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Posted by: smirkorama ( )
Date: June 12, 2018 05:35PM

First off, let me apologize for citing for reference an official LDS Inc affiliated web site. However, when outing MORmON idiocy, going to the very source/ origin of that MORmON idiocy is often necessary and even essential for fully pointing out and describing the MORmON idiocy, as in this instance.

I find it hilarious when MORmONISM has to back out of any of its way overboard CULTIST teachings and indoctrination to try to rescue; A. Its own image. B Its member victims. that kind of actions serves as a de facto admission that MORmONISM is NOT nearly as "true" and as divinely directed as MORmONS would like to think and like to assert.

Most of us post LDS are well aware of the most horrendous examples of MORmON doctUrinal flip flopping -like the Keystone BOM doctUrine that dark skin tone is an indication of a person .....or an entire race being spiritually defective and a subsequent well deserved curse from MORmON God.....but EVEN SO MORmONS and THE (MORmON) church are NOT racist, and they are really THE greatest advocates and THE gosh darn best friends that (filthy, loathsome) dark skinned people have ever had...... according to current (highly revisionist) MORmON accounts.

then there is the example of MORmON Family home evening (program) -an official MORmON program intended to counteract and shield faith FOOL MORmON members from the completely consuming busy-ness that MORmONISM would otherwise intentionally inflict on its members in the interest of performing MORmON style duties to the extent that MORmON members would NOT have any time left to actually interact with their beloved MORmON families that are supposed to be their REAL priority. So LDS Inc has designate one night per week so that faith FOOL MORmONS can actually concentrate on actually spending time with their family, IN SPITE of the other high demands of the MORmON cult.

Sure Movies and other contemporary cultural entertainment has at various times pushed the notion of soul mates and romantic love for entertainment purposes, but they have a long ways to go to catch up to eternal marriage promoting MORmONISM on promoting the notion of soul mates.

I mean Hollywood does NOT have an official pre mortal existence where a soul mate style relationships could be more fully founded, BUT MORmONISM DOES!!!!!!

It is super hypocritical for THE (MORmON) Church which teaches a pre mortal existence and eternal marriage ( which is NOT technically possible) to do a a critical turn around to attack others for promoting the notion of soul mates/ extreme romantic love, AS IF it is those other entities (THOSE OTHER GUYS !!!!) that have MORmON youth so worked up and distraught on the topic of eternal marriage (SOUL MATES and Romantic Love) and other MORmON style family oriented "eternal" concerns that MORmON youth feel completely overwhelmed and end up with a sense emptiness, hopelessness and gloom/ despair.

IN the next life, a faith FOOL temple married/ sealed MORmON expects to be endlessly interminably married to another person/ mate from the previous existence of mortality base on previous commitments made in the previous existence of mortality. But then MORmONISM wants to poke fun at the notion that certain people in Mortality may feel connected from an existence previous to mortality, an existence which MORmONISM insists is a critical reality of the MORmON gospel plan, and insists that people made OTHER binding commitments in that existence prior to coming to mortality, including covenants related to the almighty MORmON plan of salvation and who would ultimately be entitle to administer that great plan ( of Salvation)as the great MORmON Jesus and savior.

AS IF MORmONISM has not overtly endorsed the notion of soul mates at various time through out its history.

My MORmON Male parent, who was a convert, adamantly insisted that he was destined to join THE ( MORmON) church to temple marry his MORmON sweetheart based on commitments made to her in the MORmON pre mortal existence. Then there are MORmON plays like Saturdays Warrior that are based on the same notion.

My last big point; Idiot Crap like that totally screws with young people's minds, keeping them off balance emotionally and mentally when they badly need a foundation of stability to start their adult lives.

I know that is what it did to me !!!!!

And so LDS Inc MORmON priestDUD bumbles onward, demanding MOReMONey for their MORmON money making schemes based on their supposed superior appreciation and comprehension of what MORmON Jesus really wants. Behind them is the rubble of many MORmON lives damaged and ruined by their self serving MORmON based edicts and instructions.

*Thanks* MORmONISM !!!!!

....any body else notice what a bunch of bumbling bull in a china shop DUMB ASSES that MORmON leaders really are ????

I mean, IF believing in soul mates , OR NOT, will get members to pay tithing then fine, but MORmON youth are feeling overwhelmed so LDS inc is going to try letting up on the soul mate aspect of overwhelming eternal marriage for right now as some sort of desperation measure as an attempted solution. If that does not work ..... ( what will LDS Inc priestDUD leadershit breathUrine try next ??????.....whatever it is, it must be true !!!! )

Yah, just listen to the MORmON PRofit, WHATEVER the current MORmON message really is !!!, you MORmON youth, and then everything will be just fine !!!!!

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Posted by: Josephina ( )
Date: June 12, 2018 05:54PM

I would love to see them drop the crazy secret temple stuff and open temple doors to all--whole families allowed to see the marriages of their loved ones. Make the temple a truly spiritual place that they once promised me (a convert) that it was.

There are now so many divorces after sealings that I don't understand how anyone can believe in pre-existent marriage promises, anyway.

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: June 12, 2018 06:22PM

dumb asses the leaders are.

I believed that God would bring that one and only into my life. I was SURE OF IT. Even mormon guys I worked with couldn't believe I wouldn't marry a nonmormon I worked with, that they worked with. I wasn't getting any dates with mormons, but I was dating a lot of nonmormons. I wasn't even going to date nonmormons until a mormon neighbor told me to. But I thought all my friends were being blessed with their one and only and what was wrong with me?

And I'm sure you know my story. And the leaders just messed with us. They were just a bunch of voyeurs. They hadn't a clue what they were doing. I've had people tell me that I shouldn't have listened, but weren't we taught that we were to listen to our leaders?

Oh, yes, I believed in that soul mate. I trusted the leaders.

Even my dad used to ask me "Did you know he was gay before you married him?" And I'd avoid answering. He'd say, "I know you are smarter than that." After years I finally told him the leaders told me it was my job to save him and my dad was FURIOUS.

Now I see all these mormon marriages and how unhappy they are. My ex and I were happier than they were and are.

(And I have been with that nonmormon they all thought I should marry for 13+ years now.)

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Posted by: MCR ( )
Date: June 13, 2018 03:01PM

I can think of 6 women right off hand who temple-married their Mormon soul-mate, whom they promised in the pre-existence, and then their soul-mate beat the ever-livin' sh!t out of them. And as I think about it a little--I'm counting up to 8 since I wrote 6--I can think of more. That's what drove them out of the church, and for most, it took a long time to grasp the reality that temple-marriage doesn't protect them--it doesn't mean anything--and their leaders wouldn't protect them either. Only 1, of those I know, stayed with the church. For the others, it was life or death. Choose to believe in soul-mated, temple-marriage, and take responsibility for saving your marriage--as the leaders instructed--or live. The one that stayed choose to leave the wife-beater and keep the church--she didn't worry about the cog dis of inspired leadership. At least one member of her family still doesn't forgive her for divorce, though.

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Posted by: eminion ( )
Date: June 13, 2018 04:16PM

MCR, make that 9 that married in the temple and had the ever-livin shit out of them!

Yes, it was a choice of stay in the temple marriage or live. I chose to live, even if it meant all the eligible Mormon men thought I was "damaged goods." I was a divorcee forced to attend a student singles ward at the time, and several dates had the nerve to tell me that! (My answer to them was, "You want a virgin, because you know you won't measure up, sexually, by comparison.)

Though I married a few years later, and had children and a life, the stigma of divorced followed me, until my husband (a TBM) and I left the cult, along with our kids. It was the best solution.

At BYU, this was one of the most over-used lines, that they Mormon RM's would use on the unsuspecting women:

"I know that we knew each other in the pre-existance."

I dated a lot, and I can't tell you how many guys used that line on me. Some of those young men were decent people--Harvard or Stanford educated, charming, good-looking, from good families--but the moment they said that line, It was over. When I foolishly married a phony who was after my money, I had long-since graduated BYU, been through grad school, had broken up with the love of my life because he didn't want children or a permanent home, had the beginnings of a career, was a 25-year-old "old maid," I thought I was never going to find "Soul-mate" number 2. This put me in a vulnerable position, opening the door to a new, even smoother RM con-artist to tell me multiple lies, and make them believable--like his GA family had taught him to do all his life.

Can you imagine all the lies and trickery JS used on those poor women? Can you imagine being talked into Polygamy? I think this might be a Mormon skill or trait, passed on and refined through many generations.

Mormonism makes me sick. PTSD.

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Posted by: jett ( )
Date: June 13, 2018 06:57PM

When the cultists talk like this, they sound like immature children. They can't understand how they sound, they think they are right. First sign of a mental illness. It amazes me my TBM family is so hardcore that they are willing to believe without a doubt everything the cult says to them is true. That is the only way. It is maddening.

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