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Posted by: ol joe ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 10:25AM

I had considered Bednar to be the worst of the bunch, until reading recent remarks from Callister. Is anybody worse?

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 12:38PM

they're all in 'A Race to the Bottom'

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Posted by: cl2notloggedin ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 12:48PM

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Posted by: valkyriequeen ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 12:49PM

I would say Dallin Oaks because of how he acted during the events about Mark Hofmann.

He defended the White Salamander Letter and chastised people who were questioning things, saying that others need to be “ more sophisticated” in what they read.

It was described in the CES Letter how Hofmann was in Dallin Oaks’ office hours after the murders and how Oaks had a murderer standing right in front of him.
I suppose that Oaks forgot to read Discernment For Dummies that day.

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Posted by: Brother Of Jerry ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 01:20PM

I would say Oaks, with a "dishonorable" mention for Bednar, who strikes me more as a Dr Evil wannabe.

Holland is seriously distressed and knows something is wrong. Oaks is less distressed, and is what is wrong. He just bulldozes ahead, doing what needs to be done to preserve the Great and Spacious Building.

I would still put Hinkley at the top of the heap - Evil GA Emeritus? Mark E Peterson as head racist, with Alvin R Dyer as dishonorable mention racist, with his "For What Purpose" talk that circulated for years on the Mormon underground.

Bruce R McConkie for all-around self-important bigoted know-it-all. Spencer W Kimball for benevolent racist, Native American division, and malevolent force, sexuality division.

And can't forget Boyd K Packer, head of the Ministry of Truth.

I think our current crop of Evil GAs is a pale shadow of the worst from the past, though Oaks is a contender.

I really don't get an evil vibe from Nelson. He is running around like a cartoon Tasmanian devil, trying to change things in LDS Inc. I think that is more desperation than inspiration, but at least he recognizes things need to change. The aphorism about deck chairs on the Titanic comes to mind.

As for banning the word Mormon, good luck with that.

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Posted by: Humberto ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 03:31PM

I like this assessment. I wonder though if Bednar isn't an evil on the rise. I saw an analysis, based on actuarial tables and seniority, predicting who would be the future prophets. It looked like Bednar stands to hold the position for a good, long time.

He appears to me to be narcissistic, authoritarian, and very traditional. I suspect that anyone hoping for change to the most harmful aspects of the church will be waiting for a long time.

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Posted by: cheezus ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 11:48PM

I'll bet Bednar is hoping for his wife to cash in her chips, so-to-speak- so he can get a newer model wife. Those comments about her age and I get the impression he would like some new arm candy, and to get in the plural marriage club. He seems driven to one day be the man at the helm. My guess is he wants a young companion who will keep up with his ambitions. We shall see..

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 06/06/2021 11:50PM by cheezus.

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Posted by: Rubicon ( )
Date: June 08, 2021 04:01PM

Sister Bednar does not look like a happy person.

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Posted by: cl2notloggedin ( )
Date: June 08, 2021 04:23PM

Bednar's wife is probably hoping time and all eternity doesn't include her being married to HIM!

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 09:20PM

Who is Oaks’ Mini Me?

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Posted by: Lethbridge Reprobate ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 02:21PM

I still see videos of Packer from Mormon family like he's a pillar of all things good and righteous. I thought he was a bully when I was a kid. From what I've learned in the last 9 years here just reinforces my disgust for the creep.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 03:52PM

I vote for Oaks. He corrupted the Utah Supreme court.

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Posted by: alsd ( )
Date: June 08, 2021 08:34PM

Oaks. No question.

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Posted by: Strength in the Loins ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 03:04AM

Quentin Cook hasn't really made too much noise as an apostle. Nevertheless, his pre-GA career as a corporate raider could certainly make him worthy of discussion in this category.

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 03:07AM

Many of you are right. The rest of you are left.

But why compare? Many LDS misleaders can simultaneously be evil, sick and rotten/ rotting.

Quick *repeat* story (my bedtime story [maybe yours too]): about a decade ago I was in the fertile Mississippi valley attending a MC (Mormon 'church') MIStake CONfurANTS when Bednap [I had recently seen the video where he tramatised the young boy] visited (to desecrate the sp to mp and call a new sp).

I sat in a folding chair on the gym floor next to my folks. Numerous people stood when he entered the chapel and I asked my MPs (lds parents) why, because I DIDN'T and they didn't. They replied it was usually customary in Mormonism for the profit and such [but not peons like him].

He blabbed about junk for what seemed like a [MORMON] eternity before closing with he HAD A PLAIN TO CATCH; he wouldn't have time to stand around and glad hand and be worshipped...

I thought YEP, what a

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Posted by: Lot's Wife ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 03:14AM

Are any of them "serving?" I hadn't noticed.

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 03:35AM

Naw, DIS serving maybe. I think they mean service positions... like a missionary position, or an imposition or something.

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