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Posted by: cbill101 ( )
Date: December 27, 2015 03:05AM

Just declared myself exmo after reading the CES letter and recent events. Haven't gone to church for a year prior because I was lazy + harrassment. Before that... I was a TBM.

I got into the Church when I was 11. A TBM friend of mine invited me to Primary and Boy Scouts. My family loved that I was getting into Scouts, but getting into the LDS church worried my mom and dad initially, and now I see why. I ended up making "friends", going to every activity, etc. I was baptized 5 months after my first meeting.

Fast forward through all the priesthood things and stuff until I turned 16. I convinced my mom to convert. Dad was mad at me for good reason. I started to become less active. I still did activities and church sports. Then, turned 17. Friends took notice of my declining activity. Leaders too. And the bishop. Everyone knew. I was BOMBARDED. Oh, the texts and knocks of my home teachers at the door. "Why aren't you coming to Church Chris?????". I ghosted everyone after that. My TBM friend started becoming my worst. My mother started to worry a bit. Dad supported my falling out.

Fast forward a few months, turned 18, and the policy announcement comes through. My mom is now going through a crisis herself. This was against her personal beliefs. Mine too. I received no contact from the Church for a while. I fear it may pick up as now they will obviously try to convince me to serve a mission, pledging two years of my life to a cult! A few days ago, I read the CES letter and finally lifted the emotional burden I had. I found this site today and now I am here. I am free. I'm a happy exmo.

Damn cult.

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