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Posted by: CuriousNeverMorm ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 09:27AM

So I’m not Mormon but married into a family that’s halfway in. One of the brothers got married yesterday or sealed I guess. We all went afterwards for pictures outside the temple. My curiousness though is about the timeline. The closest temple is a couple hour drive. He had to be to the temple at around 3pm. All the other temple family didn’t go until like 4-5? Then we did pictures outside around 5:30. Why did he go earlier than everyone r else? And then what was happening once everyone got there for an hour? I asked what was going on and one of his brothers gave me a copy of a magazine called ensign and said it had all the answers. Read it while waiting and it didn’t give any answers.

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Posted by: CrispingPin ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 09:43AM

If you didn’t get the answers, you weren’t asking the right questions.

Seriously-Mormon leaders say that BS.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 09:53AM

By all accounts, the sealing (wedding) ceremony is rather quick, about 15-20 minutes. It could be that both he and his bride needed to be early in order to give her time to get ready (there is a bride's room where the bride can put on her dress and robes, and fix her makeup and hair.) Since the temple is so far away, it's also possible that he and/or his bride needed to do a ceremony that must be completed prior to the sealing called "the endowment." It is a quasi-Masonic ceremony. A lot of what happens in the temple is derived from Masonry, of which the church's founder Joseph Smith was a member.

The Ensign is just the monthly church magazine, and it won't tell you anything special.

One thing that you should be aware of is that Mormons can be very aggressive about promoting their religion. Don't be surprised if a pair of Mormon missionaries show up at your home. If that happens, just tell them firmly that you have no interest and that you want them to never bother you again.

Feel free to keep reading and posting here if you wish. This board is for anyone who is affected by Mormonism.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 11:58AM

First I had to laugh that you were handed an Ensign and told that all the answers were in it. Sooooo Mormon. The MO for Mormons is to either in their General Conference talks or magazines to give the illusion that they have said many things of great importance when actually it was a big word salad that said nothing. Like the Ensign. It's all bluff because they have nothing of substance. Everything about the Temple ceremony is kept secret because it is embarrassing and only acceptable if you have been indoctrinated.

Like they always said the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel. You can read it but there's no fullness of the Mormon gospel. None of it has anything to do with their temples or laws to obey or anything else Mormon today. And yet they still claim it as all the answers. Its mostly wars between the whites and the wicked browns in chariot with horses and steel swords and people killing each other by the millions.

There is no reason I know of that the brother had to be to the temple early unless he had some personal business to take care of. The hour before is just getting ready. They have to put on their special temple clothes--All white clothing for the men with Baker's hats and green aprons and all white for the women with the fig leaf aprons and veils on their heads. You can find it on line if you google Mormon Temple Costumes,

If its still like way back when I was Mormon and witnessed a marriage, the bride goes to a special room and puts on her wedding dress and then puts the temple garb over it. Her mother and other friends may be there to help. The look is ridiculous. Then she and the groom in his outfit stand in line of everyone getting married. When it is their turn they kneel at an alter and face the Priesthood temple worker who is going to marry them and make vows to him more about the church than to each other. Not real romantic.

They may have had to be their early to get it all done and not miss their turn.

I really hope no more of your family converts. Please study hard if you are ever tempted to join.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 12:14PM

Oh, another thing. You may have been given the Ensign to read as a way to get you to be more interested in Mormonism. Conversion tool. They would hope you would be touched by all the "beautiful and spiritual" messages in it and see Mormonism as something special and hunger for more.

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Posted by: logged off this weekend ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 12:37PM

"a magazine called ensign and said it had all the answers"

LOL. Typical lazy ass mormon to simply hand you their stupid magazine. Yeah, you'll probably start getting missionary visits (as in several to many) any time now. You're now a project, hooray!

The mormon temple endowment ritual, stolen from the Masons, has been clandestinely recorded and is available on YouTube, much to mormons' wailing and gnashing of teeth. Just go to YT and type in "mormon endowment video" or something like that.

MormonThink is a great resource to see through all the culty mormon BS coming soon to you.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 01:57PM

Going only for photos of family / friends who went inside the temple...

Isn't that like going to a great car show in a beat-up Pinto?

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Posted by: Katya ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 03:08PM

They would have been washed, anointed and endowed during the time you were outside. They would also have to buy special robes and underwear in this time. No, I'm not making this up! They have to wear the same underwear for the rest of their lives.

Many people also visit with the temple presidency before their endowment, and have a Q&A session.

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Posted by: Pooped ( )
Date: October 13, 2019 03:49PM

All that washing, endowing, and anointing is done days, if not years, before the wedding. It would be extremely unusual to get all that stuff done in only an hour before the wedding and only in a case of Mormon royalty who requested special privileges. Buying the robes and underwear isn't even done at the temple. They are either ordered online through Beehive clothing or at a special Beehive clothing store.

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Posted by: CuriousNeverMorm ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 07:25PM

Thanks for your answers everyone. Don’t worry I have no interest whatsoever in joining or anything related to joining. Half my partners siblings are in, the other out and his father is out as well.

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Posted by: Heartless ( )
Date: October 12, 2019 08:57PM

The temple sealing ceremony is quite simple.

The bride and groom kneel at an altar. Hold hands and an officiator receits the ceremony and seals them to each other for time and for all eternity.

Often before the ceremony the officiator my give some usually brief comments on marriage.

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Posted by: Pooped ( )
Date: October 13, 2019 03:44PM

I went to a temple wedding where the people invited did not have to wear temple (white) clothes. They just wore their Sunday best. At some weddings (sealings) the visitors are requested to wear temple clothes for the sealing. That means everyone has to come ahead early to dress and get seated. Sounds like your couple just got sealed with few witnesses.

Temple sealings or weddings are pretty lack luster. You were probably handed an Ensign because it's pretty difficult to make a temple wedding sound special. The bride and groom must wear the special white clothes (the only reason they have to get there early is to dress and get any instruction the temple sealer wants to give (if any). There is an altar where the bride is on one side and the groom on the other. They hold onto each other's right hands over the alter and the sealer pronounces them "sealed for time and all eternity". That's basically it. Some sealers are nice enough to add a little wedding chit chat, advice, scripture reciting, etc. to draw it out a little longer but some treat it almost like a legal pronouncement and a gavel drop.

Be glad you were only there for the photo op. You didn't miss much of an experience.

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