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Posted by: Crazy horse ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 09:26PM

Ok it will not be easy telling them I am done! They will say what concerns do you have and won't stop or understand that I am done! What should I say to them, Mormon missionaries are very aggressive and never take no for anything!

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 09:29PM IS easy.

Tell them "I'm done. I'm not going to get baptized. Ever. Thank you, goodbye."

They will say, "What concerns do you have?"

You reply, simply and easily, "I'm done. I'm not going to get baptized. Ever. Thank you, goodbye."

Repeat as needed. You don't have to answer their questions. You don't have to explain anything. Even the most aggressive, dim, indoctrinated mormon will get the message after a few repetitions of the above.

So make sure to keep it easy. And simple.
Like ripping off a band-aid, it's only annoying for a few seconds, then it's over.

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Posted by: Aquarius123 ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 07:25PM

What hie said! You can do it! I'm rooting for you!

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Posted by: bona dea ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 09:41PM

You could even email them and cut off contact that way. Tell them as much as you want them to know. You dont owe them an explanation unless you want to give one. If you do, make it short and say that you arent going to discuss it any further. They will probably try to contact you or come over, but dont answer the phone or door or just say that you emailed them that you were done and meant it. Then hang up, close the door or walk away.Block their email.I would not get into a conversation at least after the initial one.
Dont be rude unless absolutely necessary, but be firm.It is up to you to decide who is allowed in your home and who you talk to on the phone. Remember that.

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Posted by: Crazy horse ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 09:45PM

Thank you, I will be rude if they don't respect my wishes but I will keep saying what you said I don't want to be baptized ever" and don't, I am grieving and the perfect target for them to start pressuring me to be baptized!

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Posted by: bona dea ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 09:50PM

Avoid any contact or conversation with them after you tell them you are done. They will see it as an opening.If you have to, you can call or write their mission president or threaten them with a restraining order.

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 10:26PM

If you "dog" them, then they will become angry and drop you.

Set up an appointment and then don't answer the door.

After the third time, they won't come back. They hate "flakes".

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Posted by: chipace ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 01:06AM

This is good advice.

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Posted by: chipace ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 01:16AM

Tell them you have had a vision where you see them 2 years from now, married to a girl they dated for 2 months, and working as the ward executive secretary, calling people every night asking them to give a sacrament meeting prayer or talk. Tell them that you see them 5 years from now with 2 young kids and a stressed out spouse, and they are stuggling to get thru school. Tell them you saw them 10 years from now with 5 kids, no free time, no money, and a porn addiction.
Let's see how they handle that truth!

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Posted by: nli ( )
Date: August 07, 2018 10:40PM

Use some swear words: "F**k off, you skumbag liars! I'll call the police the next time you contact me! I hate you and your church and everything you have lied to me about. I'd rather go to hell than spend any more time with stupid Mormons like you!"

They'll leave you alone.

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Posted by: GregS ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 08:41AM

"No" or "Goodbye, have a great life...or not."

But if you know that you are a person who has difficulty saying "no", you could always avoid putting yourself in situations where you need to say "no".

Avoidance is a perfectly acceptable alternative, even after you've engaged the missionaries.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 09:21AM

That’s easy. Fill an empty Jack Daniels (or other booze) bottle with Kool Aid. Put on a sexy outfit, pretend you’ve been drinking, and throw yourself at them. Drop lots of F-bombs. They will so freak out, they’ll be happy to get away from Missionary kryptonite.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 10:11AM

You do not owe them an explanation despite how much guilt they pile on you. They have been taught to be master manipulators.

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Posted by: Finally Free! ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 11:49AM

Keep in mind, these people are not your friends. If you were to get baptised (and I'm glad your not going to), you wouldn't hear from them again. Their job will be done. You are the "job".

They may be nice, they may be polite, they may make you feel like they care about your eternal soul. They may actually believe that they do. They are really there just to get you to be baptised. Everything they do has that string attached.

So, you don't have to be rude, but you can be firm. It's pretty simple actually, and you don't even have to have them over to your place if you don't want. You can call and cancel any upcoming appointment. Use the broken record method as ificouldhietokolob stated. Keep in mind, the longer they can talk to you, the better chance they have of breaking through your barriers to talk to you more. Less is definitely more in this case.

Stay firm, stay consistent. As Dave says above, you don't owe them an explanation. These are not your friends, these are not people you'll even see again. You can say "no".

Keep this in mind if they try to follow up later to see if you've changed your mind, because that is, unfortunately likely to happen, even years later.

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Posted by: Cheryl ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 11:52AM

Practice in front of the mirror until it rolls off your tongue. Don't drag it out. Don't try to soften it. Just say it and mean it. Then say goodbye and close the door or hang up the phone.

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Posted by: thedesertrat1 ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 12:14PM

Invite them in for pizza and a beer!!!

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Posted by: Elder What's-his-face ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 12:37PM

You should ask them good questions like-why were 11 of Joseph Smiths wives still married and living with their husbands?

Ask why Joseph Smith did not correct the teachings about the godhead found in the Book of Mormon if he had previously seen and testified to the vision as recorded.

Ask why Jesus Christ (3 Nephi) destroyed all of the cities and the unbelievers after forgiving those who had actually killed him?

Now, you should take the most effective step- ask these questions in church. Ask during class, or ask people in the foyer. You'll be free from the missionaries faster than you can say Kinderhook plates. As an added benefit, you will probably be put on the Do Not Contact list to protect the membership.

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Posted by: GregS ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 12:45PM

Last winter I witnessed a missionary ambush set up my wife's VT. I thought it was just going to be five of us for dinner; my wife and I, the VT and her husband, and VT's friend from the gym.

It turns out three missionaries were also invited. They did their usual spiel; a prayer and an offer to share a message. One of the missionaries turned directly to VT's friend and asked if they could set up a time to teach her more about the church. Without any hesitation or a catch in her throat, she said, "No."

No explanation was offered, and it was very clear by intonation and expression that she considered the topic closed. The missionaries were a bit taken aback, but they wisely determined that there was no point it pursuing it.

I don't know whether VT's friend is still a friend.

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Posted by: cludgie ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 12:45PM

Got a girlfriend? I'll tell you what did it for me and my comp. We went to teach them, and they were banging on the couch. We were afraid to ever come back. That has to be way more fun than confronting them.

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Posted by: Crazy horse ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 02:38PM

Thank you so very much! I don't want to be baptized in the first place and hurting enough

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 06:16PM

You may need to be rude. Would you be kind to a con artist if you knew they were trying to rob you blind?

You kind of walked into their trap. Now you're going to need to put on your big kid's panties, and back out of it.

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Posted by: danr ( )
Date: August 08, 2018 08:48PM

Just use their method. Say "I prayed about it and I am no longer interested in your church".

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Posted by: Visitors Welcome ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 05:43PM

I'd recommend you tell them that you only started meeting them because they were cute and sexy and you only kept going with it because it helped you fantasize about them and now you are getting too much of a craving for mormon mishie boys.

If that doesn't send them running into the street, then they are not into the cult deep enough, so in that case they should understand "just kidding, I just wanna get on with my life".


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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 06:11PM

You have freedom of religion. This is guaranteed by law. That also means that you can be free of any particular religion. You are free to say no. You don't have to explain why. You don't owe the missionaries an explanation for why you don't want to be baptized into the Mormon church.

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Posted by: lostmypasword ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 06:19PM

I would tell them 'I can't talk with you because of the restraining order.'

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Posted by: koriwhore ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 09:46PM

Ask them cogdis inducing questions they can't answer honestly because they are delusional, like?
Why did your church discriminate against blacks by excluding them from the temple when you dont need the Priesthood to enter a a temple? Or
Why do Mormons still sing the praisez of Joseph Smith after admitting he "married" his followers wivez, when that violated the 10 Commandments and the Law of the Priesthood he said God revealed to him?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/09/2018 09:47PM by koriwhore.

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Posted by: Crazy horse ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 12:17AM

Thank you all so very much! I knew it would happen when the next set of missionaries got transferred in their new area, I should have not let them in at all but I am nice! I am done with missionaries

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Posted by: koriwhore ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 03:32PM

I am done.

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