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Posted by: [|] ( )
Date: August 19, 2022 09:02PM

Not definitive that he's mormon, but suspicious

"A Gresham man was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for sexually abusing a child on a trip to Bend in 2018.

Goode, 40, was arrested in August 2019 after his victim made disclosures to a child-abuse investigator with Portland-based CARES NW. In a nearly hourlong taped segment that was played for the jury, the girl described how a year earlier, Goode had crept into her room and strangled and forcibly sodomized her in the middle of the night."

Is this guy LDS?
Consider the following

From the above link

"Goode spent two years in the Philippines on a church mission."

For more tenuous evidence: (scroll down to Rex Goode, Gresham OR) - notice the link to Stephen A. Goode

Here is the profile of Stephen Rex Goode - notice his experience leads to this page which says only this
<?php header("Location:";); exit; ?> so is apparently a possibly now defunct mormon porn addictin treatment site

It also includes which is a promormon site

and which is essentially a blank page, but searching Inner Vessel leads to this talk by ETB

Clear that Rex Goode is LDS. Is the perp here a family member (probably son)? And an RM?

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Posted by: [|] ( )
Date: August 19, 2022 09:08PM

Also from the original article

"Goode is charged in a separate case from 2021 alleging 12 counts of encouraging child sex abuse. He’s pleaded not guilty in that case. No trial date has been set."

which appears to be child porn charges

"A person commits the crime of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree if the person:
(A) Knowingly develops, duplicates, publishes, prints, disseminates, exchanges, displays, finances, attempts to finance or sells a visual recording of sexually explicit conduct involving a child or knowingly possesses, accesses or views such a visual recording with the intent to develop, duplicate, publish, print, disseminate, exchange, display or sell it; or
Knowingly brings into this state, or causes to be brought or sent into this state, for sale or distribution, a visual recording of sexually explicit conduct involving a child; and
Knows or is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that creation of the visual recording of sexually explicit conduct involved child abuse."

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: August 20, 2022 12:35AM

Yes, I believe that you are correct. There is every reason to believe that the perp is Mormon. I'm surprised that he only got eight years for what he did. But the next trial for child porn might add to his woes.

I'll never understand how certain people can sit in church each Sunday, and then go and do this to a child. Or to anyone.

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