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Posted by: nomomomo ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 12:51PM

I am kinda frustrated. I take an 8 am class at UVU on saturday. So, the prof says for those of you who want to leave at 9:50 to go to a televised religious broadcast". I'm thinking, what the hell? What broadcast? Shows where my head is. Oh, wait, thinking about my class and the quiz I'm about to take.

The class is scheduled till 10:30 and it only meets once a week, so every minute is important. The guy next to me had to tell me, it's conference, and I was like, Oh, yeah. Duh. I guess they are broadcasting it on campus. Still, other classes stayed, and I don't like not having that time. Silly me, school cost a lot. I get this on BYU campus, but UVU?

So, even though the prof said we could continue, no one wanted to stay cept me... go figure. I know, I'm just complaining. Guess it's time to go do my shopping before conference lets out at noon.

boy I don't miss that crap!!

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 01:38PM

THAT is one of the reasons I left Utah and am sooo much happier here in Babylon now..."Yes Virginia, there is a real world after Utah".

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 01:41PM

I was in "NO culture" shock when I moved to UT in 1990, and went thru the WOW feeling after I left UT and all their crap when I moved back to the real world in 2009.

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Posted by: caedmon ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 04:16PM

Complain to the department chair or dean. Most Saturday classes are taught by adjunct faculty whose level of professionalism varies.

The deans over art, science & health, and humanities at UVU are non-Mormons are not likely to be sympathetic to your professor's actions.

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Posted by: sue ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 05:09PM

I would definately make a formal complaint. This kind of stuff is never going to stop unless "real" people help educate the isolated population of "Happy Valley" that government and educational organizations in other parts of the U.S. wouldn't dream of doing something like this. It's ignorant, it's smarmy, and it's offensive -- and they don't have a clue! This kind of thing is one of the reasons we invited Jeff Sharlet to speak at the Exmormon Found. Conf. this year -- he has been privy to some pretty nefarious "goings-on" with a particular uber-Fundamentalist group that has had more influence on our government than you would EVER guess! I think it's a very important issue for Exmormons, as there is some evidence of more and more Mormons getting involved at some high levels with these kinds of Christian organizations -- the "theocracy" kind of thinkers. If you're not coming to the Conference, you can come just to hear him. Info in announcement I posted last night, and topped a little while ago. Anyway -- complain! More "gentiles" in Utah should do so!

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Posted by: nomomomo ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 08:20PM

Yeah, I guess I should complain. I never even thought of that. So it was inappropriate for him to do that? He is an adjunct and is a teacher at AF high school, and pretty well known. He did not say "mormon", or at least not at first, he tried to avoid that, but I know it came up whether he said it or not.

It's that darn institute on campus. Probably made a big deal out of it. Heck, my super mo friends don't even watch saturday, they get highlights and go sunday.

I think my ex is going to the exmo conference. I told him, see if he brings it up.

Yeah, I think I'll complain, though I would prefer to do it anonymously (sp). Good idea.

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Posted by: cam ( )
Date: October 02, 2010 09:36PM

I think it's pretty bad, but I have to examine my biases. We live in CT and several of my son's classes at Central CT St. University were canceled for the Jewish Holidays. How mandatory is it to listen to conference?

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Posted by: imaworkinonit ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 12:53AM

Is those conference talks will probably be available online very soon (maybe right away) and then they will be published in the Ensign, etc.

They could just read or watch it later. (and Let's not forget Tivo and DV-R)

It's inappropriate for a teacher at a secular institution to cancel class for ALL the students so he, or a portion of the class can go watch a religious broadcast in real time. Let them watch it later on their own time.

I do think an anonymous comment to the teacher or UVU would be in order. They need to realize that they need to be religiously neutral, and that students want to receive the instruction they pay so much for.

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