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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Posted by: larry john ( )
Date: March 07, 2011 11:29PM

Half decade ago I was living overseas. I was found worthy
of re-baptism by the mission pres residing there.
Then my contract ended with work and returned to australia
not long after and settled into Dianella temple stake ward
in Perth Western australia. A new bishop named Tim Mason
who came from a clan of monster leadership, by which
a few was led to sucicide, followed in his fathers arrogant
foot steps, decided now he was in leadership to call me into
his office and be led by the so called holyspirt by revelation
on behalf of my diagnosis as biopola manic depressive illness
as a negitive threat to his ward, as I tried to cope with
this ruthless unchristian uncompassionate man who failed to
show love after my wife and I had suffered a terrorist attack
left me and my family suffering trumatic pananoia considering
some of those attacks was by racist mormons who served callings
that led to my wife deported in the first place to her war stricken country only to face the muslem terrorist pesecution as she
faced death row as a captured christian jounalist that fled that country for safety in the first place and met me
Not an ounce of compassion but only judgment all she suffered
was at the fate because she married me and some enemy racist
mormons had petitioned to immigration and had her deported
that I went with her for 2 years sorting out the mess over
there facing another hell attacks by muslems.

Instead by revelation this bishop terminated me from attending church to this day, denied re-baptism process, and tried to
seperate us and eventually led to the break up of the marrige
as the last straw. I was keeping all the black and white laws
of the church but after that my stinking filthy rags of rightousness accounted to nothing that day and I turned to drugs
and came back angry and called him an asshole in front of everyone and was marched out the door once again but this time
there was good reason to get rid of me, considering I was
guilty if incocent or guilty beforehand, tho was incocent
of this bishops false accusations against me.

Years later I was still rejected from attending after letters
pleading for mercy. I was a wounded man found in the gutter
by a good samariton as a mormon modern day levite priest walked on by to the temple ignoring me and throwing salt in my wounds so to speak, and I found the real jesus out of mormonism
and entered into christ rightousness and denied my own stinking rags of rightousness..

all the times rightous in mormonism I was attacked and
accused of drugs, tho when turn to drugs and hid it, I was
told how stable and humble I was as the drugs calmed me
to cope with the judging mormonism. Tho that day I was worthy
drug free and I was terminated.

Its all about stability at any cost in mormonism even
if legal drugs to pre-scribed medications help with depression
tho prescribed medication only triggered alcohol cravings
that I often give into anyway.

No other church since has pressured me so much nor misjudged me than mormonism. It is an evil self-rightous masonary cult
of mind control who pick and choose who fits in and who does not. So much for going after the one lost sheep, and even
a lecture on this when I attended another stake, the people
turned their heads and shunned me that day hearing of the
gossip that I had been terminated from the other stake
and the bishop of the stake I had attended in another boundary
also called me aside and said the rumours was serious about
me and treated me like a criminal as if I was a terrorist
rather than a victim of terrorism both in the church in
australia and by muslems over seas...

To this day there is no fix to the problem.
Gossip destroyed my marrige along with leaders who even worse
claim that by revelation that I should be banned from church like some son of pertition, was a test more than I could withstand tho it led me to find my true soul mate who just
so happens to be interested in joining mormonism and seal up with me in the temple should I ever get back but why would I
want to go back to this horrible hideous unchristian judgmental
cult of a thing.....

I'm hurt to the core over mormonism. Its a false as rotten
meat to the core. So much for milk before rotten meat.
I've learnt that christians catch the fish first and christ cleans them..... Mormons clean the fish first and the devil
catches them.....Its not about our filthy rags of rightousness but entering into christ rightousness and accept his loving grace and not answer to stinking levite self-rightous priests
since the crucifiction of jesus also ending the pathetic
temple rituals and execution of the penalty death threats
nothing more than masonary control...

The sealing of the holy ghost is all the bible says
and some mention of the original 4th commandment to remember
the 7th day and keep it holy saturday was the true mark
and authority of jesus as a remnent people rather than
follow after the mark of the pagen sunday catholic beast
who changed it from saturday to sunday and as revelation
says the whole world wandered after the beast including
prodestism, who dont know their own bible to also live
by catholic sunday tradition....All sunday relegions
to me seem a curse and filled with the occult of new age
mind control and jesuit/masonary control to usher in
the one world govement where sunday law becomes compulsary
including the mormon united order to come in all part of
satins plan world domination, where relegion and state
joine together and give credeence to the beast of sunday
ROME....If I am to be pagen I'de rather accept buddhism
a much more compassionate relegion than christian anyway.

Larry john. Perth australia.

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