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Posted by: briggy jung ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 09:26PM

how does gladys knight reconcile the religion she chose, with its history of racism?

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Posted by: scmd1 ( )
Date: June 09, 2021 11:17PM

The manner in which the church leadership fawns over celebrities (especially athletes, entertainers, politicians, and the extremely wealthy) is enough to allow many to sell out and to disregard previously held values.

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 01:03AM

Have you ever seen her sing - and bury her test-o-money with her husband - in a MCB: Mormon 'church' building?

The wierdest and creepiest time (ask about it sometime) in a Mormon 'church'... besides Bednap's evil worshipping persona-spiritual side show, and of course, "CHURCH" itself.

TSCC caters to her and they perform and bury testimonkeys for them. It's a match made in heaven, and its struck.

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Posted by: NormaRae ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 11:43PM

Is there a chance that she's no longer active mormon? I haven't heard about her doing those choir/testimony things in ages.

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: June 11, 2021 12:53AM

Curious... though she'd prolly' not say a thing. She'd just get busy traveling and such and essentially become N-active.

TSCC wouldn't say a thing either, except maybe Damn, she left [too], like many thinking people do, and took her "TITHING" with her.

MORMONISM Is No Place for anyone, especially a "LAMANight", or any Knight, for that matter.

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Posted by: lurking in ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 01:23AM

And that's the fact that the PPIs were nothing **at all** like the PIPs.

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 01:25AM

What is the PPIs?

Is Pips slang for Pimps?

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Posted by: lurking in ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 01:41AM

I knew I'd have to explain this! :-)

PPI stands for "personal priesthood interview," an invasive sitdown meeting that priesthood leaders conduct with their priesthood peons on an annual basis, I believe. (I'm actually not even sure the interviews are conducted anymore.)

And "Pips" were Gladys Knight's accompanying singers in her former musical group, "Gladys Knight and the Pips." Apparently, "Pips" comes from the nickname of one of Gladys' cousins.

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Posted by: roibinsaintcloud ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 11:33AM

I knew you'd have to explain that, too.
Gladys and mormonism is such a crazy story.

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Posted by: Unexpected ( )
Date: June 10, 2021 11:51PM

I bet church leadership was surprised at the free PR gift, and that someone black [or female] would want to join.

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Posted by: Lot's Wife ( )
Date: June 11, 2021 01:49AM

Don’t forget Eldridge Cleaver. He converted to Mormonism late in life too.

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Posted by: loislane ( )
Date: June 11, 2021 09:29AM

He didn't stay Mormon long, but the LDS church totally embraced him.

There is an interesting video of him giving a speech at the BYU floating around on the internet.

When I watched the speech, I thought "this can't be the same person who wrote Soul on Ice.

I think he had a LOT of help with that book.

Anyway, the LDS church totally embraced him until he got bored and left.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: June 11, 2021 02:51AM

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