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Posted by: checkingout ( )
Date: March 10, 2013 11:57PM

I resigned from the church last Fall. My TBM wife and a close TBM friend of mine had on separate occasions asked me to share my church research with them. Things I had discovered that led to my leaving the church.

I didn't hold out much hope that they would take it seriously. Felt more like a 'prove it' moment with them thinking I wouldn't come up with much substantive info they hadn't heard before.

Since then, my friend has only said he will 'check into it' and not a word from my wife. I found out today that she had told the friend the outcome of my research e-mail is that she will "work on strengthening her testimony of Joseph Smith."

Wow. No twojedis-sithlord moment going to happen here.

She has spent 11 hours at church stuff this weekend alone. It is her life.

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Posted by: robertb ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 12:14AM

It could be the frenzy just before the end, the attempt to make what she now knows and feels go away. I doubled-down near the end and then it all crumbled. I hope that is what is happening. Make a soft landing place for her if it is.

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Posted by: nickname ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 12:19AM

Thats too bad. But one thing I've learned about truth, it sticks with you! No matter how hard or how long you try to ignore it, the truth will eventually pop back up and demand to have its say!

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Posted by: Bite Me ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 12:42AM


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Posted by: Ex-CultMember ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 12:23AM

You never know though. Twojedis didn't immediately reject Mormonism the minute her husband showed her the truth. Sometimes it takes a little time for it to sink in. But most likely your wife got scared by what she was reading and, like most TBM's, just stopped researching.

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Posted by: twojedis ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 01:34AM

My husband didn't show me any evidence. I didn't want to see any. Instead he told me an issue, and I studied it from my own sources. I'm very good at debate, so I didn't buy the apologist crap because it just didn't make logical sense. The first issue I looked at was the character of Joseph Smith, so I read his autobiography, written by his mother. That gave me my first real cracks in the dam, and the rest is history. FAIR and FARMS are great as well, because they acknowledge the issues are real, before reading there, you can deny they exist.

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Posted by: albertasaurus ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 01:06AM

That sucks man, I know how you feel. My wife did pretty much the same thing. I picked 5 very strong and infallible points that either were a big deal for me or that I knew would resonate with her. I wrote out an 11 page paper, very well researched with references, that very clearly and concisely explained why the church is a load of hooey. She read it and said, "Interesting, but I still believe it". Ok. I don't get it but I can't change what goes on in her head.

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Posted by: alcoa ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 01:18AM

Hang in there. My wife came around all of a sudden. The first time we talked about my disbelief, she freaked out. Things wer quiet for about six months. Then I was called as High Priest Group Leader (I was attending for her) and she said first that I could not accept the calling. Then a couple of months after that she told me she didn't really believe any more.

You never know what will be the triggering event that will cause the shelf to fall.

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Posted by: jacob ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 01:38AM

I did a double take on the title. It took a second time to not read She's Dumbing Down.

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Posted by: MexMom ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 01:55AM

Martha Beck's book, Leaving the Saints was the final breaking point. Please keep in mind that we were all subjects of Mind Control. Steven Hassan's books on the subject help me to remember that my sister and brother are under the influence of mind control and that one day something said here or there will sink in. Remember we didn't change our thoughts immediately either. I wish you the best. I know it is difficult to see others caught in the web once we have found our way out. Here's hoping it will happen sooner rather than later.

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Posted by: scooter ( )
Date: March 11, 2013 09:26AM

if there's any truth to that statement,

you're about to have better Sundays.

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