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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Sticky: ****This Board is for Exit Stories ONLY.**** Eric K03/07/2011 02:48AM
Shunning and manipulation Diana11/30/2023 02:29AM
I left for Intellectual Reasons, not Emotional medeek10/12/2023 06:00PM
Almost shamed to death excultmember202310/06/2023 05:48AM
What Do You Want From Me? cakeordeath03/14/2023 06:40PM
My story Exmormon109/07/2021 03:32PM
My Story WolfieSam09/21/2020 05:30PM
TW: Settling for a lesser Kingdom thegoodman08/03/2020 01:05PM
My theory on why the church exists (Scam) hujo2MAGA03/16/2020 12:32PM
As the Veil gets thin, LDS Church becomes more a Church of Fraud than God MormonMartinLuther03/09/2020 12:29AM
The beginning of a journey bringemyoung03/23/2019 05:22AM
the church left me not me left it johnboy2312/23/2018 09:37AM
walking away. moi12/04/2018 06:11PM
All for my daughter new england fall10/05/2018 12:45PM
Breaking the chain as a 5th gen mo-mo mobotnomo09/21/2018 04:20AM
This topic has been moved.: The LDS church has excommunicated Sam Young Emmanuelle09/20/2018 11:35AM
seeing my family for the first time since officially outing myself motherkate08/13/2018 01:21PM
O D D L Y E N U F nayboor07/29/2018 02:57AM
I was a mormon once? twpyahoocom07/14/2018 09:02AM
Why did it take so long? captainhappypants05/08/2018 04:12PM
This is adam testing the bio-board Badassadam104/30/2018 03:18AM
Born Mormon, now 38, breaking free mpkindheart03/26/2018 10:48AM
I am a filipino and here is my story. knight228401/30/2018 05:39PM
While I was on my mission (sexual explicit) foolishfox01/15/2018 04:18PM
Bishop Letter - I am OUT (Long) humblyout01/13/2018 02:18PM
An Imperfect Plan (n/t) corallus01/04/2018 07:28PM
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Exit Story sparty12/14/2017 10:00AM
Still officially a Mormon but not active Beto11/09/2017 01:09AM
My Mormon Story maurafn11/07/2017 03:47AM
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