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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 20, 2018 07:54PM

Can be overwhelming and directionless. Does anybody else have a better comparison? Being released from being a prisoner of war for a long time maybe?

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Posted by: saucie ( )
Date: January 20, 2018 09:53PM

Just wondering if you've ever left prison so that you really

know what it feels like?

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 20, 2018 11:38PM

I have been locked up for 6 months of my life but i would not compare it to leaving a cult you were in for decades.

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Posted by: readwrite ( )
Date: January 22, 2018 08:39AM

But you are.

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 22, 2018 09:44AM

readwrite Wrote:
> But you are.

I mean like being in for the same amount of time, like decades.

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Posted by: paintingnotloggedin ( )
Date: January 20, 2018 10:40PM

first, I think you could make an income marketing :lists of writing topics" for educators. This is a real item. Further some publishers add writing activities to texts & you could correlate writing topics for them, or relative to shorts and story excerpts they provided. You know how to make relevant emotionally engaging topics- you have the energy or something you make superior "writing prompts". There are lists for Journal writing, and lists for what you'd do if ___ setting up situational topics. I think you'd be great at making writing topics. Marketing them. Some are just lists of topics. Other are writing prompts spaced in lists at the top of a page (to Xerox or project on the screen or have a child open their tablet to). Some leave little spaces to write a paragraph beneath them. It would help if you got a reading list for grade levels or some sequence of skills objectives and paralleled your writing topics to some of them. But you could have an income. Just wanted to compliment you on this.

But I really wanted to address your topic. I think that there is the opposite happening leaving the Mormon church than leaving prison. See from my understanding, educating prisoner's children in secondary ed, apparently, persons in prison most frequently are identified with tribal gangs... so when this prisoner may leave prison they never leave their gang identity. (and this prison gang identity may be tattooed by then on their skin so its unavoidable, further, this prison gang identity might be somehow attached to their hair or skin or face so whenever they see themselves they see the gang identity superimposed on and little limited self left them.)

that's the difference between exiting the Mormon church- when you exit you exit your Mormon identity and they may shun you too. So you are without tribal. Mormon was your gang. got no gang. There is no Mormon to claim anymore anywhere with anyone to anyone. So you are without identity. take off your garments rip them off go buy Sears underware and you aren't anyone anywhere anymore anything you lost your Mormon identity. its gone. drop your quad in the trash, trash your primary chorister song book or bishops binder and you dropped your last Mormon calling identity in the trash can.

the gang people have it tattoed on them. They may be in tribal ethnic prison gang and see that prison gang whenever they look in the mirror or see a child in their family - it would be like a mirror of prison gang ethnic identity particularly with color coded clothing scattered all across the family. Like a mirror rippling of little prions (no) prison gangster flashback table size keep flashing between little family big gang family moments in colors and looks and tattoos all around. Music may possible also be a trigger.

whats a Mormon to do? avoid the tattoos. throw away your CTR ring. Stop wearing the garments. Avoid listening to Mormon converence talks repeatedly when you drive to work, stop singing primary songs- music triggers. authorized Mormon gang clothing (white) triggers. underware style (long) triggers. Just do you best. and you need a new identity now.

those prison gang folks carry their identity all over stores music cars schools sports teams its everywhere they don't need to be in prison. but Mormons leave their gang and got no one no more no where !!! prison gang folks are no never long alone always recognized by others wearing the color-- poor Mormons leabing the gang. alone. no gang. No Mormon facebook. No Mormon bar b qs. no raider princess beauty pagents parties. oh sorry. I am not a gangster, have no color, have no tribe. And I noticed- life among prison gangsters I claimed Mormon instead. When I left Mormon gang without membership in any other gang- its as if I were dead.

oh thank god for my family. (marriage & kids) Folks in Utah maybe need not apply- this view may be unique to Mormon folks near federal prisons, I wouldn't know about anyone else & think I'm not a particularly exciting example of exit from the Mormon gang.

disclaimer: there are, Mormon families whom I have met that manage to be both, descendents of prison gang or currently claiming prison gang affiliates carefully wearing prison gang colors while concurrently keeping temple recommends- but Adam, seriously, I do not know how they do it. That's some serious ___ compartmentalizing that even I do not yet. comprehend. then they would go inactive or exit Mormon gang tribal commandments they might be full on incorporated more thoroughly into their prison gang, so that might slow them down seriously considering exiting their Mormon Gang temple garments God has rules strategy (protective strategy) so I'm not recommending it.

Prison gangsters always are owned never get free where ever they reside. Mormons leave and leave the Mormon gang.

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 20, 2018 11:36PM

So are you saying leaving a cult is worse?

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Posted by: paintingnotloggedin ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 12:14AM

adam I was saying that those in established prison gang affiliate identities maintain them all their life long- wherever they reside. They may reside in prison, they may reside in the a town, they may reside even if they never ever enter or go to prison or any form of incarceration. A prison gang affiliate jumped in to their gang who has never been incarcerated- maintains that identity all life long, where ever they are at. this identity Is often etched in literally (tattooed on their skin dye etched in sunk into their actual skin) and they wear coordinating clothing colors, its their identity.

the Mormon cult / culture/ establishes an identity which is a temporary identity which can be maintained or dis engaged from and un established, by choice, if ever a cult member actually wants it.

So there is choice in leaving Mormonism, and there is no choice in being born into a prison gang with your father's last name tattooed across your back or family gang tattoos in your skin as teen agers... who have never been to prison but have prison brought to them, born in, gang affiliated for life. These are owned by the gang if you understand this or not. They need never have been in prison.

but in the Mormon world you though born in, or baptized by choice, always have a choice and a voice you can vote with your feet, take your garments off and live without white underware on. You have a choice in Mormon membership, you have rights to exit, there is no gauntlet to run no violence following you, no violence on the street because you were born to a family wearing the long underware or in the -- ward.

And so Adam, I am changing the topic. I can not directly answer your question, because, Adam, I thought about it, and I changed the comparison. I changed the comparison being discussed so for you, I guess, there is no answer. Only more questions & a different comparison.

Be well- get well. Until that time- P

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Posted by: unbelievable2 ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 12:29AM

I think another difference is that a person in prison has been judged by society to be a threat due to criminal acts and must pay for their crime. Assuming that person only did one crime which is unusual because most often it's a web of issues going on that gets him/her into trouble. That person loses thir place in society and if he or she gets out they have a criminal record. It's hard for that person to get a job, find an apartment, vote, etc. These folks still live in hell even if they get out. They may get shunned as a social outcast. They victimized themselves and others and may have blood on their hands. Eternal punishment may be waiting for them in the future.

Leaving the cult carries no social labels. No one knows about you unless you tell them. And they may be fascinated that you had the courage to overcome this personal hell and are rebuilding a new life, identity, worldview, etc. They may want to help you. While the scars of abuse, deprivation, exploitation and brainwashing may still afflict you, you are free to make smart choices because you have learned to overcome the crimes that were committed against you when the cult stole your money, time and talents in endless callings etc. You are no longer a victim. You stooped the abuse, pain, fears, and are leaving your past behind you. You don't have to worry about looking over your shoulder now nor an eternal punishment. You are good, free, happy and in control.

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Posted by: vigilant ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 11:02AM

well at least in prison they don't tell you what to believe, don't conduct interviews concerning your sexual habits nor inquire as to your financial status, they do make you wear special clothing however.

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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 03:15AM

Like moving to a foreign country.

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 12:07PM

I can see that.

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Posted by: Shorty ( )
Date: January 21, 2018 11:46AM

Shorter version, from painting's excellent posts:

The two don't really compare, but it's still useful to compare them (for healing).

Prison - A "prison" identity is nearly impossible to shed, even if someone wanted to. Their "community" and any family/friends usually remains unchanged, whether they are in or out of prison. They don't lose their "gang" family, and beliefs about that gang and family remain unchanged.

Cult - Not only do you lose your community and likely your family/friends, but also, nearly your entire identity, which was slathered by everything Mormon. -What you thought and believed, how you dressed and wore your hair, the rituals and attendance, everything is gone, and you have to start over.

Leaving a prison is not leaving behind the only things you've ever known.

Note about ex-cons and gang members - Yes. Were they to leave their gang, THAT could be worse than leaving a cult, because ex-gang members are also subject to a death penalty by the ones they left. Plus, there's all the social and economic hardships of learning a "clean" life while trying to support yourself, usually knowing only the "gang methods " and beliefs from a very early age, likely, born into a gang.

So, leaving a cult may be more like leaving a gang, without the death penalty.

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Posted by: readwrite ( )
Date: January 22, 2018 08:37AM

How is 'being released from prison' or as a P.O.W.? Experience much?

This is not just any cult, it's LDS CULTure. It's awful. It's sick. It's twisted (and twisting further, if that's possible).

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: January 22, 2018 09:49AM

readwrite Wrote:
> How is 'being released from prison' or as a
> P.O.W.? Experience much?
> This is not just any cult, it's LDS CULTure. It's
> awful. It's sick. It's twisted (and twisting
> further, if that's possible).

Well i couldn't think of anything else to compare it with as far as having to make a big adjustment to life and the real world. But you are right nothing is more sick for the mind.

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