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Posted by: knotheadusc ( )
Date: April 08, 2021 03:41AM

This morning, my husband read an email from the one daughter who speaks to him. She wrote that when she served as a missionary, there was a two week period in which she and her companion were taken into the home of a married couple who were church members. She described that two week period with the members as very pleasant, and said that she'd felt like a "princess".

Now... to add a bit of perspective to this, my husband's two daughters were estranged from my husband for many years. My husband is a wonderful guy who is kind and loving. He never wanted to be estranged from his kids, but their mother made it impossible for him to have a relationship with them. Consequently, he was not involved with their upbringing after he had divorced their mother, aside from paying substantial child support.

The younger daughter reconnected with him a few years ago, and last year, they finally got to see each other in person after a fifteen year separation. My husband's ex wife-- the daughters' mother-- is a very abusive person. Over the years, I've written many stories on this forum, and as my husband and his daughter talk, we're learning even more about what it's like to be raised by a malignant narcissist. Her older sister, my husband's older daughter, who is almost 30, still lives with mom and is basically raising her little brother, who is 14 and has a severe form of autism. Ex also has a son from her first marriage and another daughter from her third-- there are five children in all.

Younger daughter couldn't take being in the house with her mother and split when she became an adult. She had nothing but the clothes on her back, much like my husband did when he and his ex split. Ex did a lot of extreme things to try to stop younger daughter's exit, to include some very manipulative stunts (ie; a suicide attempt). Younger daughter was much happier miles away from her mother, with no material support or contact, than she was in her mother's toxic clutches. It was the LDS church who helped younger daughter get away, although if my husband had been in contact, he certainly would have helped her. But back in those early days post separation from her mom, she really had nothing.

So... when my husband said that his daughter had felt like a "princess" while briefly staying with a couple who were church members, it really blew my mind. My guess is that she's talking about being treated with basic dignity and respect, rather than being treated like an actual princess. That thought is really a mindblower for me. I guess if one's mother is an abusive, toxic, and manipulative bitch, being treated with basic decency and kindness really must feel luxurious indeed. Still, to have that happen in the mission field seems incredible to me.

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