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Posted by: Emperor-Librarian ( )
Date: February 11, 2019 05:16AM

There are so many stories from general conference, local talks, etc., where an authority will stand up and offer a clearly bullcrap story and no one questions, no one bats an eye.

Here are 2 examples from stories that are clearly bull.

1. the woman escaping WW2 on foot in european winter. uses a spoon to dig a grave for her child in the frozen earth before continuing her journey.

2. The dude that walked to slc with a wooden leg from Alpine to work on the temple, opting not to use the train in Lehi, that goes to slc.

Members are just asked to swallow it. The whole thing! you can't ask if the details are accurate. Questioning the ability of a cold, starving woman to dig a grave with a spoon in the middle of war, means you are doubting God himself!

Not to mention all the "the doctors said they'd never (survive/walk/speak/see/etc.) again" stories. Doctors don't know anything. Not like are brave apostles!

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Posted by: logged off today ( )
Date: February 11, 2019 02:15PM

1. "After the meeting [in Karlsruhe] President [Ezra Taft] Benson stood at the rear of the meeting hall and shook hands personally with each person present. …While this was proceeding, President [Max] Zimmer pointed out… a somewhat timid and emaciated sister. She had burlap sacks wrapped round her feet and legs in place of shoes. Even these were now in shreds. Her clothing was patched and tattered. As I looked at her purple-grey face, her swollen red eyes and protruding joints, …I was looking at a person in the advanced stages of starvation."

Even if it were true, this story still makes mormons look bad. You would think that good Prez Zimmer or another of the German mormons there would have been decent or generous enough to bring proper clothes, or feed, this woman who was obviously desperate, but I suppose it was more faith-promoting to bring her as-is and use her as a prop for Prez Benson to marvel at.

2. Some of the John Moyle references on admit that this is a "family tradition," and we all know how accurate those can be. </sarc> So he allegedly walked six hours to SLC every Monday morning and six hours back to Alpine every Friday, week after week, for decades. And none of the good Utah mormons who passed him by all those years, an old man trudging along on a wooden leg, ever stopped to offer him a ride? Brother Brigham or Prez Taylor/Woodruff never offered to help, maybe lending him a horse?

It also seems that old man Moyle was OK with polygamy, as one of his daughters became a plural wife of Chauncey Webb.

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