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Posted by: Jack Donkey ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 02:26PM

I need some good references on Brigham Young and slavery. Specifically on Brigham bringing slaves or endorsing the bringing of slaves to Utah.

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Posted by: Heresy ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 02:36PM

Utah in 1850 was one of the few places were both Blacks and Indians were held as slaves.

There were 3 slaves on BY's wagon train, Green Flake, Hark Lay and Oscar Crosby.

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Posted by: jw the inquizzinator ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 02:45PM

"Horace Greeley interviewed Brigham Young for the New York Tribune in 1859.

Horace Greeley: What is the position of your church with respect to slavery?

Brigham Young: We consider it of divine institution and not to be abolished until the curse pronounced on Ham shall have been removed from his descendants.

Horace Greeley: Are any slaves now held in this territory?

Brigham Young: There are.

Horace Greeley: Do your territorial laws uphold slavery?

Brigham Young: These laws are printed; you can read for yourself. If slaves are brought here by those who owned them in the states, we do not favor their escape from the service of those owners.

Horace Greeley: How general is polygamy among you?

Brigham Young: I could not say. Some of those present (heads of the church) have each but one wife; others have more; each determines what is is his individual duty.

Horace Greeley: What is the largest number of wives belonging to any one man.

Brigham Young: I have fifteen; I know no one who has more; but some of those sealed to me are old ladies whom I regard rather as mothers than wives, but whom I have taken home to cherish and support...."


And a modern day example:

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Posted by: RPackham ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 02:49PM

on slavery in early Utah. 179 pages. Very well done.

"Slavery and Sovereignty in Early Territorial Utah" by Nathaniel R. Ricks.

Although it is a BYU history thesis, the author does not pull any punches, and tells it like it was.

(Full disclosure: the author is my TBM grandson)

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Posted by: Jack Donkey ( )
Date: October 06, 2010 03:42PM

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