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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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my truth one ex convert's experience03/14/2015 12:50PM
Left the church -- Bishopric not godly FRSP03/12/2015 05:23PM
I finally wrote it! orion7403/06/2015 12:47PM
Born an Elder, left a Sister. fenirstardust03/03/2015 01:43AM
I just spent 17 years on tranquilizers... michellefaulk02/25/2015 05:22PM
I got out 20 years ago captmorgan02/10/2015 02:39PM
I'm a convert but never read the BOM. fatpanda02/10/2015 02:03AM
All Alone But Braving It Crow02/06/2015 02:16AM
Japanese Mormon wife is not good life Miki02/02/2015 02:53PM
NewNameJapheth's conversion and deconversion story newnamejapheth01/31/2015 08:52PM
Gaffer (duct) tape could no longer keep it together pants01/30/2015 10:04AM
My struggles with leaving my large Mormon family. Part 2 mistersmith01/29/2015 12:08AM
My struggles with leaving my large Mormon family. mistersmith01/29/2015 12:05AM
Voted with My FEET Jinx01/19/2015 04:44PM
Arsenic and Old Faith: A Mission Story otterpop01/15/2015 04:08PM
My Reason of leaving Kiwi ex mormon01/12/2015 05:45AM
Protecting the Abusers cmgone12/31/2014 04:53PM
The Perfect Storm Weekend readbooks12/25/2014 12:23PM
Exited unoffically? ohiovert12/15/2014 11:35AM
My 5 Year Anniversary Queen of Denial12/05/2014 03:03PM
God comes to my rescue...again Cattibree11/20/2014 04:24PM
leaving after 2 years as primary president (but loved the kids!) ardell11/16/2014 08:14PM
Experiences of an inactive BIC starr7711/14/2014 06:30PM
All the small things LilStream11/05/2014 04:16PM
14 years out of the church recovery progress steadyeddie10/21/2014 12:45AM
5 generations cyrano201510/15/2014 09:21PM
A Long Circular Route michaelc194509/13/2014 10:51PM
God led me out munchkin09/10/2014 05:09PM
I'm out! templenamegabriel09/09/2014 05:22PM
Nothing to regret asfder08/27/2014 01:49PM