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Posted by: munchybotazv2 ( )
Date: September 08, 2019 08:49PM

Okay, so here's a coincidence: My insane mother just called me for the sole purpose of suggesting I watch the 2-hour fawning birthday extravaganza. Yeah! There's this family of singers, and Donny Osmond, and did I know President Nelson was the first to do open-heart surgery here in Utah? Well, he's the president of the church, ya know, and he's 95, and it's on Channel 11 right now.

That's pretty much everything she said, and I was too flabbergasted to say anything but "Yes, I've heard that [about the open-heart surgery]," and "Okay, I'll check it out."

I could have said what I was thinking, which was more along the lines of "Have you ever met me?" and "Have you lost your last remaining marble?" but I already know the answers and it would start a pointless argument that I'm just not here for. BTDT. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Those of you who remember me from a few years ago will remember my struggles with Mombotaz. I'm too lazy to write up everything that's happened in my absence from the board, so you'll just have to believe me when I say there's no reason for her to think I might be interested. Really no reason for her to dare make the suggestion, much less to imagine it might somehow melt my hard, cold heart and bring me back to the fold.

What a weirdo!

She's been unusually attentive and friendly since about Mother's Day, I've assumed because she thinks I'm having a hard time⁠—which I'm totally not, but she seems to think I am and that always makes her nicer.

Little does she know, I watched Russell M. Nelson's 95th Birthday Celebration yesterday:,2254215,2254262#msg-2254262

Maybe it was the Holy Ghost. LOL

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Posted by: mootman ( )
Date: September 08, 2019 09:05PM

I remember that Hinckley's 90th birthday, they had a big show at the big conference center. Jennie Oaks played some stunning music with the symphony. It was quite nice.
However knowing what I know about him now and not then, it's a little unsettling, the adulation

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Posted by: munchybotazv2 ( )
Date: September 08, 2019 09:26PM

and every time I watch seems creepier than the last time. You're right, though. The music was nice. I'm a choir geek from way back. If I wasn't sort of somewhat enjoying that part of it, I wouldn't have kept watching.

But my mother is truly nuts for thinking I would ever even consider going back to church. It's been 40 years, ffs, and I'm a serious atheist. Never mind that I resigned. I really do think she's demented.

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Posted by: Mother Who Knows ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 03:36AM

A quote from an article on CL2's thread:

"When someone is recovering from domestic abuse, for example, other people understand and support the need to leave and recover. They don’t question it as a matter of interpretation, and they don't send the person back for more."

As for the hoop-la about Nelson and his activities, it seems the Mormons have stepped it up a few notches, even from the Hinckley days. I think they invent stuff to make the Deseret News almost every day.

For example, I think Nelson's media staff deliberately leaks rumors, before something happens, in order to get curiosity, speculation, and gossip fueled. Nelson's "revelations" happened evenly-spaced, whenever the Mormons start losing the media attention. Most of the revelations aren't life-altering in any way, but just something for people to talk about. Other "revelations" are to back-pedal or gloss over mistakes. Stay in the limelight! Keep Rusty and Wendy's photos in the Mormon-dominated media, and hopefully beyond! Broadcast (on Mormon-owned KBYU) the birthday bash, Russ-and-Wendy trips to wherever, what they say on those trips, Conferences, The Christmas fireside, announcements of garish and splashy temples, and all the photos....

Of course it's a "missionary opportunity", as well as piled-on Mormon media hype. I think the Mormon cult is probably the Number One attention-getter of all the cults! I mean, advertising, self-promoting, missionary-pushing, bodacious and out-of-proportion architecture, stand-out appearance (those white shirts and the long jumper dresses are obnoxious), and behavior that is loud and obnoxious and pushy.

IMO, Mormons are becoming more and more hated. The more people know about the cult, the more they hate it. The more the leaders lie and back-pedal, the more evil they seem. The more the cult buys land and builds, the more money-grabbing LDS, Inc. becomes. They are moving further and further away from Love and Christ.

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Posted by: munchybotazv2 ( )
Date: September 10, 2019 03:31AM

I like that someone has come up with a description other than PTSD. I also agree about the attention-seeking. I've wondered if it really wasn't like that in the 1970s when I was forced to participate, or if it's just the internet calling more attention to it.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: September 08, 2019 11:34PM

The birthday boy should wear a temple-ready white Elvis costume.

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Posted by: Wally Prince ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 01:03AM

By all means, a huge amount of resources (human and financial) SHOULD be mobilized by the Church to honor, glorify and pay homage to the Maximum Leader, also known as the Prophet, Seer, Revelator, President and Dear and Beloved Leader of the Church. Yes, this SHOULD be done for God's humble servant, Russell M. Nelson.

It's not God paying respect to the Nelson. It's the little people knowing their place and paying respect. Maybe this big birthday party for Nelson will help the little people realize just how important it is to pay a full tithe. Maybe they'll be thinking: "What? No fireworks? No birthday message in the sky put there by a good sky-writing contractor? What? No parade of 20 marching bands?" Well, if you little people would pay more tithing and contributions, we could have nice things like that for our Prophet.

Just sayin'.

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 11:38AM

tithing, it never occurred to me that my tithing was paying for things like his birthday bash. They don't talk about all this lavish spending like their trips around the world coming from your tithing money. I should have figured it out, but I didn't, and I tend to wonder how many stop and think about it.

My daughter refused to go to City Creek because of this very issue even if she is TBM. She doesn't want to discuss it.

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 01:07PM


A bunch of us believed those lies that they used their own money and that the church reimbursed them for travel and lodgings so they were thrifty and frugal. Aka, flying coach and sleeping in budget inns. All perpetuated bullshit.

If I hadn't left the church then I wouldn't know how to compartmentalize all their temporal expenditures. I see a local vineyard where the church welfare farm used to be. They made off like bandits in real estate sales.

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 02:03PM

I never once thought that my tithing was going for these events.

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Posted by: heartbroken ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 05:33PM

Whenever I complain about tithing money being spent inappropriately I'm told it's not the tithing money that is used. LDS Inc. invests the tithing money. The interest it makes is not counted as tithing and can be used for frivolous things such as birthday parties and shopping malls. Technically it's not tithing. That is how LDS Inc. justifies spending it on whatever they wish.

I think LDS Inc. looks at the interest and profits earned as a big pot of gold to be used on anything they wish. It's not tithing money so they don't need to be discretionary. They build build shopping malls, purchase real estate and have lavish birthday bashes for their prophet who should be a humble servant and not have an elaborate, televised birthday bash. Did Moses have a birthday bash?

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 01:10PM

I have to ask.

Did Wendy jump out of cake or did she eat the whole thing?

Outside of Utah, there's no news on such event.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: September 09, 2019 06:09PM

Munchy, I don't think there is any need to promise to watch something like that. Just tell her, "I'm glad that you are enjoying it."

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Posted by: munchybotazv2 ( )
Date: September 10, 2019 03:25AM

I might have said something else if I hadn't already watched the stupid thing. I was taken aback that she called to tell me that and only that, like hurry up and watch this. It was super extra weird, and that's really saying something with Munchymomom.

Plus I just refuse to get into it with her anymore. I did watch the show, and if she asks me about it I can talk matter-of-factly about it. It doesn't have to bug me that she wants me to go to church, and she can go ahead and hope or whatever it is she thinks.

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