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Posted by: What's Next? ( )
Date: December 29, 2016 07:30PM

I cannot be part of an organization that allows AUTHORITY to determine what is TRUTH; while TRUTH itself has stood, and will always stand as it's own authority.

Happy to say I just joined this website today, in hopes to ease the transition.

In short, I'm a married close to 40 year old guy with 4 kids. Both wife and I the church together, mutually. All things considered, her transition has (relatively) smooth. However, my born and raised LDS, seminary grad, return-missionary, BYU grad...you get the picture- transition out is still a daily struggle.

Born and raised in the E Coast region. Family on both my side and wife's side are LDS, thru and thru- most of which also live in the E Coast region and makes things all the more complicated.

I'm for fellow former Mormon with whom to communicate- as I feel there is no one to turn to about this here locally.

You know the deal...

So, I'm starting a ground zero here. I'm wanting to start taking kids to (a church) b/c I know church can be good- but I'm just so damned bitter/heart broken over this whole Mormon scam. I go from happy I found what TRUTH is. To tearful b/c over the pain I feel the next day. To angry the next day. Every day is different.

Oh, and the current church "leadership" (especially those cats in SLC), are in my opinion some of the most spineless, elusive, self-serving folk on the planet!

Why? I base my assessment strictly on their continued willingness to send missionaries to the field, il-equipped,to deal with the TRUTH about the church.

Furthermore, the same church "leadership" figures of authority WILL NOT tackle these tough issues of truth themselves b/c they CANNOT. They instead send the (minion) missionaries and members out to catch arrows while they (leadership) sit back and try to generate the next cover story to what the TRUE narrative to the LDS church.

So, I'm looking for some advice on how to move on. How to move forward with a family, while all surrounding family members are still happily neck deep in the fecal matter of what is the LDS church's vision of a white-washed history book.

I'm all ears; and, in advance I offer my gratitude for your input.

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