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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Sticky: ****This Board is for Exit Stories ONLY.**** Eric K03/07/2011 02:48AM
I am a filipino and here is my story. knight228401/30/2018 05:39PM
While I was on my mission (sexual explicit) foolishfox01/15/2018 04:18PM
Bishop Letter - I am OUT (Long) humblyout01/13/2018 02:18PM
An Imperfect Plan (n/t) corallus01/04/2018 07:28PM
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Exit Story sparty12/14/2017 10:00AM
Still officially a Mormon but not active Beto11/09/2017 01:09AM
My Mormon Story maurafn11/07/2017 03:47AM
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Truth made my free luckylucas09/30/2017 11:26PM
Left due to sealing policy conrad09/11/2017 01:00PM
Never actually baptized, but very close. whatwitch08/23/2017 07:33AM
This topic has been moved.: Don't want to be baptized! crazyhorse08/22/2017 10:59PM
Thought I could debunk anti-mormon literature (rant) LadyKorihor08/15/2017 12:27PM
Leaving the Church at 20 fletch12305/29/2017 12:58PM
Addendum to my post (Left Mormonism 20 years ago..) shapeshifter05/04/2017 03:06PM
Left Mormonism 20 years ago Still trying to get FREE of it! shapeshifter05/04/2017 01:44PM
The Communist Party slayermegatron05/04/2017 05:48AM
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Transgender Mormon, I escaped them twice Jessica03/08/2017 11:38PM
On Being the Branch President's Mistress msmom02/13/2017 09:03PM
By 2007, couldn't wait to get out. RfM got me there. cludgie01/27/2017 08:48AM
The day my world came crashing down beckyannawesome01/23/2017 01:06PM
So I Partook of the Forbidden Fruit severedpuppetstrings01/20/2017 10:10PM
Why I left the LDS church Nondenominational101/15/2017 08:57PM
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Truth is the Authority What's Next?12/29/2016 07:30PM
Bishop Wife Divorced Mormon Church 1985 Zoe12/13/2016 02:59PM
I ALWAYS Knew, but took 40 years to act newlifenow10/11/2016 12:30PM