kimball’s surgeon if memory serves.

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:15PM

Yeah, but that's just the "learning of men."
Being an asspostle (or profit) takes precedence -- you have to perpetuate the myths. Or else you lose your spot in the hierarchy.

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Posted by: ziller ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:23PM

in b 4 ~ this Profit Nelson dude is gonna be sum hella funn ~

brb ~ dud is a freaking heart-doctor ~

in b 4 ~ this a$$hole lives to be 12o years old or something like Dr. DeBakey ~


JUS' lol @ THE STOOPID mOROnic so-called ch--ch ~

FTA ~ oh yeah and a nother thing ~

fuck Monson ~ wood piss on his grave / 10 ~ (ssrs ) ~

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 06:26PM

D@mn it, you took my piss on his grave statement i wanted to make. You are good ziller you might be the best.

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Posted by: donbagley ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:35PM

Heart physician, heal thyself!

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Posted by: sunbeep ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:39PM

Yeah, he was a scientist, even owned his own nuclear power plant and employed people like Homer Simpson. I could be wrong but I believe his real name is Charles Montgomery Burns, or as an apostle he would use; Charles M. Burns.

Now tell me if these two are not related.

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 08:48PM

I think he'd prefer C. Montgomery Burns as an apostle...:)

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Posted by: cheezus ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 04:16PM

That’s what I have been proclaiming from the mountain tops. I hope he has an assistant named Smithers.

“Smithers! Take off my belt.”

“With pleasure sir.”

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Posted by: slskipper ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 10:09PM

No, an explosion in a print shop could not produce a dictionary. But it could produce some fragments that would be readable, and actual molecules (as opposed to printing type) could encounter conditions that would permit them to add on to each other and make some sort of copies of themselves. Note that the printed results, in the case of a print shop explosion, do not have to make sense. A basic assumption of Creationism is that modern humans are the obvious and ultimate biological exemplar of perfection. We all know that is risible. We humans have many genes that do nothing. We have genes that mutate, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, in about equal proportions. And a beneficial mutation in one circumstance can be detrimental if conditions change. The allegory posits that a logical, alphabetically ordered dictionary is the obvious comparison to modern humans. It is not.

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Posted by: MCR ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 05:59PM

This silly allegory also erroneously assumes that, going forward, only a dictionary that assembled its pieces into a language form that it started with originally would be useful. I'm reminded of an AI experiment in which two AI traders traded with each other. The experiment was stopped when the devices evolved a system for trading that the humans could no longer understand. Just because a life-form three-and-a-half billion years after the explosion in the print shop cannot read the resulting text, doesn't mean the text isn't a dictionary.

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Posted by: Lethbridge Reprobate ( )
Date: January 03, 2018 10:16PM

Always wondered how a world class chest cracker like Nelson would or could deny all his scientific knowledge that is at odds with the doctrine he defends....if indeed he really believe the cult BS.

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 10:24AM

The same way that young-earth creationist christian doctors can.

They compartmentalize.

Their practice of modern medicine on modern humans -- especially as surgeons -- doesn't depend daily on accepting the fact of evolution. Though they learned it in college/med school, they're not evolutionary biologists who deal with it every day. They open people up and fix stuff. They come up with new techniques for fixing stuff. They can be very talented at doing that, and very smart, and very accomplished, and still have shoved biological fact into some corner of their brain where it sits unused. It just doesn't matter to their day-to-day surgical practice (at least in their minds).

Most of them, though, aren't leaders of their religions, just members. And they don't go around the world spewing their nonsense while keeping their brain compartments closed. In that sense, Nelson is out of the ordinary -- which I suspect just means he has to really, really do some extraordinary mental gymnastics to keep his science-that-conflicts-with-my-religion compartment shut tight...

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 10:36AM

Could just one ridiculous unsubstantiated First Vision lie produce a whole new cult with millions of followers? The likelihood is most remote. But if so, it could never hide its own flawed deception or produce newer editions of the same.

(I'm just procrastinating starting work at this point.)

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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 02:18PM

I once wrote an "Onionesque" article about how a tornado in a
junk yard in Arkansas had assembled a working 747 jet airliner,
and how creationists were rethinking their position.

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 03:05PM

Nowadays, they'd probably just denigrate the 747 as outdated and obsolete, and claim a tornado couldn't create a A-380, so they still win :)

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Posted by: presleynfactsrock ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 04:40PM

Dr.Nelson has an excellent bio as a successful, innovative surgeon who has saved lives and helped many. I cannot doubt that he is a very hard worker, and very, very bright and that his career has kept him extremely busy.

Couple this with the second career he has chosen in the LDS Church and what I see is the same forces at work. I believe he is someone who is hooked on fame, power, and fortune. I believe most every doctor likes all three, so he is the position to get a double dose with his choice to have both careers in his life.

A double dose is heady.....VERY heady.

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Posted by: xxMMMooo ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 05:46PM

I suspect like most smart folks, President Nelson (sounds weird still) not only compartmentalizes but metaphorizes and allegorizes the doctrines so they don't really mean what they seem to mean on the surface.

And he knows in his position he has to speak to millions of people who AREN'T particular adept at sciencey stuff and so he's speaking to a lot of simpletons who don't get metaphor and just want everything literally laid out.

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Posted by: kairos ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 06:18PM

What kind of a house does nelson live in- palace or apartment?

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Posted by: Dr Science ( )
Date: January 04, 2018 07:08PM

Most Doctors use Medical Science the same way a mechanic uses Physics and Engineering... from a technician's viewpoint.

Highly skilled technician, yet a technician.

Also, some Doctors advance medical science but that is a far cry from Physics and Cosmology.

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