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Posted by: duffy ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 11:54AM

Okay, I'll admit that my tolerance for GC has gone down to almost zero in the 25+ years since I was TBM. Out of curiosity, I usually turn it on for a talk or two. But yesterday I only lasted about 3 minutes.

I don't know who was speaking. Some generic, Old Guy in a Suit with a dour experssion. Could've been anybody. He was saying that it wasn't enough to "save" your own family, you are also responsible for your neighbors, blah blah blah...turned off the TV.

What are they trying to do? Are they not annoying enough that they are trying to guilt the sheeple into dragging the rest of us, kicking and screaming, back to their CK? I just had the impression that his talk was going to inspire a lot of TBMs to become even more annoying and preachy than they already are.

I wondered if it would be a good idea to clue these guys in. Maybe I should find out which Old Guy in a Suit this was, and write him a letter.

Dear OGiaS,

What are you thinking? Do you have ANY idea how much nevermos and exmos and inactive mos detest having your people come around and try to get us into your cult? We all hate it and you are reinforcing that hate every time we come up against one of your smarmy salesmen. We KNOW what you're up to. We don't like it. If we wanted to be Mormon, we would be Mormon. The fact that we stay away from your buildings on Sunday and enjoy our lives is a big clue.

Do you honestly think that we will only come back to the cult if one of your sheeple leads us by the hand? Is that the kind of Mormons you want? Those with no initiative, no inner drive? Do you actually believe that if we wanted to come to church, we wouldn't be able to FIND it? Have you unlisted your number from the phone book? Have you put a big fence around all the chapels? Are the temples and visitor's centers hidden or locked up? I don't think so. Believe it or not, we are happy people, leading full and meaningful lives - without your crap. Guess what, OGiaS? We LIKE it this way.

Don't call us. We'll call you. (But don't sit by the phone waiting. It likely won't be any time soon.)


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Posted by: transplant in texas ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 12:02PM

more guilt. so just in case, you & your LDS family, despite the zillion things that Mormonism gives you to do, somehow start to think that perhaps you have a handle on this crazy thing called life, that perhaps, ya'll are doing ok...then, the Mormon God pulls a Sheldon Cooper, says "BAZINGA! sorry bud, remember you are also responsible for your neighbors salvation too!!"

then they start feeling even MORE guilty, then pay their tithing and instead of playing video games together one sunday morning in their gets up early and goes to a meeting, mom gets everyone ready, they "meet" dad there he sits on the stand....isn't it wonderful that families can be together forever..

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Posted by: axeldc ( )
Date: October 03, 2010 01:15PM

They must believe their own rhetoric that Exmos are just "offended" and if we get enough cookies and cuddles, we'll sheepishly come back.

What they can't admit is that the average exmo was a member for several years, and then studied for several years more. Not only do we know all the insider tricks, we also know the truth that TBMs don't know.

The TBMs in my family are afraid to talk to me about the church; if they aren't, they should be. I'm the only RM of my siblings and parents. I'm the only BYU grad in my family. I have a library of books that shook my testimony to the ground. If I have so much more experience and reading than they do, what are they going to tell me to get me to go back to church? They already tried guilt and failed, so why not just keep the truce and let sleeping dogs lie?

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