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Posted by: schrodingerscat ( )
Date: October 15, 2020 03:27PM

My Nazi TBM ExMIL is a QAnon Conspiracy subscriber and given the fact that no demographic is more Red than MORmONs, I wonder how wide spread this phenomenon is amongst MORmONs.

MORmON Rep. Rob Bishop among few to vote against resolution condemning QAnon conspiracy.

"QAnon is the alternative religion that’s coming to your church."

"Since its inception in 2017 QAnon has quickly metastasized, infiltrating American politics, internet culture and now -- religion.

During the pandemic, QAnon-related content has exploded online, growing nearly 175% on Facebook and nearly 63% on Twitter, according a British think tank.

In QAnon, some observers see a mass delusion, others see a political cult, and still others claim to see the sprouts of a new faith.
According to the religious view of QAnon, Q is a postmodern prophet, "Q drops" (aka his messages) are sacred texts and Trump is a messianic figure who will conjure "The Storm," an apocalyptic revelation exposing evildoers."

Welcome to the CULT factory - Sam Harris

Sam Harris speaks with Tristan Harris about the ways in which social media is fracturing society.

Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google Design Ethicist developing a framework for how technology should “ethically” steer the thoughts and actions of billions of people from screens. He is now co-founder & president of the Center for Humane Technology, whose mission is to reverse ‘human downgrading’ and re-align technology with humanity. Additionally, he is co-host of the Center for Humane Technology's Your Undivided Attention podcast with co-founder Aza Raskin. He also recently appeared as a central figure in the recently released Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma.

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Posted by: josephssmmyth ( )
Date: October 15, 2020 04:29PM

I don't know, but this QAnon thing may grow and grow.. Still, is there any way the same warning hairs that could have stood aware on the back of our neck are bristled again? (low growl exactly like Lurch from Adams Family)

Are baptism rites required?

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: October 15, 2020 06:39PM

Q-anon is luring crazy people ?

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