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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Gotta vent somewhere. My story. cbill10112/27/2015 03:05AM
My Story NitWhit11/08/2015 12:11PM
hippocrates and betrayal debbiej5211/06/2015 01:09AM
It's a mans world Kainaible11/02/2015 01:57PM
Hell and back the1v10/24/2015 08:19PM
Mama Dragon nancypantsy10/16/2015 12:20AM
Daddy issues.... flygirlcanada10/04/2015 03:17PM
need to get it out of my system verumosity10/03/2015 12:20PM
Stepping Out johninlogan09/25/2015 07:48PM
Doctrinal Problems with the Word of Wisdom notmfb09/13/2015 09:48PM
Messing with my mind alisonwonderland08/14/2015 04:41PM
Leaving can save your mind and your life FrodoLivesAgain08/02/2015 09:39AM
Letter to my 'parents' shadowpuck07/09/2015 08:58AM
I have a meeting with the stake president. anonymous for now06/16/2015 01:36PM
Forever Faithless oneinbillions06/15/2015 06:47AM
Dear Mom and Dad helplessindulgent06/14/2015 05:54PM
(Not) Going to the chapel spookie06/08/2015 06:40PM
the truth behind my struggle and suffering! chefoflife06/04/2015 01:22AM
I am not a licked cupcake baked by Cain samharris05/21/2015 05:16PM
My Non-Conversion Story Thus Far ghostcharmer03/26/2015 02:10AM
Seeing through a glass darkly Amyjo03/16/2015 10:38PM
my truth one ex convert's experience03/14/2015 12:50PM
Left the church -- Bishopric not godly FRSP03/12/2015 05:23PM
I finally wrote it! orion7403/06/2015 12:47PM
Born an Elder, left a Sister. fenirstardust03/03/2015 01:43AM
I just spent 17 years on tranquilizers... michellefaulk02/25/2015 05:22PM
I got out 20 years ago captmorgan02/10/2015 02:39PM
I'm a convert but never read the BOM. fatpanda02/10/2015 02:03AM
All Alone But Braving It Crow02/06/2015 02:16AM
Japanese Mormon wife is not good life Miki02/02/2015 02:53PM