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Posted by: eddie ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 09:44AM

Utah has some shining examples of excellent schools. However, there is also the problem of lax teacher standards. For substitute teachers, the only requirement is a mirror test...they hold a mirror under the person's nose...if they are still breathing hard enough to fog the mirror they are hired. One of the most bizarre women I have ever met is now teaching here in Cache Valley. She is one of the most fringe of the fringe Mormons. Some of her beliefs are listed below.

1. Black people should not have received the priesthood until the end of Christ's millennial reign. Unrighteousness among the saints and the actions of the fallen prophet Spencer W. Kimball led to the blacks receiving the priesthood. If ETB had been the prophet at the time such an unrighteous action never would have happened.

2. AIDS is a punishment from god on the LGBT community.

3. The recent changes in U.S. currency were made to allow the government to electronically determine how much money you have.

4. Police officers have no delegation of authority to stop people for traffic violations and if you remind the officers of that fact they will let you go.

5. The government is putting miniature transmitters in vaccinations so that they can track the movements of the population.

6. Emotions should trump reason when making life decisions.

7. Vaccinations were developed as a government plot to kill off the young and the elderly.

8. Then there are the force fields emanating from a person's body. They have "practitioners" hold their hands over a person's body to determine where weakness lies in a person's body. This is done in a manner similar to dowsing rods.

9. Changes in grip strength while holding various foods, vitamins, and supplements in one hand determines nutrient deficiencies.

10. The sun is not really running on hydrogen and helium but that it is receiving its light and power through some magical, priesthood, celestial conduit from god himself.

11. The shape of a food tells you what it will most benefit in the body. For example avocados are the same shape as a uterus so they are beneficial for women's reproductive health.

12. Mental illness is caused by wickedness, possession by evil spirits, and/or diet.

13. Uses various kinds of enemas (e.g. coffee, tea, juice) as a treatment for many maladies.

14. The sun receives its light/energy directly from god. No nuclear reactions in their world just a direct spiritual connection to Kolob.

15. Black people are the result of Eve having sex with Satan.

16. All matter has free will and can choose how to behave. That is why some chemistry and physics experiments deviate from the norm...the matter decided to behave differently.

17. The earth has a spirit, was baptized in the universal deluge, and will receive the baptism of fire at Christs second coming.

18. The lost ten tribes are in the hollow earth or alternatively in a "kettle shaped cove" in the frozen north. They will return from the north pole or that general region at Christ's return.

19. At Christ's second coming the continents will be brought back together.

20. She believed a prophecy that Bill Clinton would win a second term and that there would be riots in the streets following the election. Thousands would die.

21. Native American prophecies warning about relying on the power that "comes from flicking the wrist when entering your house" or verbiage along those lines. Because of this it is good if we can "live off the grid."

22. Modern pharmaceuticals are designed to create problems, not cure or benefit, thus increasing revenues.

23. Income taxes are unconstitutional and you can successfully defend that case in court.

24. Evolution is a fallacy and creationism is the only explanation for the existence of life on earth.

25. The earth is only 6000 years old. The evidence from stratigraphy and radiometric dating (e.g. lead-lead dating) is not valid. I actually think this type of evidence is significantly beyond this poor woman's comprehension.

26. There was no big bang. The universe has always existed, hence the red shift observations and background radiation are misleading.

27. The government carefully selects the soldiers who are married to be sent into combat so that those who are having children can be killed thus controlling population growth.

28. There really was a universal deluge and a Noah's Ark.

29. God put dinosaur bones on the earth to test our faith.

30. Viruses do not exist. When people have "viral infections" it is actually just the body cleansing itself. Scanning electron micrographs are revealing nothing when they pick up those pesky structures containing DNA and RNA that we think are viruses.

31. Polygamy was taken away because of the unrighteousness of the saints. Polygamy is still a commandment from god and will be reinstated in the future.

32. Too much education is a bad thing. Education tends to lead people away from the true teachings of god. And what might those teachings be? Why, things like the highly...uhmmm....(il)logical items in this list of course.

33. The Bible and Book of Mormon are both literal histories.

34. Fasting and prayer trump medical science.

Be very afraid. How on earth do school administrators expect such people to teach critical thinking, the scientific method, and pass on the current corpus of knowledge?

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Posted by: persephene ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 10:31AM

and although this woman is an extreme example, it's true that they will let just about anyone teach. You have to pass a test that a third grader would pass, and pass a background check. That's it. And, although teaching religion in school is illegal, it's not like anyone is going to complain, even about this crackpot, because that wouldn't be nice.

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