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Posted by: maude ( )
Date: July 10, 2019 09:22PM

Reminder: When Eric said we'd try out having limited discussion of politics, after years of it not being allowed, he included the requirement that the poster connects the topic to Mormonism. That means it is up to the person originating a thread, or writing a reply, to relate their post to Mormonism. If there is no connection then likely the politics of the topic will get your post deleted.

We don't enjoy deleting posts. We tend to give wide latitude. That is why it can seem to readers that we are letting things go or being inconsistent. First, each one of us has a life away from the board - we're not here 24/7. We may just not have seen a post or thread that you think is obviously breaking board rules. Just because it exists does not necessarily mean it is with Admin approval. There may be a time delay when we either aren't seeing something right away that should be deleted or we are discussing it. The nuances surrounding every topic, and many posts, are challenging. We do strive for consistency and speed of moderation. We're the first to say we don't always get to a trouble spot immediately.

As an aside, the main reason for the no politics rule in the first place was because such discussions usually quickly and easily cause enmities to spring up between posters - not the objective of this board.

If a poster regularly breaks rules and/or causes too much work for Admin in reviewing, editing or deleting many of their posts due to rule breaking, they may be asked to leave. That is usually a last resort for us as we don't enjoy expelling people (unlike a church we all know).

We appreciate all the reports you're sending in as well as your regard for the board. Most of all, it's always great to see people putting themselves out to welcome newcomers and to offer support and advice to people with questions and problems. Please keep it up. And thank you.

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